Thursday, 29 April 2010

Like A Baby

I've missed you and I'm So Glad your home
Babes, It's not just the door you need to close!

Yep, this way....I'm over here, I can help you with it!

Bad Boys

The Blanik Boys...


Well almost..Finlay


Mr Amazing-Louis


Mr Mikey


Mummy's Little Soldier-Jake

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Credit Card Baby...

....No...I bought it with my birthday money...honest!!!

Mikey, Finlay, Louis and Kiri in the front!

Well it's small and red and fits in my pocket.
Thanks to all who contributed
It does lots...and it takes great photos!

Mr Mikey - Full of Energy!

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Blanik Dionne AW(S)
(Apollo Von Dakota x Blanik Astra)
Winner of Grade 5 Agility,
TAG Easter Show, Shrewsbury,
2nd April 2010


There are 7 grades in agility, 1 being lowest and 7 the highest. Kirre is now in Grade 6. AW(S) is Agility Warrant Silver which she gained by collecting points for places and clear rounds – 400 points for silver. It is part of her KC registered name now.
A great achievement Gillian and Kirre, We are all proud of you at Blanik!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Father Figure

Well hell "Kiss my large, hairy, Greek arse he said.....hmm.....not very hairy, and I've seen it without the heart. If this offends you, tough...just click your back button! ;)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Star People

"My Wonder Wall"

Talk about your mother
Talk about your father
Talk about the people
Who have made you what you are
Talk about your teacher,
The bully boy who beat you
Talk about the people who have paid
For that new sports car

Did you get off on a bad foot, baby
Do you have a little tale to tell
Is that why you're a star?
Is that what makes a star?

Nothing comes for nothing, baby
That fame and fortune's heaven sent
And who gives a fuck about your problems, darling
When you can pay the rent

How much is enough?

Thursday, 15 April 2010


My Man is on his way home...

Fun Down Under ... George Michael / AFP Source:
HE came, he conquered an audience of fans and didn't fail his gay admirers.
Pop star George Michael has left the country after probably breaking a few personal records and hearts during his critically acclaimed world tour.
Michael flew out to Singapore on Wednesday after two glorious months and countless hours exploring the gay nightlife. He took with him, say sources, the 23-year-old Czech escort he was seen kissing during that boating adventure. When he wasn't kissing boys, Michael was kissing random puppies or using his iPhone to find other boys to kiss.
There were whispers in the UK that longtime partner Kenny Goss was upset by Michael's behaviour.
After a brief time-out in Cairns, the singer is said to be stopping over in Singapore before it's home to London

One More Try

It's hard to find the words to tell the story of "Courage"...the emotions are so intense and words can't accurately convey what our eyes have seen. As rescue veterans dedicated to helping the neediest of needy dogs, we thought we had seen every form of cruelty, abuse and inhumanity possible. Sadly, we were wrong.
At 4:00 PM on April 7, we received a plea from a kind animal lover who was familiar with our rescue work. "There's a German Shepherd in terrible shape," she began. "Please, will you help?" The woman had learned of a dog that had been seized from a neglectful situation by concerned bystanders; she needed to get the dog immediate medical care. Sight unseen we agreed to help. As the story unfolded, it was hard to believe that no one had stepped in earlier--that no neighbor had seen or heard something, that no family member had taken action to protect a helpless creature. "Courage", as we have come to call him, was once someone's treasured little German Shepherd puppy--filled with hope and promise and trust as any puppy should be. He was probably the pride and joy of his family when he was an adorable youngster. But when we learned about him, Courage was a three-year-old adult who had been tied up in a back yard and completely forgotten. He had no food, no water. Because he was chained up, he had no way of escaping his torturous existence. As a prisoner on a chain, even reaching rain water in puddles was out of his reach...
At the time of his rescue, Courage weighed 37 pounds. Our veterinarian calculates that he was left without food for five to six weeks to decline to this condition. The frame that should have supported 75-85 pounds of healthy muscle and statuesque build was a rack of bones covered by loosely handing fur. He laid as if he were dead. He couldn't walk and wasn't even strong enough to lift his head. His eyes were glazed over and his breathing was labored. He wailed eerily as if telling her he wanted to be put out of the misery that had become his life.
At 5:00 PM, the Good Samaritan had him in the back seat of her car, rushing him to the emergency hospital. He was practically flat to look at, except for a protruding hip bone that poked out from the heap of fur. In her own words, "I kept looking back at him, praying that he was still alive...he was barely breathing. I was sure he was going to die in my car. I was driving like mad to make it in time."
At 6:00 PM, an entire team of veterinary professionals was working on Courage...they inserted catheters in both front legs to pump him with units of plasma and whole blood. He was put on a high rate of fluids with B-complex added. Courage had been starved so long that his GI tract had completely shut down. X-rays revealed that he was fully impacted with fecal matter that he could not eliminate. Moving quickly, the doctor gave him some morphine and flushed the entire intestinal tract out. The fecal matter was mostly DIRT---this poor dog was so starved that he was eating dirt. The first vet to examine Courage verified that he could not have lasted one more day without care. It was a miracle that help came just in time. Amazingly, throughout the entire ordeal, Courage never struggled, snapped or snarled...he seemed to sense that everyone who was poking, probing and lifting him was there to help.
When the vet staff felt that Courage's system was ready to tolerate something solid, he was offered small portions of a special formula diet. Tears of sadness turned into tears of joy when he ate his first meal in more than five weeks!
Today is April 8. All of our volunteers and Courage's special angel spent a very sleepless night wondering if he would have the strength to make it until morning. An early morning call confirmed the news we wanted to hear: He was alive! He was alive! Today, the vet staff took turns sitting with Courage in his kennel, offering him small portions of special food so as not to upset his stomach. He seemed to enjoy the company and even managed to hold his head up! Tomorrow, we will begin some massage therapy with him to help improve the circulation to his badly atrophied muscles so that he can gain the strength to walk again.
We have been advised that Courage has a long road ahead of him. We hope that no permanent damage has been caused to his kidneys or his intestines as a result of his starvation. We want to ensure that no matter what immediate or long term care he needs, Courage will get it. This is why we are turning to our friends and supporters to help him along his journey to recovery. Courage will remain in the hospital for some time as his digestive system stabilizes again and as we build his muscles. Right now, he has to be carried in a sling, but we're looking forward to the day when he can walk on his own and eventually run in fresh green field!
Please help us so that the beautiful dog that was deprived of every comfort and kindness in Life will never want for anything again! Courage's emergency vet care is costly, but we can't imagine holding anything back--he deserves our full support. Your tax-deductible gift in any amount will allow us to provide Courage with whatever he needs. No gift is too small when it comes from the heart. (EIN# 20-3455479). German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cowboys and Angels

I thought of you today,
But then that's nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday
And everyday before that too.
I think of you in silence,
And I often speak of you.
We've had some precious moments
When my dreams lead me to you
The memory's area a keepsake
With which I'll never part.
My fantasies are my sanity,
Because I have you in my heart.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Everything She Wants

Thank you Claire for thinking of me...
Nothing could make me smile more than a bit of George for my birthday
I Love it

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Ray Of Sunshine

Double Trouble

Asha and Jamie making the most of the spring sunshine today


I had a lovely visit from dear Anna today. Not a word did she utter about George, Must be the first time "Ever" that's she's managed to be in my company for any length of time and not made a derogatory remark about him. Poor George was getting all hot and bothered when he heard she was on the way!

Still he's a happy bunny

But of course I was not going to get away with it Scott free. (pardon the pun) She can never make it a totally pleasant experience. She took the greatest of pleasure in telling me that Kai was too thin and Tali looks pregnant. And though she's been "in the breed for over 50 years" she couldn't tell Louis and Mikey apart! Good thing I'm nice...most of the time!

Louis and Mikey...Or Mikey and Louis???

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


It's catch up time
Thanks to Mike for this photo from NWA

BD+BIS-Maleeze Aldo At Belvitroy, RBD-Blanik Georgios
Beautiful George

I take it all back, I was wrong
I do fancy men with shaved heads and beards

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dear Friends

-I don't like men with shaved heads and/or beards...But I guess I can make an exception for you!

Monday, 5 April 2010


Strange Baby, don't you think I'm looking Older...
..And I don't mean Mr Mikey


Mikey winning PGD and RBD at NWA yesterday


Miss Maya-my first show and I was a STAR!


Daddy Kai - I so need a drink!

Thanks to Paula for the photos

Saturday, 3 April 2010

I'm Your Man

George is at home

PLENTY has been written about George Michael's personal exploits during his time in Sydney, but this Insider was intrigued to find out what he's actually here for.

Michael has set up home in Sydney for at least another six weeks while he takes time out from the UK to work on a new album.

"He's getting plenty of inspiration out here," a source close to the singer says. "He feels very comfortable here."

It's been six years since Michael's last album of originals, Patience, so Insider is looking forward to hearing what he's come up with

Thursday, 1 April 2010

You Have Been Loved

Blanik Chino

22/1/99 - 31/3/10Summer 1999,
A young Jake on Steve's lap with Kiri, Seffe in the front, Blade, Nikki and Dexi

Summer 2008
Thanks to Sue and family for giving "our" Jake the perfect life.

RIP Cariad.


Where did the path go??? I think Mother nature is playing an April fools joke on us....