Friday, 21 October 2016

Tali Resting

No she's not ill .. just being awkward. I was changing the throws and she got onto the sofa in between me putting on the two layers. Ok I guess I could have moved her, but decided to cover her up instead. I must admit I thought it would annoy her and she's move but instead she fell asleep!
Yesterday we walked to Llyn Cop and Tali was full of fun. She did paddle though again she didn't swim, that's the second time recently that she's not swam. Today we walked up the back and she was frustratingly annoying. I think her plan today was to clear up all the sheep shit on the walk ... and that's a lot of sheep shit! I opted not to put her on the lead but to not let her go behind me at all, it kind of work. And Tali went on and said ... "Feck off!"

1 comment:

Lin said...

I can imagine Tali's face !!! she would not have been amused bless her LOL x