Saturday, 27 February 2010

Like A Baby

George In Sydney with a Staffie Pup
Too beautiful boys
I'll be your dog!!!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Come On...

How can I miss the Opportunity???

No I'm not going to say it....... you know I'm thinking it though!!!

A Moment With You - Sydney
George Michael delights 45,000 fans at Sydney show
MELBURNIANS with George Michael tickets can breathe a sigh of relief - he is a superstar who can deliver live in concert.
There are no disclaimers, excuses or disappointments.
Indeed Michael's Sydney show last night automatically set the bar skyhigh for this year's pop concerts.
The lengthy show ticks all the boxes. Firstly it looks incredible - the immense stage and mammoth video screens are state of the art and purpose-built for a stadium.
But it was that voice and those song fans have waited since 1988 to see back in action in Australia.
And while Michael has hardly been a saint over the years, his voice still provides instant goosebumps.
'It's been 22 years, I'm going to try and make it up to you tonight,'' Michael told the sold out crowd of 45,000. ''You all look so good, plenty of sunshine and sex I reckon.''
The setlist is extraordinary - from Fastlove to Wham!'s I'm Your Man to 80s anthem Father Figure - and they're the opening three songs.
Michael introduced Wham!'s Everything She Wants by stating ''Who remembers 1984? We all have a lot less hair and a lot more experience.''
Those songs are sadly as far as the singer delves into the Wham! catalogue, although the huge screems play a montage of their iconic 80s videos.
The perfectionist has always surrounded himself with the finest musicians and vocalist and this tour is no different - the band sounding as impressive on the gorgeously bare ballad A Different Corner to the disco-driven Too Funky and Outside.
Meanwhile hearing Careless Whisper, one of the best ballads ever written, was almost worth the price of admission alone.
George Michael plays Etihad Stadium on Wednesday.
Breaking news - George Michael outdoes the divas in Sydney FIRST Britney disappointed, then Whitney did.

But George Michael broke the run of bad "comeback tours'', winning over more than 40,000 fans at the Sydney Football Stadium tonight.
When Michael sings I won't let you down' at the start of his hit Freedom, he delivers on his promise.
Taking to the stage 40 minutes late thanks to extreme traffic congestion around the inner-city venue, Michael was given a hero's welcome.
Dressed head to toe in black, the former Wham! singer opened with Fast Love.
"Good evening Sydney, are you ready for a good night?'' he said. "It's been 22 years.''
He then launched into crowd favourite I'm Your Man and Father Figure.
While divas like Britney Spears and Whitney Houston left some fans wanting their money back during their recent performances, Michael sang live, hit all his notes and whipped up a party for faithful followers.
It is Michael's first Australian tour since his Faith tour in 1988.
He opened his 2010 tour in Perth last weekend and will play in Melbourne on March 3.
``You still look so...good, I don't get it - plenty of sunshine and sex I reckon,'' he said.
George Michael has enjoyed one of the most successful and enduring careers in pop music, selling more than a 100 million records globally.
He has notched up six US number one singles, 11 British number one singles, a Grammy award, three American Music Awards, an MTV Video Music award and two Ivor Novello awards for song writing.
He recently was declared the most played British artist on radio over the last 20 years.

The Sydney Morning Herald :-Wham, bam, thank you, man
THE artist on the stage is 46 years old, was huge in the '80s and hasn't done badly since, despite the occasional indiscretion with drugs and the law.
We could be talking about another artist who played in Sydney this week – only this one can still sing, with or without the help of his backing singers, he can still swivel his hips without looking like a sad old man (isn't Tom Jones in town?) and he even wrote most of these slick pop-soul songs.
There are sparkling tunes from just about every period of George Michael's near-30-year career and even the new ones that few know well sound pretty good.
The older, bigger hits that people do know, meanwhile, are terrific – as much because it's the first chance we've had to hear him play them in 22 years as the fact they're genuinely timeless songs.
Suave upbeat tunes to which you can dance? Fastlove and Too Funky sort everyone out there. Heartfelt ballads to which you can shed a tear while you gaze lovingly at your date? Take your pick from A Different Corner or One More Try. Ancient Wham! hits that sound far better now than, er, you dared admit at the time? Welcome back Everything She Wants and I'm Your Man.
There's even a 20-minute interval so you can go and get a drink while the star has a deserved break to recharge after a solid hour's entertaining.
Someone make sure Whitney gets to see this show while she's in town.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I think I died and went to heaven- just now!

'Cause you're beautiful (Like no other)
'Cause you're beautiful (maybe tonight, they'll see you tonight)

Beautiful .... beautiful

And it's no good waiting by the window
It's no good waiting for the sun
Please believe me, the things you dream of
They don't fall in the laps of no-one

And It's no good Waiting....

A Moment With You (2)

Newspaper Reports from Perth, Australia

Music Review: George Michael ( :-
"There are superstars and there are just wannabes. You can't mistake one for the other when they stride on stage. George Michael is definitely a superstar.From the lenses of his signature shades to the heavy soles of his shoes, the English singer has a stage presence not easily rivalled.
Let's not discount the lust factor, either. When Michael grins with those dimples and dances the way we know he can, he's got you.
The audience paid their own homage: Choose Life shirts, some fluoro pink tutus, an original and worn-out 80s Faith tour T-shirt. Biggest props go to two Freeeks in tight black vinyl sheaths." and a pair of sizzling female cops" :-
"Despite the venue change from ME Bank Stadium to the oft-complained about acoustics of the Burswood Dome - 15,000 punters eagerly awaited the pop stylings of the legendary gay icon.
There were some production problems during the test run on Friday night - it was the first time the stage was setup in over a year and a half.
Yesterday, the elaborate platform was revealed as three large screens and two smaller ones decorated the stage to allow even the furthest of seats to see the British singer perform.
For reasons unknown - the start time was delayed to about 8.30pm, but Michael was worth the wait.
He greeted the crowd looking debonair in a black shirt and his signature shades. It was a far cry from his ''Choose Life'' t-shirt he wore in his heyday as part of 80s pop group Wham!
It was wall-to-wall hits from the man of the hour as he asked the crowd ''Are we ready to make up after 22 years?'' in reference to the last time he visited Perth.
``Fast love'' was a hot favourite, but everything he sang throughout the evening was lapped up by the adoring audience. " "George Michal Woes Perth Fans."
"........He stepped up the tempo with the Wham song Everything She Wants. Many people hadn’t forgotten those days as many were sporting the “Choose Life” T-shirt in the music video of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go which, unfortunately, Michael did not perform.
His dance moves haven’t evolved much, and, in the least condescending way possible, it was adorable to watch. He made great use of the stage and the runway, which was setup so he could get as close to the audience as possible. He was engaging throughout the show and it really seemed like he actually wanted to be in Perth, unlike some artists who treat their tours like it’s a chore.
He sang two covers quite beautifully - they were Roxanne by The Police and Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, which was performed while burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese graced the screens. It was his song One More Try that really shone, as well as his 1990 hit Too Funky. As he bid everyone goodnight he said 'I’m sorry it took so long Perth, I hope I made up for it tonight.'
George, you sure did. "

Monday, 22 February 2010

Here Comes One For The Ladies

5 Generation of Bitches
Starting with the foundation of the Blanik Kennel.
Lledfegin Camri - Nikki
Breed Survey Class 1, Rcc, Graded V.
In Ch Rosehurts Chris x Lledfegin Camri
Dear Nikki - We Owe you so much...

Blanik Astra - Seffe
Breed Survey Class 1
Arko Vom Huhnegrab x Lledfegin Camri
My Darling Seffe - My best friend

Blanik Deeanna - Krizzie
Apollo Von Dakota x Blanik Astra
The clown of the family-Stolen from me far too young
Blanik Frankie -Tali
DOB 7/1/05
Joint 7th top winning puppy bitch 2005
Rangemore Arko x Blanik Deeanna

Blanik Georgette - Asha
Kaiser Von Conbhairean x Blanik Frankie
Joint 8th top winning puppy bitch 2009

Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Moment With You

Perth - Burswood Dome - 2oth February 2010

Selfishly I feel a little jealous, how I wish I was there. Yeah maybe he is half way across the world but if I had the means I'd be there living the dream. I know full well what I'm missing so it gets to me even more. I don't begrudge Australian fans the experience, I just wish I could join them. I hope and pray that one day soon I can again live through the roller-costar ride that is a George Michael concert.

Set List
1. Waiting
2. Fastlove
3. I'm Your Man (Dance Mix)
4. I'm Your Man
5. Father Figure
6. Praying For Time
7. Everything She Wants
8. An Easier Affair
9. Hard Day
11. Too Funky
12. Interval - John & Elvis Are Dead
13. Faith
14. Spinning The Wheel
15. Spinning The Wheel (Dance Mix)
16. Feeling Good
17. Roxanne
18. Amazing
19. Flawless
20. Outside
21. Careless Whisper

I just can't imagine that I will never be there living my dream with you again. Yes I know I have been blessed, I've seen you 5 times....I should consider myself lucky really, but it's just never enough. I can't express the deep sadness I feel at the thought of never reliving the most awesome experience of my life again. I need to share another evening in your company, to see you, to hear you. I need so much to feel those emotions again, You’re my inspiration at happy times and my comfort at lower moment, and nothing can ever compare to the way I feel when I've spent "A Moment With You."

I know that its wrong
But "if you need me, i'm here", turns me on
I can't help thinking its a miracle you're here
I can't help thinking its a miracle ....


Yet More Snow

And Here's My Mr Amazing-Louis

Mother and Daughter
Asha and Tali

Miss Kiri McTavish From Scotland

Fat Boy Finn

Jamie-Who Farted? Oops I Guess It was Me!!!

Oliver - Well it really wasn't me

Friday, 19 February 2010


Me And My Daddy
Asha and Kai

Yeah But I'm With Mummy
Tali and Mikey

The Kids
Mikey, Finlay, Louis and Tali

Kai and his flying Banana

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Round Here

George In Oz
Looking just So Sexy

George has arrived in Australia for his tour, some dates back home would be good please Yog!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Somebody To Love

Happy Valentines Day
I've Spent the afternoon wallowing in your company. I don't often find the available time these days, I use to love our afternoons together. But circumstances change and now I seem to see more of David Dickinson than George Michael in the afternoons. But today, with me feeling off colour and a little self-indulgent, it was the day to catch-up, and what a way to spend Valentines day. I've laughed with you and cried for you. The wonderful memories of Net Aid, Live In London, Live Aid, I'd Know Him A Mile Off, Unplugged and The Linda McCartney memorial concert...yeah who's knickers where they anyway?
I'm finding myself in an obsessive state at the moment. Proof to me that really I'm fighting the sadness that's within me at the moment. I think about you so much, I guess it's a way of avoiding what's really going on in my head. I'm escaping the reality of my life and building myself another life, a fantasy world in my head. I guess it's a safe place to be, a place to escape the turmoil and confusion that I currently feel. I guess these lyrics explain it so clearly...
You hang around with people who are sure to make you cry
I can make you happy if only for a while
Little baby oh, oh little baby
I can give you all the lovin' that your heart desires
If you ain't got time for me I'll find another fantasy

Dear Georgios, thank you for being there today...I needed someone so much and again you've pulled me through. Where would I be without you now? My life would certainly be in a different place and I guess I would be less balanced. Today I was sad, tomorrow, because I have you, I'll be better.

A Different Corner

For what's the use in pressing palms
When children fade in mother's arms
It's a cruel world
We've so much to loose
And what we have to learn, we rarely choose.....

I hate your homophobic attitude and your racist tendencies. Separatism, and living your life being judgmental of others lives will surely be your downfall. I hate the way you feel you have the right to comment and ridicule, if it's not yours then it's not worth worrying about. You and yours are of course perfect, as they should be in your eyes....I suppose. But what about me and mine? And what about the people you choose to ridicule? Do you think everyone chooses the path they walk through life? Maybe we can choose to turn "A Different Corner" but can we ever really fight who we are destine to be? Many a life has been wasted when a person fights his true self to fit in, to conform to so-called normality. It's not just themselves they are lying too, the people they love and who love them will also suffer. But how can they be true to themselves when they are faced with your attitude, and the attitude of like minded blinkered people? How can they ever be who they are when so many of you out there hate them for what they are and not who they are? And this of course without knowing them as individuals.
I believe in a free society, that people should live their lives the way they choose. As long as they do no harm to others then give them the "Freedom" to be themselves. Think before you speak, don't send someone home crying because of your insensitivity, lack of understanding and knowledge. Don't quote the Bible to me, it has no influence in my life, I choose compassion and love over war and religion any day. But of course if the book gives you comfort then so be it, as long as you see beyond the pages and into the real world. One thought as I finish, which maybe is more apt to you than me...but think about it ... there but for the grace of God go I!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Jamie and Louis

Cuddle up, baby, move in tight
We'll go dancing tomorrow night
It's cold out there, but it's warm in bed
They can dance, we'll stay home instead

Friday, 12 February 2010

A Last Request

Lots of George on the blog at the moment... I wonder what that means? Do you know?
If You Know Me Well.....Then No Doubt You Do!
What is it about this photo? I just keep looking at it...I know, it's your eyes. Why do you hide them Georgios? Do you feel some sense of security or safety behind the glasses? Are you still not happy with yourself? Do you still not see what other people see when they look at you? Or is it better for you these days? You must have felt so much love over the last few years. I use to feel so sad listening to you put yourself down. I just wanted to scream.."No, your wrong, Your everything." But I understand what you're saying, you have to learn to love yourself and sometimes that's hard for all of us. You who to many seem to have everything you could ever need...But material things are not always the answer I guess. You've seen more pain and grief than most and I guess it takes it's toll. I wish, I only wish that just once you could see yourself through my eyes and love yourself the way we love you...

It's late
Time for bed
So I sit, and wait
For that gin and tonic
To go to your head

I know
It's a devious plan
But it's the only way that I know
To get those big bad car keys
Out of your hand

You know
That I remain a gentle man
But even so
There's only so much
A gentleman can stand
Sleep with me
Oh sleep with me tonight

My cards are on your table
My dreams are in your bed
If I was able
I'd be there instead

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Calling You

Mikey Mikey and Asha pup enjoying some Winter sunshine today.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


So why don't we make a little room
In my BMW babe

Just playing with Photosuite....Maybe I should find something constructive to do with my evening...but maybe Not eh!
Gotta Get up, Get Down!

Monday, 8 February 2010

To Be Forgiven

"Kiss My Large Hairy Greek Arse" - He said At Wembly
"Fantasy" at Earls Court - Shake it for me darling Yog

"I'm going down,
Won't you help me?
Save me from myself
I hear the sound of a memory
Maybe time will tell...."
I'm feeling low and tearful, So I cried my way through "Father Figure" and "One More Try"......."A Different Corner" and I'm an emotional mess. Now I'm all cried out and I dream of "Fantasy." I watch and smile, I get a warm safe feeling. I could dance with him, I did sing with him. Shake your "large, hairy, Greek arse" lover boy. Thank you for being there for me again, and..
"I would beg to be forgiven...if I knew my sin!"

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Secret Love

Welcome to my world....or at least my Kitchen!

Once I had a secret love
That lived within the heart of me
All too soon my secret love
Became impatient to be free

So I told a friendly star
The way that dreamers often do
Just how wonderful you are
And why I'm so in love with you

Now I shout it from the highest hill
I even told you the golden dafodill
At least my heart's an open door
And my secret love's no secret anymore

Now I shout it from the highest hill
I even told you the golden dafodill
At least my heart's an open door
And my secret love's no secret
My secret love's no secret
My secret love's no secret anymore


I think, or at least I hope that I have a good sense of humor, but I don't have a sense of humor where he is concerned. I don't find it funny when you ridicule him, even if it's only to get at me. Sometimes I can laugh it off, but I always think your the one who's misguided. You who have nothing but your sick sad sense of humor and your bottle of wine. But sometimes I can't hide my feelings, sometimes I cry and sometimes it hurts to the pit of my stomach.
I'm not asking you to like him, to listen to him or even talk about him. I'm just asking you to respect what he means to me.Is that too much to ask of you? Please take note, your always the one who brings him up in conversation, not me.
What you don't understand is that he's there's for me, he's always there when I need him. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he brightens up my day and even makes me feel good about myself. When I'm feeling low, he's the one I call on, he gives me great comfort in my life. I never expected to be here now; I thought my life would be different. I worry, is it terribly inhuman of me to feel this way? But I guess no one knows the card that will be dealt to them in life, so I have to get on with it and be strong for the people I love. With him by my side I'll get there....

Saturday, 6 February 2010


I Tink I Can C A Bloody Big Miecie
Gonna Ave It For Me Tea
Hmmmm...Bored with it now
What me can do next?
I Know Me Go To Top Of World...Again!
What You Mean, Get Off?
Jamie Luvs Top Of The World

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Just incase you where confused with a previous post, this photo may help....

"This was the beginning for me, a red light, a strong yet endearing voice and a closed door. My dream was behind the door, only to enter, filling the room with his huge presence following his echoing announcement, 'Is it too late to try again-here I am.' "

First you take off your hat
Then you take off those brand new shoes
Say 'Hey George, what've you got to lose?'
With my hand on your thigh
I just look you in the eye and say
'Not a whole lot baby
But a whole lot more than you'
I can make you happy
Don't you know that?
She said I can make you happy