Monday, 30 September 2019

My Lovely Cats

From the top
Junior and Choo
The Main man Jamie
Princess Posh Isla and oriental looking Perry

Kaiah Test One

Well Mr S got me in a tiss this morning when he announced that Loki was really after Kaiah. At day 12 most bitches are coming close to time to be mated, but going on Kaiah's previous season she should not be anywhere near ready. Still now the seed of doubt was planted firmly in my mind .. With such a long way to go to visit Zalu and bitches known for such variety in their seasons I rang the vet and brought the progesterone test forward to today.
I bet Kaiah was gutted when her early morning trip out ended up at the vets. Still she went in full of enthusiasm and fun. I think the vet was a little taken aback when I said, "Well I know she won't be ready, but I just want to know where she's at!" She said "but on day 12 she could be ready", but I know her and honestly did know she wasn't ready. I just thought it would be helpful to know how close to ovulation she is so I could plan ahead. The compliments made on her construction and "faultless character" at the vets were flattering. To be told I should be proud to have bred such a bitch is indeed a compliment! Before leaving we popped her on the scales. 30kg -heaviest she has been but I think it's maturity not weight, if that makes sense.
Bloody hell it was amazing .. by the time I was home the e.mail had arrived with the results. Day 12 and the level is still only 0.8 .. lol Ovulation is 16. A waste of time and money? Well no not really, I've cancelled Wednesday's appointment and will now go back on Friday as I gather I would be anyway .. and Saturday too if necessary. As I've said I know Kaiah is late ovulating so this is really not a surprise and it was 20+ days when I commented in her last season that I thought she would be ready for mating. (This blog is so good to refresh the brain!)
Sammi's first test on day 11 came back at 2.2 but it had gone up to 11.4 by the morning of day 15, (so ovulation was probably on Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, days 15 and 16 of her season) Sammi was mated on day 19 when it was likely that her progesterone levels were in the 40 ies.
With progesterone levels only suppose to double up every 48 hrs I can't imagine we'll be making our trip until late in weekend .. or more likely next week.  Like I said I don't mind really as regards to the hopeful DOB now .. we are well clear of Xmas and that was important to me.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Luther's Lip - Update

His post on Facebook
 " I be just to like to say me lip be better now .. ta for caring about me lots, but me can't promise me wont stick beak on fire pipe again ... Luther x"

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Pwllheli Show

Today I experience the cruel side of dog showing. This morning the cries and howls were chilling and heartbreaking .. poor poor Asha just can not accept that she can't go anymore. They all love the shows so much, (well nearly) I must find her a great granny class somewhere soon, or take her to club maybe?
So many people said that I should just take her for the trip, but she's better off at home than stuck for long periods in van, which she would be with no classes for her. I'm sure that as soon as I've left it's forgotten and she enjoys her day with Steve and the others at home.
No photos today .. no one to take them and to be honest it was chaos there. I won Grad with Ian's Kasey and Ian took Ross and Loki in for me. Ross wasn't really up for it and didn't show well, the judge saying he blew the class on his lack of enthusiasm and he was sure that outside he would have won. Deflating or reassuring? Not sure. Loki stood alone in his class but the judge commented that he was far too tall and even joked about bringing a saddle for him next time! Well he is tall we can't hide that fact. He is oversize and pushes his weight forward giving even more impression of size. All rounders don't notice, breed judges will and do.
I was over the moon to handle young Kasey to her first BOB. She looks wonderful - another feather in Nico's cap! Well done Ian!

Friday, 27 September 2019

Sardines Again

Well you never know where you are with these do you. Having got 8 tins of sardines I decided to share some out tonight. I wasn't really concentrating and put one on Ross' food. Damn I went to take it off but decided to leave it whole on top of his dinner. Having mashed one in yesterday the meal was rejected but I thought well he can eat around it can't he! He came in for his meal and as I expected he took the fish off the dinner and spat it out in the crate. I peaked from the other room and watched him pick it up, chew it a bit and spit it out again .. he then proceeded to pick it up and eat it before eating his dinner. I wonder if he likes sardines now then? I'll try again on Sunday!

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Luther's Sore Lip

My little Luther has a sore mouth. We have been keeping an eye on this for days. I had thought it was possibly to do with teething, but now I have another theory. I think he has burnt his lip on the pipe from the fuel burner and I think it's slow to heal because he keeps doing it. I watched him do it over and over two nights ago and couldn't get him to stop .. Odd you think? Well no, I think he thinks the screw is a fly and being a determined young man he keeps trying to get hold of it! God it must be hot. I ended up using the water spray to get him to stop. 
I'll keep an eye on it now.

Stick Your Sardines

The new food is going down a treat with the 4 young dogs. The others have 3 bags of CSJ to finish and they will go on it too. Ross loves it, whether it's a novelty or not I don't know but he's shoveling it down. (the others always do anyway) I'm not one for adding too much as I believe complete means complete but because of his poor coat I do try an add evening primrose oil and fish oil capsules to his food. He never notices them. With him eating so well I tried to add the Yumega powder and oil into his evening meal .. bingo .. he's eating it. Great I'm really chuffed with that.
Anyway, friends, especially raw feeder are always talking about the benefits of adding raw oily fish. I don't raw feed, it simply would be impractical and financially impossible, but I know of people who add tinned sardines to the dogs meals and I believe there are a lot of benefits to it. After reading about it on Facebook and knowing Ian firmly believes in the benefits I decided to try it. It would mean I could stop buying the capsules and hopefully stop buying butchers tripe for Mr fussy for his breakfast, and I thought he'd love it! Wrong! He doesn't like it and won't eat it! One full breakfast wasted. Bloody brown dog!

Baby Boys Weigh In

I just weighed the boys, it's so easy on the digital bathroom scales with a handful of dreamies. (A big favourite here) Luther is now 3 kg and Perry is 3.5 kg. Perry was 3.4 kg the last time I weighed him months ago, but was only 2.5 kg when he was neutered at 6 and a half months. He's 16 months now so I would imagine he's at his optimum size. I still think Luther will be a much bigger cat, but hopefully not 6.7kg like my beautiful fat friend!  

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Nico's Page

I'm thinking of closing down Nico's Facebook page. To be honest I now feel it's pointless. There is no interaction on it so why do I bother? It was set up years ago just to get people to realise he was out there. He's had 8 litters with a chance one could be on the way .. and a possible mating is due next month. I have always said that at the end of this year I was withdrawing him from stud. (Or at least by April when he will be 9 years old)  Nico is fit and well but I guess I had it as a cut off point in my mind .. though of course nothing would be set in stone I will just remove any adverts!
Louis' facebook page is still out there and I look at it occasionally, I'm worried that when it's gone it's gone .. there is no going back if you know what I mean. Maybe I should think hard before removing Nico's .. I don't want to regret it in future. Now I'm regressing .. Oh poo .. I'll give it a while and decide!

Sammi's Critique From Leeds

Stanley’s Blanik Ivana ShCM. Five and a half yrs b/g, attractive colour, good topline, croup and hind angulation, shoulder a bit steep and somewhat forward placed, bone, legs, feet, topline all good, on the heavy side, which was reflected in her side gait, this appeared a bit ponderous, sound coming and going.

Well as show dogs go maybe she is just a tad heavy - Sarah often says my dogs are a touch too "covered." But I'll be honest, I can't think for one minute that she carries that much weight that it hinders her movement. She went really well on the day, we were all so impressed with her. As everyone knows one of my pet hates is fat dogs. Fat dogs are unhealthy and have shortened lives often with joint pain and breathing difficulties, but to be honest I don't really want much less weight on Sammi. 
I'm happy with her critique generally though, just feel a little bit of a downer with the "heavy" remark as this was her best achievement in the ring and I kind of expected something special. Ah well I won't brood over it! She's still my perfect Angel.

Around And About

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Me, My Man and Our Dogs

 The mist clearing for Nico and Jezi's walk
 My lovely girls 
 Mostly I'm happy to walk alone but having not been feeling at my best today I craved company. He reads me like a book and told me he was coming with me on the last walk. We had fun mooching on the hill.
Shame the photo was dark and in process of lightening it I've made Steve look like he's been tangoed! 
Me and my dog!

Brave Perry

It's only taken him 14 months but last night little Perry stayed in the living room all evening with the large group of dogs. Ok he stayed in Choo's favourite bed behind the sofa but the fact is he he still stayed in with us. It was funny the dogs take no notice when Choo is in it but as soon as they came into the living room at 7pm they were curious and trying to push by to see Perry. Kaiah was particularly curious. Anyway in no time they settled and forgot he was there ... Luher of course caused more upheaval by refusing to settle and eventually got thrown out. He's so funny, naughty but funny!

Monday, 23 September 2019

The Food Came

.. and I had to chuckle. I had a call from the driver to say he was lost. I asked where are you? Stupid question really .. he said "At the end of the earth near a kissing gate!" I've no idea why it amused me so much, but it did. It seems they had only missed our track and gone up the next one towards Moel Tryfan. Not too bad really then. He was a character I have to admit, he proceeded to advice me on dog feeding .. bless him, nothing offensive about him at all .. just a funny character. 
 We only did the fields today
The big gang in the top garden adjacent to the bottom field. It does make sense .. honest! 
Jezi and Nico 
A Sting classic comes to mind!
"You'll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of barley 
You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold 
So she took her love for to gaze awhile upon the fields of barley 
In his arms she fell as her hair came down among the fields of gold"

Bloody Cold

After a sleepless night of sneezing, coughing, aching legs and not being able to breath I wondered where I'd picked up this bloody thing from? I can only think of Aldi, my parents house and dog club on Thursday. Shit I saw Paul on Friday, I hope and pray I have not passed it on to him. I was Ok on Saturday morning but did start sniffing on Saturday afternoon, I hope the company I was keeping that day are not now suffering too!
Saturday afternoon was wonderful, a social afternoon with friends to celebrate their first Champion in their chosen breed. Please don't ever ask me to take you there though .. wow I never knew there were so many narrow back roads on Anglesey. They like us have to keep some of the dogs apart but I got to see them all. I was shocked to find only shut doors between them. These buggers here can open every bloody door in the house. To keep them in or out we have to lock everything. She said hers never try. I wonder if it's a breed thing? Only Nico has never tried here but that is because Jezi does it for him, mind you he did barge and bend the baby gate till it opened!
The dog food is coming this morning. They would wouldn't they on a day when I'd sooner just go back to bed. Ah well needs must .. at least it's another bright morning to start what is forecast to be a week of rain and more rain.
When I got up at 6.30am Luther was gone again. Most of the other were asleep but there was no sign of him. I opened the window so I know he could get back in .. but I do worry .. what if he'd gone out as we went to bed and found himself stuck out all night? I guess I can only comfort myself knowing he came to the backdoor screaming the other morning. My little man is growing up too quickly.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Update On Animal exhibit regulations in Wales

If the bill goes through without any amendments a price of approx £350 has been suggested for a licence to show per owner 😞. Can you imagine having to pay £350 on top of the ridiculous entry fees we already pay? It's fast becoming a rich man's game as it is. It will be the death of showing horses, cats, dogs, birds etc in Wales, and to anyone from Wales wanting to show in the rest of the UK. The consequences are almost incomprehensible -  it would almost certainly signify the end of showing as we know it in the UK - ludicrous.
The apathy regarding signing the petition is so frustrating. Think how many people currently show pet animals in Wales? Yet currently there is only 2382 signatures. If we are not careful it'll be like the final of X.Factor with the favourite loosing because people thought it was a sure thing and didn't bother voting! Then they will be screaming and shouting .. but then it'll be too late. 
Please sign and ask your friends and family to sign, it takes seconds to show your support.

Walks And Things

A few light showers this morning and a stinking head cold were not going to stop us getting out. You always feel better out anyway don't you! 
Kaiah wants to make an official complaint about the sexual harassment from Loki. It's far too early and she has no interest in you anyway! If you carry on don't expect to keep your good looks for the next show! Ross is sniffing around, but still prefers his kong, and sensibly so as there's a long time to go. Though neither Ross or Loki are stud dogs their approach is different. Loki shows interest throughout the season, Ross waits for the time to be right. Nico being a stud dog is easier to deal with really .. odd yeah! 

Following the walks Steve and I had to pop out and I made him stop at a footpath sign .. Looks interesting doesn't it. Kids we need to explore but I have a feeling it could be the bottom of the Pen Yr Orsedd quarry ... hopefully we'll get over there soon to find out. 

Guess Where He Was?

Last night was the fourth night since I'd evicted Luther from the kitchen over night. Every morning, like I did for Perry,  I've got up between 6 and 7 am to open the window so he could go out early. This morning I woke up about 7am hearing Luther shouting, initially I thought he just wanted to go out .. I was quite taken aback to find out he was already out! Of course he'd managed the cat flap .. he's such a bright spark, why would he not? He'd just not managed to get back in again! Still he at least had the nous to come shouting at the back door. Maybe we'll have to have a few lessons in coming back in, but I doubt it'll take him months like it did for little Perry winkle.
I was sad to hear the Luther's mum is still at Freshfields. Gail sent another heart wrenching message on Facebook. Sadly most people seem to think that we should take her on .. that was not the purpose of the post.  It's funny how people with one or two pets think we should take on all the others without consideration to finances. It's not about space, we have that in abundance .. sadly feeding and caring for cats cost money.
My heart goes out to the poor mummy cat and I will do anything I can to help find her a home, but this will not be her home. Priority must be given to our own cats and keeping Miss Perfect Posh cat happy is a must, she only just tolerates all the "idiot boys" that she has to share her home with. No more female cats here .. one is enough!

"Hi Luther, its your Mamma here. Heard you have a wonderful /loving home, good on you . Looking for my forever home too, so if you know of any, please let me know. Ta ta for now son, take good care of yourself and stay off the roof!! Love Mammy Pws"

Saturday, 21 September 2019

The End Of Summer

Well I guess astronomical Summer comes to a close on the 23rd of September .. but to me it's already Autumn .. whatever, it has been a glorious few days

The Vet Calls

Finally the vet has phoned me back .. it only took 5 days!
Oh Ok, it wasn't an emergency was it! 
After a long chat he finally agreed and will do "Something" with the price!

Friday, 20 September 2019

My Ross

I can just see the slapped arse facial expression on some GSD enthusiasts at his antics .. he needs a proper beating .. well not in my world, we just laugh. He is so often the class clown!   
But of course he's also such a darling 

On Line Petition

Please can you sign it and share it. C please can you put it on twitter for me? Thank you

Rekindling The Friendship

With the boy I once knew

A lovely walk on a stunning day, the most beautiful of places and my young guns. Time to rekindle the friendship I once had and will now treasure again. 
Life is short, don't loose contact with the people you care about, grab the time with both hands. I've been given a second chance for that I am blessed! 

Luther Is 5 Months Old

 What are you saying?