Monday, 24 March 2008

Blanik Boys

Louis (Blanik Excentrik)

Simba (Blanik Approval)

Finlay Of Blanik (honest!!!)

Kai (Kaiser Vom Conbhairean)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

That was then.....


- Nikki, Dexi, Blade, Seffe and Lia


- Louis, Krizzie, Jay, Seffe and Nikki

.......And this is now

- Kiri, Louis, Finlay and Tali in the front.

-Storm and Simba



Laecor Mikhail

Your eyes have closed a final time,
Your noble heart is still,
But your memories stay with us
And I know they always will;
So when we sit and speak of you
And laugh or shed a tear,
At times like these we know
You are still so very near;
And now old friend, it's time to say
Goodnight, God bless. Sleep tight.

Steve Stanley


Written July 2005
1RCC, Graded “V” Breed survey Class 1
9.6.93 – 4.7.05
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their cards, emails, text messages and kind words over the loss of our dear Nikki. For those of you who didn’t know her she was the foundation of the “Blanik” kennel and ALL our dogs are related to her. She was the mother of two CC winners, and through her daughter “Aria,” grandmother to the top winning German Shepherd of 2003+2004, and more than likely 2005!
At home Nikki was the matriarch, the dominant pack member, and as she considered all the others to be her offspring she had every right to be. That “look” was enough to put many a young member of the family in his place and if the misdemeanours carried on then one snarl and he would certainly collapse in a heap on the floor. Nikki never had to follow it through, so strong was her presence within the pack.
Where Nikki really excelled was as a mother, she even took over the care of Seffe’s 4-week-old pups when Seffe was too ill to care for them herself. (Though she wasn’t too pleased to have to “share” them as Seffe improved.) Lets not forget the many orphaned or poorly kitten that she also showed love and gave warmth too. How many times did I have to stop a couple of grey Tabby’s from suckling the empty milk bar? I’ll never forget the joy on her face as her new babies cuddled into her.
Anyone who walked with me will know that the other great love of her life was her “Kong,” it went everywhere with her. How long did we have to wait by a muddy puddle or lake for her to find it after she had dropped it in, not a hope in hell of her leaving without it; it will always be with her now.
One other thing will have to be mentioned, the stealing. Nikki was the biggest thief I have ever known, she’d never take anything whilst I was in the room but turn my back and it was gone. How many packets of lost Jaffa Cakes over the years? And the green stuff we use to buy for Seffe’s coat; “give 10mls daily,” Nikki had the bottle all 150mls of it in one go! If I was unlucky enough to leave a jacket or pair of jeans with a trace of food in the pocket in her reach then she would help her self getting to the food in any way possible. As she got deaf with age on nemours occasions I walked in and caught her holding the clothes down with her front paws and tearing violently at the fabric to get her reward. Memories that now I will always treasure.
This house so full of life, now has a big empty space without her, one that will never, could never be filled.
Steve and I wish to dedicate this poem to the memory of our dear Nikki, I apologise to the none- Welsh speakers, but it looses something in translation.

Aeth y Blynyddoedd heibio’n sydyn
Anodd oedd farwelio gyda hi
Hiraeth mawr sydd yn ei’n calon
Am un annwyl iawn I ni

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

New Kid On The Block

" Kaiser Vom Conbhairean "

(Bravos Vom Steffan Haus x Ginger Von Der Maleiche)

***Hip Score 3+4. Haemophilia "A" clear***

******************D.O.B 31/07/05*******************

Blanik Kids Welcome "Kai" to the family.

Kai is owned in partnership with Sharon Britnell.