Tuesday, 31 March 2009


The RSPCA seem to think this is an acceptable way to look after a dog....What do you think?

Lulu in Summer ...and yes the "box" she's chained to is her bed!

And Winter...

I'm going down,
won't you help me?
save me from myself
I hear the sounds of a memory
Maybe Time will tell
suddenly my life is like a river
taking me places I don't want to go
but like all good men who swim too well
it takes all that I have just to cry for help
then that voice in my head
tells me no
I'm going down
won't you help me?
save me from myself
I look around for a fantasy
who can tell?
let me live myself besides the river
take me to a place where a child can grow
and then
maybe the boy inside will forsake me
the child in me
will just let go
I'm going down
the cold, cold water is rushing in
I'm going down
and I would beg to be forgiven

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tali's Tails

Have Gone Black
To match the new Website which will be online shortly...watch out for the link!
More George and LOTS more GSD's!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I Really Fancy....

....A Hot Greek

And a nice drop of something mature for afters

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

She's Quite The Young Lady Now

Blanik Georgette - or Asha to her friends

A tiny bundle of trouble at 6 weeks...Bless

Independent and determined at 4 months

At almost 9 months the sweet affectionate Asha is looking good....me ffinks!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

In A Ditch!!!

It's a beautiful Spring like day, warm sunshine and a light breeze. We sit on a rock in the field looking out over acres of fields where the dogs could run and play but...a crash, a splash and a gurgle. Look behind you!!!!" Haha..aint we funny aint we just!"

Asha.... "Are you coming in too?"

Mikey... " There may be trouble ahead!"
Asha..."What do you mean I'm not coming home in the car looking like this??"

Friday, 13 March 2009

Beautiful Baby Betty..

..has grown into Gorgeous Georgie. Picture here with her canine family..

Catch me if you can shorty....and let go of my tail!!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

So You Want To Buy A German Shepherd Puppy?

How Quickly the young puppy grows into a large energetic adult.

Owning a German Shepherd can be a fulfilling and a rewarding experience. But a lot of careful thought and consideration needs to be given to this by you and your family. The G.S.D can be a rewarding breed to own, but to reap these rewards will take lot of time on your behalf.
They are not the kind of breed that can be shut in a kennel all day, they thrive on the companionship of their family, and if they get half the chance they hog the sofa and sleep on the bed.
G.S.D’s love plenty of exercise, so if you’re not the energetic type maybe something smaller would be a better idea. Remember dogs who's favourite place is lying in a puddle of mud won't mind getting wet in a bit of rain on a walk. So who is going to do the walking in your house?
Most G.S.D’s moult once or twice a year; for a few weeks that hair can get everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE!) Could this be a problem in your household?
Are you prepared for all the extra time that a puppy will need, what about feeding, housetraining, lead training, and the all-important socialising?
Will you be able to afford the extra costs such as vaccination and neutering? Vet bills can be very expensive!
Have you adequate living quarters for such a large dog and is your garden secure enough?
Are your children old enough to understand the mutual respect that is required between them and the dog? If you plan to have any more children in the near future then maybe wait a few years before having a dog. If you are thinking of buying this German Shepherd for a young child then maybe you should think again!
Do you mind the occasional puddle on the carpet during housetraining, and what about the muddy footprints?
How would you feel about holes being dug in your wonderful green lawn and your pansies thrown all over the pavement? G.S.D’s just love gardening!
Who’s going to be at home during the day with the puppy? Young puppies need 4 meals a day. Even adult dogs should never be left at home all day, so if all the family work all day then it really is not practical to have a dog.
Now you’ve thought about it and you’re going to accept this bundle of trouble into your house as a full member of your family for hopefully the next 10 to 12yrs, bear with me and read just a little bit more.
If some people had given a little bit more time to think about their long-term responsibilities then there wouldn’t be so many unhappy, neglected G.S.D’s in rescue centres all over the world.
There are some very dedicated people involved in breed rescue who spend a lot of time, effort and money re-homing dogs who through no fault of their own find themselves homeless. Please
think hard about this commitment that the entire family is about to make.
After researching the breed and spending time talking and thinking about your responsibilities to this puppy, if you are 100% sure that this G.S.D is the right dog for you then I wish you all the best for your future together. GSD's really are the best....

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Who Rattled My Cage??

Maybe you did!
Do you have to understand it for it to be right? Sometimes I don't understand it myself; but it is what it is and it makes me feel good. It lifts the dark cloud of those depressive days, it dances in my mind through the happier days, it makes me glow with excitement and weep with joy. So for me it must be right. You consider it an unhealthy obsession but what helps you get through the darker days? What put the twinkle back in your eye then? Your Whiskey, or the 7th pint of lager?
And even now after all this time you still feel you have the right to laugh and ridicule. Is it me? Or him? Or me for loving him? Or both? With you I'm not really sure. He could never make me unhappy...though it wouldn't be terribly inhuman of me to admit that I do worry about him. Maybe one day you can understand just what he means to me, and so many others ....just look at my life; I've had and have so much because of him. I believe my life is richer for loving him, the true friends I have made, the places I've been and the simply pleasures of relaxing listening to his beautiful voice. I wish more people could see him for who he is and not be so judgemental about his life. But people like you let his sexuality get in the way of that. He's a lover not a hater, you just have to see him with his dogs to see that. Maybe he's not that different to you then? Well maybe not eh!
Unlike you I find no comfort in religion, but still I have morals and I hope compassion. I wish you'd respected other for their idiosyncrasies and not expect the world to be stereotyped and fall into your category of acceptable and "normal." I wish you love and happiness in your life. I wish you could cry out all the pain you feel and understand the inner peace that he gives me.
I wish you had "A George Michael" in your life!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Hey George?

Do you want to come and play with my puppies?

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

8 months Old

Look at Kai and Tali's Super babies Mikey, Mikey, Mikey... Another Mummy's boy at Blanik!

My Sweet little Asha..You are not who I thought you would be...your 10 times better.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sing To Me Georgios

Understand...Woman, don't you ever wonder
Where you'd be if I just walked on by
What's your name?
Can I take your number?
Darling come with me
I'm gonna change your life

When you're young you think you're winning
Why worry 'til the babies cry?
I was wrong; it's the blues we're singing
Chasing after pennies just to survive.

And there's no way the gods are hearing me baby
They don't even try
They don't even try
And all the things I said I'd give you
Just seem to pass me by
No matter how I try

I hope you understand
This is not what I had planned for us
God only knows if my dreams are coming or gone
(Are coming or gone)

But you're still holding my hand
Sweetheart (sweetheart)
And for every single day that you're here
It's crystal clear That God isn't mad at me at all
He ain't mad at me at all

And all this praying hard ain't gonna save the day
Maybe that's really what I'm guilty of
I know we live in times when love is not enough
It's not enough
(no no no no no)

And there's no way the gods are hearing me
Baby, they don't even try
They don't even try
So all the things that i thought i could give you
Just seem to pass us by
(No matter how I try)

I hope you understand
This is not what I had planned for us
Heaven only knows if our dreams are coming or gone
(Coming or gone, coming or gone)
But you're still holding my hand
Sweetheart (Sweetheart)

So for every single day that you're here
It's crystal clear
That God isn't mad at me at all
He ain't mad at me at all

There's a place in my mind
Somewhere we could be fine
Where the children would play
And we'd eat like kings every day

(Some more Promises)

(like kings on Xmas day)

Marks Out Of 10?

Yeah..I'd give him one!!!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Family Photos...

Mother and Daughter.. Tali and Asha
And don't forget the boy...The "ladies" and Mikey

Mikey and The Gnoo
6 Packets of super glue later... Asha, Mikey, Tali, Finlay and Louis