Monday, 30 June 2014

The Babies Of The House Again

My Stunning Sammi

Junior playing with my big baby Jamie

Another Star ....

Barney (aka Blanik Isko)at his first show
Windsor Championship show.
Very proud that as the baby of the class in puppy dog, 
(There was no minor puppy class)
he managed a credible third out of five
Standing for the judge
Guess who was handling .. our own Mark Williams.
Thank you Mark - Huge congrats Claire xxx

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sammi's First Show ...

Vale Of Clwyd
 and I was over the moon with her
She stood and moved beautifully and was 3rd in a strong Minor Puppy class
... Could ask no more of her.
Mikey won his class and then challenged for BOB against "Bolt" who had won GSD PG. 
I think Mikey was over the moon with his Best Of Breed too! 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

In The Front Garden

Junior in the front for the first time
He loved it but did go a little too far for my liking
not good for the nerves!!!

Yesterday's Puppy Play Date

A little bit of training
Great job there mate
 Not so great ... but yeah funny
Sammi's in love with Sonny the Frenchie
The babies - 
Rachel and Csinos, me and Sammi, Geron and Wilma 

Birthday Tweet

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

♥ George Michael ♥ [Freeek] ~(Birthday video)~

Wish I could do something like that .. this was my effort!!!

Look At This ....

Yes still a "Daddy Girl"
Thank you so much Bethan - I love it

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Bit Of A Wobble ....

Last night we had a bit of a panic. Earlier everything had seemed normal, Junior had been playing out in the yard with Jamie. He ran, he jumped, he chewed things and chased things. Just before 5 pm I struggled to catch him and take him into the kitchen for his meal. Within minutes of eating he vomited all his food, but he was OK. I left him in peace in the kitchen and went back to check on him about 15 minutes later ... he was fast asleep on the window seat. To be honest I gave it only a little thought, "What had he eaten in the yard to make him throw up like that?"
About 6.45pm I went to check on him again. There was vomit on the kitchen floor ... lots of vomit, about 7 lots in all. I cleaned up before stroking him on his head, he purred and I remember thinking, "he looks OK!" Then for some reason I lifted him to his feet, he toppled over onto his side ... as if not believing what I saw I lifted him up to his feet again, he toppled over again! Still in denial I put him on the floor, he tried to stand before toppling over. I put him back on the seat, ran into the living room to tell Steve and threw the dogs out into the yard. Now in the living room I placed him on the floor for Steve to see, he wobbled but didn't topple over. What the hell was going on? I decided to take his temperature, I had seen kitten at work unsteady on their feet when they had high temperatures. I returned to the living room with my thermometer, looked at the thermometer, looked at Junior's bottom and chickened out of it ...No way, I couldn't do it! Steve put Junior back on the floor, he was much less wobbly and set off to play. I was still in panic mode and honestly felt sick, it was all just too familiar! Steve persuaded me to give him a bit longer and leaving him with Junior I took the dogs for 10 mins into the field. When I returned they were both playing on the floor, I could still see a slight uncertainty in his footing but the improvement was I took the other dogs to the field. Again I only stayed out about 10 mins but when I came into the living room Junior was running over the furniture and had the look of the kitten devil in his eyes. Junior was back to normal.
So what the hell happened? I've really no idea. Did he eat something which really really upset him? Was he then weak from all the vomiting? Did Jamie squash him? Did he have a bug? .. did he eat a bug? lol  All I can say is that as scary as it was it was very short lived and thank god everything seems ok today!

Blanik Alliance

10.1.96 - 24.6.07
Dexi back home at Blanik
6 months old
Finishing off a fantastic show career by winning Veteran at 
Blackpool Championship Show.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Ok Here we go ....

May well be the last time I do this ... 
 or at least I won't do it again for a few months, 
 So, this is what they looked like at this age


Sammi Belle Stanley

I'm chuffed, over the moon, totally besotted with you my little girl.
To date I have enjoyed everyday of your life ... 
and now I look forward to the fantastic future that we must surely have together. 
Today at 6 months old Sammi is 58.5cms at the wither and 25.20kg. 
Now stop growing and put the extra goodness into thickening your coat...
Then "in my eye" you will be as close as it gets to perfection!!!

Beautiful "I" Litter Babies - 6 Months Old

In the order they arrived!!!!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Six Months On....

It was to be a birth like I had never known before...
When there was three! 
It was the 23rd of December 2013 and Ziva had been uncomfortable all day, as the evening approached Steve and I took turns sitting with her, the birth was imminent. When the madness of shredding paper and rapid digging was over, Ziva became a little more settled and her waters broke. As I cleaned the fluid I prepared myself for the usual hour or so of contractions and pushing ..but puppy number one had other ideas and arrived at the vulva as I was still cleaning the box. One quick push and Bonnie (aka Holly) had arrived, it was 7.50pm and she weighed a comfortable 1lb. I helped Ziva to clean her, and made sure she was breathing and warm. The puppy was strong but every time she went to feed Ziva stood up, turned round or pushed her off. I was a little concerned as I really wanted her to get that first feed, but I knew I had a little time on my hands.
It didn't seem that long until puppy number 2 was on it way, again I saw very little in the way contractions and with a quick push at 8.25 pm Stella (aka Ivy) almost "fell" out. This bitch was obviously smaller (12oz) and they were easy to tell apart. As I tried to clean her Ziva did something none of my bitches have ever done before, she leaned over, took hold of the puppy and took her off me. These were "her" babies! I was not going to upset her and help her dry the pup between her front paws. Shortly both pups were settled and suckling ... but their peace was to be short lived as another puppy was on his way. I put the girls on a clean vet bed in the washing basket as I always do between each birth, there really is no point in them getting repeatedly drenched!
A knackered but Settled Ziva with her brood
(24.12.13 - 1.54 am)
It was 8.45 when Cal (aka Nick) graced us with his presence. At 1lb 4oz he just needed an extra push, but this was yet another easy birth for Ziva. I cleaned the box; I had never seen so much fluid in my life. It was no wonder Ziva had looked so huge, but I wondered if the fluid had been a little extra help in lubricating the path for the puppies easy births.
And then we waited ..... and we waited ...... and still we waited......I knew there was nothing wrong, Ziva was relaxed and calm, her beautiful babies were suckling, warm and becoming plumper by the minute. But still we waited ....
Steve went off to bed and I decided to take Ziva out for a wee, I was hoping the movement would stimulate the next puppy's arrival. Within minutes of coming back in and with very little effort the next little lady was born. It was 10.55pm when Luna (aka Jingle) joined us. She too weighed exactly a lb. By now Ziva knew exactly what she was doing, but did comfortably allow me to dry the puppy, as long as I did everything within the box.
With everyone settled again we waited ... and we waited.....
Just A Few Hours Old
At 12.15am little Barney (aka Noel) arrived, well when I say little, he was the largest puppy born at 1lb 5 oz. As i dried him I must have lent back just a little too far, Ziva stood up took hold of the puppy and pulled him back towards her, as she did I noticed another puppy was being born and that then became a more pressing matter. Someone was sure in a hurry to join us and at 12.25am on the 24th of December our Sammi Belle had arrived.
I had never seen a bitch give birth to the first pup immediately after her waters broke.
I had never seen a bitch pull a puppy back off me whilst I helped dry then. (and I hold them literally a foot away from them)
I had never seen two puppies born within minutes of each other.
I had never seen a bitch give birth so easily.
We learn something new everyday, I learned a lot that night!
Prior to the birth everyone who had seen Ziva or seen photos of her had told me to expect a large litter. I could see why, she was huge underneath, but looking down over her back there was very little enlargement. This had me hoping for a moderate size litter .. and that was exactly what we had. Masses of fluid and a wonderful moderate sized litter!
Baby Belle
That night I cried, new life, so precious so wonderful, so perfect.  I swear everyday since I have smiled, they and now "she" have warmed up my heart. She is amazing, so beautiful, so funny, so sweet .. and yeah a little demanding, but who cares! And the others? I have been so blessed with their owners/homes; I was so lucky, I could be ever more fussy than normal, and I was. I could have sold them all twice over and a few people were very disappointed. But I gave these babies who I felt were the best owners for them, who could give them the best lives, I had no reservations with these people. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for everything you do for these babies. Please keep the information and the photos coming, it really does mean the world to me!
Hopefully we will have photies of many if not all of the kids tomorrow! xxx

Had To Share ...

...  The lovely photos that Bethan took yesterday. 
Thank you for letting me use them. xxx
I think there may be a few more to come.
Beautiful Mikey winning his class
A special moment as Tali wins veteran
Though she's not impressed with the kiss!!!!
Sammi posing 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Garreg Ddu Academy Show Llanerchymedd

Mikey won Working and Pastoral
So chuffed that Tali won Veteran,
but then of course Mikey lost the plot in the challenge, with both of them in there he wanted to be with his mother!!!
Ah well, another day another dollar!!!
Still too young to compete, the little person enjoyed her day out.

Friday, 20 June 2014


I've updated Sammi's Page on my website. Not sure if it's too crowded ... but love all the photos and just can't seem to pick which to take off ....
Click on the link and see what you think? 

Another Nice Walk

 Sammi and Jake
Young and old - the youngest "Blanik" 
(Sammi being the last born in the "I" litter)
and one of the oldest "Jake" from the 2003 "E" litter.
Taking a break - Everyone in for the photo?
Errr No, Tali has something more important to do!
What's new!!!!