Thursday, 25 June 2009

What A Show

Cheshire Counties The Team - Blanik Frankie, Georgios, Excentrik and Georgette
Frankie - BOB
Georgios- 1st
Excentrik - RBOB
Georgette- BPIB
Thanks to the judge Mr J. Bisham and to Mark, Mike, Sharon and Linda for everything you did to help.
Frankie, (Tali) Excentrik (Louis) and Georgette (Asha)
Georgette (Asha) relaxing before the group.

Happy Birthday Beautiful George

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Blanik Dancer

8.7.00 - 16.6.09

Apollo Von Dakota x Blanik Astra

Today I have to say good bye to you, the most loving, loyal and faithful
friend that I Love with all My Heart.
You have been a wonderful companion to me for nine years Dancer. You
was a funny little puppy when I got you, with one ear up and the other
laying across your forehead. Your coat was coarse and wiry - and I did
think you weren't the most handsome puppy I had seen, but we bonded
right from the off and you fitted in with us and our other pack of four
GSD's. They all Loved you and you grew rapidly and you learned
everything fast - you was so bright. You grew into the most handsome GSD
and loved being with your brothers and sisters.
Jake was your Hero, you really loved him, and he and the others were to
make you what you are - the most Beautiful and Brainy GSD, but most of
all - so Loyal. Over the years you excelled at what you did, agility,
obedience, display work, film work and you loved every minute of it. The
most important thing though was the Bond You and I had - everything you
did was for me. we were stuck on each other well and truly in a way that
only you and I can understand.
Then as time went by you fell ill, but we managed to get you back to
almost normal health for one and a half years, you was so much fun to be
with. Then you got ill again, and despite all our and the Vets' efforts
we couldn't get you round. We all have learnt so much from you Dancer
and you have made our life with you unforgettable. You will always be
with us because we carry you with us, wherever we go, in a niche inside
our hearts
Thank you Dancer (Loyal and Truly Unforgettable).
Love You always, Judy xxx Vic. xxx

Monday, 15 June 2009

Isn't my Mikey just....


Kiri's on the mend...

It's hard to believe that this time last week Kiri was on the drip at the vets following an operation. She had been off colour for a few days and saw the vet on Saturday, with nothing conclusive she came home but deteriorated over the week-end.
By Sunday there was no doubt, Kiri was having a pyometra. This is a potentially life-threatening disease of the reproductive tract where the uterus becomes filled with large amounts of fluid. If not treated blood poisoning results from the fluid in the uterus being absorbed into the blood stream. Kiri was spayed, quite an ordeal for an old lady...but she is now "almost" back to normal...

Monday, 1 June 2009

11 Months Old...Well Almost

Asha and Mikey

My God, where has the time gone? Just look at them... 11 months on the 3rd of June. They won't be babies for much longer!
Posing for the camera today

...And Just Having Fun

Some Of The family