Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Moel Tryfan

Not the warm sunny weather of yesterday 
but we still had fun even if the angels halo did slip!
She found it highly amusing to roll in something smelly, but we less pleased with herself when she had a shampoo when she came home. 

Monday, 22 October 2018

An Extra Walk

The dogs where all walked as usual this morning, but on such a stunning Autumn day you just can't stay in all afternoon can you? You have to make the most of the weather, and I was thrilled that Steve came with me on a short meandering walk. 
 Snowdon beyond the bridge 
 Ross and Loki 

On the bridge and Ross waiting for Steve 
 Guess who went in the water? 
Now see who's wet and reconsider?? 

Ross V Loki

An interesting conversation yesterday with a person who has judged Loki in the past gave me food for thought. This lady loves Loki and gave him BOB and Group 1, but she said had she been judging on Saturday she would really have struggled to choose the BOB as her eye kept being caught by Ross. Of course I'm delighted, it's what I want ... the young should start to come on to challenge the older ones .. but I guess currently Loki still has that maturity on his side, and he does have a lot of ring presence. Nice to know the youngster is catching eyes though ... Ross, give Loki a bit more time he has a lot of points to get for his Certificate Of Excellence!!!! 

Which would be your Best Of Breed Then? 

Sunday, 21 October 2018

How Old Is He Now Then?

Well I can almost accurately say that Perry is or will be 5 months old in the next few days. I checked his teeth at the beginning of the week and he still had kitten canines, but today I checked again and the adult canines are pushing through. The kitten's adult canine come through at 149 - 153 days which means we can say .. yeah 5 months any day now  - I think I'll give him an approximate birthday - maybe May 24th? Yeah that sounds good!  
My Tabby Boys 
 Jamie and Junior 

Jamie and Choo 

Change Of Plans

 I fully intended taking everyone to Cwm Dulyn today, but changed my mind as I was going out and told Steve I would take the first two lots to Llyn Cop. Driving down the track I changed my mind again, in such thick mist I was concerned I may walk into the cattle without enough notice. So, it was 2 walks on Moel Tryfan.  
 For the third walk I did get to Cwm Dulyn, but it wasn't the nicest walk I've had there. We had a damn good soaking .. but of course the guys didn't care! 

Some Photos From Yesterday

The truth is far less interesting then the impression this photo gives, so best left to the imagination!!

Blanik Jethro

It was lovely to see "Jethro" - Kaiah's brother yesterday. 
He looked super, a lot to like about him and so like Kaiah

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Llandudno - Boys In The Ring

 Loki won Open, was BOB and Group 3
Ross won GSD Grad 

Friday, 19 October 2018

Exploring With The Young Guns

 So pretty on this path 
 Amazing colours 
 Linda learned the hard way not to move a stick/twig off the path
It then came with us for the walk on the narrow bit of the path ..
well, he's coming through!
 Miss Kaiah 
The amazing colours of Autumn 
 Back over the rickety bridge for home

Walks With The Older Guys

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Visit to A Canine Physiotherapist

Nearest and dearests know the stress I've been through with Ross following his collision with a snow covered rock last Winter.  He's had anti inflammators, cage rest and X.rays. Coupled with spells of painful pano the poor lad has had a lot to put up with, but to be honest he's just got on with it. The X.rays where sent to Rutlan House where a specialist report concluded there was no obvious abnormalities and the limping was more likely to be the pano. (They suggested a CT Scan could confirm if he continued to limp) Only a short time after the limping stopped a loud clicking sound became apparent in or around the right elbow. I came to the conclusion that Ross had secondary arthritis on the injury to the elbow and decided that I would not be breeding from him in the future. I was gutted and felt I had broken my lovely puppy.
Talking to Rachel about this recently she suggested other causes for the clicking and suggested I take Ross to see a Canine Physiotherapist, so today we did. We went to see Gillian of Paws For Fitness and after a slight strop Ross allowed her to get on with the matter in hand. Gillian feels there is scar tissue around the area and the sporadic clicking could possibly down to a bubble in the synovial fluid around the joint. These seems more likely than my uneducated diagnosis as secondary arthritis on the joint would click continuously. Makes sense when someone explains it to you doesn't it!
I'm still a little unsure what I'm doing next but I do feel a lot more at ease now. Thank you Rachel and Gillian. I know my loud and lovely boy is not to everyone's taste ... but to me he's amazing, he's a star,  and if you don't like him then it's your loss, your problem not mine or his!


Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Back On Line

As I sat here twiddling my thumbs last night I thought of the words of a friend on Facebook. I was moaning about my lack of broadband and the service of Open Reach in general when she replied .. "As annoying and inconvenient as it is we all managed perfectly well without it years ago." Well hell of course she's right, but I for one would not want to go back to the days before broadband. What the hell would I do? I spend double the amount of time on social media as I do watching TV these days. I chat to my friends, I look at photos from shows and visit show sites. I'm involved in groups, some for fun some pretty serious .. That is the world I currently live in. Due to social media my circle of friends is larger and stronger, as is my circle of acquaintance I suppose, but the support is amazing. Social media, well Facebook for me, really has changed my life for the better, it is what you make of it.
 So yes, I'm twiddling my thumbs .. Wednesday night TV is absolute shite, Steve is in the bath so what can I do? I know, I'll put some music on. One song had been going round and round in my head all day .. A song from the past. "In my room way at the end of the hall, I sit and stare at the wall, thinking how lonesome I've grown all alone in my room. ....." Marc And The Mambas" from the vinyl album "Torment and Toreros." Luckily for me I still have all my vinyl and the ability to play them. I bought a "Sound system" when I was 18, maybe 20 .. And it still works wonderfully well. It was hammered in early years but now without a CD player it's used less and less. "In My Room" .. Really loud with the odd crackle and jump of a stylus that's as old as the player brought back memories of my former self. A teenager dressed in black with a cross in her ear and a skull round her neck .. I remembered that even then I preferred to take everyone as I found them, to explore and celebrate individuality and to not hate because of colour, creed or sexual orientation. I guess I already despised Separatism, though I didn't know the word for it then. It was very different times, less tolerant but with the arrival of Marc Almond,Boy George and a lot of the New Romantics the world was going to have a big eye opener. Such a shame George was unable at the time to show the world who he really was ... But as I said they were different times at the beginning of the 80ies. My parents where very conventional, a typical old fashioned Welsh family. My mother went to Church, my father to chapel .. Proper Christians and there was no page in their bible to explore these freaks of nature. They hated Marc Almond the most, and typically the more they hated him the more I indulged. 30 years on and I've still not found religion in my life, I believe in love, compassion and kindness to all .. Until they piss on your parade that is of course! It really was wonderful to hear these tracks again, the music who helped make me who I am I guess.
Music has always been important in my life, It started with David Soul in the 70ies, then Boy George, Marc Almond, Robbie and now onto Ed Sheran. George Michael was always there to heal the pain, well from the early 80ies anyway. Now I still feel the void of his loss, no one else touched me in the way he did no one else has helped me through such dark times. It's such a bloody shame that there was no one there who could help him fight his demons, such a tortured soul. When Steve comes back into the living room my mood changes .... Bat Out Of Hell it is then. I doubt anyone woman who knows Paradise by the Dashboard could stop themselves from singing from ... "STOP RIGHT THERE.... " The evening passes quite well .... But God I miss my broadband

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Callum Broke Broadband

After the internet flicking on and off for days, the broadband has now been off for a few days. Hopefully we'll be back on before the weekend.  4 g and a mobile is ok but not what I need.
The boys being dim again on yesterday's walk. 

Monday, 15 October 2018

A Bright Future For Todd

"Crunchie," now "Todd" Perry's brother has now left Freshfields.
We wish him all the best with his new life and his new family

Another Stunning Day

Morning walks
Llyn Cop with Nico and Jezi and back again with the girls
But due to the cattle arriving there I had to change routes for the third walk
we had an amazing time in Llyn Ffynhonnau 
No group photos, just fun ... 

This afternoon it was far too nice to stay indoors so we had an extra walk 
Bont Fechan towards Ynysgain with Nico and Jezi

Just lovely ...

Junior On The Mend

R Junior recovering well after giving us a scare last week with a bout of calicivirus. It's highly contagious but so far, thank god, he's been too greedy to share very much. There was just Jamie that showed early symptoms so we blasted him with antibiotics and in his case have hopefully stopped the condition in it's tracks. We  are still not out of the woods with the others but here's hoping the others will be unaffected.
You can still see the staining of coloured drool on his legs, I'll give him a couple more days before trying to do anything about it, don't want to stress him just yet. 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Afternoon Walk

My boys :)
Just love this photo of Ross watching the plane coming over us and in to land. I thought it was really different, quite unusual so I posted it on Facebook - ah well seems I'm the only one that likes it!!!!!
Generally I'm not a beach lover, but I have to admit it was stunningly beautiful, though somewhat busy today at Dinas Dinlle. A short extra walk with they boys, well they are almost always better behaved and in the wonderful sunshine we gathered it would be busy. Now we must make the most of the Autumn weather, it'll soon be Winter!!!!