Friday, 31 July 2020

Vet And Walk with Loki

For the fourth day out of five I drove the 30 mins to the vets, this time to pick up more antibiotics for Asha. She did have to get up once in the night, thankfully Steve heard her, I didn't! She ate her breakfast in one go this morning, here's hoping it's a positive sign.
To make life easier for Steve I'd taken Loki with me, as I did earlier in the week. He can then be relaxed and get on with whatever he needs to do without worry. I decided to do a one on one walk with Loki, I hoped it could be a stepping stone in building our frayed friendship but to be honest I think he missed the company of the other dogs. Loki is no trouble at all outside, all his issues revolve around home. As I've said before he's not comfortable in his own skin and not mentally strong enough to be the top male in the pack. Neutering him would only make matters worse, removing his testosterone would give him even less self confidence.  I tried to get a selfie of the two of us together, sadly nothing worked but at least this screenshot made me smile. 
Sadly on arriving home Loki was more moody then ever. Little Orin was so enthusiastic to greet him and welcome him back which made him tense and escalated the growling. Maybe it was the wrong thing to take him away then, maybe I should have taken Orin and Ross? Who knows ... but as I said at least it gave Steve some peace..

Last Night In The Field

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Today's Results

Finally after waiting all afternoon we've got the results of the blood test. Asha's not diabetic, but her white blood cells are up so she is fighting an infection. Her kidney function is Ok, her liver enzymes are a shade high but acceptable. The vet I saw today said she had a heart murmer, he said it was nothing to worry about at her age .. how odd that the vet on Monday said her heart was perfect. Someone is wrong! Anyway she's been prescribed with more antibiotics and they want another urine sample in a week. I guess they are going back to the theory of a UTI then! 

Mum And Dad Visit

First visit from Mum and Dad this year, crazy times, but we got to sit out in the sunshine. 
When I suggested to Dad he was foolish throwing the kong for Ross he didn't understand why. When Ross put the wet kong on his lap for the 20th time I think he got it. He asked "how do you tell him to stop?" .. My reply ... You don't! 
Treats in the pot 
Please can we have treats? 
Ross says "He's very slow with the treats - watch this....."
".... I'll help myself!" 

Orin In Stance

Some absolutely lovely photos of Orin taken last night at Ring Craft.
He's looking great

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Not A Diagnosis

After testing Asha's urine the vet suspects she may be diabetic but no diagnosis can be made without a blood test. (Tomorrow - 11.20am) Strangely because of the thirst and increased urination it had crossed my mind. From google ...
Symptoms Of Diabetes in Dogs 
Excessive thirst.  (Yes)
Increase in urination.   (Yes)
Unexplained weight loss. (Yes)
Appetite changes.  (Yes - she had considered not eating 3 breakfasts- that's enough for a greedy dog like Asha)
'Sweet-smelling' breath. (Not Noticed)
Tiredness or lack of energy.  (Yes)
Urinary tract infection. (Possibly)
Loss of eyesight. (Doubt it)

Reading this it seem highly likely doesn't it!

"Your veterinarian will first test your dog for the presence of glucose and ketones in the urine. If indicated, the next step is to measure your dog's blood glucose concentration. The diagnosis only becomes definite when glucose is found both in the urine and at a high level in the blood."

Asha's Not Well Again

After getting us up twice overnight this morning Asha doesn't want breakfast, knowing Asha that obviously causes huge concern. I've cooked her some white fish which she ate so she has at least had her medication. I need to get a urine sample now to take to the vets - wish me luck!

Tuesday, 28 July 2020


I'm not sure I'm still in the right frame of mind to explain how I feel. Yesterday still feels raw, to hear your puppy scream like that gives you the shivers. As it happens there seems to be no marks on Orin, hopefully there was more noise and fear than actual contact, but can I ever trust Loki again? I still feel bitter and angry, to be honest I've only felt like this towards one of my dogs before and that was with Jezi when we couldn't stop her fighting with the other bitches. With Jezi the solution and sanity came in the form of Nico, he became her everything and the two live their separate lives from the main pack. (Though Nico occasionally sneaks in a walk with the ladies) I can't separate Loki, there isn't another room, another garden and I feel at a loss as to how to deal with him. I can't put him with Nico and Jezi, Nico hates him and that is out of character for Nico as he likes everyone really.
Loki is currently alone in the kennel, that is not the life I want for him but I'm not in the frame of mind to deal with him right now, so for everyone's safety he's currently better in there. The atmosphere in the house is so calm and relaxed. Ross is on the sofa with me and Kaiah and Orin are playing. The other girls are lying around calmly waiting for me to get ready to walk. I think the best thing to do is put everyone back in their relevant groups to walk, I don't envisage any difficulties with that. Loki is perfect on a walk, actually I couldn't wish for better. In a lot of ways I couldn't wish for a more perfect dog, that's why it's so difficult, I swear he's Jekyll and Hyde and you never know which version he is from one minute to another.
Right .. here goes ...

The walks went well. I walked Orin with the girls, as I do when walking from home. Everyone is now back together, but there is tension. As soon as Orin moves Loki is tense, his inability to relax is always concerning. I've ordered some scullcap and valerian for him, anything is worth a go. I honestly don't know what to do to improve the situation. I was obviously wrong when I thought his issues was just with Ross .. he obviously has issues with other male dogs within the house. He is not a dominant aggressive dog, that would be easier to deal with, sadly he is far more complex than that. I feel Loki is a tense stressed dog, he is who he is and all we can do is try to manage the situation. We have both tried approaching it from numerous directions, but nothing works. I think for safety sake we must now consider options ... but rehoming him is not an option I would currently consider!

Monday, 27 July 2020

Asha Out In The Field

With her temperature down she is looking better and obviously feeling brighter. I can't imagine we'll get a full nights sleep, but once the antibiotics kick in we may well do! 

More Loki Stress

I'm so upset I'm seething. I think it's best I don't write too much right now as I may regret my thoughts and words later. Loki went for Orin this afternoon. I swear the dog is not right in the head. I sobbed my heart out, living with this dog is a fecking nightmare and I just don't have any solutions to improve the situation. Last week someone suggested I re-home him, they said maybe he would be happier as an only dog, I dismissed the suggestion, but right now ... No lets not go there today I'm too angry and upset to think about it sensibly. My happy bubbly little puppy really doesn't deserve this ... and neither does Ross!

Asha At The Vets

As you know Asha hasn't been well the last couple of weeks. Just when we thought she was on the up she was ill again and her temperature was high this morning. (40.2). I was dreading taking her to the vets and handing her over in the car park, but needs must and to be honest I think she coped better than I did.
External examination shows no abnormalities, her heart is spot on and her chest clear. Asha has lost weight and the vet suggests I also monitor that. She commented about muscle wastage on her forehead, not something you could miss really. Asha's now only weighs 26.5kg so 3kg less than her average, but to be honest I don't think she looks dramatically thin. Some old dogs get thinner, some get fatter.
Asha was prescribed with antibiotics as the vet suspects an infection, and she had a metacam injection for reducing the temperature. If things don't improve then they will take bloods to check her kidney and liver function and take a urine sample. She's been getting us up for a wee every night the last 2 weeks - but she did seem better when I gave her pearl barley for 2 days, one of Jill Hubbards remedies for UTI's.  I wish I'd continued it now really as I've experience of it working in the past with a very young Tali.
Hopefully by the time the temperature comes down Asha will be feeling brighter again, not a day for walking anyway ... let's hope tomorrow is a better day all round!

Sunday, 26 July 2020


Thankfully after finding that there is a setting for cloudy weather/low light on the camera I got some better photos today. The action/burst photos were not as good as I'd hoped for but maybe they do need more natural light. Still generally the photo quality was better and the zoomed photos are brilliantly clear.  

 Zooming in on Orin and Ross

Miss Moo across by Twll Braich


You know they are changing, growing up in front of your eyes .. but maybe you don't realise just how much and how quickly till you look at back at photos. The first photo was taken on the 2nd of July, the second on the 10th, the third yesterday ... WOW! Just over three weeks between the first and the third. I will say it again, Doctor John's food sure is doing him proud.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

High Speed Burst

I had a go at the "High speed burst" setting, I guess not the best lights for it really. I'll try again in sunshine. 

On The Move

First Posing Photos

Not really the best weather to give the camera a fair trial, and obviously some errors from me, but all in all they are not too bad I guess.

Friday, 24 July 2020

New Camera

With birthday money burning a hole in my pocket since April I came to the conclusion I needed a new camera. Ok need is a strong word. The phone takes super photos but has no optical zoom, the samsung galaxy 2 camera is sadly passed it best and the big camera ... well that's a class apart but not practical for rural dog walks. I wanted Optical zoom, photo burst, clear action shots and generally good quality photos. Well I opted for a Canon IXUS 285 - and it arrived this afternoon - watch this space!

Orin Loved LLyn Cop

Llyn Cop Walks

 Walk One
 Walk Two
 Walk Three - Part One
Walk Three - Part Two

Thursday, 23 July 2020

His Mother's Son?

Sammi at 4 months 
Orin at 4 months. 
Well Sammi Belle you can't deny your parental responsibilities can you!
Kaiah didn't really look much like Sammi at this age, but the apple didn't fall far from the tree here did it?
A teenage Kaiah with Mummy Sammi 

The Assistant

"Mrs S - You forgot to bring the washing basket in - I Got it for you!"
"I'm doing the recycling for you now."

Another Rainy Day

Another wet and miserable day on the hill, and no better in the valley, Mr S has been down hill and said wall to wall rain. The weather can vary so much, but not today. I took this photo yesterday afternoon, we were out of the cloud whilst the valley was not, apparently it was raining there too.
Last night we went to ring craft. I go as often as I can. Out in a field with just a handful of people and dogs is as safe as we can be. I feel we need to make the most of it, it'll soon be Winter and with no indoor facilities it may be a long Winter! I love my family but I have lots of wonderful friends through the dog world who are precious to me too, I will miss them terribly if we can't find a new normal over Winter.
Orin did Ok last night, I feel he was better last week, but still no complaints. He is still struggling with "Teeth" but we'll get there. Obviously he fidgets in stance and movement goes from a gallop to perfect to heelwork and back again, all part of learning but generally he's doing so well. His coat is getting thicker by the day, I think he already has more than poor Ross will ever have. Coat and colour always adds glamour to a show dog. With the weather being so miserable I looked back on old photos of Kaiah/Sammi and the boys at 4 months - Orin is definitely pushing to the front of quality and glamour of coat and colour. I didn't remember just how black Kaiah's forehead was at the same age though. OMG look at her, butter wouldn't melt ... no cos she fecking swallowed it! Already expecting payment for her photo!
Orin has a softer expression, and personality I suppose. Bitches are almost always stronger characters and Kaiah is no exception. She is very loving and affectionate, very obedient (as long as she gets a treat) but without doubt she can be strong willed and determined. Her bond with me and respect for me is very strong, but in the wrong hands Kaiah could easily rule the roost.
Orin is proving to be quite easy to manage really, with Ross as an exception I do feel puppy dogs are easier than bitches .. though of course Ross is an absolute pleasure now. Sammi was a headstrong puppy, very confident in her own skin and very strong willed, but like Kaiah as an adult she is generally very obedient. To be honest out and about I think these days Kaiah is the most obedient of all the bitches, but it took work and determination on my part .. oh yes and it took lots of treats! I find walking Orin with the three younger dogs is more beneficial all round. He has more fun and generally the three of them are so obedient off the lead. I think walking with grannies and mother may teach him how to occasionally switch his ears off! Seriously I will keep my options open and keep mixing and matching on walks for the time being.
The photo of Orin and Luther is one I took a few days ago - it really shows the beauty of his new adult coat as it comes through. Yeah chuffed with that, on show potential only one thing disappoints .. but I'm not suppose to talk about that!!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Blaniks At Home

 Nico and Jezi 
 The Kids Group 
Sammi and her kids