Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Moaning Minnie

Louis with Jezi on Monday
Sadly I opened my mouth too soon and today poor Louis is back to square one. Strangely after writing my blog last night I was already suspicious. That distinctive smell had returned!
Just typical of my luck, I was contacted by a Royal Canin rep last night: He had seen my comments on Facebook and suggested he could set me up with a breeder account where I could get the food much cheaper and delivered to my door. (Don't worry I've not been picked-up by a stranger on facebook, Gary is someone I've know for years.) But basically now I'm not sure what to do for the best, this is expensive food if it ends up going to waste .. second thoughts it won't go to waste here, someones bound to eat it!
I'm still suffering terribly after Sunday's sun. Though I used my factor 50 three times during the day the sun has done it's usually damage to my neck an arms. I'm covered in a rash and scratching like a monkey. Most people love the hot sunny weather, but really whatever I do to try and protect myself, going out in the sun only brings me misery and discomfort.  I along with my dogs are so glad it's slightly cooler today.... roll on snow time!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hi George

For those of you who don't know, that's me and not the GSD! Tali is my Internet user name on most sites and I respond to being called by the name in certain company.
Did I photoshop this picture? Would I? What do you think?

I'm Not Shouting Too Loud...

...But I'm sure my dog loving friends will understand my excitement. Yes, I'm over the moon that after months of diarrhea Louis has now had over a week of normal stools. We took him off  the hills prescription diet and decided to try him back on Royal Canine GSD24. (he did well on it for a period of time at the beginning of 2011)  Of course he did his usually and said "I'm not eating that," but in a moment of desperation I added a spoonful of Kiri's Butchers Tripe to his meal, it went down a treat and the next stool was solid.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not gullible enough to believe his problems are sorted. I've been here several times before .... but life feels a little brighter in the Blanik household at the moment!!!

Monday, 28 May 2012

From Rags to Riches

Making that comment in my last post made me think of this photo and the day Finlay arrived at Freshfields ... "not just white, but a bloody long coat as well, and he's full of Knots" I muttered!!!
 Well look at him now, a Best In Show winner!!!
Someone has lost out on a fantastic dog, their loss...
I doubt they where worthy of him anyway!
Well that was yesterday
And here he is today practising his show stance for the next show
Nice one Finn!!!

So So Proud

 Finlay with his white coated male class win rosette,
best white in show rosette and trophy and Best in show trophy, rosette and sash
I know I shouldn't dwell on the past but as I look at him now I think of how things could have been. He was literally 48hrs away from death. God that still scares me!
From rags to riches eh Finlay ... well almost!!!!
Jezi with her Best Standard Coat Puppy rosette,
 and her rosette and trophy for Best Puppy in show

Louis came with us for the day out, but I had made the decision that he would not go in the ring. Still it was great to have him around. It was an amazing, though very long day. Again thanks to all for the support and to Lin for taking over and taking Finlay in the ring for me.
Between us we took loads of photos, there is an album on facebook and I have added some to my flicker account. Should you wish to see them, just click on the link 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lots more pics to come ....

Well what a day Blanik GSD's have just had at the Designer Dogs GSD rally. Linda's Lexi won best long coat puppy, Our Jezi won Best standard coat puppy and best puppy in show. Sharon's Maya was second in long coat bitch class and our lovely rescue friend Misty owned by Sandra was second in white bitch class .... And .....And ...... Wait for it .... Finlay was BEST IN SHOW ..... wooooohooo, way to go fat boy!!!! Thanks to Sharon for brushing him, to Linda for handling him and a huge thanks to judge Sue Williams for thinking so highly of our team

Friday, 25 May 2012


Great new photo of little Danni looking well settled in her new home!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

My Little Friend

Over the years I've owned some great cats, and worked with (or for!!) some huge cat characters, but none come close to Jamie. He truly is an amazing little man with a huge personality. He follows me on dog walks and joins me in the field with the dogs . Always confident and cocky I sometimes worry about his lack of fear, but I guess it's part of what makes him who he is! Yeah, I guess this one is one cat in my life time!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Maya on Holiday

The stunning Blanik Georgia on her holiday in Scotland last week.
What a lucky girl she is!

Monday, 21 May 2012

What You Doing There George?

A night at White Beirut with resident DJ Jad
  George Michael and Jad Gemayel  at White Beirut.

BEIRUT: Singer George Michael was spotted in Beirut hotspots Iris and White over the weekend partying with celebrity hairstylist and male model Fadi Fawaz and other Lebanese friends.
Speaking to The Daily Star Monday, Jessica Bou-Abdou, marketing and PR Manager at Add Mind, a Public Relations company specializing in the food, beverage and hospitality industry, said Michael arrived at the Iris rooftop terrace at the An-Nahar building in Martyr’s Square, Beirut, for sunset where he enjoyed a couple of the swanky Restaurant-Bar’s signature cocktails.
Later in the evening, Michael was seen at exclusive night-spot White, near City Mall in Dora where he joined fellow revelers until sunrise.
Michael was reportedly happy to interact with fans and fellow clients at White taking time to pose for photographs with fans who were taken aback by his laid back, down to earth and accessible demeanor. At one stage he got on stage to join resident DJ Jad Gemayel who announced Michael’s presence before playing his latest song “White Light,” a number inspired by his brush with death last year following a bout of severe pneumonia.
Add Mind said they would release images of Michael’s visit in the coming days....

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Is There's Any Justice In The World?

Last week a vet suggested I should "Have the balls to know when it's time for PTS." I will, but it's not now!!! I understand their dilemma, they must see so many people who keep their dogs alive for themselves, not putting the animal first and realising the animal is suffering. But Louis is, as you can see, still totally oblivious to his illness. He may look like shit, his coat covers his desperately thin body, and he may need a clean bed every morning, but what the hell does it matter? This inconvenience is nothing in comparison to his quality of life and at the moment he has plenty of that .....
I'm not blinkered, I know we are on borrowed time, but together we enjoy each other everyday. Whist there's a glint in his eye, a spring in his step and he has enthusiasm and energy for life then the inconvenience is nothing!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Our Kids Today

 Miss Kiri McTavish From Scotland
My Beautiful Bessie mate Asha
 Fat boy Finlay
 Little Miss Ziva David
 Louis - Always My Mr Amazing

 Mr Mikey Mikey - ever the clown
Tali - Admiring her "wonderful" G litter kids!
Jezi Baba - 
could she really be a wild women goddess, dark lady and mistress of magic?
Errr yes!!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I'm loving This

Love this photo of Ziva taken by Our Dog's photographer Bethan Hughes at Anglesey Canine society's open show a couple of weeks ago. My baby is growing up!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Look At Us Now

9 months old

Saturday, 12 May 2012

WNC Show Today

I was so proud of Jezi today. At 9 months old it was her first show, not only did she win her class but she also beat her mother in the run off and went Best Of Breed.
We have really only bonded with each other over the last couple of months. To be honest it's been quite hard to get to know our Jezi Baba, but now I feel we are really getting there. I guess her success today is even more special considering she's only been to ring craft twice! (And not since before Xmas) I was expecting a lot from her, and she handled it brilliantly!  
Today I also had the pleasure of seeing little Enya May, she looked lovely and gave me a huge welcome. I was quite choked at the greeting, though her love for owner Gail was obviously enormous and unconditional. Anyway the pups are 9 months today, so I hope tomorrow to publish up to date photos of them all. (apologise for being late)
The lady who had judged GSD's last week was at yesterday's show. I nervously approached her and asked if she would go over Jezi for me. She was very gracious, happy to go over her an gave me a critique. Briefly she thought she was a lovely bitch, but at the end of the day prefers Ziva's head, expression and movement. I can't argue with that! (though if Tish reads this she Anyway whatever I'm happy and glad to know they will both appeal, but maybe to different people.
To finish ... considering my past record with this judge, it was a proud day again for The Blanik Show Team in the show ring. It's so great to see the youngsters coming along and making their presences known in the dog show world!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Danni At home

 Well it doesn't look like she's missing us at all!!!
Seriously so pleased to see her happy.
Facebook users there's a whole album on my wall!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Kindness I'll never Forget

I'm at a loss for the words to describes how I feel today. I was totally taken aback to receive this artwork as a gift from Kai's breeder's David and Heather. I've cried all afternoon and I just can not find the words to justify how I feel and how to thank them for their kindness. I'm equally totally amazed at the talent of Margaret Jamieson, the artist, she has captured my boy so beautifully. Today I realise more than ever that I have some fantastic people in my life as well as some fantastic dogs.
Dear Friends, please feel free to pop over and see this, I would be privileged to show it to you.
To be able to share my life with Kai, be it for far too short a time has been a pleasure beyond compare. Everything about the dog was huge ... Including his heart and his unconditional love for me, he gave me his all.  I will always believe that I was the lucky one, to be able to offer him a home as a young adult was indeed a privilege.  As I've said before, Kai was a credit to his breed and his breeders! Again thank you both so so much, you've shown me kindness that I'll never forget!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Loveable Rouge!!

Just thought I'd share this photo of TJ with you.
 I do hope that her head isn't too big this morning after seeing one of her humans win through to the Final of Britains Got Talent last night!!!
Go on people, vote for them, do it for TJ!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Double trouble - Ziva with Danni behind her on Sunday
It was a really hard decision but one that we felt we had to come too. Our feelings had to be of secondary importance and the future safety of the girls was paramount. There is no doubt that Jezi was the original instigator of all the trouble, but by now Danni wasn't able to let it drop either. Luckily as I said earlier Ziva was mostly oblivious to it. There's no doubt Ziva misses Danni; her partner in crime is missing, but maybe Zee and Jezi will get closer now? Huh, No, somehow I don't see that.
The support I have received has been fantastic, mostly people understand that as hard as it was on us, we let Danni go for one reason only, because we loved her. Two bitches who don't get on are a nightmare. We survived it with Kiri, but let's face it she has fought with four generations of bitches here, and I'm damned if she's gonna get hold of Asha! Mind you at her tender age Kiri's own safety would now be the real risk! Kiri has missed out on so much, having to be separated in the home and on walks, we didn't want that for Danni, not when someone else could give her so much more. (Of course we are aware that in the future we may have to face it with Jezi)
Our reasons for picking Danni over Jezi to be re-homed has caused some confusion. No doubt Jezi has the better conformation of the two, but that never came into it,  Danni was always a bit of a favourite here. Even though Danni and Ziva had a strong friendship and could probably have lived happily together forever we felt that due to Danni's character she would be the best to adapt to a new lifestyle. So far our theory is proving to be right....
It's hard to accept that I will probably never see Danni again, unless one day I make my way over to Derby. I hope not to be proved wrong but somehow I doubt this will go wrong for Danni. I have a good feeling about this, though being without her is breaking our hearts I'm sure this is her forever home.
Finally I have to thank a friend who yet again was there when I needed her!
Thank you Claire.

Danni In Derby

Lovely to see Danni enjoying her new large garden.
Hope she doesn't turn it into a golf course!!!

Comment from owner Linda on Facebook this morning
"Meet Dannii, -she's being soooooo good; 1st night home and full nights sleep xx"
"She's 8 months and absolutely gorgeous!!"

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bye Bye Puddle Duck

 Today we had to say goodbye to Danni. She is another Blanik that has gone to live to Derby. We are both heartbroken but had to put hers and Jezi's safety before our feelings. I can't eat and can't stop crying, so forgive me but I'm gonna leave this now. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you more about it. All the best with your life Danni and please know we let you go because we loved you....

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Anglesey Canine Society

Though she still didn't stand still for the judge I was chuffed that Ziva won her class, went Best Puppy In Breed and Puppy group 2 yesterday....
"Did I Do Ok Then?"

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Got into trouble for not taking photos of Danni in stance too ...
So we got the camera out again and I have updated yesterdays blog
Best we got!!!

P.S ... I really would appreciate your comments!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jezi, Ziva and Danni in Stance

So what do you think?
Who do you prefer?