Monday, 20 August 2018

Damp Misty And Blurry Photos

 Jezi and Nico
 Asha, Nico, Ziva and Sammi 
Loki, Ross and Kaiah

The Show Team

I hope my last post didn't come over as jealousy or childishness as I assure you it was not meant that way. I'm really pleased when the good people do well, and they have done at the weekend. I was simply relaying how I felt last night, and have felt a few times recently. Because I love them so much I can't help but feel disappointment on occasions. These dogs do me proud, they almost always give of their best; though Kaiah will take the piss out a less experienced or firm handler, but I do know that and should remember to prepare them for it. Loki is easy to handle, whilst Sammi and Ross always give a great performance but can be noisy when waiting their turn. They are a great show team .. onward and forward ... 

Sunday, 19 August 2018


Ross The Entertainer 
I hate feeling like this, I wonder if having a day at a show is worth it if I'm going to feel this way afterwards? I've been so tired I feel ill .. but it's part of the course of life now. I guess the stress of Friday hasn't helped so basically it's a double whammy today. Oh hell of course it's worth it, as long as I'm prepare for what will surely follow and plan to do nothing for 2 -3 days later ... on the support group they call it "hitting the brick wall," yeah that makes sense!
As I am a bit down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself I may as well wallow a little bit further into my self indulgence .. I found myself getting very deflated with Ross recently. I mean Ross and his show potential, not Ross the pet dog, the pet dog is just perfect.  I'm not blinkered I know he's bald and rangy looking now but there's only so many knocks you can take sometimes without it getting you down. I'll be honest, after JD yesterday morning I was really emotional. A friend was talking to me being complementary about Ross and I was fighting back the tears. It's not just the shows is it, it's other things going on in your life and you just feel like come on life give us a break. Like I said I'm not blinkered with Ross, I see the good as well as the bad in him. And I'm not slagging the winners, just wondering when our day will come to get top honors, and I don't just mean with Ross.
I've had GSD's since 1991, bred my first litter in 1996 but only had 10 litters in that time.
Kaiah - so pleasing to my eye
Some manage that amount of littes in less than half the time. So I guess what I mean is, I don't exactly flood the market, I breed when I want something myself and I try my damnedest to do it right. I think I have a lovely show team right now, 4 super youngsters with Kaiah standing out for conformation and movement .. but still mostly we are "also ran. " Well OK, usually placed but never at the top at Champ shows. Why? What am I doing wrong? And please don't humor me with platitudes like "Your day will come" .. I've been doing this a long time and it never comes at Championship level.  Some people buy in a dog and it becomes a Champion, they breed a litter and have champions .. why not us? Why not a Blanik Champion? When will it be our day?
The dogs are my life, they are not here for churning out litter after litter, but we get no recognition for our hobby breeding?  Of course in our breed, wrongly of course the face on the end of the lead is a huge factor. But I can't afford or justify £40 a class and £250 for a CC, and that is what the handlers charge. I'm blessed to have great friends who handle for love and friendship, at least I can be honest and say when my kids do get placed they do it on their own merit.
Miss Bell
This year I really wanted Sammi to get her stud book number, to get it she needs to win her limit class. Other than last week she has always been in the top 5 .. but never won it. I want Ross to simply win a class at a Champ show, in his puppy career he was always there or there about but never won a class where tickets where on offer. In junior he's done feck all till yesterday afternoon. My hopes for Loki is another CC, or at least a RCC to prove it wasn't a fluke. Next year he has to move into open, and that will be hard on him. Kaiah, Hmm .. Kaiah cow as her mummy Sammi calls her lol. So many hopes and dreams for her .. we'll see what the next year holds.
To top it all, Steve had a phone call yesterday from a family member who really didn't understated why I would want another kitten. Well ask me about, I'll tell you about the plight of cats and kittens in North Wales .. and for once put your own foot down and get what you want!

Happy Perry

Such a happy cuddly little chap
I think someone has swapped him for the one who moved in here 10 days ago!

Two Shows In One Day

Sammi on the move 
Nice friendly day, WKC judged in the morning and NWGSD in the afternoon.- Everybody came home with a card from one show or another. The girls both did well in the morning with Kaiah second in Graduate and Sammi 4th in limit. I was really annoyed with myself for messing up the girls entries for NWGSD in the afternoon, I'd put Sammi in Kaiah class and Kaiah in Sammi's. Sammi is over qualified for Kaiah's class and had to move up to open, (Where the champions compete) but you know she really held her own coming a respectable VHC. (5th) Sadly Kaiah looked far too immature in limit with the mature girls, but bless her she did her best. 
 Ross having his winners (Well 2nd) photo taken
Loki on the move
I was starting to get quite deflated with Ross, he'd been last in his last 3 champ show classes (Including yesterday morning) so I was more than please that he got an unexpected 2nd in JD in the afternoon.  Yesterday was Loki's day either, but as ever he did his best. 
Today I'm exhausted, Friday had been a difficult stressful and long day. Yesterday was equally long but mostly an enjoyable day .. today I just want to collapse on the sofa and sleep .. the dogs have other plans! 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Mrs Meldrew

It seems like I'm turning into Victor's wife! I complained about the broken chuckit balls and was sent 2 new ones and now I've complained about the Kong Squeezz Action Balls which lasted less than 24 hrs, and for £10 I was expecting better from Kong. But Kong inform me these balls are for interactive use only, and not to be left for the dogs to chew ... er they didn't sit down and shred them they merely fell apart as they played with them.
The kong representative went on to explain that some dogs are stronger chewers than others and as these toys are not for strong chewers and only for interactive play .. blah blah blah ... I was starting to give up hope, she goes on to say that these toys do not carry the same 30 day guarantee offered on KONG rubber products, but ... but ...wait for it ...."In appreciation for your feedback I would like to send your dogs a gift of a KONG Classic size X-Large." Result!!!! Not sure who will like it, as the traditional kong hasn't been a favourite here since Nikki's days ..  but Ross may like to give it a go.
What else can I complain about? I doubt there's any point getting in touch with Hub International and asking for another can of grooming spray as the ghost has pinched the other one is there???

Afternoon Walks

Shopping this morning, walking this afternoon. 
I don't think I'll make it to dog club .. the need for sleep is overwhelming 

Perry And His Family

Maybe, just maybe he quite likes me now then! We really are doing well, though progress has been dramatically slower than with the last few kittens, who cares we are getting there. Perry is ridiculously noise sensitive, even us taking a bite out of a piece of crunchy toast has him jumping out of his skin. This morning I went looking for my puppy noise CD to put on for him, but guess what? I can't find it. How predictable. Either the ghost has pinched it or I've lent it to someone and I now I can't remember who.  Ed Sheeran it is then!
I suppose for most of the day it's pretty quite in the kitten unit at Freshfields, and maybe it was also quiet in the shed where he was born in Llanelltyd?
With the other grey gone before Perry, three of the other siblings are still at Freshfields. It's sad really, the older they gets the harder it will be for them to find homes and settle. Of course as ever it's not even the tip of the iceberg and as ever in this rural community there are an abundance of kittens desperate for homes.
Typically the vets had a call yesterday from a farmer asking if they would take 4 grey kittens with black stripes from him. So more grey tabbys .by the sounds of it .. I'll look forward to photos and share them on my Facebook page. Maybe I'll take Perry back and have a choice!!!!!! haha
Seriously though, maybe you don't need another cat, but maybe one needs you!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

More Progress

Really chuffed with this, and all his own doing. He was also purring and kneading. Wow coming on in leaps and bounds now.

Loki And The Angel

Loki posing in the heather with Mynydd Mawr behind him

Miss Belle has returned to the van where Nico and Jezi are waiting. 
Yes, she was up to no good!

Trouble And Strife

The babies of the house

Whatever the future holds in the showring this larger than life young man sure makes me smile everyday. "Can I bring it home please?"

My Four Old Dogs

Sshhh -  nobody's told them! 


Perry so obviously more relaxed in the second photo than the first taken last Friday. Really pleased with how he's coming on. He's still unsure of himself but is now venturing out of the crate. It's great to see him run back in when he's unsettled, just ideal that he's finding comfort and security from the crate 
I was thinking whilst walking about cat colours .. as you do! If I had to describe Oliver in English  I would describe him as "Blue" - that is what the colour is called .. British Blue/Russian Blue etc, but if I was describing him in Welsh I would call him a cath llwyd .. Grey cat. Similarly a Ginger cat in Welsh is described as cath goch - Red cat. Translated neither sounds right does it. So what is Perry, a grey tabby or a blue tabby? I think some research is necessary. Also I wonder if his solid blue back with develop any spots or stripes .. time will tell! 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Taking Him Back?

You have to laugh don't you. On Saturday I put a humors post on Facebook saying that Perry still hated me and that I was going to take him back. The people who know me played the game .. others gave advice!!! I'm not offended just found it funny. I guess they didn't realise that I spent 12 years managing a cattery in a rescue centre dealing with all sorts of cat and kitten issues and hearing every excuse why people would give up on an animal. 
Anyway the little man is starting to improve, I'm not pushing him, just giving him time to accept his new situation and life. I guess food conquers fear, and no it's not his dinner bowl, just a plate I'd had cold meat on in the fridge.
I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a lady who breeds British Shorthaired cats. She advice me against having a silver tabby saying that they are not the sweetest natured cats. Cats are affected by colour as much as breed. Anyone who has lived with a tortie, particularly a dark tortie knows how feisty, unpredictable and temperamental they are. (The addition of white does make them more mellow)  I guess worst still are the ginger females, of which there are plenty by the way .. my advice would be never to cross a ginger female! Male cats do tend to be more mellow, but again they too can be affected by their colour gene. 
Interestingly I found an article which says that "blotched tabbys" are homebodies -well don't we know that as Jamie never goes anywhere. Perry is a grey or blue tabby and white, it will be interesting to see whether his solid blue back will develop more pattern .. I guess I don't really care though. :) 

Strange Old Day

 The highlight of the day? My first time ever crossing the seven bridge.
You don't pay to go to England - only to come back to Wales. Fair enough! haha
 Sammi looking amazing 
 Kaiah getting ready for the off
 Loki - always consistent in his performance
Young Ross - all he needs is hair!

Yesterday was the most disappointing day for my kids in the show ring this year, or maybe even for a few years I think. They were all consistent, consistently at the back end of their classes. Still with my rose tinted glasses firmly on I have no doubts they are all stars and gave a great performance.
We take the rough with the smooth, success and loss, it's the game that we play at weekends. I share my wins therefore it's right I don't hide my losses. All we ask is a fair shot at it isn't it. I'm not pissed, I love my dogs more than I love the dog shows .
My words are not meant to be disrespectful of the show, the organisers who work bloody hard, or the judges. It was merely to portray my disappointment. It doesn't do any of us any harm to loose sometimes or we become complacent. It sure was odd to see Loki at the back of the class, I can't think he's ever been below 4th at a Ch. show before .. but hey-ho that's the way it goes. I'll give him a good kicking to make sure he doesn't do it again!  Ross looked super in the ring and worked so hard, but he's only just considering getting his coat back and I know his day will come again. Kaiah was in a class of 2 with her half sister who I've always liked .. and Sammi,well she was just perfect!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Happy 7th Birthday Girls

Happy Birthday girls, so hard to believe Ziva and Jezi are now Veterans ..
 now I officially have 4 old dogs! Scary!

Saturday, 11 August 2018


This morning I received this message from Linda, Danni's owner ..
"Hi Rhian, hope you are well, I was going to get in touch before but thought I’d make sure she was ok, Danni had to have major surgery on 18th July for a twisted gut and she’s had her spleen removed but she’s doing fine now. We don’t know why it happened but there was a lot of water in her stomach xx."
Having lived through the trauma of torsion with Blade and Storm my heart goes out to Linda and family, and I especially understand when they say they are constantly watching her now through her recovery period. It takes a long time to relax again. Thankfully, though it's not a guarantee that it will never happen again stomachs are stitched in place after a torsion these days, it does increase the chances of a safe future dramatically. When Blade had his torsion it was not part of the course and he had a second torsion 12 months to the day after the first.
If you are a dog owner and you don't know about Torsion/bloat/Gva, call it what you like, then please make it your priority to know. Minutes matter!

Friday, 10 August 2018

New Toys From TKMAXX

 Asha grabbing anything she can get, then another and another
Sammi smitten with this toy 

I Still Hate You

Just a little less maybe
This morning Perry has found his voice, my word he's noisy and Sammi is none too impressed! He ate his supper over night and used the litter tray - aren't kittens amazing? He's had some forced cuddles and is relaxing but not a purr to be heard. To be fair no hissing or spitting at all so I think he'll be fine within a few days ..