Friday, 30 January 2015

Google's Been at It Again

Seriously I haven't played with these photo's. 
But when I go and get them out of my online back up folder, the original is there ... as well as the odd edited photo! 
Nice though yeah. 


The cottage is getting it's woolly jumper put on!
No, sadly we haven't come into money, it's a local government scheme and anyone in our post code area who signed up for it got a woolly jumper for their cottage. Seriously as I'm sure you know it's outdoor insulation .. I was just amused when they guy said it was like putting a woolly jumper on the cottage to keep the heat in. They are also replacing central heating boilers, sadly we didn't have one to replace so can't have one at all! Ah well hopefully this will keep us warmer! 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Loki Enjoying His First Snow ...

But I guess the others are saying ...
You ain't see nothing yet kid!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Beautiful Asha

 Open and Champ show winner, Breed survey Class 1. Bomb proof honest character. What you see is what you get ... unless your eating!!!!!!!

What A Prat!!!!

Really not sure what to make of this critique for GSD's at EARLESTOWN & NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS ... "GSD Disapointing quality wise. It doesn’t matter what breed you have the dog should be able to tolerate another dog not just in its class but in the show surroundings as well.
BOB, Stanley’s Blanik Ivana, 14 months, good temperament & well schooled, OK head, good shoulders, good topline & ribbing, sound well made quarters, excels in profile. Easy BOB from the others here today."
Yeah I should be glad that Sammi has received a nice critique, but our Asha (Blanik Georgette) and Debbie Finnigan Chelsey (Shotaan's Claudia) did not even warrant a Critiques for their class wins? Both these bitches have successful show careers with numerous BOB's and Champ show wins to their name .. both have excellent characters and should have been praised for the way they handled a rather difficult bitch in the classes with them. Yeah ... very hurt and despite his praise of Sammi I will never give him another entry.
The three class winners
And ... And ... whilst I'm having a moan, there's nothing just  "OK" about Sammi's head.
I know she's not perfect but, She has the most beautiful head and expression.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I Find It So Odd ...

I put two photo's on Facebook and within an hour one has 4 comments and 27 "likes," the other has no comments and only 2 "Likes!" Personally I love both photos, maybe both are recent personal favourites of the individual dogs ... so why the favouritism?
I guess you realise it's Sammi's photo that is the most popular. From GSD folk to George Michael fans Sammi has a huge following on Facebook. A lot of people shared her birth with me, if you consider regular updates and online photos as sharing that is! But people have really got enthusiastic about her, from the shared birth through the weekly puppy photos to her show wins she has really gained attention. She's beautiful, I wear the rose tinted glasses, I adore my naught angel,  she really stands out in the crowd, but Loki is my baby too!
Yeah Mrs S is feeling emotional, apart from the coughing and spluttering the nurse says it's "her time of life" that's causing the insomnia the night sweats, the emotional outbursts and the other symptoms not worth mentioning. (by her I mean me, not the nurse ... lol!) Well lesser of the 2 evils I guess as with similar symptoms I did worry that hyperthyroidism was on the return.
Anyway getting back to the matter in hand; this is not a one off this is a regular occurrence, but I love this photo of little Loki, and I guess when the owners of his family come online he'll get some recognition too. I'm being over sensitive I hear you scream .... ai, probably!!!

Out And About

Junior's looking better today
His face is more rounded and looks less pinched.
Out with his friends
Google has decided to edit this pic .. weird yeah

Monday, 26 January 2015

Junior Selfie

Well I only managed to keep him in the kitchen till 5pm, by that time he was feeling brighter and was not for staying there! On saying that we have spent the evening cuddled up by the fire feeling sorry for ourselves. I've had a cough and cold hanging around for a while but now it's really taking hold. I've always been a bit of a baby when I'm ill so yeah, feeling sorry for myself and still concerned about the baby cat. 

Devil Dog

Funny pic of Loki last night. 
Looks like his 1 and three quarter ears are the least of his worries 
 OMG those eyes!!! lol


We are just back from the vets with a very pathetic looking Junior. The poor little guy is still feeling pretty unwell. His temperature was in excess of 40c (104F) and the vets said his belly felt gassy. She suggests he has picked up a virus/bug or has eaten something that has upset him. (Actually I find that likely) He's had an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory so hopefully his temperature will come down within a few hours and he'll be feeling better again. He's now locked in the kitchen so he doesn't go out and we can monitor his litter tray! (Steve is not impressed at having a litter tray in the kitchen, ah well, needs must!!)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Some more photos of Loki's Siblings

The Girls
Bella with her mum Tasha, and Meg smoking her chew

The Boys

As If One Wasn't Enough ....

Jezi on the mountain 
Now Jezi has come in season! Nico has been paying her a bit of attention over the last couple of days and I was convinced he was getting the girls confused ... Ok he was right, I was wrong! So I guess it's now going to be a "Fun Time!"
Actually Jezi has gone 6 months since her last season which is great as she never did more than 4.5 months in the past. Over the last 18 months her seasons have gradually settled into what is now the ideal ... And strangely Ziva use to come in every 8 months, she's now doing 7 months, I wonder if she too will eventually go to 6 months?

Our Junior - feeling fine on the 22nd. 
My little guy hasn't been himself over the last few days. When Junior is off his food you know he's not right. This morning he hasn't eaten and there was diarrhea in the litter tray. (Which I can only presume is his!)  He's pretty flat and has an expression that worries me. (Though his colour is good) As he's decided to sleep in the utility room I've just done him a heat pad and he got up and was purring and pretty affectionate when I put it in his bed. If he's not improved by tomorrow I guess he'll need to see a vet. Isla's not eating too well either, but she seems to be loosing her coat, maybe I need to get her some stuff for furballs again? She definitely hasn't got diarrhea, if she did, with that coat believe you me I would know!
Ears today
Ears again - Having had a great pair of "sticky-up-ears" for 10 days Steve and I finally hoped things had settled with Loki ears. But hell no, yesterday there was obvious weakness in the right ear and it flopped into Labrador position last night. Actually it was great to see that Steve was as disappointed as I was, it made me feel less pathetic about it and we both went to bed feeling quite deflated. This morning ... yippee it's up again!
For the second time in recent years someone has had a go at me for bearing my soul on this blog. The first time it was over a very emotional post I'd written about George, this time it's more general, but she feels things I write on here could be used against me. I know she cares, but I disagree. I know most of the people who read this blog, but yeah the stats page show me that I do have a wider audience than I could ever have anticipated, which is really quite flattering. People are actually interested in what the "Blanik GSD's" get up too. I know I've lost a lot of the "George" following, but with George's silence there simply isn't anything to say!
This blog was set up as a personal on line diary, it is a place for me to write about how I'm feeling, to remember (and share) precious memories, and yes a place to moan and rant. Mostly I don't need answer the questions, I'm just saying how I feel "on the day," and let's face it some days even the little things get us down. Tomorrow will hopefully be better eh! It really helps me to write it all down, often as it hits the page I get things into perspective in my head. I will not be changing the format on here,  I will continue to write as I feel on the day .. and I won't edit it the next day. I'm not stupid I know the internet can be dangerous place, hell I send hours on Facebook! But there are things that I would never post online, I choose what I share as I will continue to do so!

Saturday, 24 January 2015


He needs a hell of a lot more sofa space these days! 

Everybody Out!

First time out for Loki with Daddy Danko's gang 
Finlay, Jezi, Nico and Loki in front
Ziva, Mikey, Asha, Tali and Sammi

My Ziva

Sat here with her brother 
Look how tiny she was, but even then God she was beautiful.
(Her baby name was Mini Minx)
 "Look At Me Now!" 
Ziva is on day 10 of her season and with 2 unneutered adult males in the home it's becoming a necessity now to know where she is at all times. She sleeps in her crate all night, she doesn't move, but keeping her in it with the door closed during the day is impossible! We had thought of finding a way of locking it, but have opted against that now as I'm scared she will damage her face/nose in her determination to open the door. Ziva still spends sometime in her crate during the day but with the door open ... and she does use it as a place to take her stolen goods. If anything is missing we check out her crate first. Already this morning I have retrieved 2 cat bowls and a fork from it. Yesterday she stole Loki's bone from his crate and that was taken straight to her own crate. I think they consider these crates as a place of safety, a place that is theirs and theirs alone. I think she thinks any goods taken into her "den" is safe from the others.

Friday, 23 January 2015

My Opinion Of Loki In Stance

Ok it's not the best photo, but I'm pleased I've got it just to remember how he looked at just over 4 and a half months old. It really is hard with just the two of us ... and Finlay was just taking the piss on the outside attraction! I will give him an honest critique for this stage of his development, as is my right to do so..
Strong head with dark eye and lovely expression, receding mask. Winter nose detracts. Wither height could be better, correct back with slightly short steep croup. A little long in the loin. Super bone and substance, correct front. Good length of second thigh but turn of stifle could be better. Fantastic feet, super coat and colour, nice free mover. 
Just my opinion of course!!! 
Lots of area's could well improve with age, hopefully his wither height will be more correct and that will give him a more sloping topline; and as he get's taller hopefully he will look less stretched. I doubt his turn of stifle will improve but when his knickers grow, and with careful standing that could well look a whole lot better. His front is like his dad, just super, his bone is fantastic and his colour and coat is glamorous. (Though of course I would have preferred a solid black saddle, which he won't have - but that's just personal preference!) Without doubt he will not have a solid mask like his dad and Mikey - I think maybe he'll be a bit more like Louis in head colour, and there can't be much wrong with that can there!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Beautiful Day

At the risk of repeating myself - I do love Winter Sunshine. 
It's been a stunning day
The Gang -Yes it's a lovely photo. But as ever I'm after perfection and would love it if Loki was looking forward. Sadly I only had one opportunity and the youngsters were gone! 
I guess I'm lucky Loki stayed there at all! 
Together - A Happy Trio
Isla in all her Winter glory!
Junior looking grumpy at having his peace disturbed for photos!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

One Other Boy

Other than Blade my first GSD and the Conbhairean boys, there has only been one other male that I have bought in. Jay, sire of the magnificent  "E" litter. Jay was Dexi's grandson. Honestly he was a bit of a twit really, we nicknamed him Captain Chaos, but we loved him and my god look at what he gave me.
Jay, maybe not mentioned often enough but he'll never be forgotten!


Kaiser Vom Conbhairean - Kai
If you've had a "Blanik" dog from or after the "G" litter of 2008 then you'll notice there is a lot of "Conbhairean" dogs now in the breeding. In my opinion one of the best kennels in the country who have very high standards and produce super quality dogs.
Kai was our first Conbhairean dog, he was the sire of the "G" litter - a huge dog in every way, huge size, huge coat, huge character, huge presence. (Huge gob!) A proper hard nut who could look after himself, and he'd keep you safe in any circumstance. I have had some fantastic dogs over the years but I have one word to describe Kai, and exclusively Kai. He was simply Awesome!
And then came Nico ... our second Conbhairean dog. A more correct size dog, his history is well documented and his character couldn't be further from Kai's.  Nico is a cuddly goof, who'd sooner sit on my lap than do a days work. Nico has the ideal "pet dog," character. Kai would have made a fantastic working dogs. I always felt he was wasted as a pet/show dog. Nico is truly a wonderful dog, now that his confidence has grown he's a lot like Louis really. (Well to be honest it's testament to the dog that he was able to trust again!) He's just so cuddly and would sit in my arms all night if he could. He's very licky licky and waggy tailed, something he seems to have produced in his wonderful progeny.
Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik - Nico
So "Conbhairean," what does it mean? Well in Heather's own words ......"Both myself and David were (once) very keen hill walkers and came across this on one such trip. It seemed very fitting at the time and was our first choice. Initially, I wasn't so sure and almost changed it as it was very difficult for some people to pronounce . However, that is part of why I now love it 'Sgurr nan Conbhairean' is a mountain above Loch Cluanie, the highest of a group of three Munros. It is found on the north west coast of Scotland roughly between Fort William and Inverness. It's literal translation is 'Peak of the keeper of the hounds.' It is pronounced.... 'Con-a-varen' or vairen depending on your accent!"

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How Quickly They Change

Thanks to Carrie for sending me this photo of me and Loki, 
taken about 10 days before Xmas
This one was taken today, 
I swear he's growing and changing almost in front of my eyes. 

Ring Craft

A great night again at Porthmadog Ring Craft. As Loki gets more confident he get's more "wiggly" and convincing him to stand still last night was quite a job! To be honest I don't care, he's a baby and he should be having fun! The way he commands his seat is so amusing, but he couldn't stay on it for long as watching Noya and Charley playing was just too much and he kept coming down to join in.
As we were leaving a conversation about the up and coming Caernarfon Dog Show broke out by the doorway ... Loki got bored of waiting and there was no seat. Well what's a man to do with no seat? He got onto the dustbin instead!!!! No photo, just a memory that will always make me smile!

Monday, 19 January 2015

New Balls For Loki!!!!

On our way to Pet At Home to get the lad a new ball. 
Something Sammi won't wreck or that won't go through the fish tank if thrown! 
So Many Balls - So little time! 
We opted for the "Kong Sports"  as they are durable and hard wearing! 
Sadly Asha has proved them wrong, they are neither - one down one to go!
I feel an e.mail to "Kong" coming on. 

Yesterdays Walks

Daddy Kai would be proud that Asha still takes his "Banana" on the walks
Tali leading Loki astray
Mikey will have to change gear to catch up with Sammi now
Ziva, Loki and Sammi 
Always together - Jezi and Nico
Probably close to 12 years old, but Still keeping up eh Finlay