Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Little Comfort

With my mind still jumping from one emotion to another over the loss of  poor Diesel, I was today at least  able to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and talk face to face with the vet who performed the PM. Nothing will ever bring the boy back and it breaks my heart to think of the loss of such a beautiful young dog; but I now have a responsibility to the rest of the litter and any future generations of "Blaniks!" I take comfort that the vets informed me first hand that Diesel did not died from a hereditary condition, this was a tragic, isolated incident and not in any way genetic. I have 6 generations at stake here and I have to take the matter very seriously. Though we have never had heart abnormalities within the generations I will health test the girls again before breeding from them as I feel we can never be too careful. (the girls like Diesel were health tested as 8 week old pups)
After talking to two respected vets now I can see a way forward .... there hopefully will be a Blanik "I" litter next year. But Blanik Harvey will always remain in our heart, the boy that was too special for this world will never be forgotten.

Monday, 29 April 2013

One Short Of The Full Deck

 Such a shame Mikey and Nico don't get on well enough to be here together!

Today, more than ever I feel so blessed to have you all in my life. But I must admit that I also feel a tad of guilt at having such a busy household, when some people now have nothing but their memories to treasure!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

What do you mean ...

No cats on the bed???

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Health Checks

Yesterday we had an appointment at the vets with our two oldies for their MOT's. I couldn't believe the jungle drums had been beating that loud that a vet in a different practise already knew about Diesel. Though she didn't have all the facts, and had taken the impression that he was our dog, she knew what had happened. To be honest though people's ability to talk never ceases to amaze me, I'm glad she knew as we had a long chat with her about the circumstances and the risks to the others in the litter. Though it was of no help what so ever to poor Sue and Alex, it was comforting to us to hear that she, like Diesel's own vet felt this to be a sad but isolated case ... Sadly something that can and does happen in their world!
Finlay passed his MOT with flying colours. A professional examination of his eyes proves he is still under the age of 10 yrs...(Don't ask, I don't understand-but an eye specialist can apparently see a change somewhere in the eye that happens at around the age of 10 yrs) ... which I must admit surprised me as I often feel he's older. But I guess it goes to prove that we were pretty close to ageing him correctly as 4 years old back in July 2007. The vet was not in the least bit worried that he occasionally leaves his breakfast, and at 41.65kg she actually felt it to be a good thing!!!!! Though in fairness she did say he wasn't overweight, but she wouldn't be happy to see any more on him. His heart is strong and beating correctly, and his teeth and mobility are excellent for an older dog. She was impressed with his diet saying that CSJ is in her mind one of the better dogs foods and Old Champ is absolutely ideal for dogs of his age... yeah she said he's a fit, health, happy dog.
Considering Abi is fast approaching 18 and hadn't seen a vet since 2006 I was a little apprehensive about her MOT. The conclusions are that she has a slight heart murmur on the right side of her heart, which really is only to be expected at her age. Her teeth are quite bad, but I guess we knew that! They are not serious enough that she needs attention come hell or high water and she's left it to us to monitor the situation. Last Summer we noticed Abi was having some difficulties coming in through the kitchen window so we had a cat flap put in the door in the middle room for her and her "friends!" The vet informed us that her reduced mobility is down to arthritic hips. Metacam was prescribed to see it it helps her mobility, and it may help if she has dental pain. (Which the way she eats I doubt!)
Vet Jill felt that her general body condition was excellent and shereally could pass as a 10 year old .. I must admit I was quite chuffed! I did inform her that we feel she is stone deaf and living in a world of her own. (be it a happy world) She said it's very normal for a cat of her age to become quite muddled ... yeah muddled that's a nice term, I didn't have the guts to tell her I call her cuckoo brains these days ... the cat not the vet!
So here's hoping that it will be 12 months time before our senior citizens visit the vet again and that then it'll only be for another MOT!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Blanik Harvey

Thanks to my friends for their support last night. (You know who you are)  Steve and I were absolutely devastated to find out that 20 month old Diesel, brother to Ziva and Jezi had just dropped dead. The conclusion following a PM is that he suffered a massive heart attack. The vet added that it was a tragic, isolated incident and not genetic, much like what can and does happen in humans.
My heart goes out to you Sue and Alex, all I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you gave him. I can not begin to understand what you must be feeling right now .... RIP in peace my baby boy - You Have Been Loved.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Just Awful News

Within the last hour I have received a phone call from Sue to say that Diesel has died. He was out in the garden chasing birds, Sue called him in; He came bounding in to the house, made a funny noise, collapsed and died. Steve and I just can't accept it, we are both just numb, so god knows how Sue and Alex must be feeling. My heart goes out to you both.
The last photo Sue sent me of Diesel,
he's sat watching the birds!

Diesel - or Baby Harvey as he was then
RIP our beautiful boy, stolen far far too young ....
Diesel (Blanik Harvey)
12.8.11 - 25.4.13
You Have Been Loved

Monday, 22 April 2013

Let's Go Outside

Isla's First Trips Outside
"You Really Want Me To Go Out There???"
" I'm Not Too Keen, It's A Little Scary!!!"
"Oh Hell That's Far Enough, I'm Going Back In!!!"

Sunday, 21 April 2013


 Sadly Nico was the only one in his class and didn't really get chance to settle. He was pulling out far too hard and didn't show himself off like he did at Crufts. Sarah, as ever was brilliant, and so patient with him, and as you can see stood him beautifully. 
Ah well you have to be in it to win it, and judges can and often do withhold prizes at Championship shows!!! 

Photo cropped at the request of the handler!!!! (LOL)
 Mikey looked great and getting shortlisted and then 5th in limit, the largest class of the day, was quite an achievement. It was his first time in the ring with a handler and give or take a few tantrums he did well! As I always handle him it was great for me to see him stood and going round the ring... yep the boy looked great.
Jezi was 4th out of 5. Her "plain" colour very apparent in a ring of well pigmented bitches. Though colour in the breed is of secondary importance, at this level is can and should influence! Jezi performed OK, but her performance, as ever, lacked any spark and drive. I'm not blinkered, love her as I do I know she lacks the quality of her mother and sister, and had I been judging this class I would have placed her 4th too.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Me and Zee At NWA

Thanks Bethan xxx

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Blanik Yellow Bus

Is looking a tad good me ffinks!!!

but the white van was not for leaving and decided it would not start!
Still, after a bump start I was a little sad as I drove it for the last time. 
We sure have done some miles together!!
 Oh I know,  just a "Thing" ... but it was my "thing!!!"

Birthday Boy

Wishing A Happy 2nd Birthday to all the Conbhairean "D" litter.
But a special huge birthday greetings to my beautiful "Danko."
Happy Birthday Nico
I just hope I make you as happy as you make me ..
Love you lots my goofy boy.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Isn't this guy just adorable?
He's Nico's brother Dino owned by Rachel,
 who I had the pleasure of catching up with at  Crufts this year.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

NWA Extravaganza Week-end

I had so looked forward to this week-end. Even when early plans got changed due to my friends bitch having a litter and making it impossible for her to come, I still found enthusiasm for the two day show. This is our local breed show and one many of us have supported religiously throughout our showing career. This year the society saw fit to get an all rounder and not a breed judge ... eh why? OK, we'll be open minded and give him a go!
Then the rumours started flying around on Facebook. One lady posted RIP to NWA. Apparently the show manager had received BIS from this judge last year and his "Strange" friends would be attending the show to win! This gentleman promotes a heavy English bloodline type of dog, and so this judge would be more suitable to promoting the "Alsatian" type than the correct internationally recognised German Shepherd dog. But still it's our local breed show, thankfully on our doorstep, we would ignore the rumours and support it!
But on day one, win is what they all did!!!! People who had probably never set foot in Wales before let alone travel to Anglesey for a small breed show took almost all the top honours. From the beginning of the show when it was so obviously "us and them" it left a sick feeling in our stomachs. (Though I must admit to making one new friend ... a lovely lady who was more than willing to interact with us "Germans!")
To add to the inconsistency of the day, after placing English dogs in every class where he had a choice ... Ziva won her class and my friend Angela was second with her German bitch .. the English bitch in that class being last. Why? If he considered that type to be correct then how come he saw fit to place these 2 bitch first and second? What in his eyes was so wrong with the other bitch? To be honest I'm not too sure it was a compliment but can only hope he saw something in Ziva's super far reaching movement that appealed to him. (I'm always quick to judge my own and see their faults so clearly, equally I see their virtues - Ziva moves like a dream!)
To my knowledge this type of heavy dog does not exist among the exhibitors of North Wales, to be honest there's not many left in the UK. I've always supported this show.(for over 20 years actually) Usually doing well but most noticeably in the last 10 years Louis going BIS 3 times, Mikey Best male and RBIS and Asha RBB. Thankfully we have a couple of supporters of the correct type left on the committee, I just hope their opinions are noted next year or NWA will have no exhibitors from North Wales!!!
Today is the second day of the Extravaganza ... I like many other have considered all the options and decided to stayed home!!!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Cruft Critique

Lovely critique ... but he forgot to mention his waggy tail!!!! lol

Playing on PiZap with Ziva Pics

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Love the graphics for the new van
Excited about getting it done now.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Posing Pictures From Walk One And Two


Monday, 8 April 2013

Is This The Truth?

George Michael says he’s alive and kicking and ‘in great health.’
The Wham! singer’s camp hit back amid rumours he’s secretly been in a rehab centre in Australia for the last two months.
‘George was in Australia but it was a holiday, he goes there every year,’ the 49-year-old’s spokesperson told Metro.
‘He was writing songs for his new album but he is back in London now.’
Rubbishing reports that George was suffering from ‘emotional anxiety, among other issue' his mouthpiece added: ‘He is in great health.’
It was claimed the White Light singer was allegedly seeking help at an exclusive £27,000-a-week rehab clinic in Bryon Bay.
Last month the star’s spokesperson was forced to deny rumours that George had died after fans commented that his Twitter feed had not been updated since January.
‘There is no truth in the rumour circulating on Twitter about George Michael. George Michael is perfectly fine,’ the statement said.
In 2011 George revealed he thought he was on death’s door after he was taken out by a nasty bout of pneumonia

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Keeping Up Family Traditions!!!

Now Nico REALLY is a Blanik!!!
Aunty Kiri would be proud of you!

I Don't know If It's True???

But if it is I'm glad he's found the help he deserves. The only things that don't make sense is that he was photographed in London in January and again in March walking his dogs.Maybe the basis of the story is true but the time scale is out? He did say he was struggling and was going to get help. But hell like the press I'm surmising now too!!!

George Michael
Trauma ... singer

George Michael in two-month stay at Oz clinic

GEORGE Michael has been battling health problems at a £27,000-a-week rehab clinic in Oz.

The star, 49, is thought to have checked into the luxurious Sanctuary for a two-month stay in February.
He was reportedly treated for emotional anxiety and other issues.
Boyfriend Fadi Fawaz stayed with him at one of the clinic’s luxury homes in Byron Bay, New South Wales. They are now back in London.
George was nearly killed by pneumonia in 2011. He performed at last year’s Olympic closing ceremony but cancelled tour dates in October.
He told fans: “I will receive the treatment which is so long overdue.
“Doctors recommended post-traumatic counselling but I believed (wrongly) making music and performing would be therapy enough.”

Saturday, 6 April 2013

How beautiful is he then!

Well that's me going to bed happy for sweet dreams tonight!

Sunny Saturday

Why would we want to live anywere else?

This is just a perfect place to live with a pack of dogs.
Those awesome mountains on one side and the Ocean on the other ...
 and miles and miles of common land for walking.
 We are so lucky, it's always pretty peaceful here, unless it's snowing then the world descends on Fron. I can always avoid anyone else walking, but generally in the distance I only usually see Rachel with her Vizlas, Mandy my neighbour with her JRT's and another man who walks 4 JRT's. But if I'm lucky I can go days without seeing anyone.... what a life for these kids!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

We Are Back

There was lots to say that I guess will never now get said, and lots of photos that will remain on facebook only.
Anyway, moving on .... to get a decent stance photo you always need three people, so I guess we did Ok with two of us taking pics of the girls.
Thanks Lin.
 Blanik Hippy - Ziva
Blanik Hettie - Jezi
And yes, I love them both, but from a comformation point of view,
I still think one is better than the other and I'm happy I made the right choice!