Thursday, 30 November 2017


It's beautiful isn't it!

Puppy Poldark Is 6 Months

The months are flying past and Ross is fast growing into a handsome young man.  He came with me with Tali to the vets this morning for a weighs in and he is bang on 30kg. Height wise I make him approx 61cms at the wither, but I'm never 100% accurate on that. Honestly I'm really pleased with how Ross is coming on, but with weight and height absolutely on a par with Loki at the same age I do hope he doesn't quite get as tall. There's no doubt a big dog is impressive but it is a medium size breed and just under 65 cms would suite me fine please Mr Ross. I love his head and naught but kind expression, and my god he's looking so masculine now. I love this conformation in stance, though currently he's a little ungainly on the move. On saying that he is not untidy, he does have straight strong rear pasterns, it just recently I was use to Kaiah who has always been co-ordinated, in comparison he just seems like a big clumsy pup .. well to be fair ..  that he is! Put together as he is I have high hopes he will come together on the move as he matures. Sadly he still lacks coat, well maybe furnishings really. I know there is still time for improvement but we always want more now don't we! 

Vets And Special Walk

It's become a habit on a Tali vet day to go for a special walk on the way home. It's wonderful to see her so bright and happy. With Kaiah being on speed I knew there was no point trying to get a group photo but I did manage to get all three in one photo. 
The vet was pleased with Tali, and though she looks scraggy with her moult she is still maintaining her 27kg. She says that there is a thickening in her intestine/bowel but really that is only to be expected. So another 2 months worth of pills and just keep doing what we are doing! 

Last Day Of Meteorological Autumn

A little bit of snow and a little bit of sunshine. Beautiful but pretty damn cold.
Really chuffed to have Loki back out with his ladies. Thankfully Sammi's season has ended far sooner than at previous times.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Winter Is Bloody Close

 It was a tad cold at Llyn Cop today, but that was not my reason for not going back. The parking place was so muddy and wet that I spent most of my walk worried the van would be stuck when I tried to leave. It wasn't but I dare not tempt fate and go back today.
Not the best photo of the girls with Ziva wearing her ears at ten to two, 
no idea why to be honest!
 I did get a photo of the three youngsters together, but I loved these more so had to include them instead! Loki was posing for me but the photo of Ross and Kaiah is totally natural as they are stalking Loki. Not sure Ross has got the idea of hiding yet has he. Glad the photo came out as well as it was taken at quite a distance. Bit off center but maybe better that way?

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Another successful morning's shopping in TK Maxx.. well why does anyone else go there? 
Seriously if you're willing to look you can get great toys at reasonable prices there, far better than Pets At Home. 
(Fat cat only available in some stores! lol) 
The green thing at the front has had to be confiscated already but the kong toys and strawberry are taking some stick. The red fluffy thing is in the show bag for Ross and the snowman head which contains a ball is put away for Xmas.
Sadly gone are the days when they can have cheap toys. I don't mind them chewing them up but certain younger family members eat plastic and rubber and we don't want a repeat performance of the Kiri saga! It's a shame about the green toy as it looks like lots of fun, but Ross sat down and immediately pulled bits off it. Ah well! 

A bit of fun out in the field for Ross and Kaiah today. The friendship and bond is getting stronger. He follows her everywhere - not that he can catch her just yet. Mind you I'm not sure anyone here can catch her here either!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Loki's Best In Show Critique

Awww .. I'm quite emotional reading Loki's Best In show Critique from Pwllheli (Judge Bill Orzel) ... 
BIS Stanley's GSD, Lokean Of Blanik Shcm Wow, Wow, Wow - normally the GSD's do not do it for me but this one stood out a mile from stunning balanced outline, super construction and excellent movement. What more could I ask for. A joy to judge.

The Weather Man Lied

The forecast today was for a showery morning and a dry afternoon. Though I always prefer to walk in the mornings we had things to do today and opted to do them during the showery morning. As forecast the skies cleared and the rain eased at around 11.30am just as we got home and by 12.15pm I was ready to go out. The first walk was super, clear skies and just a light wind. But on the second walk I got rain, hail and wind. Still it timed it pretty well and the "weather" was all behind me. Walk three was not as successful, I got battered in sleet and hail, the wind hammering it against my face. It was just so painful but of course the dogs didn't give a damn and had a wonderful time. I had to rely on them for most of the time to not disappear as I just couldn't look up to see where they were. On the plus side I didn't see a soul! 

Three headshot of Ross. I like them but they are not what I'm looking for. The best I could do though as attracting by throwing stones and taking photos on my own was quite a job. Here's hoping I get chance to get some .. maybe in the snow forecast up here over the next few days.
Unless the weather man is lying about that as well!!!!

Ross' Tears

My little lad will be 6 months this week and his teeth are more or less sorted by now. The tears have almost stopped but his ears are still a little soft. They will strengthen now the teeth trauma is over. I have been wiping his eyes down with a soggy tea bag a few times a day, I'm sure it has helped but I think the main reason the tears have stopped is because he's getting less discomfort from his mouth. 
I have a lovely photo of him in stance from last Saturday ... I'm going to hang onto it and post it on Thursday when he'll be 6 months. It would be nice to get a headshot before then too. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Typical Sunday Walks

 Jezi and Nico
Probably my favourite photo of the groups, just so colourful.
The first of this Autumn/Winter's snow just covering the top of the ridge. 
I do love a bit of snow, here's hoping Ross get's to see some soon.
 Four Generations
Sammi, Ziva, Asha and Tali
As I returned towards the van with the girls I saw a car had parked there and three people were getting out and getting ready to walk the path. With no other route I called the girls back, put them on leads and decided to wait for the people to come past. But in what felt like deja vu they just stood there looking towards me. After yesterday I was already knackered and on a short fuse so I shouted out .. "Are you coming this way?"  One replied "Yes we are walking!" So I screamed "I'll wait here for you to pass!" He replied "It's Ok we are not scared!" OMG people just don't get it do they! Eventually when they did pass they were pleasant enough and told me they were off to take photos of the derelict cottages. One very strange occurrence though, Sammi growled and wouldn't stop growling at the third person. Her hackles were up and I could see she was uncomfortable. I wonder why? Sammi is such a people person and the only other person she has growled at, and continues to do so is someone that I'm very uncomfortable with. I'd always thought she picked that up from me! 
 And the fifth generation
Kaiah with Ross and Loki
I've been a little naughty and photoshopped the shaved leg on Facebook
Here I've not bothered!
Ross has his first "free" walk on the mountain with his best buddy Kaiah today. 
I've been waiting for ages to let them run free like this together but I was so wary because she runs so far and so fast. I don't think I've ever had such an agile dog as Kaiah. She's fit and fast, and because she's lighter in frame she doesn't half cover some ground. Ross did try his best to keep up but didn't have a hope in hell.
Give him a bit more time and he may stand a chance, unless as is typical of the males his size and weight will determine his speed. 

Missing Mikey

We are finally hoping to get a pencil portrait done of Mikey. Scrawling through photos has been heartbreaking and beyond emotional. Some of the photos have ripped at my heart but we have now sent a few forward and are hopeful that she will be able to do our first pick (this photo) for us.
Sammi is now on day 19 of her season, but I'm still not really that sure if she's going over, or not! As annoying as it was at the time Mikey was so good at letting us know. He would howl and not eat for a few days, but then it was like someone flipped the switch and he'd settle again. Though Nico is our stud dog he never leaves a crumb of food and never gets into the same state. Loki isn't finishing his meals and has been winging and pacing but again with him I'm less sure of what's going on. I guess I'll try them together mid week and take it from there...

Showing In Southport Show

It was not out best day in the ring, but still a day out with friends. Kaiah shouted the house down as we left her but I was not tempted to take her with me! Loki showed well but kept looking behind him at the winging male who was unsettled and standing directly behind him. Still he did everything as he should have done and the male went on to win, was BOB and I hear later Group 1. (Not sour grapes, I like the dog - he was just very unsettled on the day)
Ross was a tad vocal and I think quite bored as the day did seem to drag on. He was constantly pulling stuff out of the bag or tormenting Loki. He was mega relaxed in the atmosphere and kept sticking his nose in everyone's face. Not a great idea as not all dogs like it! Still it was a good experience for him as next time he's at a show he too will be competing!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Tali Resting

Sometimes this phone takes the most amazing photos. 
This is so clear you'd swear it had been taken with the best of cameras.
Shame it doesn't always do so well. 
Honestly, I just love this of the old girl.
It's too close to dinner time to fall asleep .. bless her.

This House

The house on the hill, where the "Ali Stations" live. It may not be you're idea of heaven, but this house full of life and love is all I need to keep me happy. Your house may have spotless furniture, gleaming skirting boards and crystal clear windows. With every surface clear and clean your house may well always smell sweetly of artificial roses. You are probably very proud to invite you're guests in to see you're spotless room, drink tea from your designer tea set and eat freshly baked cakes. Well I say, good on yeah if that's the way you want to live, live love and be happy.
"In This House"  there's hair on the furniture, splashes of mud on the cupboards, toys all over the floor, soggy carpets and vets beds. The sofa is covered in throws, and often a throw to cover the throws so the dogs can sit where they like. There's cats asleep on the mantel piece, dog towels drying on the radiators and snotty dog nose marks on the windows. There's old dogs asleep on the best seats and young dogs racing in and out and round the chairs. Come in join us have a cup of tea .. you may get a cat hair in your coffee and if you're not on the ball someone female will steal you're biscuit, but if I choose to let in you are welcome! Please don't wear white, or worse still black and don't be offended by inquisitive noses sniffing where they shouldn't. (Time for a rude joke  .. maybe not!) Don't criticise our housework, or lack of it as it's our choice to live this way with our large furry family.  I am sorry about the soggy dog smell but my dogs live life to the full and enjoy their freedom as well as their comfort. You may feel cold as the fire is lit but the door is almost always open! This House full of life, full of love ... a picture of love .. that's this house .. our house!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Waiting Game Begins ..

.. and today really didn't go to plan.
To be honest with hindsight it felt like a scene from a Laurel and Hardy program. Steve woke up at 4am feeling ill and spent the next few hours in and out of the loo. So when the alarm went off I told him to stay in bed. I had to make sure Kaiah didn't drink or eat as her appointment was at 9.30am. So I let her out with Loki and put his food in the crate ready for him, but with Sammi in season he left it! I heard a noise outside and realised Steve was up, out and had refilled the water bowl. I emptied it and told him with Kaiah having a GA she was not to eat or drink. I turned round to go back in and saw Kaiah had vanished, yes you've guess it, she'd opened the door, gone in and was half way through Loki's breakfast.
So a tantrum or two later and I calmed down and decided on a plan. First of all I had to get in touch with the vets and tell them what had happened. They were great and told me I could take her in later. I arrived at 10.30am and they left her until last giving her time to digest the stolen food. They are so good with me and always allow me to stay with my bitches, I'm even allowed to say if I'm happy with the plates or not. I make no comment on the elbow as I've no idea what I'm looking for and just hope for the best.
My initially thoughts is that the hips look good, but of course how good is now the big question. The right hip seems to have no obvious issues to the layperson, but the dorsal acetabular rim (the edge of the ball) seems less smooth on the left hip and this could pose a problem. (it had to be pointed out to me, but I do see it!) Obviously these are good hips for any dog to live with, but it's wait and see whether they will be good enough hips for a dog to be bred from.
I'm posting on here and telling friends, but not posting on Facebook for the time being.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Memories of Laecor Mikhail

 Blade at 7 months old in 1991
At the time I could never understand why he didn't win at the shows,
to me at this time this dog was perfect. Now I see things differently, this 7 month old puppy was totally out of proportion. An adult size head on a tall gangly puppy with no coat. But in fairness the potential was there, with only his frame to fill he could only get better ...
and that he did!
 1995 and looking super at Ruthin show
Nefyn Show in 1997 and another BOB for Blade. The way I show has also gone full circle. Standing in front of my dog was frowned upon by other GSD exhibitors then, but even then the judges liked it! Knowing what I know now would I go back to "Laecor" to buy a puppy? Hell no, but not for one second do I regret buying this puppy. Our friendship and bond was unquestionable and together we made our mark on the show scene of the 90ies. 
(That's a headless Seffe in the background by the way)

Vet's Cancelled

Due to the severity of the weather I've cancelled Tia's vet visit today.  I'm worried about her future as her reoccurring problem is returning far more often. Untreated it's not something we or she could live with, it's been going on for 2 years now and the break between bouts are getting shorter. It's not urgent that she see's a vet and I'll make another appointment for her very soon.

Crap Weather, Crap Photos

But super memories of a great walk to treasure. With gusts of 60 miles an hour and torrential rain it was unwise to walk here today, but the kids need to go out. I had to visit my parents and decided to take Ross and Kaiah into the woods for a run. All you need is waterproofs isn't it! Sheltered by the trees it was amazing in there, in many places the path was underwater and seeing these two having the time of their lives brightened me up for the day. I so wish I'd taken my camera, but due to the weather here I had made a conscious decision not too. I regretted it and I could see my phone photo's were all blurred. I was disappointed, but then I had an idea .. a short video
Click on the square on the bottom right of the video to see it full screen.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Kaiah At Rhyl

I quite like this photo that was sent to me of Kaiah at Rhyl show a couple of weeks ago. She's pretty naked there, but you should see her now, maybe not! I think my plan is to keep her out of the ring now till at least January. She has nothing to prove and showing her like this will only do her an injustice. We'll see what's she's like for Manchester Ch. show in mid January. As she's hung onto her coat for so long I do feel this moult will be a long drawn out ordeal, but there we go. We'll give her as long as she needs to get back on form!
I love her unexaggerated lines and balance. She's not over done in anyway but can be stood to suite all rounders as well as breed judges. She moves with great enthusiasm and a super forward reach, and her hind quarters are straight and tidy. She has the most beautiful head and feminine expression with a super dark eye .. and often her cheeky outlook on life comes over in her expression. Kaiah has super colour and a profuse coat .. I just hope that maturity will "fill her out" as it should do. Yeah I'm sure you realise, despite out differences at times I'm pretty made up with my little madam!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Seasons, Weather and Walking

Sammi out with Ross
It's day 13 of Sammi's season. Poor Loki is out in the kennel, but thankfully so far Ross seems oblivious. And Nico? well you've heard of "no one puts Baby in a corner?" Well no one put Nico in a kennel either...not if I have anything to do with it anyway.  He does have to spend some time in the crate at the moment, which is also out of his routine, but he doesn't mind that at all. I've no idea how long this season will go on for, Sammi hasn't read the page in Book Of The Bitch where it says bitches are generally in season for 21 days, on her last 2 seasons she's got up to about 30 days.😢 This time she's been spotting blood since early October but really only came into season 13 days ago.
I dread Kaiah's next season, by then Ross will be more aware and Kaiah is his best friend. I fear it may be 2 males in a kennel by then. Of course I've no idea when her next season will be, her first was July and she may go anything from 4 to 12 months between seasons. (Actually Asha did 13 months once!)
Today's walks where strange, looking over towards Anglesey I couldn't see a thing, the cloud/mist was beneath me. Looking in the opposite directions towards the Nantlle Ridge and the cloud/mist was above me. It was so odd, clear where we walked but the view was hidden on both sides of us. Everywhere was so wet, considering it wasn't raining till after 10pm last night and dry before 8am today it must have really peed it down over night. Still the dogs absolutely loved the full ditches and soggy ground. The mist came down over us and visibility became very poor,but as quickly as it came on the breeze it went again and was followed by some very short lived sunshine. I'm trying to walk and appreciate everyday that I can right now as Winter and it's unpredictable weather is around the nearest corner.
Edit to say .. Ticks .. bloody ticks ... it's still not safe in Cwm Dulyn as the dogs have ticks. Not in excessive quantities like before but I've found 4 in 2 days. What's strange is they are refereed to as "sheep ticks" well in 10 years of walking this path I've yet to see a sheep there, just lots and lots of long grass!
 Look Left
The usual view from the Llyn Peninsular to Caernarfon, Holyhead and the Irish sea all hidden by the low cloud
Look Right
Cloud/mist covering most of the Nantlle Ridge
And within no time it was clear .. 
but the light making it look so distant
Clearing towards Anglesey now but beyond still remaining hidden.


 Kaiah and Loki
 Had to include these two of Ross and Sammi
 Funny yeah!
 Ziva and Asha in the water
Jezi and Nico