Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Today my beautiful Kai would have been seven.
Again I fight back the tears, I miss you so much it physically hurts.
It was never meant to be this way, I was never meant to loose you so young.   
Run free and be happy my darling, I owe you so much words can never adequately explain.
You will always be in my heart, You will always be
"My Awesome Beautiful Big Dog."

Monday, 30 July 2012

Fadi Fawaz - And Photo As Promised

"Fadi Fawaz is a celebrity hairstylist and male model of Lebanese origin.Fadi Fawaz was born in Lebanon and grew up in Australia. He currently lives and works from London, UK. He originally studied at the Elite Institution in Sydney.
Fadi Fawaz manages numerous salons, works as a personal celebrity stylist, in addition to his collaborations in photo shoots, fashion shows and television.
Fadi Fawaz has worked with celebrities such as Pussycat Dolls, Naomi Campbell, Katherine Jenkins, Emily Blunt, Girls Aloud, George Michael, Emily Blunt, Nancy dell' olio, and many more.
He has also worked for Magazines such as Classic FM, E S Magazine, Good House Keeping, Guardian, G.Q, Hello, Independent, In Style, O.K, Observer, Loaded, Mail on Sunday, Marie Claire, N.M.E, Now, Zoo, F.H.M, and Woman.
Thanks to his hairstyling skills and expertise, Fadi Fawaz also contributed in one way or another to the success of TV Shows including Jonathon Ross, National Lottery, GMTV, Richard and Judy, Strictly Come Dancing, Songs of Praise, Good Morning, M.T.V Awards, BBC2 Awards, Brit Awards, Baftas, and X Factor.
Fadi has previously worked with photographers Brian Adams, James Betts, Bob Carlos Clarke, Theo Cohen, Barry Chandler, David Ellis, Neil Guegan, Barry J Holmes, Gary Holder, Rod Howe, Peter Searle, Christopher Terry, Antony Marsland, Nicky Emmerson, Perou, John Swannell, and Stuart White.
To note that under the pseudonym Isaac Mazar, Fadi Fawaz appeared in gay films shot in Germany (2006).
Fadi is also the new boyfriend of George Michael. Their love affair became public after the paparazzi released photos taken on his hotel room's balcony in Venice...The tabloids also released photos of the two leaving London restaurant Nobu. 
Fadi was nominated for Sexiest Arab Men 2010 ."

Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

 George and Fadi packing up the chauffeur driven car yesterday ...
That would be a great job for me, and Stevie says I'm a good driver!!!
Go on George ...Giss A Job!
Photo Number 13 has caused some discussion on the forums. I only pointed out that I thought it was quite sexy! Some get it, some don't! (Geri did, no suprise there!!!) But after watching some of Fadi's performances my imagination kind of ran away with me! I'm always quick to say how lucky Fadi is to have George, but in this instance Lucky George!!!!!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Walkies One And Two

Walk No1
Kiri, Finlay and Louis
This is an old railway line in Rhostryfan. I love the place, but I hadn't been able to face going there since loosing Kai. It was another of the special places that he and I went with Kiri. With his birthday fast approaching I'm thinking a lot about him, and as soon as I woke up this morning I decided I had to go down there today. Though my heart is slowly healing, I still get very emotional as I think about how he was stolen from me far too young.
What I didn't think of today was the regular kissing gates that take you across the roads. They were never a problem with Kai and Kiri but I had to be one step ahead with Finlay as he's use to just barging through gates like this on the mountain.

Walk No2
Jezi, Ziva, Mikey, Asha and Tali
Back onto our mountain as it's so much easier with five. In Rhostryfan the dogs have to be taken out of the van on the road. No problem with just a couple or so, but not practical with 5. It was Ziva first walk with Mikey after her season, so nice to have them all back together.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hard to believe it's been 5 years since you graced us with your prescience. Five years ago tonight, whatever the outcome, was going to be your last night in the pound. You were on the next days destruction order. In my weakest hour I agreed to foster you, I think Steve and I agreed it was strictly "on a short term basis." But as the world now knows you stole my heart fat boy. Little did I know what was to come .... I'm privileged to have got to know you, privileged to have shared my home and my life with you my beautiful white long coat. Thank you for everything you've given me. Thank you for being my Sunshine on a cloudy day! All I hope is that you feel the love and that you feel the same way as we do about you!
Tomorrow is your "Designated Happy 9th Birthday Day"

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Strange how one thing, like a new single with a video can make the obsession even more obsessive! With concerts dates fast approaching I'm wishing my Summer away... Yes, I've had to wait what seems like an awful long time, but the time is nearly upon us ... and George is always worth the wait ... My excitement levels are currently climbing. I'm looking forward to great times ahead and yet again falling under the spell of  the Greek God! (Did i ever come out of it? ...I Think not!)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

First Time "Outside"

I Think I'm Done With The Sofa
I think I'm done with the hall
I think I'm done with the kitchen table, baby

Let's go outside (let's go outside)
In the sunshine
I know you want to, but you can't say yes
Let's go outside
In the moonshine
Take me to the places that i love best

George Michael - Outside (Click here)
  Love this song and video. George taking the piss of the incident in 1998 and getting one up on Beverly Hills police officer Marcelo Rodriguez.
"George got so under his skin that officer Rodriguez  filed a $10m (£6.25m) private lawsuit against him, complaining that the single Outside and its video "mocked" him. Never!!!!! Apparently the video caused him "mental anguish and physical distress." Shame!!! At the time George called the lawsuit a "minor irritation." That's my man!!
Anyway that's the past ..... Moving on .....

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Gala at Garn???

Louis and Finlay need their days out too; and they both had a great time at a companion show today. They don't know any different, to them it's just a show, a day out and lots of fun!
Lexi and Louis just can't believe Finlay's behaviour!!!
Almost half the entry so I guess it was a good thing we went!
Linda with Lexi, Louis, Finlay, Edward, Cellie, Maya, Mark and Brodie.

Up To His Old Tricks

Well Riley wasn't feeling off colour for very long! The next day he was back running riot and "Starving to death!" I've been careful with his food and given him white fish and hills initially before introducing him back to his Felix kitten food. Riley would like to thank Carrie for his new bed ... though I think he prefers to play on it at the moment ... those bits of rope are just too tempting!!!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ruthin C.S

A couple of photos of Mikey in the ring today at Ruthin.
He was BOB but unplaced in the group, so it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer for the 1 group point he needs to gain him ShCM (A Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit )

On the move
Standing in the group
Jezi Baba was with us too, but was second out of two.
Her lack of coat I'm sure didn't help as she didn't put a foot wrong in the ring.
Sadly Ziva who looks stunning is in season and had to stay at home.
Mikey's really stressed out because he didn't gain his point ....

Friday, 20 July 2012

Tomorrow ...

...My Beautiful Blanik Excentrik
will be 9 years old.
Happy Birthday to My Mr Amazing, over the last 18 months I never though we'd get this far. You truly are a once in a life time dog. Your love or life enthusiasm and unconditional love can never be equalled.
Cesar often says "You don't get the dog you want you get the dog you need!" From the "E" litter my heart had been set on a little bitch to carry on my line, she wasn't there, but Louis was and he gave me more than I could ever wish for. He was the dog I needed.
Happy Birthday to my lovely Louis and to all the Blanik "E" litter.

I dedicated this song to Louis when he was a puppy.
It's as apt today as it was then...

"Tell me, I think that cupid was in disguise
The day you walked in and changed my life
I think it's amazing,
the way that love can set you free.
So now I walk in the midday sun
I never thought that my savior would come
I think it's amazing
click on the link should you choose to listen!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Poorly Baby

I'm not quite sure what's going today. This morning Riley was 100% fighting fit but when I came home at lunch time I immedietly noticed something was wrong.  He usually greets me with loud enthusiasm and is desperate for his lunch! Today he stood silently on top of the cage and though he purred loudly he showed little interest in his meal.
Later I noticed he had had a very sloppy poo in his tray and now he's stopped playing and staying on his bed. I can't deny my concern. He's still very young and small and I know full well how vulnerable little ones can be. Sometimes it's hard to imagine how much a little one can mean after just 2 weeks of being in someones life, I love him so much already it's really quite unbelievable.
Anyway I'm hoping it's something and nothing and I will give his belly a rest from food for the rest of the day and see how he is in the morning.  

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lovely Louis

Sharing his dinner with Billy in 2003
Sleeping with Tia in 2004
With baby Oilver in 2005
Cuddling with Jamie in 2010
With new mate Riley

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

White Light

I Love the Official video for White Light,
lots of George in it .... so just great for me.

I'm back
I'm back
Prouder than ever baby
Louder than ever maybe
One more pill
Just one more beer
One less star in the atmosphere
For us
Maybe she just wanted to be free

Heartless pictures on TV
Change that channel that could've been me
I said
Maybe she just wanted to be free

So I just kept breathing my friends
Waiting for the man to choose
Saying this ain't the day that it ends
Cause there's no white light
And I'm not through

I'm alive
I'm alive

And I've got so much more that I want to do
With the music
Was it music that saved me?
Or the way that you prayed for me?
Guess either way I thank you
I'm alive

Hotel Motel makes it clear
One more voice we will never hear again
But maybe he just wanted to be free

And I don't know
What the hell
What the gods
What the fuck
I'm saying
Half the time
But something devine
Oh devine
Brought me back to you
And I know it

So I just kept breathing my friends
Waiting for some god to choose
Saying this ain't the day that it ends
Cause there's no white light
And I'm not through

I'm alive
I'm alive

And I've got so much more that I want to do
Was it music?
Was it science that saved me?
Or the way that you prayed for me
Guess either way I thank you

I'm alive

And Tomorrow is mine
I said Tomorrow is mine
Said I just got to keep on breathing
I said no
Don't let goooo

Breathing breathing breathing
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
I just got to keep on breathing
I'm alive
I'm alive

And I got so muh more that I want to give
Was it music?
Was it science that saved me?
Or the way that you prayed and prayed for me
Well I thank you
I'm a-live
Mmm hmmm
Mmm hmmm

Sunday, 15 July 2012

No Show!!!

Well what a day!!! We set off for the Capricorn Companion show at around 9.30am. I never normally travel so far to a companion show but I'm trying to get the pups to as many shows as possible at the moment. We where just west of Penmaenmawr when there was a bang followed by smoke from the engine. I was overtaking at the time but managed reasonably easily to get into the near-side lane and stop. There is no hard shoulder on this section of the A55 so we had to stop in a live lane with nowhere to go. To the side of us there was a barrier with a small bank, a drop down and then the train line. We talked about going out onto the bank but opted to stay in the van with the dogs. Though the traffic should have slowed down at the round about it was extremely scary, the speed of the traffic that was coming up behind us was unbelievable. Even with hazard lights on I think we came uncomfortably close to being hit a couple of times. Some vehicles would not move over!!! Come on .... If they couldn't see us in time on a straight stretch of road they shouldn't have been driving. I think it took just over 30 mins for the AA to get to us and move us to safety. It was interesting to find out that one of the injectors we had cleaned at a local garage just a few weeks ago had blown out and possibly killed the engine!!! Also just a quick thank you to the 3 Police vehicles that passed and didn't stop when we were in such a precarious position!!!

There Is Never Forever

10.1.96 - 15.7.07
Nikki daughter, Dexi's sister, Krizzie's mother
My Best Friend
The clock on the wall has just told you
 Your hour has come
And you know those that God loves Die young
 But remember
There is never forever
Only the moment
There is never forever
Only the moment

Friday, 13 July 2012

Look At Little Enya May

I absolutely love these photos of Enya
A huge thanks to Gail for these and everything you both give her...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Would You Believe it?

11 months old today
Ziva and Jezi.
Litter sisters but both at very different stages in their lives.
 Ziva in full bloom, but still looking quite babyish.
 Jezi, though she's chucked her coat is looking a tad more mature, but very lean!
Ziva's nature still reminds me of Louis, goofy, funny and a little over excited.
Jezi I guess at the end of the day is more balanced taking things more in her stride.
Sisters, but so different, and so special in their own way.
We miss Danni and Enya so much, they were here too long. But we are both happy in the knowledge that letting go was the right thing for them, us and the pack. So lovely to see them both getting the wonderful lives they deserve.
Owners of the "H" litter pups .... Photo's please anybody???


Just had to share this photo of Danni at home with you,
 she looks just wonderful.
Verity writes .... "Danni with her big stick, she found it hilarious to keep running past me and hitting me with it."

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blanik Bitches

Asha, Jezi, Tali and Ziva
Mikey Mikey was with us today, just not on the rock!

There has been a little tension here the last few days,  Ziva has been uncharacteristically cocky with Asha and Tali. Ziva pushing Asha?  Ok, that's not such a major issue, but pushing her luck with Tali? Not her wisest move. Anyway yesterday we had an explanation - hormones!  Finally Ziva has come in season.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Now We Really Are A Week On ...

Last Tuesday
Today - Riley's looking just great.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Blanik's Posing on Their Walks Today

Tali, Ziva, Mikey, Asha and Jezi
Due to utter frustration on my behalf ... one is tied to a huge slate,
I'll give you a clue ... she's not in this one!!!
Finlay and Louis
Kiri Mac
Jamie - You try going without him!!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Not Even A Week On

And look at him now - eyes 90% clear
8.7.12 - Riley - I have 34 kittens in my baby unit
  but this one broke into my dreams and stole my heart.
He's not quite the withdrawn scrag end he was a week ago.
How quickly a young mind and body can heal.
Believe you me if my brain was in gear this would not be the kitten I'd choose.
 As with GSD's I love the glamour of a long coated animal .... but I'm crap with a brush.
Linda has already been assigned as chief groomer!

Riley says "gawd me's stressed here ... me wanna go back to me farm...
...Ok Ok .. me did lied ... woohooo me be loving it here!"

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Riley On Film

Not the quiet shy little baby anymore!!

Poor Jezi!

Steve had a bit of an upset this morning. The dogs were out in the top field, some loose and unsupervised dogs were running up and down the track. Jezi jumped onto the wall to see what was going on. Steve called her down, as she came down she twisted and got her hind leg caught in the fencing. He said the screams were merciless, by the time he got there our other dogs were attacking her. (Why do they do that when somethings screaming?) He screamed at them and they all ran off, Jezi then got free and ran back into the house. Luckily she seems OK ..  I know she shoudn't have gone on the wall (Back legs on fencing, front legs on wall. The fencing is a foot inside the wall.)... but she's still a baby, and came off straight away ... or tried too. Why Oh Why do people let their dogs onto the track/mountain unsupervised?

Friday, 6 July 2012

Riley's Not Camera Shy Today!!

It's been 9 months since we lost Emi, and after loosing Kai in March It took me a long time to open my heart to the thought of another baby in house. I'm so pleased to have met the little man who haunted my dreams, so pleased to have been able to bring him home. No doubts there's room in my home and my heart for Riley, and if anyone thinks differently then that's their problem and not mine. I will not let you/them ruin this for me.
I'm pleased to announce we are now back to our normal amount of animals, six cats and 8 GSD's ... Anything less just isn't enough!!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Steve Says .....

"I really don't like cats!"