Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Dog CC - NW&PB 2002

Sometimes at shows if the first placed dog in a class wins the CC the second placed dog from that class is called in "to challenge" the other class winners for the Reserve. Sometimes that dog wins the reserve, sometimes they don't!!!
Here Dexi is called back in at the end of the video and he does gain the RCC. This would have been 18 years or so ago - haven't the dogs changed, I believe for the better. 

Lakes Were A No Go

After seeing the forecast for this week I cancelled my shopping plans for today. I may as well go to Tesco in the rain tomorrow and enjoy the weather today. I had set my heart on Llyn Cop, but sadly I could see from here that the cattle were there and I had to rethink. I must admit after planing and looking forward to it, I was quite disappointed to not be able to go. I then thought of Llyn Ffynhonnau, but there were cars everywhere, my heart sank. I'd left it too late to go further afield and all I could do was go uphill. Orin had never been around the boat quarry, past the tunnel and through the derelict cottage and I decided that I would take them all that way. Last time I took Asha this way she struggled on the climb back up but I decided to give it a go. I'm convinced she's affected by the heat .. as if by magic the cloud covered the sun for all of the third walk. Asha did really well and was sprightly and happy.  The heat definitely does her no favours, it was just ideal walking weather all round.
I decided not to take the last lot around the actually quarry hole, to be honest I was just nervous with Orin, it is a sheer drop, and he's just a little young maybe to realise the danger. I'll take him with a lead first I think. 

Meeting Jamie

I swear our Jamie cat is not normal. Most cats on meeting a new kitten will hiss, spit and maybe run away, but not our Jamie. Archie was welcomed into the living room by Jamie last night, and they even had a little bit of a game. This cat is a super star. 

Monday, 28 September 2020

Mountains Hiding Behind The Clouds

More On Colour

Most of you will recall Finlay, if you don't then briefly, in 2007 we were informed at Freshfields that Finlay and many others were in the same plight. We had lost elderly sibling Dexi and Seffe 3 weeks apart and Jay was very poorly, at the time I was very vulnerable and emotional. Finlay had been in the pound and was due to be PTS as his owners wouldn't pay the fine to get him back. With no room in the rescue centre, I either fostered him or he died! Finlay joined us on a short term foster in July 2007, he died here an old man in August 2016. This time I failed as a fosterer! Being as I'm so anti non-standard colour his presence in my pack was a shock to many, but I repeat now what I said then, where rescue is concerned colour doesn't come into it!
Just to prove I didn't always fail as a fosterer I thought I'd share this photo of "Llio."  She was with us for a few months in 2001. I did re-home her. We also had Sheba the tail chaser here around the same time. Her tail was red raw and chewed to the bone as the behavioural problem had not been address. So many people laugh at a puppy chasing its tail thus encouraging the behaviour, they don't realise how serious it can become. Anyway Sheba was re-homed with a knowledgable GSD man. 
I guess just by looking at these two you can imagine that maybe they were not bred by a reputable breeder. Though Finlay was a beautiful dog I still believe that breeding for colours like this is all about greed and not for the good of the breed. 

Ruby And Ross

Some of us were there when baby Ruby had a fright she would struggle to forget. It was her first show and as it was a "Companion Show" there were pet owners there was a variety of dogs. One lady seemed to be struggling with a rather large Mastiff x Boxer, and he was terrorising everything. I don't think there was malice in him, but he was large, boisterous and out of control. I suggested politely she kept him from diving at other dogs and that she kept him by her side. Sadly it fell on deaf ears as he launched at Ruby dragging the lead out of his owners hands. Ruby was just 6 months and at a very impressionable age, after that her confidence really took a knock, and she struggled to cope around other dogs. 
Doing Ring Training with a handful of friends in a field has been a lifeline to Orin. By now he should have been visiting shows regularly, he should have been into a leisure centre, visited an agricultural show and seen the hustle and bustle of a Champ Show. Sadly he's seen none of it, but at least with this Ring Training he has an idea what it's about. Of course he's not the only one, Scotia the Flat Coat was initially nervous and would not be gone over, now she loves it and Ruby has come on in leaps and bounds.
Yesterday Ruby took another huge leap forward and got to walk with Kasey and Ross, she even got to run free with Ross. It was such a fantastic positive experience for her, a situation her owner thought would never happen again. With patience and hard work these goals are achievable aren't they, good boy Ross. You see he's not just loud and annoying!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 September 2020


 Orin In Training 

Just phone photos, but I love them.
Now all we need is a show!

In The Field


Back In The Day

Well actually not that long ago! In 1999 I bred my third litter; with access to the information we have now I would not have chosen the pairing. A litter of nine with one born sleeping. The first and third born were blue and I can't tell you how devastated I was. For me it was a disaster, I worried about the stigma and thought I'd have to hide them away. In my mind at the time of birth it was a huge black mark against my line. If you were that way inclined at that time it was not unheard of for non-standard colours to be culled at birth. For us of course that was never a consideration. 
As the litter grew we loved them as much as the others, and suddenly I realised well they were there, it was only colour so who cares? Of course blue is a dilute of black and is not a recognised breed colour, so I was extremely careful where I sold them, and I sold them both cheaper than the standard coloured dogs. They had their pedigree's endorsed and I told their owners that I would not be lifting the endorsement. They signed to say they would not breed from them and would neuter them at the correct age. Both sets of owners were true to their word. 
Blue puppies darken with age and as adults they are a charcoal colour, there is always a blue tinge to the muzzle, and they usually have very pale tan and yellow eyes. As adults to the layperson they can often look like a normal GSD, but breed enthusiasts would always see the difference. The second photos is Marley who is the blue puppy in the top photo. 
Taking that on board I'm sure you understand my contempt at people who are now breeding to produce these colours, blue's, livers, whites etc and selling them at extortionate prices as "Rare" Colours. No not rare, a bloody colour fault. Greed and more greed and never for the good of the breed. 
I recently saw a bitch advertised as needing a new home due to a marriage break up. She was pedigree and spayed, but they would not be handing over the papers. Fair enough, until you see that they want 3K for her! Now "back in the day" she would be called a rescue and they'd be lucky to get anything for her. When did it all change? God knows it hasn't changed for the better! 

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Bach At Bwlch Derwin Forest

It's been such a long time since I got to enjoy a walk at Bwlch Derwin. In the 90 ies, and later, it used to be one of my regular walks, but tree felling stopped me going, and to be honest I then seem to forget about it. When my mum broke her shoulder in 2017, and I was doing meals on yellow wheels I started looking for places to walk on route, a friend reminded me about Bwlch Derwin. 
We had been going back regularly again but then last year we were greeted with "Work In Process" signs. The tree felling its self was not the problem, the large machinery, again not really an issue, but seeing containers that looked like oil containers seeping into ditches put me off. These head straight for the ditches and the "what ifs" played on my mind. I know I went back in September and went in at the other side past the old school house, but there is nowhere to park there and Steve dropped me off before going for logs. I can't think I've been back since. 
Anyway a couple of weeks ago we went for a drive that way and found the work had finished again. There's a huge area of felled trees but it's safe again now. I think the dogs loved being back there as much as I did. Though I was very aware of the deep pool that Asha threw herself in last time and made sure I steered here away in the opposite direction! I met one lady with a lurcher on the first walk, other than that I had it to myself. It takes approx 20 mins to get there and I took the first 5 in the van together, I did two walks then returned home for the youngsters. I considered that I should have taken Orin with the girls so I could take the youngsters further, ah well it was too late. When I loaded the van for the third walk Orin decided to play the pratt. With Loki, Kaiah and Ross waiting he decided to take his fat butt off down the field. Recall? What recall? Getting no response I ran up to shut the main gate ... he then came from the side of the caravan, I knelt down calling him enthusiastically to me, I was smiling on the outside, cursing on the inside, he came so close then ran past me. I heard my self shouting "Well you can fecking stay at home then!" As if  he understood that! Then out of the blue he toddled over to the van and jumped in. Little shit ... "Such a good boy!"
To be fair at the woods everyone was so well-behaved, we had a lovely time and got some cracking photos. (They are in the Facebook album!) Steve was not impressed when we got home as the three boys were wet, dirty and smelly. Ross of course being in a horrendous state, well where kong goes Ross goes, and I didn't throw it! Steve kept showing me the towel as he dried him and if I heard once that he stank, well I heard it a dozen times! I have to admit the boys did stink .. ah well never mind! 
Ross was coming out of it when I got there, Loki and Orin were in, Kaiah as usually stayed on the edge!

Friday, 25 September 2020

Is He A Seal Lynx Marble?

 Still curious about Archie's colour I was chatting to a friend, and she suggested we ask a Bengal breeder friend of hers. I know Archie is a moggy, a little feral, but I was still interested to know what the colour pattern would be called. So here is his reply ... "Beautiful eyes! The eyes are blue so he must have the Lynx genes. In Bengals we call them Seal Lynx Point. He is a marble so probably a Seal Lynx Marble"
I googled and from the photo below I would say he's on the money! Very interesting. 

Archie Update

Little Archie's confidence continues to build, and he seems happy playing in the kitchen. He loves the window sill though I've had to evict my larger houseplant as he was using it as a climbing frame. He still has runny eyes at times and continues to sneeze, though he doesn't seem ill at all. Hopefully it'll clear soon. I won't take him in the living room until the sneezing stops, just in case he is still contagious, I can't imagine Perry would make a good patient! 

Walking At Home

The Young Guns look orange in the Autumn lights 
The tree behind Asha looks funny. 
I never get tired of walking around here. These photos today are all 10 mins from the cottage, the colours, the cloud formation, everything is so stunning. Every day the place looks different. I'm so lucky that I can also pop the dogs in the van and drive to other walks, to lakes and woodlands. Now the  Summer heat has passed us by it's time to get some covid weight off and go further afield for walks I think. Orin is now 6 Months and though I'm sticking to the rules and not over doing it he can now go further and be out for longer. I'm looking forward to watching him discover more of his world!  

Jamie's Been For A Walk

I don't mind him coming up the mountain, he's been doing it for years, but I really didn't like the fact that he came to the road today. Nothing I could do except cut the walk short and go back. I know it's not a busy road, hell it's a single track lane but with all the traffic up to the quarry these days, well it just isn't safe. I'd never forgive myself if anything happened to him. 
Wait For Me

Jamie's party piece on returning home
Not knackered really just sunning his belly

Boys And Girls

I'm following a very interesting post on Facebook. A 52 year old woman has now retired and is about to start looking for her dream dog, a GSD, but of course. She has no preference on the sex and asks people's opinions. Mine opinion is well documented and my comment on the post reads ... 
"I have owned both sexes for almost 30 years, generally I find the boys easier, more affectionate more honest. What you see is what you get. The girls are brighter and more devious, I feel generally more of a handful."  Of course it is a general observation, individuals vary and actually Kaiah is probably the cuddliest female I've had. Saying that she is also feisty, exuberant and determined! Ross on the other had has huge potential as a working dog, his natural instincts remind me of a bitch. 
Anyway the post continues with various experiences and opinions, most people agree with my views, but not all. As I say we all have our experiences. Now I would have left the post there had someone not said that male dogs are dirty and smell. They continue to say that they cock their legs all over the furniture ... WHAT? How bloody ridiculous. My boys NEVER pee in the house, never. Well Ok I can think of an occasion when Blade peed on Simba's crate .. when Simba was in it .. but that was one occasion and a long time ago. Loki peed on the washing basket recently, but it was on the floor in the middle of the yard, he wouldn't have thought .. Oh that's the washing I'll pee on it! The boys are not smelly, they don't smell any different to any of the bitches. I agree their urine does smell stronger in the yard, but bitch wee stains grass too. All you need is to keep the place clean isn't it .. we use Safe4 disinfectant, problem solved. 
Going back to Kaiah, as she walks with the boys I really do see a difference in them. She up over everything, through gates, under a gap in the fence whilst the boys stand there wondering how she did that? The game also fascinates me, she runs ahead, stops and goes down ... they stop and while she's staring at them they do not move, she does seem to have full control. It only ever continues to a game of chase but on her term. Here her agility really comes into it's own, they have no chance of catching her, she twists and turns on the spot and they chase with great enthusiasm. 
I've never owned a single female dog so I've no idea how the breed fares in that light. Early on Blade was my first and only male GSD, he was extremely trainable but when I got Nikki again I saw more natural clever behaviour, and then I got Seffe and realised just how clever these bitches actually were. 
The top photo shows Kaiah has stopped all the boys and will keep them there till she decides to move ... the second photo - the boys can never figure out how she gets through these gates! 

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Jamie Lawson Again

The forecast was high winds, moderate but constant rain and cold temperatures. 
Well, this morning it's breezy and a little cold but sunny and bright with the odd light shower.
"Wasn't Expecting That!" 
Yeah we had fun

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Bright Evening Sunshine

 The light was bouncing off the kitchen floor, with a little editing I managed to get a couple of reasonable photos. 

Cute little Archie 

Where We Shouldn't Be

My ideal walking weather, cool but bright. The dogs are over the moon with the ditches being full again and Asha had much more of a spring in her step. 

Monday, 21 September 2020

Orin X 4

I took quite a few headshots of Orin, but these 4 are similar but with slight differences. I wanted to keep them all so decided to do a collage to keep them together.  My reason for picking the one I did maybe obvious to those you know me well enough! I was so pleased I'd charge up the big camera, and now I'm annoyed that I didn't use it more over the Spring and Summer, the quality surpasses the other devices! 

Today's Group Photos

Short walks as it got hotter quicker than I expected. Seems funny to be saying that in mid/late September. Still, everyone had some time out and a relaxing afternoon. 

Orin Headshot

Just love this of Orin
My handsome boy

Made My Morning

Archie has not even been here a week and this morning he was waiting for me at the front of the crate. He chatted and chirped whilst I got his breakfast plated and was more than happy to be stroked whilst he ate. Then he was off running riot around the kitchen. I know he's going to all corners of the room, his pompom being by the cooker first gave the game away. The CD player has also been switched on and I've seen him enjoying the window sill. I can't believe how well he's doing and how quickly he's setting. Of course it'll be a while before he joins the family but he's coming on in leaps and bounds.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Archie Had Visitors

Taking it easy to start with Archie did so well, he really enjoyed playing with Tish and Linda.
I'm over the moon at how well he did. 
Two weeks on and he's no longer a hissing, spitting, biting little feral.
Just a few snots and sneezes still but I'm sure he'll get there. 

Still Sunny In September

Blanik Jethro

Lovely to see this photo of Sammi's son Jethro on Facebook.
He and Kaiah are so alike, so beautiful, even if I say so myself!