Sunday, 30 June 2019

Happy Days In The Blanik Bus

It was the last run out for us in Blanik Bus No 2 today. Is it sad that I'm sad to be saying goodbye? Well what I should be saying is thank you for taking me safely from Wales to Windsor, to Peterborough, to Malvern and to so many places scattered across this country ... and thank you for never, ever letting me down, not once in over 6 years did you say no! Yeah I am sad to be saying goodbye to my little flying machine. 

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Luther - 10 Weeks

From Wales To Windsor

Yesterday we made the long trip to Windsor. The journey down was cool, windy and cloudy but monotonously boring from one motorway to another. I think we have been accustomed to finding far more scenic routes to our champ shows recently. The sat nav once again had the timing spot on at 4 hrs 30 mins .. with google maps being way out at 5hrs 18 mins .. Odd that.
The show setting was beautiful as was what we saw of Windsor. Loki like me struggles in the heat and by the time he was in the ring the sun was cracking the flags. The judge said he lacked drive on the day .. agree... but at least he wasn't last! 
As you can see from the photo Kaiah gave everything she had with a fantastic performance and I was pleased to see her make the final cut out of 13 bitches present in her class .. but sadly she wasn't in the cards. Disappointed, yes, but very very proud of my little lady, actually I was very proud of both who behaved impeccably all day ... but there is one apology I must make to a Beardie owner .. It was Kaiah who ate the bowl of food you life by the side of your crate to give your dog later, I'm sorry as I was watching the dog CC and not concentrating on her .. she's not sorry but says thank you. 
The gifts presented to all the exhibitors by the judge are wonderful, what a lovely thing to do!
 The journey home was horrible and never ending , hot, congestion, accidents ... more congestion, but the van as ever stayed cool in the back for the dogs who slept on their wet towels until we all had a meal in Llangollen ... and I got to say hi to the cat and share my fish with her again! (It's a good thing Jamie doesn't live near a chippy!) 
 Would I go again? Well I have been futher South, Paignton and Richmond .. so yeah but maybe not on a weekday!

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Kitty's At Play

excuse the heavy breathing but the morning pollen always gets to me! 
When Luther comes close to the camera look at the colour. Amazing

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

A Holiday Abroad .. Pass!!!

For the first time this Summer the heat got the better of me. I did the first walk and found it a little bit of a struggle, but to be honest I didn't think it was too hot. By the time I got back with the girls I felt physically sick, I could hear my heart racing and I was wet with sweat. Steve panicked at the colour of me and rushed me into the house before getting me a drink. I sat a while and he offered to take the youngsters to field, but it's simply not enough for them and I waited for cloud cover and decided to do a shorter walk with them. In the meantime Ross had got himself in such a state waiting for me that I ended up having to cut the walk even shorter.
To be honest I got quite concerned for him and had to cover him in a wet towel and limit what he was drinking when I got home. Going out today was a huge mistake for me, and keeping Ross waiting was obviously a mistake for him. But honestly I hadn't felt it on the first walk, it was as if someone turned up the heat, mad dogs and a welsh woman eh!
I know I'm in a minority but I find this heat really debilitating, I was so distressed today I burst into tears. I doubt I'll be walking again now whilst this hot spell continues, all I can do is take the dogs swimming early mornings and having given them their Summer flea treatment yesterday I can't do that now for another week. In any other weather I can pick the right set of clothes and get out there, in weather like today all I can do is sit about in the house or in the shade. I don't dispute that everywhere isn't stunningly beautiful, it is beyond belief.
 I love the sunsets and I love the long evenings .. providing the midges don't come out to play. I guess for people who have the skin type to enjoy sitting in it and don't need to do things then it's heaven but for those of us who want to walk but go spotty and burn .. well it's no fun really is.

Cowboys And Angels

George's family wrote yesterday ... "We are all missing him more than ever, but like to think of him, with mum , the love of his life Anselmo , and all of his lovely doggies, seeing all that great work done in his name , and the joy of you all sharing it with each other……whilst playing his music (of course) –and hopefully dancing and singing !!"
Yesterday was George's birthday, and the day of the big concert. I had decided when it was announced that I didn't want to go, what is a George Michael concert without George? Well I'm sure for those who could face it it was a lovely night with his band and other artists performing his songs. I couldn't help but watch some of the videos which were creeping up on Facebook and it was very mixed feelings seeing the people I use to spend evening with excitedly waiting to go in.
My memories of numerous evening spent with George Michael will always remain special and magical, they truly were some of the best nights of my life, but for me that magic died with the man on Xmas day 2016. I still love the music and will always by blessed to have found escapism in this wonderful man, but a George Michael concert without George ... well it's just not for me ...

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Sammi's Season

Finally things are changing with Sammi's season. It looks like it's the kennels for  the boys for a few days.. some loud and annoying days ahead then ...

Luther - So Cute

 Pussy Cat of silk black paws ... 
who would have known you had mean vicious claws? 

Rain Stops Plans

Today I was suppose to meet up with Paul, the person I wrote about in the post "I knew The Boy." Sadly though as I was leaving to meet up with him he messaged to say it was bucketing it down on the Llyn Peninsular and with his immunity already compromised he felt it was best to cancel. I had already ordered stuff from the vets and continued on my way. The rain at home was very light and would never have stopped me walking but the further I got on the Caernarfon to Pwllheli road the worst the rain got. With my windscreen wipers on full I considered that not even I would go walking in this. I did consider the woodland shelter of Gyrn Goch but with workmen near my parking space I continued to the vets. There the weather was no better and after collecting my stuff I set off for home. I decided to turn off in Ffor and come home through Chwilog, almost as soon as I turned off I saw a much lighter sky in the distance before me and by the time I got to Bont Fechan it had stopped raining! 

A lovely walk through the woodland path 
Along the side of Afon Dwyfor 
and down to the deserted beach 
 Honestly not a soul in sight but it did start to rain as we played on the beach
I took the old camera but it really played up and for a while I thought I would have to use my phone. It hasn't died yet but it's getting close and when I got home I had trouble getting the photos off it and onto my laptop .. the laptop telling me that there had been a "catastrophic failure." I preserved and eventually got them, I guess I'll have to give up on it soon eh! Sad really but there we go.

Indoor Cats?

This morning I had a message from a friend from my George Michael group of friends. She has 4 predominantly indoor cats and her fear of letting them out is causing some behaviour problems within the home. She was asking for advice, strangely this has been a topic of conversation between a lot of us recently, anyway below is my opinion based on my experience of living with cats. (Indoor and outdoor - Lux was an indoor cat for 4 years until I moved here in 1995) This was my reply to her....
Personally I like my cats to live as natural a life  as possible, going in and out as they choose. That is why we have a cat flap. I think behavioural problems can stem from cats being confined in groups in  small spaces, personally I've found the females cope less well in family units .. throw a tortie in there like we did with Tia and there's even more tension. But of course I understand that not everyone is blessed to live as we do, here is as safe as it can be I suppose; though we did loose Gail who was killed by a stray dog, so never say never. Anyway living in a less rural location I'd probably make changes too. I think cats need to go out, feel the sun and the wind, but when it's not safe for them to free roam what are the alternatives?  Well maybe a pen in the garden so they can spend some time out .. or the cat fencing around the garden to keep them confined in the garden. We had a feral enclosure made from it at the rescue centre .. it was great. I think indoor cats also need more human interaction, more games to play and more toys so they can be mentally simulated .. I'm sure behavioral problems stem from boredom and as I said being constantly in close proximity to other cats. Just my opinion of course ...

Monday, 24 June 2019

The Heather Is Coming Through

Super walk's with a disaster for Ross . he's lost his kong. 
We looked and looked but no sign of it! 

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Nice One Perry

What is so special about these photos is that my shy little Perry made the choice to come out and play with Linda sitting in the garden with us .. a first for him. 

Dogs And Mountains

Jezi and Nico in front of part of The Nantlle Ridge "The Nantlle Ridge is the name given to a small range of mountains in Snowdonia, north Wales which runs south-west from the village of Rhyd Ddu for a distance of about 9 km, ending above Nebo in the Nantlle Valley at Cwm Dulyn"
Ziva, Asha and Sammi and the montain we know as Mynydd Mawr. " The profile of Mynydd Mawr from the north is often thought to resemble an elephant lying down, and consequently the mountain is often colloquially also called "Yr Eliffant" ('The Elephant'), or "Elephant Mountain" to non-Welsh speakers." To me it's always Mynydd Mawr
Ross, Loki and Kaiah with the rocks at the peak of Moel Tryfan behind them Moel Tryfan is a small mountain near the villages of Rhosgadfan, Y Fron and Betws Garmon, in northern Gwynedd


Last night I dreamt about Kenny Goss. Why on earth had he come into my mind, broken into my dream? I've not thought about him in a while though of course George comes into my thoughts several times a day. When I woke up I felt happy and relaxed .. for just a few seconds I honestly believed I'd met Kenny and been chatting to him again.

Last week I dreamt about Jasmine. Why? Again it felt so real and gave me comfort, but what was the trigger that bought her into my thoughts. It's been years since we lost Jasmine, I'm not even sure when it was .. maybe around the year 2000? Bless her she died so young and as much as I loved her I swore then I'd never have another pedigree cat. In my opinion she was bred to exaggeration, cats are just so perfect .. why should we tamper with perfection?
I wonder what brings these things into our sleeping thoughts? Why do we dream so vividly about things from out past? I could understand it had I been talking about Kenny .. or Jasmine .. but neither had even been on my mind recently, maybe it's just a way to make sure no one is forgotten?

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Luther - 9 weeks

 Handsome boy
 What ya doing?
Little black panther on the prowl ...
Mr S's words this morning...  and I quote . "There's something about that little guy, I've never taken to a kitten so quickly!" 

Stunning Day For Walking

Any hotter would have been too hot for our mid morning to lunch time walks, as it was it was ideal, but OMG  the flies!!!! Having the big camera you can see them clearly in this bottom photo, if you can't  and want to see them click on it to enlarge it. 
I always thought my old camera took decent photos, but having this one makes me realise how poor they were, and these are only taken with the small lens which is better really for everyday use. 

Friday, 21 June 2019

Bad Boys

My 2 young boys are starting to love each others company 
 Stunning Perry 

Little Luther

Llyn Ffynhonnau

I took the old camera out today as I was nervous of dropping the other one walking around and in LLyn FFynhonnau .. yes in, well you have to don't you! I'm really taken aback with the quality of the photos, honestly they are nowhere near as good - I had never realised before that these photos lacked so much clarity and definition. Anyway they are still there as a reminder of the lovely Summer solstice of 2019.
The edge of the lake was littered in goose shit, I don't think I've ever seen so much there. I wondered how much Jezi should be eating .. dirty mare that she is. I was thrilled to see the goose family doing well and glad that Tali was not there so go swimming after them. Asha did head off but she's far more obedient than her head strong mother was and immediately returned. In fairness to Tali though when she did swim off after the ducks she was already deaf and I had to make eye contact with her for her to return, which she did .. eventually!

 Asha's off 
Kaiah has her eye on the ducks .. but she doesn't swim!