Sunday, 31 January 2016


Summer has just been back for her repeat mating, with only having the one pup last time we are giving it a second go! This is not a show type bitch, she is bred on working lines and conformation wise she is not my cuppa at all ... but my god I really really like her. What a cracking character!
So now they have gone, Summer has had a mating with 20-25 min tie ... and she stolen one of the red bones ours got from Linda for Xmas. She was walking off to the car with it, I just couldn't take it off her! As in I didn't want too ... not she wouldn't give it back!
Here's hoping for babies now!

Blanik Bedding

Krizzie with her "F" litter
The washing and changing of bedding is a continuous battle here, especially in this wet muddy weather. For comfort they all have 2 layers in their crates or beds, so that's 18 bits of bedding to wash on a regular basis .. and that before you think of the bedding in the living room, the van and the cat bedding! Thank God for a large washing machine  and at least with the new heating system everything is dry in no time.
On eBay the other night I found someone selling
Tali with her "G" litter
5 pieces of vet beds,(1 x 1.5 meters - will cut into 2 male and 3 female sizes beds) a mixture of green-backed and rubber backed for £50. Now that is a good deal, even if as it states they have slight imperfections! Having ordered them, this morning I set into sorting out the mountain of bedding that we already have. Some to hang on to some to take to Freshfields.
Asha with her "H" litter
Now I've always been a huge fan of vet beds, there really is no better animal bedding but as I went through them I realised some of it had been here since Louis was born, and some was bought later, when Tali was born! These are coloured ones, dark and light green, grey, brown and yellow ... some had to go, but most of it is still well worth hanging on too, some are a bit thin but in great condition. I can't remember which bedding I had for the "G" litter, but no doubt I'll have photos to remind me. I do remember buying a new whelping box and white bedding for the "H" litter which was also used for the "I" litter and is washed and put away for the future ...
The brightly coloured paw marked rubber back bedding is super stuff. The rubber backing makes it non slip in crates, and it's especially good in the van. I've yet to find out how long it will last though!
Ziva with her "I" litter
Some bedding of course doesn't survive that long, Tali, Nico and Sammi have for recent times had their own bedding .. the ones with home made holes in them! In all fairness no one else wrecks their beds but these three go through periods of experiencing exploding beds!!! I've learned my lesson and they don't get anything that they can make a snow storm with, if they can they will! Nico can't have the rubber backed vet beds either .. he shreds that! Tali currently has a brand new bed, a smart rubber backed orange vet bed from Manchester show, it's been in her bed for 2 days ... watch this space!!
What a super excuse to post photos of bitches with their beautiful babies. Each future mother lying with her siblings in the previous photo. Oh God I'm getting broody!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Look Who's out With The Boys ...

Tali with Loki and Mikey

And yes she did seem to enjoy herself a lot more! 

Old Man's Not Great

I fear sad times are ahead. Finlay's not doing well at all. It's not consistently everyday but the bad spells are coming more often. There is no doubt whatever happened to him in September has left it's toll on him mentally and physically. I know he's going deaf but there is still a vacancy about him that I can't explain. His behaviour is very odd, particularly at night when he seems very unsettled and keeps waking us up by crashing out of the bedroom and into the hall. (Believe me he doesn't do it quietly) When we let him out he just stands there, so we find it easier to put him back to bed and hope he settles.
Physically he's loosing weight and occasionally has diarrhea, which is no fun for us with a white long coated dog! Some old dogs do loose weight, and investigation by a vet is a possibility; but we will not be going down that road as I won't put him through the indignity at his age.
Finlay doesn't eat brilliantly these days, though I would say he eats three quarters of what he should most days, some days are better than others and I add yogurt and tree barks to his meals daily to help with his digestion.
Sadly most things seem to be an effort for him, I guess that's the CDRM, which is debilitating but not painful. On saying that there is no way I can do a walk with his crew without him. He then finds his enthusiasm for life ... and whilst that remains we plod on regardless of other factors. He still manages to jump into the van as we go out, he still barks in Nico's face and "tries" to keep up with him to start off with, it's just the coming back that's a bit more tricky! When he's had his walk he's obviously tired and he makes no effort what so ever to get into the van. Physically it's hard for me to get him in, but I have to manage. If the old boy still wants to come out, the old boy gets to come out and when he stops wanting to do that, and not before is the time to reassess the situation!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wind And Rain Eased This Afternoon

And We All Got Out
Even Tali Came ...

Day 13

Of Sammi's season and the boys are still not that interested in her. There is some halfhearted play attempts and Mikey is following her around, but as yet nothing significant. Mikey will usually go off his food for a few days, becomes irritatingly disobedient and sings a lot during that "peak" time, but as yet there is nothing. Though I have to admit for safety sake I'm keeping her well away from the competent stud dog that is her father! As yet we have had no reason to separate her from the others but we know how quickly it can change and are watching for signs or her flicking her tail and not snapping at their faces! Anyway this is something to bare in mind in the future, she may ovulate late in her season so maybe it would be wise to test before travelling. But of course seasons can also vary from one to another  ... so who knows!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Back At The Vets

Sadly over the last week or so Tia's problems have been returning. After a chat with Rachel the vet yesterday we took Tia in for a B12 injection this morning. She has prescribed a longer course of the Oxy "thingy" pills and a B12 injections once a week for a month. She weighs 3.4kg which is only marginally better than the 3.2kg she was a month ago. Still at least she hasn't lost any! Day by day now ... and she was thrilled to be back home by her fire!!!

Is She Pregnant?

 We think she looks it anyway!

New Kid On The Block 
A Firemouth Cichlid ... apparently

Monday, 25 January 2016

Wild And Windy Day

And sadly the same forecast for the rest of the week
I just couldn't stomach the thought of three walks up here today, so I pack the youngsters into the van, parked at Inigo Jones and went down Lon Eifion. Not usually my kind of walk as it's often busy but today I saw one man only who said "You have a pair of beautiful dogs there!!!" I so wished I could get into Glynllifon off the track again, but the huge gates have been firmly locked for years now! Still it was pretty sheltered and I think we all enjoyed the walk! 
Anyway Sammi is on day 11, sorry to anyone walking an entire male down that track over the next couple of days, Do I feel guilty? Do I hell!!!!

Nico's Kids

I'm so proud of these two and how my kennel has got here. Sammi is the 6th generation of Blanik bitches, and I'm proud of all that have gone before her ... She's Nico's daughter and carrying lines back to Kai makes her extra special. Loki is Nico's son and his presence at Blanik has brightened up our days. We are not big breeders our dogs are pets who go to the occasional show. We have a litter every three years or so, so it's all such a big deal for me. I was so proud of all their achievements in the ring last year and I'm equally proud of their performances last week, they didn't put a foot out of place which is all I can ask! (Though sadly I do feel the negativity though not personally directed at me or my dogs, has somewhat belittled what was all round quite a big day for me.) Anyway now I'm looking forward to the next year in the ring with both (and any of the others who may want to come) and excited already about the next generation ...

Sunday, 24 January 2016

As Mrs Brown Would Say ...

What Fecking Weather!
But there's one good thing about it, I was the only idiot walking in the niwl ... and the wind and the rain!! Niwl is Welsh for Mist/fog/low cloud. Yes we have one word for it all so I get very confused as to which is which when I'm speaking in English and therefore just throw the Welsh word into the English sentence!
Mikey, Loki and Sammi looking out the Window!
Tali's not sitting with Ziva! Asha's ears blowing in the wind
Finlay's about to leave - with Nico and Jezi

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Unrest In The Home

Sammi is now on day nine of her season, she is still with the boys but maybe tomorrow will be their last day together for a while. I do hate this period of segregation and stressed out males. I'm thinking it may be best to try Tali out with the boys as she really is not a happy bunny on a walk with Ziva these days, though she doesn't seem affected by her around the home. To be honest at the moment she doesn't even seem to want to go for a walk, it will be interesting to see if she is more relaxed away from Ziva.
Today's second walk found me dodging dog walkers again. When I moved here 20 years ago and started walking these hills with my pack I was unlucky to see a single dog walked. Times have changed and I don't like it! Well there nothing I can do about it, there room for plenty, but why are some of them always where I want to go? A couple of days ago a sign was put up by the cattle grid banning unauthorised vehicles from going any further. Do I now need authority to come home? LOL Anyway today, again on walk number 2 I came across a man putting a sign up on the gate down to Llyn Ffynhonnau .. I didn't linger to see what it was but I can well imagine that if the Snowdonia National Park are not banning dogs on the land they will be insisting on leads, and that's no use to me! Think I'll pop over tomorrow to see what it says!
So three walks in three locations around home today. Avoiding work men, Bull Terrier people and hikers. Actually the hikers caught me out ... I was busy setting them up for a photo when Sammi's nose went into the air, I looked around and didn't see a soul. So I continued with my preparations ... and like a bullet she was off ... Note to self ... Sammi is always right! I may not be able to see them yet, but if her nose goes into the air ... without doubt there is always someone/something there! Anyway she took off around the edge of the lake and across the moor towards 6 hikers who were by now in my view... but guess what ... she bloody stopped half way and came back. BIG cuddles and lots of praise, my Naughty Angel is growing up!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Poor Loki is in the wars today. I've no idea what happened to him but there are two marks on his face. One very obvious the other nearer his lip. There have been no fights or squabbles and we can only think that he's been roughhousing it with Ziva or Sammi. It looks more like a scrape than anything really and he hasn't made a fuss about it at all. Bless him, brave boy.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I Don't BELIEVE it!

So BT have spent yesterday morning fixing next doors Internet and landline. They left and ours was off! So Victor Meldrew aka Steve Stanley lost the plot with Sky (our provider) yesterday afternoon. Following "Strong Words" Sky contacted Open Reach and an engineer came up this morning. He was most disgruntled to find that we were right, yesterday's engineers had simply disconnected us and used our line to connect next door. He said there was no way it could have been a mistake and he will be reporting them, we may do too! Thank God we are back online now I go demented with out my Internet! 
Anyway some pics over the last two days!

Today was another very pleasurable milestone in my recovery. 
Following being spooked by cattle at Llyn Cop I decided not to go back and I made it down to Llyn Ffynhonnau with the youngsters. This must be one of my favouite places and today It was beyond beautiful down there, the water the bluest I've ever seen it.  One very happy bunny! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Judging At Manchester

Well as with her previous judging appointment the Judging at Manchester has caused an uproar! But let's face it we had all seen her judge before and therefore no one can deny they didn't know what to expect. Sammi had won Minor Puppy bitch under her at City Of Birmingham so we were definitely going to give her another go, but Nico had been placed last... so she would not get the pleasure of putting her hands on him again! I so agree that her judging is ridiculously inconsistent, I'll never know what she's looking for but you know I felt it worth a go and we did very well out of it.
What I can't get over are the hypocrites on Facebook, those who didn't enter as it was their rights to do so, one minute they are slagging off the judging by the inconsistent results the next they are congratulating you on your win. Worse still are the ones digging the biggest holes, they are  "proud" and "over the moon" that dogs connected to them did so well, but then they are suggesting that the judging was appalling! The funny side of it is they don't see it, What hypocrites! Another has posted that there was no way they would give an entry ... forgetting to mention the only reason they didn't is that they hoped their bitch was in whelp!!!
I'm not annoyed, I'm finding it amusing thankfully, though it has slightly taken the joy out of the wins I will not let them belittle this for me, I felt on the day mine did deserve their recognition! Those of you who know me know that there is no one more critical of my dogs than Me, myself and I!  Like I said Sammi deserved to be third - or maybe 4th but behind the beautiful 5th placed bitch and I thought Loki looked super in the ring with Sarah.
Ah well nowt as queer as folk .. another day another dog show!!!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Day After The Dog Show

Proud Of My Nico kids
 Love this of them
 Run Kids Run

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Manchester Champ show

Having been under today's judge before at COB in 2014 I was going today with my eyes wide open. She did not disappoint with her inconsistency!!! Still in it to win it and we had a super day with Loki winning Junior Dog and shortlisted to the last 4 in the challenge for the CC. Ian and Tracy's sweet Bella did them (and us) proud by gaining a second in Junior Bitch and my Naughty Angel Sammi Belle was 4th in her first PG class. (She's only three weeks out of SY)
 Thanks to Sarah for her usual super handling and thanks to everyone for their well wishes and encouragement today, I was deeply touched! Proud that I managed to drive there and back and equally proud of Gail who managed to talk all the way there and back! Thanks Linda for the pics ... great to see you all today.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Snow and Season!

Troops out in our pathetically small amount of snow today... normally I'd be praying for more but today I'm quite happy to settle for this as we are off to Manchester CH show tomorrow ... my first drive to a show since that dreaded day last August!

Sammi Belle has come in season today. So that's seven months and 1 week. All I can do is pray she does the same next time .. or ideally goes even longer.  Here's hoping!

I forgot to post it on the day - please check this out

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Nice Day To Be A Cat

It's a lovely sunny day, beautiful crisp winter sunshine. Billy is out enjoying it. I've seen no sign of Tia, Oliver or Isla .. but where are the "J" boys? You've guessed it! Lazy boys!
Junior and Jamie

Stud Enquiry

Is it wrong of me to dismiss it and say NO without any further conversation because the bitch is white? I think not, my dog, my rules. It's against my principals to breed from non standard colours, so even if I am a few hundred quid out of pocket my conscience is clear! No doubt they will find someone who will let them use their dog, more "mixed" colour breeding, more puppies with dubious bloodlines! Just my opinion ... Sad really.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mostly It Went Well!!!

Ok, it's a lovely Photo, three dogs with Llyn Cop and the village of Fron behind them. BUT do you see it? Around Jezi? If you don't click on the photo to enlarge. Very Odd! Logically it's a camera malfunction .. but therefore why is it only around Jezi? Cause she moved I guess! 

We we went back to Llyn Cop for the second walk and due to someone being on the bottom path we found an alternative way back. Maybe a bit too much for Finlay but for all the others it adds a bit of walking time with some fantastic views
Llyn Cop from the "Top track"

Walk number three was a washout, with hail and sleet hammering us in the wind! 
To add insult to injury Tali was more awkward than ever!
Tali and Ziva making it obvious that they don't want to sit next to each other at the moment!
I'll have to keep my eye on the ball I think!