Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Krizzie 8:7:00 - 11:12:07

Blanik Deeanna
Krizzie Died Today.........Today is Tuesday.
Krizzie had shown no sign of illness until we came home from shopping on Sunday afternoon. In the morning she had eaten normally and had been wrestling with her daughter Tali. I took her temperature, and was upset to find it was 104, she was also very depressed. As I tried to examine her I found several small mammary tumours, which I was sure, had not been there long. Considering our recent experiences I panicked and phoned the Vet, he said I could take her in immediately.
His initial examination showed that she had respiratory problems, hopefully an infection, and she showed pain around her pancreas area. He took bloods and gave her antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets. I was to phone with a progress report on Monday morning and take her back on Tuesday.
On Monday morning her temperature was almost normal but she was very depressed and didn't eat all of her food, this in itself being a rare occurrence for Krizzie. On Monday night the alarm bells really started ringing when she didn’t eat at all.
This morning her temp had gone back up, she was pretty much the same in spirits but looked slightly bloated. But as we went to the car for the trip to the vets Kriz bounced out enthusiastically. She sat up all the way there and barked at a jogger who ran past the car as we waited at a junction. This gave me hope that Krizzie wasn’t feeling too ill after all!
The Vet examined her, decided to do a chest X-ray and drain some fluid from her abdomen. The fluid was blood. He immediately decided to do an exploratory operation and found that she had a tumour on her liver, which had burst and was haemorrhaging into the abdomen. He said there was very little left of the liver and there was nothing they could do to save her. He couldn’t understand how she had stayed so well and showed so few symptoms. It was decided that it was best not bring her round from the operation and to let her go peacefully to sleep.
I can't begin to tell you how I feel today. I've never experienced such pain in my life as I have these last few months. Krizzie was only 7 years old. I expected to share her wonderful/exuberant company for many years to come.
As you may know I’m sure I've now lost 4 of my beautiful Shepherds in 6 months and my lovely little Grani left us in April too. Along with ill health in my family this year, it must be the most painful year on record for me. I know there was nothing I could do to change things but that doesn't make it any easier accept. Krizzie died today.....
In May 2000 Seffe was mated to Apollo von Dakota, and in July following a Caesarean I held the little bundles in my hands and dried off their wet bodies. One of the bitches in the litter of 5 had been too large to be born naturally and seeing as Krizzie was the largest pup and living with her over these years I now almost certainly believe it was her.
I christened the bitches Snap, Crackle and Pop, the boys Bill and Ben. I pitied the future owner of Snap, as even at an early age she was exuberant to say the least! By the time they where 6-7 weeks old, with not much between Snap and Crackle, I believed that Snap had the best conformation and therefore the decision was made to keep her. Snap became Krizzie, or Krizzie Pup as she was known till this day!
At around 14 weeks old Krizzie broke her front leg, we don’t know how, she never told us! She spent weeks in plaster, but it didn’t stop her from mischief making. One afternoon Steve was fixing the flat roof when he heard a noise behind him. Kriz was half way up the ladder, plastered leg coming first. I wasn’t home to help him and I still don’t really know how they both got down without breaking at least another leg between them!
Her show career started well, at her first show at 6 months old she was Res. Best Puppy in Show. She was a delight to show, though possibly somewhat too exuberant for the canine society show ring. In her last show at the end of August, proving to the young ones she could still move, she was 2nd in Open under Sarah Smith. (Saracol)
In July 2003 Krizzie gave birth to the Blanik “E” litter of 7 boys and one long coated bitch. (Our much loved and missed Jay being the sire) My initial disappointment at not having a bitch to show was soon forgotten as my “Amazing” Louis has grown to be my closest of friends, and without doubt the Star of the show in my eyes. But still I wanted a bitch to continue my line and in November 2004 Krizzie was mated to Rangemore Arko. The pups were born in January 2005, and guess what? Krizzie this time decided she’d have 8 boys and one bitch. Thankfully Tali (B. Frankie) was short coated and a very promising female.
Krizzie loved her kids; she would jump in to defend Tali or Louis in any situation. Usually under the watchful eye of her own mother Seffe the three of them spent endless hours playing together in the field. I feel they too will mourn her loss. Krizzie also loved people. Visitors where presented with a football and expected to play If they tried to ignore her she would parade with it in her mouth, chattering away until someone finally took notice of her. She particularly loved a couple of our male friends; Frank and Harry were her favourite visitors!
In May of this year Krizzie had a lump removed off her hind leg, she was also spayed at the same time. Though she spent a few hours feeling sorry for herself the following day she was up and off as usual. It was actually hard to keep her quiet.
Without doubt Kriz was physically the strongest Shepherd I have ever owned. There was only her, of all the dogs here, that with an unexpected pull on the lead could take us both off our feet. She was confident, non aggressive and funny. If you believe a dog can’t have a sense of humour, then you've never met Krizzie.
Today I wonder if it's all worth it? This pain is too great for me to see a way out. Four dogs gone in 6 months, my beautiful family ripped in half in less than a year. Surely it must be pain free to have none? Tomorrow I hope I will see things slightly different.
Krizzie died today, she was only 7 years old. She was fit, seemingly healthy and full of life and fun. Why didn’t we know she was ill? Why couldn’t she show us? If she’d have given us some sign that things were wrong, maybe, just maybe we could have helped, done something to keep her with us a little longer. Again, similarily to the way I felt after the death of her mother, I feel cheated and angry, but I don’t know who with. Today I can only feel that I must have been a very evil person in a pervious life, as God knows I’ve "tried" to be a good honest one in this one! I know that tomorrow, or maybe the next day I'll be stronger and think of the years of love and pleasure that Krizzie, like the others that I have loved and, have given me. Tomorrow I will know it's worth it!
Krizzie died today.........Krizzie Pup, my dear friend, be sure…You Have Been Loved

Friday, 19 October 2007

Beautiful George

"So," I thought, what is it about George Michael fans? Why are the majority of us animal lovers? What is it that draws us all together and keeps us all so happy in GMF?
Surely it's mutual kindness, compassion, gentleness and love, just like our man.
The beautiful boy grew into a wonderful man.
Just look at the pictures.....enough said me ffinks!!!!

Friday, 12 October 2007


This week Celt was taken into the vets to be put to sleep, he had been chasing sheep and his owners felt that this drastic action was the solution. I'm well aware that this is a serious offence in rural Wales; but does the blame lie here with the dog, or the owners ignorance or maybe incompetence? After all who walks a dog off the lead through a field full of sheep without being totally in control of the situation? Luckily my friend Sharon who is a receptionist at the vets persuaded the owners to allow her to try and re-home the dog. Her care and compassion for this dog (and many others) was both genuine and touching.
Celt was a 5 year old unentered male with a nice temperament. He was good with people and cats, though "apparently" slightly unsure of other dogs he had lived happily in the company of another. The prospects for re-homing seemed favorable, that was until on further inspection from the vets it was discovered that the dog had Anal Furunculosis. The owner had given a donation towards the dogs future, this would be used towards the initial cost of his treatment.
I'm lucky, I haven't had much experience with A.F, and hope I never will. I've only known 2 dogs who have suffered from the condition. The first female was 8 yrs old at the time of her diagnosis, her owner opted for surgery; at the age of 12 she was doing well and had had no re-occurrence of the condition. The other was also an older bitch, her condition was well controlled with medication. Obviously this is not always the case but Sharon and I both felt that this dog deserved a chance. Initially the vet felt that Celt was in the early stages of A.F and was optimistic about his future. He said that with this new drug which is cyclosporine based there is now an 80-90% success rate. We discussed surgery which would mean removal of the anal sacks and cryo surgery but he felt "at this time" it was not the best road to follow with Celt. All we could do was give Celt a chance and follow the vets advice.
Arrangements where made to move Celt from the surgery where he had been staying, to a boarding kennels. GSD Rescue had kindly offered to help out with the boarding fees and GSD helpline where going to provide a neutering voucher. Quite a few people where now getting together to help this boy on the road to recovery and the prospects of a new life.
Sadly before vaccinating Celt a vet at the same practice made a more obtrusive examination and found that the condition was far more serious than at first thought. There where numerous lesions in his anal passage. But isn't that the trouble with AF? It looks fine on the surface, but underneath its a nightmare. The disease tracks deep into the tissues, destroys everything in its path, and wont allow itself to heal. It was felt that it was kinder to let him go now before he started suffering. I am sure this was the right decision to make for Celt ~And just for a little while at least he has some real friends fighting his corner. I feel very sad, and Sharon is devastated at the unnecessary death of another lovely dog. If only he'd been diagnosed months ago, if he'd been treated earlier then he would have at least had a fighting chance.
Briefly to end...We are thank full for all the advice and all that we have learnt which may help us in the care of others who are in need in the future.
Nos Da Celt.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Welsh Witch

Lovely photo........ Oh yeah it's little old me, taken yesterday....aren't I beautiful aren't I just!
She with de 2 legs and Afghan hound hare cut said I ad to right, so I am.
What you want to kno? I kno I tell you about the show thing I went to on week-end day. Well I wz first and Louis wz first but he got BOB. Don't tell him but I let him win it cause otherwize he sulk. I saw lots of strange things there, minutre peoples and wrinklee ones, long haired, short haired and even some with baldi tops.
Oh yeh and me has a new mate. He's white and fluffy but he don't kno cos he aint got a mirror. He think he lwks like us....He's dead funny and fat and I can race him in the field. He look dead stupid cos his ittle legs are slo. Still I like him lots.
Today Jake ask me out I told him no way so he ask again and again and again and I bit him for being so cheeky. Mummy Kriz said I was bad but she didn't hear what he say to me....Me such a nice girl!
Been out and found Vixen perfume today...lovely brand had a good rolli in it. Go back tomorrow for more!!! Going now, board with this......Byeeeeeeeee

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Father and Son

Louis and Jay taken January 22nd 2007

Lend Me a Pup

I will lend to you for awhile, a German Shepherd pup, God said,
For you to love him while he lives and mourn for him when he's dead.
Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three
But will you, 'till I call him back, take care of him for me.

He'll bring his charms to gladden you and should his stay be brief
You'll always have his memories as solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return
But there are lessons taught below I want this pup to learn.

I've looked the whole world over in search of teachers true
And from the folk that crowd's life's land I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love Nor think the labor vain,
Nor hate me when I come to take my Shepherd back again.

I fancied that I heard them say "Dear Lord Thy Will be Done,
"For all the joys this Shepherd will bring, the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness we'll love him while we may
And for the happiness we've known forever grateful stay

But should you call him back much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.
If, by our love, we've managed, your wishes to achieve
In memory of him we loved, to help us while we grieve,
When our faithful bundle departs this world of strife,
We'll have yet another German Shepherd and love him all his life
Thank you to a lovely friend On the George Michael forum for posting this or me.

Friday, 31 August 2007

Jay 21.5.01 - 28.8.07

Following months of illness Jay was not responding to treatment. After finding him in his bed asleep in his own urine and stools this morning I knew it was time …..I made the dreaded phone call to the vets and requested a home visit. There was no way I would consider putting Jay in the car and carting him over to the surgery again. Jay had refused to eat anything, even pilchards, and had flopped on the floor before returning back to his cleaned bed. After an examination the vet said that on top of everything else his heart was now struggling too. We all felt due to his deteriorating condition that it was kinder to let him go with some dignity. Our lives have been shattered once more.
It was February 2002 when along with Harry Wright I collected two German Shepherd pups for re-homing from their totally unsuitable homes. Jet was 6 months old, a victim of a broken marriage and was going to be fostered by Harry and Gill; nine month old Jay came here to stay with us. Up to this point the idea was that both pups would be rehabilitated and re-homed. On collecting Jay we where given his paperwork and I was gobsmacked to discover that he was the grandson of my lovely Dexi. (Blanik Alliance.)
Jay was a non-socialised hooligan who had been fed on weetabix, chips, chicken soup and all sorts of unsuitable rubbish. They hadn’t served him well and he was lean as well as having poor muscle development for his age. After the death of Blade the previous year there was room for another dog in our home, and in my heart. Jay became a permanent member of the “Blanik” family.
Back in April of this year, following a routine wormer, Jay had started to loose weight, had re-occurring diarrhoea and a ravenous appetite. By the beginning of May I was starting to feel concerned and tests revealed that “For idiopathic reasons the balance of his bowel had been disrupted and campylobacter was thriving in his bowel." How did it get there? I guess I'll never know as its main sources are from raw or badly cooked chicken. Other identified food vehicles include unpasteurised milk, undercooked meats, mushrooms, hamburger, cheese, pork, shellfish, and eggs. (and of course the dreaded Tripe) The organism is also occasionally isolated from streams, lakes and ponds. I don't give my dogs any raw meats and any cooked meats they may get are our left-overs. I guess it will always be a mystery as to where and when. My Vet was concerned that a seemingly health 6year old dog had not been able to fight this condition. Still with antibiotics Jay’s diarrhoea cleared quickly and over the next couple of weeks he showed signs of improvement.
Sadly it wasn’t long before Jay started to go down-hill again. He started to refuse food and developed a taste for stones, slate, coal and concrete. (even lifting the carpet to try and eat the stone floor) He was lethargic and more tests revealed he had protein losing enteropathy and chronic anaemia, which by the time the results came through was even obvious to the untrained eye. He was given weekly B12 injections, as well as antibiotics and later steroids. We tried several herbal pills and lots of “health” products but nothing seemed to help. Some days Jay flatly refused to eat anything, except a small slice of liver to try and help with the anaemia, and to be honest most of what he did eat came straight through him anyway.
An honest 65cm at the withers Jay was never a heavy dog, his average weight being 34-36kg. To see him down to 24kg was heartbreaking, but still he was a young dog, so I always hoped for the miracle that never came.
For a while at the beginning of August Jay seemed to improve; he put on 2kg, his colour improved slightly, his appetite increased and his stools became reasonably normal. But over one week, and by last Friday he had again lost the weight he had earlier gained, he refused to eat and slept all day. I think I knew then that we were now living on borrowed time, but as I said earlier I just prayed for a miracle.
Some day I hope I can forget the sad shadow of the dog that I have lived with these last few months. I would like to remember Jay as the clown, the idiot, the handfull that until this illness he truly was. I often said, “if he’d been my first German Shepherd I’d have never had another.” But seriously I blamed his poor upbringing for his rather loutish behaviour and really our “Captain Chaos” was quite a character. The Jay I loved was a loud-mouthed hooligan, but predictably safe in all situations. He never showed aggression or nervousness; he was just a lovable fool.
I remember walking Jay with Dexi when he hadn’t been here that long. He kept irritating Dexi with a silly high-pitched non-stop bark; bark, bark, bark in his ear. Finally Dex lost his cool and pinned him down, the only problem was they were in the lake at the time. I really thought he was going to drown him. I screamed and Dexi let go of him. Jay pulled his head out of the water, his ears hanging down with the weight of the water; he quickly composed himself, ran behind Dexi and gave one loud high- pitched bark….there was just no telling that young lad!
His partner in crime was Krizzie, (Blanik Deeanna) though typically the young female ran rings around him, proving time and time again that she was far more devious and cunning than he could ever be. In June 2003 Jay and Krizzie produced the lovely Blanik “E” litter of 7 dogs and 1 bitch. Blanik Excentric (My “Amazing” Louis) has charmed most people he meets and his show wins are too numerous to mention.
Jay’s own show wins were not to be frowned upon; he went to Crufts twice and got a 4th in SYD on the first occasion and a 1st in the K.C.G.C.D the following year. He was placed in the first 4 at all his Champ shows and was BPD at his only Champ show as a puppy. (Birmingham National, judge- Frank Sanderson in 2002.)
To loose a loved companion is heartbreaking, to loose 2 so close together is devastating. (But still Seffe and Dexi where reasonably old.) To loose 3, in just over 2 months, and one a young lad who should have been in the prime of his life is plain soul destroying.
God Bless you baby Jay; now you will feel no more pain. You have given us so much in such a short time. Rest in peace my darling boy. You Have Been Loved
Steve and I would like to thank Ness at Arden Grange for her support and our Vet Caroline for her hard work and dedication in the treatment of Jay. Also we’d like to thank our lovely friends who contributed in many different ways to making these last few weeks/months easier for us, and more importantly Jay. I hate to think where we would be now without our friends. God Bless you all.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

So Why.....

......does Finlay stop on the door-step and have to be invited into the house?

.....and why when I walk briskly towards him does he cower?

Maybe best I don't know but I can imagine, and I guess I'll always wonder!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Now Don't Kid Yourself

I wrote this article for our dog club's newsletter....thought I'd share it with you......
Now don’t kid yourself; yeah, this could be written about you! How quick are you to belittle me for my “other” passion in life? I’ve heard you, a quick remark… “Bloody poof”….or a sarcastic giggle. Do you know how much it upsets me? Do I ask for it? I hope not, but still you feel inclined to comment without tact, or thought that this passion may just be what’s keeping me afloat at the moment. “He” is my escapism, so back off!!!
Hang on, this is a dog club newsletter, where am I going with this? Well if you care to read on I’ll tell you. I sat in that hall one night listening to people who work their dogs in one “sport” laughing and belittling others for showing their dogs, and similarly on another night I heard someone else taking the “Michael” out of the Heel Work To Music enthusiasts. Dog “people” all together in one room with enthusiasm and passion for their dogs, but still they feel the need to criticise and comment. That’s what got me thinking, if we can all stick together and admire each other for our own dog sport then surely it’s a start, how ever little.
You see, what I think is important is that we are here together, a community with something special in common, the love of dogs. We choose to spend our lives with our canine companions. Be it ordinary days at home or special days at shows; events, camping holidays or even a lovely walk in the countryside, the list is endless. Quality time with our dogs, and often our dog friends.
My dog “friends” are the best that I’ve got. Like-minded people whom I love to share my life with. Those fantastic week-ends at dog shows, there to comfort each other when we loose and share in the joy of winning, but each one knowing that the best dog goes home in the car with us at the end of the day.
I don’t work in Obedience Competitions anymore and agility doesn’t do it for me, though I have tried it. Fly ball and Heelwork to music are really not for me but if it’s your “thing” then go for it and enjoy your hobby with your beloved companion. But please do not belittle me for choosing to spend my days showing my beautiful dogs in the company of my good friends.
If this small dog community can’t start to understand each other and support each other within our own interests then my god it makes me worry about the bigger picture. What chance is there of ever eradicating racism and homophobia?
We love are dogs so lets support each other, be happy for each other in what we choose to do. We all need escapism, be it “that pop star” a round of golf or a week-end of fly ball. Let’s be happy for each other and not so quick to judge, after all it’s horses for courses, or dog sports for dog people.So, was this partly written about you? Only you and I know that and I’m never ‘gonna’ tell!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Meet Finlay

First Photo.........The day "He" arrived
Second photo.....Looking a little better

My Friend Finlay
It had been a very emotional few weeks in my life. I felt like my life was in tatters. To loose Dexi had been bad enough, to loose Seffe 3 weeks later had left me devastated. I cried so much I thought I'd never stop, but with 7 others to care for and love I found I could carry on, but only just! Feeling emotionally unbalanced I returned to work and caring for the animals there helped me to cope with my loss. Then on the Wednesday came a call from a council-run pound. The kennels’ owners may well have denied their statement later; but I was in the room when the call came in and I heard the list of 25 dogs due for destruction on the Friday read out, and later saw it all written down. Cross breeds, Sheepdogs, a Labrador bitch and a white German Shepherd to name but a few. After a quick word with "him indoors" we decided to offer a foster home to the GSD. How could I pick one knowing there was little hope of a future for the others? I even had to refuse the request to take two Labrador crosses as well as I simply don’t have the room. Still the morning was spent texting, phoning and e.mailing to assure a future for the other dogs. Through the hard work and dedication of a few individuals I'm glad to say that within 48 hours alternative accommodation was found for all the other dogs.
It was Friday morning when one of our charities volunteer arrived with the dogs coming to this area. As a GSD enthusiast I’ve had little time for whites, but I do like a black and tan long coat. I remember so clearly my thought when I first set eyes on him. "OMG, not just bloody white but a long coat as well.....and he's full of knots!!!"
It’s not snobbery you know! There are practical reasons why “white” is an unrecognised colour in the G.S.D breed standard. A German Shepherd herding his sheep on the hill needs to be easily distinguished from it’s flock, imagine the difficulties if the dog was almost the same colour as the sheep! Also a white dog working within the forces, (yes, I ’m aware there are a few) would stick out like a sore thumb during night duties. The gene pool for whites is so small that character has to be questioned; especially when the “white” enthusiasts are choosing to breed white to white and avoiding using standard coloured dogs to try and produce pure “snow” white dogs and eradicate cream animals.
As I’m a George Michael fan one of my work mates suggested I call him “Freeek.” (a George song) I really did think about it, but just couldn’t. Eventually I christened him Finlay.
Finlay is most things I consider incorrect in a GSD, he’s white,(well cream)he’s long coated, he’s got small, almost Samoyed like ears, and he’s unbelievably long....... Here’s my head my arse is coming!!! But he’s calm, self assured and totally non-confrontational, funny, bubbly and so easy to live with.
Now I know it's only 2 weeks since I met Finlay but he really is quite a stunning character. To be honest this young man has charmed me. Oops....looks like Rhian “read the breed standard” Stanley has fallen in love with a "white long coat." I keep telling him "you could have been a dead man now you know!" Still I defy any “dog lover” to say that this is not a good-looking dog. He may not be a good example of a GSD but he’s a very good-looking dog. So now that’s how I look at him as a lovely looking dog with a cracking character, I hope others will do the same.
Actually maybe I did the wrong thing for me in fostering Finn so shortly after the death of Seffe and Dexi. The wounds where too raw, I was not emotionally equipped to deal with fostering at that moment. I've let him in, I've fallen for the "white boy." I keep thinking of Seffe and singing the lyrics to "Please send me someone to love," and bursting into tears. Anyway, equipped or not, he's here now and had I not taken him.....well it really doesn't bear thinking about does it.
Today I've decided that I'm keeping Finlay. I really couldn't possibly give him up now. This wonderful dog is helping me heal, basically maybe he was just what I needed. He makes me smile and warms up my heart, his brown eyes and soft expression melt me, and he looks nothing like the wonderful family that I've lost so I will never make comparisons.
How could anyone have even been able to give him up? His owner knew where he was, they had been informed of his plight but they refused to pay the “fine” to get their dog back. Sometimes I really don't understand people, I would go through hell and high water to keep this wonderful dog safe.
I will never breed a litter of whites, and since Finn has lost his “bits” this week an accident will never happen here. I feel strongly about breeding to try and improve on what I’ve got and that means I will always adhere to the breed standard. But still I’ve opened my heart to this wonderful dog as an individual. He is now my friend.You know I find it so strange because in the past some “fosters” have been here for 18 months and I still managed to re-home them. I have fostered GSD's and kittens many times before without any difficulty in letting go when the time is right, but Finlay, well ....He has found his forever home here with me. I guess I needed him when he needed me.


Please send me someone to love
As much as I loved you (the way I loved you darlin')
Please send me someone to love
Anytime any day anytime now
Please, please send me someone to love
So say that you will
Because the nights are long
Without are song to sing
Just search the clouds until.....until
And dalin' though I can't replace you
There's a space in my heart
A space that you left in my heart
Just give me something that will pull me back from the blue
Send me someone like you
darlin' no I can't replace you
There's a space in my heart
a space that you let in my heart
Just give me something that will pull me back from the blue
(Anselmo's song) George Michael

Monday, 16 July 2007

Seffe 10/1/96 - 15/7/07

Born to my first litter, I have to be honest; Seffe was not the puppy I’d set my heart on. Aria her litter sister had always filled my eyes with expectations, I’d even called Aria by the name Seffe for a few days. But that was not to be, now that pain is buried well in the past where it should be, and I shared eleven and a half years of love and pleasure with MY darling Seffe.
Today I feel cheated of those last precious moments in her life. I feel that I never got to say that last goodbye. But how was I to know that when I popped into the village she would be gone when I came home? Thirty minutes, that’s all it took, and in that time she was stolen from me. Seffe was 11 and half years old, and hadn’t even been ill, she seemed so healthy. I was prepared for Dexi’s death, he'd been ill on and off for the last 3 months, but Seffe was so well, so happy......... Even yesterday, when I called her in to the bedroom before we went out she was barking at the neighbours.
Now I can only think of last Saturday (7.7.07) and how on top form she was at a dog show. Going round scrounging for a tit-bit and flirting with a 2 yr old German Shepherd male, and then winning the non-sporting class with boundless energy. Now my darling Seffe has gone and my heart is breaking. You see Dexi was the "star" here, the big winner, but she was my mate, my best friend, the one I could always trust to be by my side.
She was always funny; and along with her selective deafness she’d got funnier as she’d got older. I guess she must have felt that things “didn’t always apply” to her. She didn’t feel she had to go out with everyone else. She’d just stare at me so defiantly, and of course nine times out of ten, I’d just say, “If you don’t want to go that’s fine.” Making the excuse to myself of, “well she’s old now isn’t she,” for about the last 2 yrs I suppose.
Sometimes she treated Steve with contempt, other times with tolerance only. But I can only believe that they understood each other as he always said, “She’s not a bit of trouble when you’re not around.” But she was here first and my god did she remind him of that on a regular basis. If he cuddled her, she’d move away, if he tried to get her out of the bedroom in the morning she’d climb onto our bed and cuddle into me or simply stare at him defiantly. She also refused to go for walks with him, turning back half way across the field to come back to me. Strange little dog would give up her walk if I couldn’t go, now there’s love for you.
Seffe wasn’t really the best mum in the world; though she loved her litter of 5 pups for a few weeks she quickly got bored and allowed her own mum Nikki to take over rearing the hooligans. Good thing really as without Nikki I think the over intelligent Krizzie, Seffe’s daughter, would have got completely out of hand. After her litter Seffe was spayed, problem was nobody told her. Seffe continued to be a right flirt and I remember so well her falling in love (or lust) with a Hungarian Viszla at Ruthin show. She stood by the ring as the dog was being shown almost whimpering and bouncing around with excitement. It took me a while to figure out what she was getting so wound up about. The guy bought the dog over to meet her and she was ecstatic, I never saw her react to another dog that way before or after that day.
The last couple of years Seffe had a great time in her veteran classes. Though she got bored standing still she loved to move around the ring and as some will no doubt know what she loved even more was the applause. It was ALWAYS for her, it just made her jump with joy. So proud I’d felt only last week as the judge commented on her fitness and condition. Lets face it, it really is rare to see an eleven year old GSD in the ring, let alone one who still moved with enthusiasm and drive. Seffe was not a big show winner or a well known brood bitch. Seffe was my special friend, my comfort blanket, my charming, funny little friend, my shadow. It will take a long time for these wounds to heal, but one thing is for sure the world has been a better place and my life has been richer for having known Seffe. I only wish I’d had the pleasure of living with her a little bit longer. Good night Seffe. You have been loved.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

25 LIVE....Stadium tour

As the silver escort touched 85mph on the M56 I took my foot off the accelerator and I remember thinking, “Oh my God all I needed now is a speeding ticket .” The “go-faster” tracks of “Upper” really hadn’t help but still I was getting closer to Swinton, which in turn got me close to Manchester, and then to my destination……the wonderful world of George land.
The drizzly rain had eased for a while but as I stood Outside Maccies waiting for Kim the breeze was strong and I just knew my wayward hair would curl even more. Still nothing could dampen my enthusiasm, I was going to see George. For the 3 times in 7 month I was seeing George. My head was in the clouds, nothing, no nothing could bring me down from this high. Finally all that Waiting was nearly at an end; soon I would be completely under the spell of “the other man” in my life,……again!
Kim and I both shrieked like a couple of school kids when we saw each other; after all, though there had been many phone calls and hundreds of texts it had been 7 months since we last saw each other. Gemma, Kim’s lovely daughter smiled enthusiastically though I wondered how she felt in the company of two middle aged obsessive Georgie fans?
There was a good hour of nattering before a far too short meet-up with Rhona or Georgia, as she’s known to those of us in the “George world.” Cars and Trains eh Rhona….or was it more a case of no bloody trams!!!
Ange and Geri waited quietly under the “spiky thing” for us to join them. A couple of shy ladies they where a little nervous of going in alone……Ok, Ok truth is there a couple of big gobs and I had their tickets!!! (Don’t hurt me girls…only joking!) It was bloody great to see them again though and the five of us where high as kites. We where bubbly, giggly, and to be honest we behaved like a bunch of teenagers who been let out after being grounded for 6 months.
The venue, Manchester City Stadium wasn’t as huge as I’d expected. Now don’t laugh, I’d never been to a football stadium before and my view of the stage was far better than I’d expected. Sophie Ellis Bexter was first on stage, her green dress resembling a Viscount biscuit. She did her best to get us going, but let’s be honest here, I wasn’t there to see her and neither where the other 65,000 people. We where there to see George Michael and we all kept our enthusiasm and energy for when OUR MAN walked out on stage.
The uproar of so many people is quite some sound and the emotion I felt as The Greek God came out on stage was overpowering. I screamed his name as loud as I could and then just cheered and screamed like a banshee. I turned and smiled at Kim, words where not necessary. I knew that I was in good company, she, like most of the people around me knew exactly what was going through my mind, for they surely felt it too. In this place there was no need to try and explain myself, in this place I was with like-minded people who understood and would never belittle me for the love I now felt.
“Fastlove” exploded, we danced and screamed as Yog hit every note and danced his socks off. The rain that drenched him just made him sexier and did nothing to dampen my spirits. He smiled, giggled and chatted and I hung on to his every word.
By the time we got to “Father Figure” I could feel myself starting to blubber. Uncontrollably but silently the tears started to flow down my checks. Momentarily I worried about the black eyeliner that was probably half was down my face by now, but there was nothing I could do to stop the tears. Through out this song I stared at the large screen, never once looking away from my “Idol.” My god what does this man have over me? Why does he make me feel like this?
“Everything she wants” got me dancing again and I took my eyes off the screen and watched the perfect figure of the man dancing around the stage. I remember George saying in early 06 that this would be a different tour to those earlier in his life…he wouldn’t be shaking his bum these days….Yog you lied, and my god you still shake it so well!!!!
“Praying For Time” had the tears flowing again, why did he do this? Why did he take me right up and then play with my emotions by singing an emotional Ballard? Now he was touching me again somewhere deep in my soul, these are songs that have been of great comfort to me in my lower moments, songs that really do mean something.
One of my favourites “Star People” had my screaming his name and that led to the hilarious but controversial “Shoot The Dog.” Now we can laugh at it but how worrying it is to know that this “Pop Star” actually saw things clearer than the politicians and indeed the Prime Minister!!!
The 20mins break actually brought sadness, we where half way through. Would I ever feel this way again? Would I ever get to feel these emotions again? I have to believe that one day I will, for my future sanity I have to believe……..
Suddenly he’s back on stage, OMG what is he wearing? George dressed as an American police Office for “Outside”…..OMG…...yeah that really does it for me.(mind you George dresses as Coco the clown would probably “do it” for me. )
“Spinning the Wheel” and he has us all waving our arms in the air, the thought crosses my mind that this reminded me ever so slightly of playing “Simon says” at school. Yes George, Of course George, ANYTHING you say George. “Flawless” another favourite “Causes your beautiful, like no other.”
“Amazing,” for darling Kenny, the man he loves. Lucky git, luckiest man alive I think. (Helen please take him home!) And yeah, I sang it too…. nanana nanana .Magic ,pure magic.
“The Edge of Heaven” was a treat as I’d never heard him perform it live before, “Careless Whisper”- perfection. He left us briefly coming back onto the stage for one last time for “Freedom 90” …..WOW. As fantastic and affective as the day it was written. “You’ve got to give for what you take.”
George darling you’ve done it again, left my emotions in tatters. Left me needing more, left me more obsessed than I’ve ever been, but left me knowing and understanding why to me you are so special. Not an hour of any waking moment goes past without a thought of you and what you’ve given me. Thank you George for being there when I need a friend, a shoulder to cry on or a little piece of sanity. You’re my inspiration at happy times and my comfort at lower moment. I never need to drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine, not when I’ve got you to turn too. Till the next time we spend an evening together George, Thank you….and I’ll be “Waiting”

I must also mention my lovely friends on GMFORUMS. I feel such a bond with you, an understanding that needs no explaining….truly my dearest friends….from the bottom of my heart, I also thank you.

Dexi 10/1/96- 24/6/07

Written on the 25/6/o7

We have just lost our lovely Blanik Alliance, or Dexi as he was known to all who loved him.
From the first litter I had bred,He was a very special boy, his show ring achievements alone where a credit to him. He gained 1 CC, 3 RCC and was graded V at all his adult breed/ championship shows. Dexi was joint 3rd top sire in 1999 and 10th top winning GSD male in 2000. He was also Breed survey class 1 and sire of top winning puppy Nordau Krystal.
All that said and done it really is only the icing on the cake isn't it. First and foremost Dexi was our pet, he was a large, funny, clumsy, affectionate dog. He slept in the bedroom and over the last few years was more likely to be found snoring on the sofa than exercising in the fields.(though to be honest he always was a couch potato) But even as recent as last Thursday Dexi had a run around the bottom field when my friend had called up with her dog Lia. (Some of you will remember B. Billi-Lee)That day he was bubbly, cocky and full of himself. Really it was 9pm last night before the alarm bells started ringing again. He had been sick and was breathing strangely. Long story short.... By 11pm we where at the vets and having to make that dread-full decision. Great for him but Steve and I are gutted.
The small puppy didn't really stand out in the litter. I guess, being the greedy one, till he was 6wks he was just a little fat blob. But I remember when I then saw something in him and that "something" then stayed forever. We had several enquires for Dexi, when he was around 2 yrs we where offered £4,000 for him. No I'm not boasting, We would NEVER have sold OUR dog but we where gutted to be told by a top breeder that if he'd been owned by a top kennel like his own, he would have been a champion before he was 3 yrs old. Sadly this is possibly true!
The heavens opened this morning, the rain has never stopped. But dear Steve still had to dig a hole in the front garden, and Dexi now lies with his mother and his uncle Blade.
Nos Da "Blanik Alliance." and Thank you for every thing you gave us. You Have been Loved

Friday, 1 June 2007

He's "MY" Man

“Get the phone” Steve shouted. I flinched at the familiar number on the caller display unit, but hell I was brave that day, I could speak to her, so foolishly I answered the call. To protect the innocent we’ll call her Anna, though obviously that’s not her real name. Really it’s not necessary to hide her name as I doubt she will ever find her way here, technology has past her by, but still, just incase!!!
Pleasantries and German Shepherd talk over and she moves in for the kill
Anna- “So what do you think of your George Michael then?”
Now don’t doubt it, normally to hear him called “My George” would have been a dream come true but in this context it sent shivers of fear down my spine.
Me -“Well you know what I think of George, do you want me to spell it out to you again?”
George had been the subject of many heated discussions between us. Anna is without doubt a racist, and a homophobic; well basically she hates anyone who isn’t white, British and heterosexual. She just can’t cope with anyone who is outside her own limited comfort zone of normality.
Anna- “don’t be silly I mean the the cocktail of drugs, stupid man I always told you he was a wrong one. Men like him make my skin crawl.”
Me -“Excuse me? You know nothing about this man” I answered calmly “and I guess you never bothered to look into it, you just read the Sun like millions of others, and believed every word you read.
Anna – “Well he went driving in the middle of the night, wasted on drugs, and probably drunk as well.”
My temperature was gradually rising but I couldn’t help but snigger at her use of the word “wasted. ” Anna is a lot older than me so she would have definitely only read the word in this context in the Sun or another of this country’s low life gutter press.
Me-“Oh Anna to quote the man himself, same old same old” I replied knowing it would go straight over her head. “Why for once in your life can you not see past your own ridiculous prejudice and see the good this man is doing for so many people like me? Why do conversations have to revolve around his personal life time and time again? Close your eyes and listen to his words, and if they’re not for you then just leave me alone to be happy loving him. I don’t ask for your opinion of him, I never have and I never force my opinion of him on you; so why do you find it necessary to always bring him up in conversation?
Before she could get a word in I continued
“And what’s more if you are my friend then why can you not see that when you continuously insulting the man I admire it hurts me. Or is that part of the game, lets pick on Rhi and see her squirm. Well I will squirm no more. I am proud to be a George Michael fan. I am proud of George both for his work, and the way he deals with his personal life. When George makes a mistake, he proves to us all just how much of a man he really is, he’s always the first to put his hand up and say, ‘I was wrong.’
Anna sighed before adding her ten pence worth, “ Oh dear, take you rose tinted glasses off and see the situation for what it really is, I see a drug taking poof has been who can’t sing for toffee and gets his picture in the paper for all his misdemeanours.”
Quietly I answered “Yes Anna I guess that’s what you would see!!!!”The phone clicked off as I put the receiver down. What was the point? After all why waste my breath on trying to explain to someone who really does not want to understand?

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

My "Amazing" Louis

"Tell me, I think that cupid was in disguise
The day you walked in and changed my life
I think it's amazing,
the way that love can set you free.
So now I walk in the midday sun
I never thought that my saviour would come
I think it's amazing
I think your AMAZING"
(George Michael)

Monday, 28 May 2007

She’s got Masticatory Myo-What?

Photos of Kiri during her illness and now in remission

It was a Monday evening and Kiri was sitting in her usual place, her bum on the sofa and her front legs draped over Steve’s lap. I turned and looked at the happy couple. Something about Kiri was different. Was there a swelling around her eye? Maybe not! Tuesday evening and she’s sitting once again in the same place. Today there was no doubt - something was different. Her face seemed puffy and swollen and she seemed reluctant to open her mouth.
By Wednesday morning her face was so badly swollen that she had no stop and indeed from a side profile she looked more like a Borzoi than a GSD. Though she managed every last crumb of her breakfast she seemed to be having difficulty opening her jaw and she was coughing whilst eating.(Let me point out at this stage that the meaning of life for Kiri is food; she would have sucked it up through a straw if necessary)
The vet’s earliest available appointment was for early afternoon and initially the young vet seemed baffled at the symptoms. Kiri’s temperature was normal, her colour was good and her eyes bright and healthy, but by now she showed signs of distress if any one tried to open her mouth and the swelling on her face was hot and painful. There was also a strange smell on her breath. The vet reckoned that there was a possibility of a foreign body in her mouth or throat and suggested an X-ray. Because she had eaten that morning she was given a “rimadyl” injection and an appointment was made for the next day.
Kiri looked pretty much the same on Thursday morning, though she objected loudly to being left in her cage as the rest of her family had breakfast!
A different vet called us into the consulting room and offered me an alternative diagnosis; possibly Kiri had suffered a severe allergic reaction to something, or it could be a condition called “Masticatory Muscle Myositis” (MMM). They could proceed with
X-rays or give her a large dose of steroids and wait for 24hrs to see if there was any improvement. Convinced this was an allergic reaction I decided to wait.
By Friday morning the swelling on Kiri’s face had reduced dramatically and she looked almost her usual self; there was just a slight dip on her temple that bothered me somewhat. The vet suggested this could be a reaction to the high dose of steroids, but felt it necessary to give her another injection and tablets to carry us over the weekend. With an appointment made for Monday we set off home.
This was not the weekend I had been expecting. Kiri spent the entire time on a chair in the computer room and when I finally managed to encourage her into the living room she sat behind the sofa. She was quiet and distant and the only time she showed any enthusiasm was when she heard the rattle of dinner bowls! By Sunday night there was a drastic change to Kiri’s face. At the time it appeared as if the swelling had gone down but hadn’t known when to stop, giving her head a skull-like appearance, and by now the front of her mouth would not open more than an inch or so. (But yes she could still eat).
When I took her to the surgery on Monday I felt sick with worry. What on earth was going on with Kiri? She was then taken in for X-rays on her throat and mouth to see if there was anything untoward causing the problem but nothing had been found.
The diagnosis following this visit to the vets was MMM. (Chronic form) They hadn’t even been able to open Kiri’s mouth under anaesthetic. They informed me that it is an immune mediated disease found in many large breeds of dogs, but especially GSD’s. Then why had I never heard of it, and what can be done about it?
Kiri was prescribed a course of steroids, starting with 60mg to be reduced over the next 6mths. I was also told to provide her with bones and chew sticks as physiotherapy for her jaw. As MMM is a disease that only goes into remission and never really goes away long term use of steroids may be a necessity. (But I am looking for alternative medicines). After the 6mth course we will have an important decision to make. If we take her off the steroids we could risk her having another episode and apparently each one increases in its severity. But I don’t relish the thought of putting a 5yr old bitch on steroids, with all their side affects, for the rest of her life.
Over the next week Kiri’s face deteriorated, the condition affected the muscle behind her eyes giving them a sunken look and I suppose due to the pressure on the tear ducts, her eyes where also weeping. On a good note after spending a day on a chew stick about the size of a stick of rock (normally would have been demolished within an hour), there was a drastic improvement in the mobility of her jaw. We continue daily to provide her with something to chew. As regards to eating, throughout these last few weeks Kiri has never stopped eating. I realise this could have been the downfall of many a dog as at times she did find it difficult. A less food-orientated dog may not have made the effort and long term not obtained enough nourishment to maintain his strength.
Kiri is responding well to treatment to date though on the advice of a specialist 10 days after starting her steroids the dose was cut in half. This was because she was losing muscle tone on her limbs and it was felt that the steroids themselves were causing this problem. We always had a bit of trouble with Kiri’s weight; much to my husband’s disapproval I affectionately called her “fatty.” Now she seems only half the dog she was and though she has eaten well throughout these past few week she has lost about 6kg in weight, or maybe partly muscle.
This chapter is by no means closed; we have to take each day as it comes. There has been a lot of stress and tears in this house over the last few weeks, partly due to the “not knowing.” On our part we have to learn to accept that our lovely girl doesn’t look the same any more; we will get use to the new face that greets us daily; after all the dog behind the face is still the one we love so much. For Kiri herself, well, we just want her to feel well and be happy. At least she won’t go into the bathroom in the morning, look in the mirror and ask “why?” We are the ones doing that!
May I also take the opportunity to thank all of the people who have helped us throughout this; without their friendship and support this would have been much harder. Kiri would also like to thank everyone who turned up with bones and chews; she really doesn’t mind if they keep on coming!!!!!

Sunday, 27 May 2007


Is this man the sexiest man alive or is this the sexiest man alive? Thank you George for keeping me sain and happy and thank you for the precious, emotional moments. My darling George, My love, my sanity, my Greek God.

Stick it in a Kennel

This was the advice given to me when I attended one of my first breed shows in 1992; I refused to do it then and I still refuse to do it now. I don’t consider my views to be extreme, hell I have four kennels and use them daily. Our young dogs spend up to five hours a day in them, whilst I’m at work it seems the healthiest most sensible solution. But the idea of my dogs spending all their days, apart from an hour or two for exercise, in a kennel is a definite no no!
I have dogs because I love them; I have this breed because I think they are simply the best. My dogs are my family, my pets and not just a hobby to take out at weekends and put back in the cupboard during the week, What are they to you? Are the show wins simply a way of boosting your already large ego? Do you come home from the shows, put your Champion dog back in his kennel and sit all evening looking at the rosette YOU won today?
We all agree (don’t we?) that dogs are pack animals, social creatures that thrive on companionship. Is it not therefore unnatural for a dog to live alone, or away from its pack leader? Surely being in a kennel for 22hrs a day is like a severe form of punishment for a social animal. A dog left alone all day must have long boring hours and will do anything to make himself feel better. Excessive barking, tail chasing, pacing and circling, all considered behavioural problems could stem from this boredom. Maybe you should consider getting a garden gnome or two, they’ll be quite happy sitting in the yard all day, and they don’t even need feeding. (Maybe you could start a Gnome club of GB…… If there isn’t one already!)
Our puppies are born in the house and during their 7 or 8 weeks here they hear the Hoover, see the T.V and socialise with the cats; and yes they spend some time in the kennel and some time alone, all important parts of everyday life. What about your puppies, do they ever come out of the kennel other than to be stood or studied for “show potential?” What about the puppy you kept until he was 5months old and decided to sell as a “pet” because he would never make the grade? Did he ever watch Eastenders or get tangled in the vacuum cleaner lead? Now the socialising period is probably over, will he ever really be a confident acceptable member of society?
Having your dogs in the home with you for at least part of the day must surely deepen the bond between you, you learn so much more about the individual by spending quality time together. Also by watching the interaction between pack members I learn daily about my pack’s behaviour. Youngsters learn quickly from older pack members, much quicker than I could ever teach them.
I just don’t get it. What is the point of owning a clever social creature and leaving it out in the kennel all day? If you’ve never had your tea knocked out of you hand, your dinner pinched off the table, a soggy wet nose in your face first thing in the morning or been knocked on your arse going through a door, then consider this; have you ever really “lived with” or “loved” a dog?
This article was written in memory of Nikki (Lledfegin Camri) 1RCC, Breed Survey class 1, Graded “V”. Who always lived in the house, slept in the bedroom, and trained all the youngsters, and was first printed in The German Shepherd National Magazine.

This Is Me.....

I'm such a pretty Girl

A Dog Called Grani

It’s the 20th of April 07 and I’ve just come back from the vets. I sat out on the grass with a 16 yr old dog in the sunshine as we said our last goodbyes. She was still bright and alert but her body had just had enough and had given up on her. What a way to go though, lying in the sunshine in the arms of someone who, for almost 4 yrs, had grown to love her like one of her own. Someone who remembers so clearly the day she came into her life.
It was June/July 03 and I’d only been working at Freshfields Animal rescue since the beginning of April that year. I turned up at work on a lovely sunny Monday morning to find the Kennels full to bursting, yet again, of unwanted working sheepdogs/collies. Anyone who knows me knows that they are not my favourite breed, and knows my reason for feeling this way is simple. Briefly in many cases I feel they do not make good pets. As a dog trainer and a person who is involved in rescue I’ve seen far too many of these intelligent dogs unable to adjust to a “pet” dog life. The situation with the collies had got so desperate at Freshfields over the weekend that Lesley had put one of the dogs in the caravan. And that, was “her.” I was told that her temperament was awful with other dogs and to exercise her alone. Having finished the kennels I got her out of the caravan and I clearly remember thinking, “what the hell is that?”
No, our Grani was not your average looking collie. She was a short-coated blue merle bitch with 2 blue eyes, and I thought at the time anyway, a rather hard expression. Dew claws stuck out terribly on her hind legs and there where obvious arthritic lumps on her joints, particularly her elbows and hocks. She stood out at the elbows, almost like a bulldog and ran everywhere, never walked. What the hell would we call this peculiar creature who was almost emaciated and surely didn’t have a hope in hell of a new home. “After all” I remember thinking, “with all the nice looking collies here, who would want that?” I think someone suggested we call her Merle or Mabel but somehow it didn’t sound right. You know when the name just doesn’t fit the dog. Over the following week she was referred to as Granny Grump in the Caravan. Grani it was to be!!!!
Within no time Grani was in season and “slapper” was one word I would use to describe her, this was the only time that she forgot just how much she really hated other dogs. If it moves, bonk it…..and that included me….no fun for me I assure you, though certain other members of staff thought it was hilarious!! Shortly after this I carted her over to the vets to be spayed, they thought she was too old and frail and the operation was not carried out. I would be the object of Grani’s lust many times over the next 4 yrs, well at least somebody loved me!
Around this time Nebo kennels was closed down and another “unhomeable” collie’s life was hanging in the balance. Tara had been re-homed several times but was unpredictable and was sent back to Nebo. At the time of their closure another rescue centre offered her a place, but due to her temperament they decided to have her destroyed. When Lesley was informed she made immediate plans to bring her to Freshfields and Tara became part of our family, and my other closest of friends. Through the caravan window Grani took one look at the glamorous B/W long coated collie and decided her mission in life was now to kill Tara…and no I’m not joking. I’m sure her hatred for Tara was her incentive to keep going for so long.
Grani’s physical condition improved beyond recognition, though the arthritis in her joints caused her to have a very strange gait. The vet reckoned that some of her joints where completely seized and on further investigation it was obvious that she had had a serious back injury at sometime in her life, this also contributed to her “individual” gait. Luckily Metacam had amazing results for her and her quality of life was excellent.
Grani stayed in the caravan for some months but had to be moved out when the hole she chewed through the aluminium was big enough for her to get her head through. Before anyone gets worried, no she didn’t hate her caravan, far from it, if the door was open she more often than not sat inside.(I think giving us all a false sense of security) The chewing was just sheer temper and frustration when Tara was out in the yard and she couldn’t get to her. When the caravan was scrapped she was moved into the Kennel kitchen unit……..And Guess what? She moved in next door to Tara!!! No, not the cleverest of moves, but luckily there was a brick wall between them!
Over the years Grani had become my shadow, following me from the cattery block to the kitten unit and waiting patiently outside the doors for me. I even gave her a job, it was her duty to make sure the cat bowls got a “pre-wash” before they went into the kennel/kitchen to be washed. A job she completed to perfection, though we did argue about the tins she regularly pulled out of the bins and scattered along the cattery floor.
I seriously thought about bringing her home to live with me. But with her aggressive nature it simply would never have worked within my “pack”. When there was room in the car she came with me on vet trips, just for a change of scenery really. We occasionally went A.W.O.L and had a little walk, it was our secret, but I reckon “management” knew about it really!!!
Recently the geriatric hooligan started on another mission. If she could eat through the kitchen door from the outside inwards she could then get to Tara, and then only the mesh would separate them, a minor detail. After all on a couple of occasions when the door hadn’t been closed properly she’d got hold of Tara’s nose through the mesh and refused point blank to let go. Old, worn teeth can still hold on for dear life, believe me. The hole in the door is now big enough for a man’s fist to fit through I would say.
Our choice of name for her turned quite a few heads over the years. Many a time we had to explain the situation to visitors When they heard a member of staff ask if Grani could be shut in the kennel, or why it was not a real problem that Grani had ripped the bin bags and was licking the cat food tins.
Today I am so sad, I’m going to miss my vocal work-mate so much. Freshfields I doubt will ever be the same for me without her. I wish I’d known her longer, I wish I’d seen the young dog and got to know why a 12+ year old, emaciated collie was walking through Llanllyfni in the Summer of 2003? I have no doubt the young Grani would have been absolutely everything I dislike in a collie all rolled into one, but my God, I wish I’d had the opportunity to find out, what a dog she must have been! My life has been touched by her, I feel privileged to have been at her beck and call over the last 4 yrs; privileged to have been her friend. I’m sitting here now listening to my darling George singing the lyrics of a haunting ballad, one he wrote in grief after the death of his partner. The tears flow, the lyrics of “You Have Been Loved.” are so apt, We’ll never know what happened to Grani in those early years but one thing is for sure, over these last four years she has known and given great love, yeah, for sure “She has been loved.”

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

My Greek God



George Michael

What is it about George Michael?
Well where would like me to start?
His Music.... His lyrics are meaningful, they tell a story, expressing his innermost emotions leaving a window open for a true admirer to meet the real George Michael,if they should choose to look hard enough! There's a George song for ever mood of everyday. He meets me and comforts me in my darkest hours and dances with me through the highs of the good and happy days. He writes the lyrics, writes the music, sings the songs, and plays most of the instruments, not content with that he also produces the whole "package." Not many of todays artists have the ability or talent to equal that.
His Looks.... Simply he makes me go weak at the knees,like a fine wine he simply improves with age. Those eyes, the teeth, wow what a man!
His Personality.... I can only say what I see. He's funny, charming and in my opinion very deep. His sense of humor is fantastic, he has an ability to laugh at himself, a rare and wonderful trait in any man.
Over the years George has been of so much comfort to me that really I can not begin to put into words the love I have for him. All I know is that without him/his music my life would be in a different place now. George really has been my sanity in what has sometimes been a cruel, painful world. I do thank God for George Michael.