Sunday, 21 July 2019

Beautiful At Bwlch Derwin

 Jezi and Nico 
 Ziva, Asha, Sammi
Ross, Loki, Kaiah

I was coming down the path when I heard a loud splash .. followed by a lot of sounds of movement in water .. I ran up there .. Asha ... Asha ... where the bloody hell was Asha? There was no sign of her, the panic was ridiculous, how deep was it .. OMG where was Asha ? Well, she was pottering around in that pipe somewhere whilst I thought she had drowned or something! Little bitch gave me such a scare!!!

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Walks And Asha Update

Jezi and Nico
After the rain there are great ditches to play in!
Sammi, Asha, Ziva
Ross, Loki, Kaiah
Some of you know Asha gave us a bit of a scare this week by not eating her bedtime carrot and biscuit .. a first ever and a concern with such a greedy girl. I took her temperature and it was 39.8 .. I checked her overnight and I got up early the next day to get her to the early morning open surgery at the vets .. but she seemed fine and her temp was back to normal, she has seemed Ok today too. With her age I'm worried that something could be going on, but unless the symptoms return she needs to live and love her life ... Treasure every moment eh

Luther Is 3 Months - Edited To Add Photos

 Little Luther is 13 weeks old today, but born on the 20th of April he is also 3 months old. He is full of fun and character, a happy busy chap.
Yesterday I demolished his baby house .. Lol. Well Ok I dismantled the crate. I put the litter tray back in exactly the same spot and arranged his three beds in suitable comfortable places for him. He will have to continue sleeping in the kitchen for the time being. I would happily let him join the others but for one thing ... I can't take the risk of him making his away out through that cat flap again at his young age. It'll have to be the kitchen for him overnight for at least another month and then I'll reassess the situation.
Hopefully I'll get some better photos of him later but the weather is pretty miserable again today so he may not get out! We'll see!

Friday, 19 July 2019

Luther Sleeps

I swear this is the first time I've seen him sleep. He's usually bouncing around like an idiot and I had to shut him in the kitchen to sleep. But today I have dismantled his crate and allowed him more access to the rest of the house. 
 Sweet yeah!
close but not cuddling with Choo 

Do You Look Like Me?

A photo of Jethro was posted on Facebook a few days ago to show how badly he's moulting. OMG, it's the same here with Kaiah, Ross and Ziva chucking their coats. I Think Kaiah is currently looking pretty rough. She will need to finishing loosing this then get some of her new coat back before hopefully coming in season mid September .. 
The similarity between Kaiah and Jethro are unmistakable, though he has kept a slightly darker head .. and that's were I only see Nico, he could easily be a Nico son rather than his grandson. At a glance Kaiah does look more like her mother Sammi, but Sammi has a less intense expression. 
There is no doubt Nico has stamped his mark on his progeny here, with his children and grandchildren that are here taking a lot from him. (Sammi's brother Cal looks just like his mum Ziva though) 
Compare Nico to Jethro ... they are so alike
But Sammi, Jethro and Kaiah's mum is no doubt a combination of both her parents, Nico and Ziva; 
And Kaiah .. well I guess I only really see her mum and maternal grandparents in her. 
So yeah ... happy with the strength of my bitch line and the influence to it from Nico. 
Hopefully onward now using a very different type of dog to one I've ever used before, not only a sable but a Long Coat as well. 

Asha Wasn't Well

Yesterday morning Asha had diarrhea for the second time in about three weeks. Still she didn't seem ill and I had to grab her breakfast before she ate it. On the afternoon walk she had diarrhea again, it was bloody awful, like water. I cooked her a couple of scrambled eggs for her dinner and added the tree bark and yogurt, Asha seemed completely fine in herself.
At bed time all seemed fine until Asha came in after her last wee and turned her nose up at her bed time biscuit and carrot. My stomach just churned over, Asha simply does not refuse food. If Ross tells me he doesn't want the biscuit I just think yeah yeah, but for Asha not to eat is such a worry. I took her temperature and it came to 39.8c.. again panic as I thought that must be around 104f  (Yes I work in old money on temperature - i checked this morning google says 103.6f) The normal body temperature of a dog should be 101.5 f or 38.6 c (Approx)
This morning I got up early to get Asha to the vets for 8.30am. I let her out and she went straight to the kitchen, so no emergency to get out then. As it was raining so heavily she stood in the hall and didn't even have a wee .. when they came in she went straight to find her breakfast, which wasn't there! Before deciding on the next plan of action I took her temperature again .. 38.8C .. oh bloody hell that is near normal, now what do I do? Steve and I discussed the situation and decided to keep a close eye on her for the day, there is an open surgery from 4.30 till 6pm should we need it .. and they are open till 10.30 am tomorrow.
Not blaming poor Asha at all but with my head as it is and Steve's mobility being awful and this builder calling today this is not what we need .. still she is the number one priority. As I said  last week I hate seeing them ill, but it's always worse when it's the young or the old.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Afternoon Walks

Shopping this morning and walking this afternoon has knocked the stuffing out of me so no dog club tonight. This is a long bad head period, hopefully it'll soon be over and that it'll be a long time till the next one. 


Looking better and better 
I've looked for months and still not found anything to equal him for Kaiah. 
He really takes my breath away.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

More On Smokes

Pinched off a website 
"Not A Smoke - A young non-smoke cat has a kitten coat that is often a lot lighter than the base color of the cat. The cat can look like a smoke, but because neither parent cat has a white undercoat, the kitten cannot be a smoke. The kitten coat will darken as the cat gets older. 
Smoke - Often difficult to tell from solid color kittens except that smokes sometimes have white around the eyes and a paler stomach. May take some months to tell which kittens will be smoke because the full coat color is sometimes not seen until the adult coat comes in at 2 years. Undercoat begins to show at 3 weeks, and by 6-8 weeks have a mottled look."
I took this photo of Luther yesterday morning. He's getting far too adventurous for his own good. As soon as I could reach I grabbed him by the scruff and hauled him off! Naughty child!
As regard to the colour he has got white eyeliner which is apparent in some photos ... and the paler mottled stomach. Genetics are so fascinating! 

Derby Critique For Ross

 Stanley and Bibby’s Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik - Top sized male with good masculine head and expression. Straight when viewed from the front. Slightly short upper arm into a well placed shoulder. Clean topline, croup is of a good length and is well angled, Lacking coat. Short stepped when going out and slightly loose in pasterns, extended well when asked but dropped slightly on the left front forehand.

You know what? With the positive and the negative points I honestly believe she is on the money here. Yeah, I can't argue with any of that! From being a youngster I always said that Ross lacks forward reach and of course it's obvious to all that he carries his fathers coat. I can't say I've been very aware of his pasterns but his front assembly in all has never been his fortune. No judge has ever commented that he drops on the forehand before but I see it, not always but often. It's great to have an honest critiques of the boy!