Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Future Plans - All Subject To Change

So plan one for the future looks set to go ahead. Hopefully Kaiah will be the dam of the  Blanik K litter in 2019. We just have the test to do for degenerative myelopathy now. A reasonably new test without yet proof of 100% accuracy, but if you've lived with a dog with DM you'll know we have to start somewhere with testing. (Degenerative myelopathy is a progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs. The disease has an insidious onset typically between 8 and 14 years of age. It begins with a loss of coordination (ataxia) in the hind limbs. The affected dog will wobble when walking, knuckle over or drag the feet eventually becoming paralysed from the hind limbs upwards.) With Kaiah's father testing clear I'm hopeful that Kaiah will test clear too, but if she is a carrier then we will need to take care to find a sire who is clear of the condition and then the puppies will not be affected. (But could still carry the gene) Blade had DM .. Or CDRM as we use to call it then, it really is  a heartbreaking condition as mentally the dogs are unaffected and as there is no pain with the condition they try to carry on as normal but are unable to do so. I always think with conditions like HD where there is pain you can at least treat the pain and make them more comfortable, there is little you can do to help a dog suffering from DM other than get a cart to help them get about.
Part of plan one had been to mate Ross to Kaiah, but he has all his health test to get through first. To date I've no worries about Ross' hips like I did with Kaiah. I should know better really than to come to a conclusion on hips and elbows without Xrays and scores. But true to fashion I am and always have been concerned about Ross' right elbow. I will not breed from him if they are not good enough as to date all my dogs who have been elbow scored have scored 0 on both sides. Not being able to breed from Ross would be disappointing, but not the disaster it would have been if Kaiah's health tests had not been suitable. There is always another male out there that will suite her.
The coat thing is also something to consider with Ross, I won't bother testing him to see if he carries the L/C gene, but it's highly unlikely that he does. Through my line and her fathers Kaiah will most probably carry it, but both parents must carry the gene to produce L/c puppies. Personally I'm not bothered about l/c puppies, but I do need good coats and only a percentage of puppies from that mating will carry the gene and have a good coat. Anyway lots of time to to think about it, health tests to do  and dreams to come true.
I will keep Sammi entire for now so I do have a back up plan, you never know do you?  Hopefully Sammi won't be having any further litter because when I breed I want something to keep .. Kaiah the future of Blanik is over to you ....

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

I'm Ecstatic

Over the bloody moon

My friend, who I mentioned in the "coat" post was so bloody close in her reading of these hips. She said 5 or 6 on the right and 8 on the left .. Another friend thought the left could be 8 -10 but also agreed the right would be pretty low. Wow, it couldn't be any better really. Now to find out about this new DM test .. well maybe after Xmas!!!!

You Never Get Fed Up Of Snow ..

Do you?
Well I don't, though today's ice makes me a bit wary.

Our beautiful Isla ventured out into the snow.
Beneath the glamour this one is all cat!


I say that these things don't bother me, I say opinions don't matter .. but then for days things play on my mind. The person who did make the snide remark about Ross' coat at the show is not someone who can criticise, they should really look at their own dogs construction and movement before considering making comment on other people's dogs. To be honest I was quite shocked to see how poor they were and I would never swap places with them, but as is my nature these things do play on my mind.
I remembered a conversation I'd had with a person who too has a Larro daughter who was devoid of coat, she had put her on Vitamin C. Now at almost 12 months the bitch did look a little better than when I previously saw her. But of course the question we can't answer is, was that the Vit C or just natural and gradual coat growth? Like all others youngsters here Ross has yumega added to his diet, but to be honest in his case I doubt it has done anything to help.
Last night I was talking to a friend, the breeder of sable 2. She is a lovely lady and such a knowledgeable woman having written books on the breed. She was there for me during the hours before Sammi gave birth, an absolute Godsend at the time. Anyway I asked her opinion and she confirmed what I had previously written here and believed to be true; since Larro doesn't carry the L/C gene it is highly unlikely that Ross does therefore no pills or potions will improve his coat growth. If the gene for growing a longer coat is not there, it's simply impossible for the coat to become longer. Though she did feel that Ross' coat will continue to improve and thicken naturally into adulthood. Of course I adore my baby boy, he is what he is and I see potential in him, but I'm not blinkered I do see the faults and his lack of coat (or furnishings really) is currently disappointing but not totally unexpected.
I've only had one dog who lacked furnishing before and that was Blade. Of course with less knowledge I was oblivious to the facts then, I thought his coat and furnishing would improve with maturity, and they did, but he never did have a huge coat. He had enough to get by .. but not the profuse coat that I like to see on my current show dogs. To be honest if Ross manages to have the same amount of coat in adulthood as Blade did then I'll be happy. I just hope he does have better furnishings, particularly on his tail, poor Blade never did have the best tail, but my god he was proud of it!
In the first photo of Blade he is at about 7 months, you can clearly see here that he had no coat at that age .. to be honest I think Ross does have a little more but the furnishings are similar. In the second photo Blade is a mature adult male with enough coat .. did he carry the L/C gene? Well I doubt it as there where no L/c in the litter, but he was never used at stud so I guess we'll never know!

Monday, 11 December 2017

Beautiful Blaniks Posing In The Snow

 Jezi and Nico
 Tali, Ziva, Sammi and Asha
Loki, Ross and Kaiah

More Happy Snow Photos

 Jezi and Nico
 Ziva and Sammi
 Kaiah, Ross and Loki
Kaiah - Look at her!!!! 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Photos In The Ring From Facebook

 Ross - I know he's turned his head the other way, 
but it's still nice enough 
Mr Loki looking ace 
How could you not be proud of this boy?

LKA in The NEC

With the weather forecast so unpredictable it really was a case of do we or don't we not go? It was decided that we would decide at the very last minute on the day. I had a friend who had already traveled down through the bad weather on Friday and was snug in her hotel room. I had internet access to the weather forecast for all of the route and internet access, updated every 10 mins to the cameras on the A55 and beyond! With all the information we needed we set off at 7.30am and made the trip down to the NEC in Birmingham. After the usual trek from the car park to halls and then a further long walk to the ring we were finally settled and read for action.
Only 2 of the 4 entered in Ross' class where present but I was chuffed to bits to see him pulled out 1st and maintain the position. So not a bad start to his show career eh!
Marco, who belongs to my friend Jackie was in the second class and he also won his class, later beating Ross to take Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Breed. I was so chuffed for Jackie, Marco looked ace and it was nice of the judge to come over and tell me that he loved Ross too but Marco was far more mature and looked more the part on the day. (There is 5 months between them!)
There was 6 in Loki's class and as ever the boy showed his Socks off. He was first. The winner of Open dog was a Champion and he took best male. The second dog in open was called back in to challenge the other class winners for Reserve Best Dog ... but it was Loki's day and we we're proud to see him presented with RBD on the day.
The journey home was also free of any weather difficulties, but I hoped that on Sunday it would snow, snow and snow!
One person did mention Ross' lack of coat at the show, though I agree, to be honest it's not someone who's opinion means jack shit to me really so moving on ...
One more funny story, a friend was watching the class that Ross was in and someone stood next to them and said.. "The L/c should win this class, he's the better dog, the better mover." (His friends dog) After Ross won the class the person showed their disapproval and walked away to talk to a mutual friend. This person obviously told him who Ross was and he returned to the ringside to backtrack on his views! Not comfortable with that he came over to talk to me, at the time I was oblivious of his previous comments but this was unknowing to him and he went on to try and justify his remarks. He said he felt the L/c had moved better individually but that Ross had stood well and had moved better when they moved together. He said Ross needed to extend more on the move .. well yeah maybe he does, but on the day and under that judge Ross did all that was needed of him and in my opinion if it counts for everything, coat or no coat he was the better puppy of the two on the day! Funny though yeah .. no courage to his conviction!
So fish and chips on the way home, just a word of advice ... if you ever stop at Keele services maybe get a KFC ... 3 fish and chips and 3 drinks .. £30, I nearly passed out!

Happy Blaniks

 The Gang
 Nico and Jezi
 Kaiah and Ross
Sammi and Ross

LKA Video

Ross doing his first individual at a Champ show 
Lots to say - later! 

And the 2 pups moving round together