Monday, 15 October 2018

A Bright Future For Todd

"Crunchie," now "Todd" Perry's brother has now left Freshfields.
We wish him all the best with his new life and his new family

Another Stunning Day

Morning walks
Llyn Cop with Nico and Jezi and back again with the girls
But due to the cattle arriving there I had to change routes for the third walk
we had an amazing time in Llyn Ffynhonnau 
No group photos, just fun ... 

This afternoon it was far too nice to stay indoors so we had an extra walk 
Bont Fechan towards Ynysgain with Nico and Jezi

Just lovely ...

Junior On The Mend

R Junior recovering well after giving us a scare last week with a bout of calicivirus. It's highly contagious but so far, thank god, he's been too greedy to share very much. There was just Jamie that showed early symptoms so we blasted him with antibiotics and in his case have hopefully stopped the condition in it's tracks. We  are still not out of the woods with the others but here's hoping the others will be unaffected.
You can still see the staining of coloured drool on his legs, I'll give him a couple more days before trying to do anything about it, don't want to stress him just yet. 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Afternoon Walk

My boys :)
Just love this photo of Ross watching the plane coming over us and in to land. I thought it was really different, quite unusual so I posted it on Facebook - ah well seems I'm the only one that likes it!!!!!
Generally I'm not a beach lover, but I have to admit it was stunningly beautiful, though somewhat busy today at Dinas Dinlle. A short extra walk with they boys, well they are almost always better behaved and in the wonderful sunshine we gathered it would be busy. Now we must make the most of the Autumn weather, it'll soon be Winter!!!! 

Soggy Morning Walks

This pool fills after heavy rain ... we never avoid it, he head straight for it!
Nothing happier than soggy doggies! 
As regards for me, well I wasn't that happy. It was a typical Sunday Morning in Fron, Farmers driving around looking as it they were doing something, walkers, dog walkers, children and traffic to the shooting range and the quarry. Sunday is the least peaceful day in Fron. 

Saturday, 13 October 2018


Very poor photos of my boys today at WNC
Maybe we should give up on indoor photos in the ring?
Well done Ian and Bella on BOB 

Birthday Babe

Happy Second Birthday to my beautiful Kaiah 
Bright as a shinny button, an adorable little handful. x

Friday, 12 October 2018


The boy is already starting to look better, though you can still see the sore by his nose. I think the metacam gave him pain relief. He's drooling less and though he's only had a small meal this morning he ate like a pig last night.  He's cuddled up on the sofa now. I've started Jamie on antibiotics too, see if we can beat it before it becomes a problem with him. So far everyone else is ok. Incubation period is 2 - 14 days so quite a large period!  

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Ross Weighed And Measured

His lordship having a great time today. He reminded me so much of Blade today. There was no way he was coming without his stick. He hit me in the legs numerous times on the narrow path and well and truly upset the apple cart by wacking Kaiah in the head! He got himself stuck in a gate, and washed it in every ditch, puddle or stream. He's so full of fun, Just love him
I had Ross weighed at the vets, he was 38.2Kg .. so yeah becoming a big lad. After several conversations about his height I measured him too .. just under 67cms ..Oops! 

Bont Fechan to Ynysgain

A stop on the way home and a lovely walk with memories of Tali as this was one of her special places in later days ...
Tali on this walk November 2017
 Down through the woods 
 Over the railway line 
The river has well burst it's banks
And down to the beach in beautiful sunshine.
We made it home as the sky turned black and the heavens opened