Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Asha's Weight

A lovely photo of my old lady today. Bless her she's doing so well has great mobility and seems to be as fit as a flea. The only issue is her weight. Asha has always been inclined to carry too much weight but now she's quite a skinny old girl. She's not horrendously thin and being out of coat doesn't help, maybe with the new coat a bit more condition will return. 
Of course everything goes through your mind, the "What ifs?" But like I said Asha seems fit and well and even if it is the worst case scenario and something sinister is brewing and causing the weight loss .. well there's nothing we can do, so we may as well get on with enjoying life! I'm well aware that some old dogs get fat, but some old dogs also get thin .. maybe Asha is just one of those old dogs? So what can I do to help? I guess I can try introducing a small supper into her feeding regime, I can't imagine there will be any complaints from Asha on that front. I do think that would be better than adding quantity to her meals .. and maybe I could increase her Carbs? Pasta or potatoes would be good. Asha can generally eat most things without any upset, well as long as they don't have artificial colours that is of course .. she had quite an allergic reaction to food with colours added when she was a puppy. 
I'll start the supper and hope it helps her .. she'll be chuffed!!!!

After The Rain

We were all over the moon to get out today. I think I cope equally badly as the kids do at being confined to barracks, but yesterday was not fit for man nor beast. The rain I don't mind, the wind I tolerate but a howling gale on the hill - well that is a step too far! 
Initially the camera decided it wasn't playing today, I shoved it back in the bag and took photos with the phone instead. They are Ok, yeah quite pleased really, I just must remember to go closer to the dogs as there is no optical zoom.  I must admit my biggest fear is dropping the phone in a puddle or ditch .. the camera has more to hang on to, and of course a wrist strap! 

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

An Award

Now where do I start? Hmmm well maybe with I've been eating too much chocolate? I guess the diet will have to return and I'll have to see if George can return as my therapy.
I was really honoured to be presented this trophy by the club for my "services" to Ring Craft over the years. It is the chairman's choice to award the trophy. Well there were giggles in the room as a handful of us knew that this trophy was a memorial trophy for my ex husband. Bless the chairman .. he was not to know and I was truly touched by the thought and appreciation.
There is lots I'd like to say now .. but best I don't!

Monday, 9 December 2019

I'm Still Feeling It

Please excuse my self indulgent post but as I've said before writing it down helps, along with chocolate and tears it's my therapy! Though I tried to push everything to the back of my mind I was well aware that the pups should have been arriving yesterday into today. I coped well, walked in the cold and enjoyed myself but in the evening when I started to open chocolates bought as Xmas pressies I kind of knew it was all going down hill fast.
Watching Robbie's Xmas programme last night didn't half cheer me up. I don't care who loves him or hates him the man always manages to make me smile. I just look at him and I smile and that's sometimes all you need isn't it. I do get fed up of people who think I need to hear their opinion of him, hell I don't .. but I'm a George Michael fan so I should be use to people trying to convince me I shouldn't like someone because .... Sod off!
I enjoyed the last of Celebrity, though I was backing Roman and surprised to see Enders beat Corrie .. Mind you Andy was that guy from the Royle Family to me. So yeah basically I was coping .. and then Kaiah decided to prepare a den for her brood to arrive and I burst into tears. Honestly that was me gone, but she was the priority and I distracted her which wasn't difficult to be honest, and then once again I sobbed my heart out. I honestly couldn't stop. God it hurts, I still feel like I've lost something. I had so much invested in it .. everything for months had been preparing for something so special .. and then there was nothing. If anyone else tells me that these things happen for a reason or gives me any similar platitude I swear I'll punch them.. well maybe not, but I'll imagine doing it. Too soon guys, too soon. I cried myself to sleep as the love of my life held me close .. I know he gets it, he knows me inside out so how could he not! I'm not really a Xmas enthusiast, but I was so looking forward to this Xmas. I imagined it would be magical and special like Xmas 2013 when Sammi Belle lay in the nest with her siblings and mummy Ziva .. so yeah I'm dreading Xmas this year too. Anyone got any chocolate???
To get the photo of the girls above I threw the toy behind me, but if you follow the girls gaze you can see that I got it wrong. Well I was never in the netball team at school and yes the ball ended up over the wall and in the farmers field. Oops. I decided to do this walk and go back to get it with Nico and Jezi. I wasn't sure how I'd get in and though it would be easier in a field full of sheep with 2 dogs. It all went to plan but I had to take a photo of Nico and Jezi with this rather aging piece of farming equipment. Good isn't it... and No Cofi I'm not telling you where it is but you can help Steve steal it for his garden if you like! Joking honest .. But I think he will be asking the farmer if he can have it for his garden .. as he would!

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Windy Weather Walks

This weekend we should have been expecting new life into the house, I've tried to focus my attention on the "dog family" and future plans. But in a quiet moment I can't help but dwell and feel the sadness. I was offered the little singleton sable in Scotland, but thankfully I have my sensible hat on and have said no. Maybe Sarah will have her? It's hard to explain to people without reveling plans that I'm still hopeful for a Blanik future within my bitch line. It must be coincidence but I've dreamt of that singleton puppy. When I was at my "is she isn't she" phase with Kaiah that was the puppy I saw lying by her side .. Now I'm sad again!
Look at Ross in the top photo .. don't you just want to get hold of him by the cheeks and snog him. I always prefer a male with a slightly shorter muzzle like Ross, Louis, Mikey and Dexi .. no disrespect to the likes Loki, Nico, Blade and Kai .. just my preference. (I think Jay and Simba are in the middle somewhere)
The weather hasn't been as bad as I expected today. Breezy? Well yeah and quite a nip to the breeze but nothing that would stop the pack from getting out. To be honest it was quite invigorating .. and they seem to feel that too .. there was a lot of fun to be had, and a lot of poo to eat. Asha found bones, and damn her she just chewed faster as I screamed at her .. must have looked a right stated fighting the wind running towards her to get it off her .. Naughty granny dog!
As we were finishing our walks Ian arrived with his girls. Asha, Ziva and Sammi got to say hello. Asha gave the best greeting but I think Sammi just wanted to pick a fight with the Cofi girls. Ziva took little notice, to be fair she doesn't know him like the show team do. Before I put them in I pointed out to Ian that Nico and Jezi were in the van, leaning in through Asha's crate Ian said hello. I really wasn't expecting the reaction he got from Nico. Put it this way I've never seen a full set of Nico teeth until today. Wow .. the goofy, happy, cuddly boy does have it in him! To be fair Ian was leaning over into the crate and Nico was confined but I honestly never expected that from him. If any of them was going to react aggressively then I'd put money on Jezi who was sharing the crate with him, not Nico, no never Nico. It just goes to show doesn't it, and though I was taken aback I didn't tell him off. It's actually good to know he would react in that manner if anyone approached him in the van. I know he's territorial around the home and I'm happy with that, but I also know if I say you can come in past him then you can. I can't get the vision of a snarling Nico out of my mind .. it's taken me 7 years to see it ... maybe I'll never see it again!

My Boys Together

Slightly rough last night so I guess they stayed in! Aren't they lovely.
Jamie and Perry 
Junior, Luther and Jimmy Choo
And where is Isla?
As far away from this riff raff as she can be! 

Saturday, 7 December 2019

I've Surpassed myself

Whilst chatting with one of my nearest I told her that I'd only mentioned the plans with Sammi to a very small handful of people. "But," she said, "you've put it all on your blog." Errr .. yyymm ... Well yes! How stupid was I! Sometimes I do worry about myself .. lol.
Anyway what's done is done and there for the reading .. but excuse me if I keep things to myself for now. Not that there is anything to report except that she stinks of Fox shit, but when there is I'll write a Sammi diary and save it as an unpublished document until I decide to share it. Good news or bad I'll want it for future reference so it is best I write it all down and share it when I'm ready.

Wet And Mild

We got out today - if the predicted wind speed for tomorrow is correct we may not. Let's see what comes ... 

Friday, 6 December 2019

The Right Clothes

 It wasn't raining when I set off but I'm sure I'd been out less than five minutes when the heavens opened. Still as always these days we were dressed for the occasion from tip to toe. Waterproof socks have been a god send to me. I was telling someone about them a few days ago and they remarked at how expensive they were for socks .. but bloody hell they work and are far cheaper than new boots! Ok I could wear wellies, I do sometimes, but the bloody things are cold in Winter .. in boot with thin socks and waterproof socks over them my feet are warm and dry. The only problem is you can't wash them, if you do the will die, take it from someone who's tried it, but a rinse in cold water, drip dry and they do just fine! It was funny I was also telling someone about my oil skin trousers, they are 100% waterproof and again they give extra warmth. She said Oh no she could never wear those, what would people think? Well Ok they are not a fashion statement I agree, but who cares? She was the one saying she was peeling off her wet jeans after a walk not me! 
 Apologise to Jezi for making her look stupid in this photo. I took a photo and put the camera away without checking it .. well hell it was raining and the camera is not as waterproof as the socks!
The mist came down for the last walk. These guys don't give a damn what mother nature throws at them they just love to be out. Kaiah even took the greatest of pleasure from rolling in the wet grass .. as if she wasn't wet enough already! 

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Kaiah's Diary - The Second Chapter

After Kaiah had some physical changes on days 44- 45 I decided to keep notes of my thoughts and observations. This post maybe monotonous and repetitive but it was important I get it all written down as the days went ahead so that I have it for future reference. I have decided that I will do the same with Sammi when the time comes. Nothing will be published until I'm ready to deal with it myself ...
Friday 22/11/19 - Day 45 Since Kaiah was mated
There is some confusion here - Kaiah seems to have put weight on. Why? I'm not saying she looks pregnant, she looks fat, a bit like she did that Sunday night ... was it day 33?  There about's anyway. I didn't think she looked fat a few days ago, well I never noticed till yesterday really. She is full of fun, active and playful, eating normally, as greedy as ever. Maybe it's the new food? Maybe she needs less of it? After all everyone is still adjusting to it I suppose. Just in case I won't adjust her portions just yet.
Steve and I chatted earlier about the the fluid bag seen in the scan .. could it be a singleton pup or is there something to be concerned about? Well as I said little Miss is quite her normal self, no signs of being off colour, but you can't help but worry about Pyo can you. I've not looked at her nipples for about 10 days, not since the scan, I must look in daylight tomorrow. On a positive note I was told after Sammi's scan that there were 2 fluid bags and they did turn out to be pups, but Bella had the same and that was not viable. What do I do now? I guess start monitoring her again and making notes here over the next few days ... she will be 7 weeks on Tuesday and if she continues to look "Fat" by the middle of next week then I'll take her for another scan. I did measure her belly at bed time - it was 28.5" - hmmm 2.5" bigger - but as I said she did it on day 33 too.
Let's see what tomorrow brings ..
Saturday 23/11/19 - Day 46 - 10am
God what is going on, when sitting she appears to have changes to her mammary glands .. not massive but they didn't look like that before, did they? Steve thinks I shouldn't say anything to anyone to protect myself really. I guess he's right but I'm seeing friends tomorrow and I doubt I'll be able to keep my gob shut. She still looks fat rather than pregnant and I guess a singleton puppy could well be in her ribs and have hidden from the scanner at 5 weeks. But I also have to consider that it could be a phantom, purely hormonal and that her body is playing tricks on both of us. - Now she's showing no abdominal enlargement again - my head is pickled
Monday 25/11/19 - 9am
After a lovely day at the show yesterday I came home to find Kaiah looking very "normal!" So the confusion continues ... Like I said one puppy could be hiding and moving about, but maybe and probably more likely her hormones are just playing games with us. I honestly don't know what to think. I had already put this to bed, started to focus on future plans and now my head is cabagged again!
Tuesday 26/11/19 - Day 49 - 11.30am
Miserable day, too windy to walk this morning, we'll see if there is improvement after lunch. I measure Kaiah .. hmm 28.5 .. she does look round again. She's sat next to me on the sofa, I rest my hand on her belly and find myself saying .. "puppy if you are in there then move now" ... nothing .. haha. I chat to a friend in Ireland on Facebook and find myself telling her everything that has been going on .. her reply only adds to the confusion ..."We had a bitch we weren't sure of. Vet saw nothing on scan but she was carrying 1 puppy. She didn't show anything until later on. Around the stage Kaiah would be at now, 7wks."  Well hell it does seem to happen, but could I be that lucky that someone is cooking in there? Hell I wish I knew but sensibly I can't believe there is anything there.
Wednesday 27/11/19 - Day 50
Ok maybe I'm accepting that there is no singleton pup, there are no boobs, no discharge and no undercarriage. Her nipples are a little large and she does still look a little round .. but not in the right places. I'll leave this "diary" for now and post it at some point for my future reference or add to it should I need to. The only thing that adds a tiny bit of doubt is Kaiah's changing shape on day 33 and day 44 - both significant times during pregnancy. I can only guess now that having been mated that her hormones are running riot. I now need to put this back to bed and look forward to the Italian job!
Thursday 28/11/19 - Day 51
My confusion increases - I think we need a scan, maybe after the weekend. Ross continues to sniff around her bits and there is definitely some minimal changes to the mammary glands. Of course this is all probably hormonal ...
Friday 29/11/19 - Day 52
Gail has just seen Kaiah. She last saw her 2 weeks ago and said today "she didn't look like that 2 weeks ago." She did agree though that she looks, broad and not pregnant.
Saturday 30/11/19 - Day 53
Another sleepless night of what ifs, and now initially turned her nose up at her breakfast .. ate it a minute or two later but that's not her .. mind you it was a show morning so maybe she was just excited and hopeful!
 After I got home Kaiah was stupidly excited to see me as usual. She sat on the sofa and lent back into squirrel position... in that position she now has boobs - small flaps rather than big round boobs but another change. I made Steve look As he said there is nothing in them but this is different to the last few days. I'm still not saying she is pregnant but if she is not then it's a phantom, and I do know bitches go as far as having milk in phantoms. It's still the same conclusion... I don't know what is going on!
Monday 2/11/19 - Day 55
I guess reality has hit again with a big bang - with only a week to go Kaiah simply can not be pregnant. The changes simply have to be hormonal. Though I'll never understand the varying abdominal enlargements.  I thought I was in control this time but I sobbed buckets again last night. It hurts so much that if you haven't been there I guess you'll never get it .. and of course having closed the door on it all after the 5 week scan I had to face all the doubts again over the last 10 days. Time to try and move on ...