Wednesday, 3 June 2020

It's Sad It's This Way

Orin's vaccination didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I was parked outside the vets and he was to be collected and carried in from the van whilst I stood back. Sadly he totally freaked at someone else getting him out of the van. He screamed as if he was being killed, it was heart wrenching to hear, he was so scared that he peed all over the staff member picking him up. I could see clearly that he was being held correctly and that there was no physical reason for him to scream, it was just pure panic.
I know it can't be helped, but it really shouldn't be this way for him. Today should have been a pleasant day with me carrying him in and giving him a biscuit whilst he stood on a table oblivious of the injection. Instead I guess it was the first traumatic experience of his young life and there was no way of doing it differently.  But it had to be done, he had to face it. The vet assured me that he did calm down once he was inside and that he ate his biscuit and was happy to be weighed .. he was 9.4kg. 
Whilst waiting for Asha's medication I saw a friend had arrived in the car park. I asked him to go and talk to Orin who by then was back in the van, he did and Orin was pleased to meet him. When the vet came out she suggested Kevin take him out of the van .. he did and it went really well, he was all over Kevin, he was the normal Orin. I've no idea why he would freak as he did, but we have noticed that he often hesitates when he's in a situation for the first time, we usually give him time and within minutes he's OK. Maybe this was a similar situation and I should have given him more time instead of telling them to just take him in. It was my call and I think I got it wrong, but I could never have envisaged his reaction. As I said to someone earlier, I've had the breed almost 30 years and during the whole time I've owned multiple dogs but still I continue to learn. We live and learn. So now I need to park up the van somewhere and get people to get him out of the van, hopefully his experience with Kevin will already have helped him forget ...
As Orin was over 10 weeks getting his vaccination the vet reminded me that no second vacs was necessary and that the product was now licensed for 3 years. I did know that this was the recommended protocol from Norbivac and had sent that information to all the puppy buyers in good time for them to follow this practice. Sadly sometimes at the cost of our dogs health some vets use vaccinations as a money making scheme, thankfully I was further encouraged of my vets ethical practices today. 
I had a discussion with the vet about Nico's interdigital cyst. Mostly it doesn't bother him, he's never lame on it but occasionally he has periods of licking it. She suggest I carry on as I am, but should he show lameness or pain then a short course of pain relief may be necessary.
I also asked about getting Sammi spayed .. sadly due to the virus it is not considered a necessary procedure  .. so we have to wait! 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Home Visit

Finally it's starting to feel like there's a bit of normality to life. Jackie came to visit Orin for the first time. He was a little unsure initially but as usual his belly got the better of the situation and for a piece of carrot he was more than happy to make friends. I guess we need someone else to come and sit in the front garden now ... 

Monday, 1 June 2020

In The Field

Jezi and Nico
Orin, Sammi, Ziva, Asha
Ziva's ear is better today, but obviously still sore so I was glad to get the Suralon for her, it's great stuff and hopefully she'll be more comfortable sooner. 
Ross, Loki, Kaiah

Vets and Tremadog

Today's log - A lovely drive to the vets to get some Suralon for Ziva's ear and a quick cuppa out in the garden with Mum and Dad. No it's not perfect but at least we got to see them and Orin had a trip out. Thankfully I seem to be the only one who was concerned that the plants were being squished ... Now I'll have to spend the afternoon in the house hiding from the sun. 

Orin and Isla

Last night things just got worse. I'd had a shower and was sitting out in my PJ's when I had a message to say there was a cat just like Isla down near Elna kennels. I was sent a photo, but I immediately told them the cat was too dark. But with distance and evening light in the photo I was doubting myself enough to get dressed and head down there. After all it was only 2 miles, you never know. Before I got to the village I had a call to say it wasn't Isla, it was a local male cat. Logically I knew it wasn't her, but I had still that glimmer of hope and again I sobbed my heart out when I got back. Seeing Steve waiting for news by the cottage really set me off, we must never forget his bond with her, she was really his cat! 
Feeling emotional I turned to social media for comfort. Finding more photos of puppy Isla did the trick, and this one of her stood in her water bowl really amused me. She does look a lot like a female version of Orin, but with better eye colour. Orin was being naughty as usual and I was up and down checking he was not pushing his luck with Kaiah. Kaiah hasn't made any mistakes with him yet, but 5 weeks after her season she is quite hormonal and touchy, even Ross is getting daggers at times! 
Anyway back on social media and up pops a notification that someone had commented on Orin's photo. Well my heart sank. The comment was not spiteful and simply agreed with something I had written, but shit I wish he hadn't said it ... I know it's not the best photos and I had considered long and hard before putting it on, but getting photos of pups in stance is so difficult and adding it to the album for my memory seemed appropriate. Now I wish I hadn't put it on at all, now the haters will see it and take great joy from the negativity ... I'm at the point of considering removing the photo from his album. Am I being over sensitive? Hell yes! I guess the person in question would be mortified at my over reaction ... but sometimes with other things going on in our lives we are just too fragile to cope and the slightest thing just pushes us over the edge.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Ups And Downs

I have been overwhelmed with sadness again today, I find it so hard to accept that Isla is gone. Her posh "Princess" dinner bowl has been hidden from my sight and tomorrow I'm going to put her posh bed away. Even though Perry likes it I can't cope with seeing it there. I've never had to face this before, we love them, we loose them, we grieve and gradually we have closure. We don't ever forget, we just learn to think of them with a smile instead of a tear ... but this, the not knowing, this is hell! 
Steve took me out for a spin in the car, we stopped for ice cream and took the scenic route home through Talysarn and Lon Ddwr, yes it helped to get out just for a bit. When I got home there were so many videos and photos of the pups in the album, well it made my day. Without knowing it was as if everyone had rallied around to cheer me up. Seeing the pups living the life I wish for them, the life they deserve is so precious. Thanks guys your photos and videos in our communal album mean the world, especially today ... 

At Home

With no invites for play dates today we spent the day at home. I put Ross in for a few minutes so Orin could investigate the pool in peace. Bless him .. I think he liked it. 
Then the mad man came out and the game was over for everyone. 
I'm telling you he's a bloody nutter but he makes me laugh everyday

Poor Ziva

Aww bless Ziva she has a sore ear. If there is no improvement by tomorrow then I'll get in touch with the vet. 

Saturday, 30 May 2020


Well bloody hell I'd forgotten I'd taken this, to be honest I thought the photo's I'd taken had been deleted as they were blurred. Anyway I'm pleased I found it ... Sisco - the father of the K Kids

Today's Visit

Social distancing in Cofi land
A Pool with water in it - Ross can soon fix that
Happy Orin beating up Ian
Not so happy having to stand still!