Sunday, 20 January 2019

Feed Me

Or I'll Help Myself!!!! 

More Sunshine

January sure has been kind to us, mind you so was most of December. We are now half way through a, to date, reasonably peaceful and calm Winter. There is snow forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, but it looks like it will be short lived .. damn! I think to be on the safe side we will get extra logs in tomorrow, we needed to get some mid week anyway. If Steve goes to pick up the logs it'll be the perfect chance for me to get to walk in Bwlch Derwin ... as it's only 5 mins off the main road. I'll see if I can get everyone there tomorrow. Somehow when I plan it, it never works!

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Talysarn To Tanyrallt

With Trouble and Strife

Ross was thinking he could bring this home
Yes Kaiah we are coming

Two Walks On Home Ground

Friday, 18 January 2019

More Confusion

But only in my head. I see today that Ross' sister has been hip and elbow scored .. Her hips are 3/3 and her elbows are 0. Fantastic scores. That gets  my poor brain going round and round again. What do I do? If only money was no object!
Of course just because she has excellent scores it doesn't mean that Ross would be the same .. but again should the elbow be poor it would make you more inclined to think it was the injury than a genetic abnormality.

A Bit Wintry Today

With wet snow and wind I decided to protect my camera and take the old camera out today, I regretted it. Most of the photo where too blurred to use! Ah well, lesson learned. 

Thursday, 17 January 2019


 Lovely to see the dogs all lined up ringside waiting - they made a real picture and it was a good advert for the breed.
Junior (2) 1. Stanley & Bibby's Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik. Super temperament on this sable male of seventeen months. Strongly built lad with a masculine head. Correct topline running into a well moulded croup of good length, well angulated behind, moved well, just needs time to fill his frame. 2. Finnegan's Reyakosa Brando. Seventeen month old black and gold male, nicely proportioned but preferred the topline of (1).
Open (8, 3) 1. Stanley's Blanik Jeevana. Two year old black and tan bitch, strong but feminine head, used her ears well, good reach of neck into excellent topline and correct croup, stands on very good feet, well angulated and moved very well in this indoor ring. Best of Breed and Group 4. 2. Turner's Tuna Com Mit Tasella ShCM. Four year old black and tan bitch, stronger built bitch than (1), good front and rear angulation, decent topline, moved well but had left her coat at home. 3. George's Marinita Briana Of Kymara.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Loki, Kaiah and Ross 
Kaiah practicing her "Wait .. Wait ... fecking wait there or I'll get a big shitty stick to beat you with exercise." She's doing OK today
Ok I confess I'm practicing with the camera too 
I've thrown the kong and they are off
 Go Ross baby go
looks like Loki was last and I didn't get run over!
Yes I'm sat on my butt on the floor, but waterproof trousers are all that's needed. 
The "Continuous shots" are never quite as crystal clear and I got 5 or 6 on the camera from that rock down, the phone would probably have taken 50. Far too many for me to be bothered with. 
For me doing these kind of exercises again bring in the importance of my days as an Obedience instructor and using Stay and Wait as two different commands. Stay means Stay ... your life depends on you staying there. Wait is a more flexible command .. wait until I call you or until I give you the next command. It really is important to have both commands and the dog quickly learns the difference. The trouble with Kaiah is she'll wait until she decides she has something better to do! The bright ones are always a handful. 

As The Weather Man Said

This morning was damp and drizzly, this afternoon got better and better. 

Boys Not Well

This morning my stomach dropped .. Loki has got diarrhea again. He was a bit off on Sunday but was OK Monday and Tuesday. I'm worried sick the previous pattern is returning and if it is what the hell do we do now? Anyway as it's been weeks (actually almost 2 months) I'm going to try and treat it as a one off and hope for the best.
The rash on Ross' face is also threatening to flare up. I've put an advocate on him and I'm spraying his face with the wound and skin spray, his ears also seem affected this time.
I'm really quite upset about it and to be told not to "buy in" males again as they are always more trouble health wise really doesn't help the situation!!