Saturday, 21 October 2017

Tali's Not Well

This morning, probably for the first time ever Tali has not eaten her breakfast. I had commented to friends last week that she looked a little bloated, but she was OK. We discussed it at club on Thursday and I asked people if they'd noticed in the photo I published on Facebook mid week? No one had. So after coming home I double checked and she felt Ok really, as she did yesterday ... but today she is definitely bloated and quite flat in herself. She was also drinking a lot first thing as she did one day earlier in the week, but that has stopped now and she's sleeping. I replaced her breakfast with a piece of fish which she ate, so at least she's had her medication for the morning.
All I can hope is that this is part of her IBS and that maybe she's got trapped wind which is giving her stomach cramps. I have some Omeprazole and some Zitac, but I'm not sure which if any are what she needs so I'm wary of giving them to her. I guess the next step is to do some googling and then see if she'll eat at lunch time and if she is less distended by then.
I really hate it when my dogs are getting old, or as the case may be are old!

Dog Show Day

Sadly for WNC Canine Society everything has been going wrong. The show originally in May in Eirias Park had to be cancelled. It was rescheduled for today in Mona showground. It's bloody cold there but it's one of the best venues for the dogs with a concrete non slip floor, so of course we were going! But in the middle of this week the show organisers were informed that the venue had been double booked, that gave days to reorganise and they stated "cancelling was not an option!" As this was the showgrounds fault at their cost 4 marquees were ordered and put up ready for the show to go ahead, but with the weather forecast most of us felt a show in a tent, be it a posh tent, was not safe or sensible!
Like many other exhibitors I was prepared and got up this morning to make a last minute decision on whether to travel to Anglesey or not. I contacted a friend on the island who told me it was dark, raining and very windy, I then contacted another (Incase the first one was lying..haha) who told me it was really windy with strong gusts. I contacted Ian to discuss what we were going to do, I just couldn't decide. I so wanted to go, but living here has taught me to both fear and respect the powerful destruction of the wind. Steve was saying nothing, but had made his feelings clear last night, not only was he concerned about the marquees but also about us crossing the bridge and whether it would be closed during the day as it had been on Monday. Just as we were about to come to a decision a post came up on the societies Facebook page ..."Today's show is cancelled due to high winds and the marquee is insecure, the marquee people have not come back to fix it, roof is off and poles are out of ground."
For the safety of all definitely the right decision but I do think the showground have let the society down badly and should allow them to reorganise the show as soon as possible without any costs to pay! Flying pig time maybe?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Grammar Correction .. Not!

I have been told that I should be writing Ross's and not Ross' when writing the possessive form. Well I always wrote Louis' not Louis's. Anyway what you find on google is amazing ..

"Even if the name ends in “s,” it is still correct to add an “'s” to create the possessive form. It is also acceptable to add only an apostrophe to the end of singular nouns that end in “s” to make them possessive. In this case, that means Ross' would have the same meaning as Ross's.”

Acceptable, correct, I will continue to do it .. Stick that then!
Ross' tongue sticking out on a walk!!!! lol

Ross' Limp ...

.. or no limp as the case may be. At the moment I just can't tell. He's running round like a mad man with Kaiah. I guess I'll just have to wait for them to cool down before trying to assess the situation. I did go for metacam for him so he's also had that for 2 days, today will be the third day so a proper evaluation will really not be possible for about a week. I do think he's better, but you can still see that he's not right .. time will tell.
I am in contact with the owners of Teddy, the first sable pup I had interest in, and poor Teddy is suffering badly with panosteitis. Panosteitis or Pano is basically growing pains which affects the long bones of large breed dogs. It is extremely painful and often affects more than one leg at a time. It is said to be self limiting by 24 months but often pain killers, rest and a change of diet to a low protein diet are essential.
Blanik Billi-Lee - Lia
We have only experienced it once here, and that was with Lia about 20 years ago. It started in one front leg and then moved into one back leg. She was in so much pain that I almost cried with her. We did send her for Xrays, and lovely vet Jim who was there then spotted the signs of pano which appear as dark patches within the long bones.  Luckily for us and Lia it only affected her for a couple of months and by the time she was entering the show ring there was no signs of a limp.
A few people have asked if Ross has Pano, well no ... to start off with he was too young. Pano usually affects puppies over 5 months old, Ross was lame at 4 months. (a month is a long time in a puppy's growth) Also he has no pain in his long bones, the pain was without doubt in his right elbow. Growing pains do not affect joints. That does not mean he won't get it, the possibilities with his half brother having it are higher as it does tend to carry in families. The most important thing to remember with pano is, no matter how painful it is for the puppy at the time, treat the symptoms to make life more comfortable for them, because they will grow out of it with time it will go away.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Twelve Months To The Day


Back On Line

 Jezi and Nico modeling the view
 Ross, Sammi, Ziva and Asha
Poor Ziva a little squished
Kaiah, Loki and Tali
A little bit of tweaking for the walks today. I wanted Ross to have a run so I could see how his leg would be, but didn't want to chance him with the madness that is Loki and Kaiah. So he got out with the ladies, leg updates tomorrow. I took Tali with the madness, her walk is the same distances but it always takes us longer as she's busy, that in turn gave them more running time!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Tali, Weather and Internet

Yesterday morning I got up to the strangest sounds, sights and smells. It was approaching 8am but so dark, I questioned my clock, I questioned that my eyes were reading it correctly, yep it really was 7.50am. I went to let Nico out, I could hear the wind before I opened the door and as I opened it the warm air that hit me was not something I was expecting. Then there was the smell, someone must have a fire going somewhere I thought. I went out and stood on the bench to look down towards Caernarfon, I fully expected to see smoke, there was none! It was later when I noticed the broadband was not working which lead to a frustratingly long but funny conversation with George in Bulgaria!!! I’m now writing this on Word hoping to copy and paste it into blog before the end of the day. Nothing like a bit of positive thinking is there? But of course Open Reach are now on the case so it may be a while!!!!
 Tali, well she was my reason for wanting to update really. She’s doing ok so far on the pills, 3 days on and 3 days off. The only cause for concern yesterday and today is the fact that she got into Ross’ cage yesterday morning and grabbed mouthfuls of puppy food. She so defiant and I had to drag her out. This morning she tried it again but I was waiting for her. Sadly she’s drinking a lot today and that usually happens before she get diarrhea. I’ll monitor her today and if I feel she needs a couple of days of extra pills then I’ll give them to her. (Today is day 3 of having them) What tends to happen is, unlike all the others Ross does not rush into his crate for his breakfast, and goes meandering about the place. As there is no breakfast for Tali she’s now looking for alternatives. Tali has to wait 30 mins for her breakfast as vivitonin has to be given a minimum of 30 mins before food. Tali does not agree with this delay!
I guess the storm is over for us now, the wind was horrendous late afternoon into early evening but they young dogs loved it and I had great difficulty in getting them to stay indoors.
 My god .. Open Reach have just been, the hub is knackered again, so now I’ll have to wait for another. I’ll just borrow Linda’s dongle to post this then ….

Sunday, 15 October 2017

All Out

Little Success

Yesterday the GSD entries were very poor in LLandudno with Loki standing alone in Open and Kaiah standing alone in graduate. Thankfully there was more competition from the other two classes, but BOB was not to be for Blanik yesterday. Unlike last weekend I have no problem at all about being beaten to BOB, to be beaten by a nice dog is never a problem. Well done to young Marco on his first BOB with puppy group 2 as well. Really chuffed for Jackie, the boy looked great.
The camera was in the bag and due to the excess crowding around the ring, it stayed there. Though I used the phone to take one photo of Ross resting his leg on Tracy's lap,  and of course we had to get a lovely photo of Marco and his proud owner to go on Facebook!