Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Weather And Showing Asha

 The wind and rain has moved on .. but it sure is nippy out there today. Though to be honest as we say .. all that's needed is the right clothes. I think my footwear was letting me down today and my feet are still cold. It was just too cold for wellies, back to boots and waterproof socks it is then.

It was my intention to only get one decent shot of everyone .. but I couldn't help but take some continuous shots of the girl.
I love the expression on Asha's face in these. Still happy and full of fun. I have her entered at Manchester Champ show and I'm really not sure what to do about taking her. I know she'd love to go, but I have been that woman looking into a veteran class and saying about some exhibits ... "Oh bless they should be at home by the fire." I would be mortified if anyone thought that of Asha and I hadn't see it for myself first. To me she hasn't changed much, though she is a little bony these days ... 
Oh what to do? .... What to do?  ... (Rhetorical Question!) 

Cat Flap!

The new cat flap came and Steve decided to fit it yesterday .. as you do! Still he was adamant that he wouldn't need to go out to do it and the other was hanging on by a thread. It was never the same after Mikey stuck his head through it and pulled it all off the door, frame and all to get back in. It's also survived a couple of brushes with Nico .. that is why we got the baby gate .. one of my better ideas.
The cats immediately realised something was different and I watched them investigate their new access to the big wide world. A good sniff all around before pushing it open a few times with their paws .. then head through, in again, through and gone. Luther had been interfering and pushing in and out whilst Steve was putting it in the door frame so he had no issues with it and was straight out, but now we have an issue with Luther. There are 2 buttons on this cat flap, one red, one green, tiny sliding buttons, but with a purpose. I bet you can see what's coming can't you. Well with these sliding buttons you can lock the cats from coming in or from going out - or you can lock it completely so the cats are shut in or out. I can't imagine I will ever need to lock them out but the option to lock them in is useful ... and the problem is? Of course Luther is playing with the buttons! Hopefully he won't master the art of sliding them across or we could have some very pissed of pussy cats!
The photo is of Luther and Perry waiting for Junior to leave them a crumb the other morning. Meals has to be supervised, Junior is a slow eater and these two shovel it down and then steal!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Missing Mouse

Another rough day and bloody Luther brings a mouse in and looses it. As you can see he's making every effort to find it .. NOT!  At least Jezi let us know where it is!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Before Brendan

 Oops my flash was on!
 Make sure you are seen Kaiah 
Ross, Kaiah, Loki, Sammi 
A walk in Cwm Dulyn on route to Milfeddygon Deufor. 
Sadly Sammi still uncomfortable at walking with Kaiah but to be fair Kaiah wasn't devil dog today. 
The weather was pretty dramatic this morning - but now it's plain scary!

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Saturday, 11 January 2020

'Tis True

The puppy pushed me to my limits
The adult is sublime 

Talysarn Lake

With Gales set for the day the older crew had a quick whizz around the field, but I still braved the weather and took the youngsters out. Steve dropped us off at Talysarn lake and went to the Aquarium shop in Penygroes. We had a good 30 mins of fun and a very enjoyable walk, there were a couple of other people about but they were far enough away for us to enjoy our walk in peace. I feel so much better for going and now we have 14 more fish .. tiny little things, lets hope the big guy doesn't eat them. 
The new yellow coat has passed it's first test with flying colours, and with wellies on yes I too had to stand in the lake!

Friday, 10 January 2020

Running On The Hill

Sorry for going OTT with the photos on Facebook - I think I posted about 40. Horrors, someone will be pissed off. I enjoyed my time out and got great shots but again missed out on some that would have been amazing had I had the camera and it's optical zoom. 

Posing Today

 The Winter sunshine making the dogs look a tad orange

Ross standing on Titanic Two 
Another mountain range less familiar to me in the background, I know Moel Eilio is there and Snowdon wearing it's hat of snow, then of course Mynydd Mawr just in shot  - I need to know what these other peaks are called too now.  

The Mountains From Home

I've always preferred the mountains to the ocean, though of course I see the beauty of the beach but living here has given me a great love of these mountains on our patch of Snowdonia. The Ridge and Mynydd Mawr being my favourites. 
You'll need to click on the photos to enlarge them ... if you are interested of course. 
Mynydd Mawr which you see regularly in y photos is just out of shot. Mynydd Mawr is often referred to Elephant Mountain, which for some reason I don't like, no idea why just one of my idiosyncrasies. Craig Y Bera is the fist rocky edge on the side of my photo. Because the slate is based from a view from Nantlle lake a few of the mountains, including Snowdon are then hidden in my photo, that is until we come to Y Garn. Cwm Silyn we have visited and Garnedd Goch leads you on to Mynydd Craig Goch above Cwn Dulyn, now we know! 
 Cwm Dulyn - Garnedd coch and Mynydd Craig Goch
Mynydd Mawr, Craig Y Bera and Y Garn just in shot. 
Mikey a Loki in Cwm Silyn in 2016 - Craig Las Cwm Silyn Behind them