Tuesday, 20 March 2018

No Diagnosis Yet

As most people knew Ross was having his x-rays today. The poor boy was absolutely terrified at the vets, no wonder he's been so bothered about people going behind him at ring craft, this really has affected him mentally quite badly.
The vet decided to X.ray both elbows as she says the easiest way of assessing them is to compare one to the other. Sadly it showed that there is an abnormality in the right elbow, the vet doesn't think it's currently drastic but is unsure of what is going on and how it may develop, she therefore feels its best to sending the plates for specialist examination. The ball seems to fits neatly in the socket and the mobility on moving the joint about feels normal, but the edges of the socket look rough on the X.ray and this could be the cause of the pain.
I guess we have to wait now and see what the specialist say before seeing which way we go forward. As I told her today, what I want is a good quality of life for him. If I can't breed from him then so be it, but I want him to be able to do what the others do, I want him to enjoy his life. The vet was uncertain, but thought it highly unlikely that the elbow problem was caused by an injury .. but she will ask the specialist.
My poor boy is doped up and badly lame now after all that manipulation .. I do hope he get's over this and can get back to as normal as possible asap.

And ...

Mr Sore Eye 
Couldn't sleep last night, too much going on in the brain. They say it takes years to reroute its self after an injury .. I'm sure it can do it when I'm asleep instead of going over the events of the day .. and the events to come. I'm worried sick about today. I need an answer, but I'm also scared of the answer. Make sense? Maybe not but that's how it is!
Anyway back to yesterday, I keep going over it in my head. I'm still so shocked that Loki reacted the way he did. I would not have been shocked had it been Jezi or Ziva or many others like Simba before them, but Loki? It's just so out of character for him and I can only put it down to his inexperience and incompetence as the "older male." Had he been provoked I would understand, but I was sat no more than 6 ft away and watched it all unfold. Loki was completely out of line, he was without doubt the one in the wrong.
Of course we've had males bite each other before, but maybe with good reason, or I can at least understand why they did it. Blade bit a young Dexi and damaged his tear duct .. but Dexi was being very annoying at the time, and Blade had warned him and warned him. Loki gave no warning, he gave Ross no change to get it right, no change to realise the game was over.
Louis and Jay 
Dexi also bit poor Jay .. but Jay had pushed him to the limit before he reacted. I'm surprised Dexi didn't drown him in the lake that day. He certainly held him under water a good while, but Jay being Jay he immediately carried on tormenting Dexi again. It never worked between those two boys, Jay was such a nutter, he had no manners and no respect for authority. He didn't have a nasty bone in his body though, and did get on well with Louis who was his son .. actually remembering back when Louis was young they did play too.
The swelling on Ross' face has gone down this morning and though I guess it must be sore he's been chucking his toys around in the kitchen. I guess the best thing we can do is be vigilant but not cause tension ourselves by being over cautious. Hopefully a one off mistake, hopefully things will be back to normal ASAP and the only tension that we will have to concern ourselves with will be between hormonal bitches!

Monday, 19 March 2018

A Little Shocked

Ross and Loki today
Another day of incredible fatigue and I find myself unable to walk the dogs. Luckily it's a bright sunny day and the youngsters entertained themselves playing outside. It was mid afternoon and the girls had come in and settled leaving only Loki and Ross still playing outside. I watched through the window as they played chase and also tugging toys. It was lovely to watch two entire males playing  so nicely together. I even commented to Steve that of all our males only Louis and Nico had previously played together. Louis would not play with Mikey and though Mikey and Loki got on well they never played together ... of course Blade would never have lowered his standards to play with Dexi. Blade was all about being the boss dog. (though Nikki was really in charge at the time .. girls usually do rule the roost!)
Dexi and Blade
With a bang and a crash the door flew open and they both came in. They were giddy and happy. I got up to close the door, sat back down and gave them a few minutes to settle. Loki lay down and Ross went over to him with a toy in his mouth. Ross dropped the toy and pawed Loki .. what happened next both shocked and disappointed me. With unnecessary aggression Loki went for Ross and bit him 2 or 3 times in the face, luckily only puncturing his face the once but frighteningly close to his eye. Ross had hit the deck and was screaming after the first bite but Loki saw fit to bite him again. It was so unnecessary and so disappointing to see Loki take such a drastic cause of action.
There is no doubt that Ross is a handful and often needs telling. There's no doubt that he needs keeping in his place, but Loki's reaction in this situation was totally unfounded. Fair enough they had been playing and in Loki's mind the game was over, but he gave no warning and his reaction was far too aggressive for my liking. To be honest both Steve and I were quite shocked. I understand he is the older male and no longer wanted to play, but a growl or a show of the full set of teeth may well have got the message over. It's not necessarily a nasty dog who growls, it's usually a fair dog who growls, a dog saying "I'm not happy with that.. stop!" Loki gave Ross no opportunity to get it right and move away, how was the pup to know the game was over if he wasn't told?
Nico and Louis 
Ross was obviously shocked and the girls seemed to freaked, I lashed out at Loki but he was too quick and moved away. I held Ross for a few minutes whilst Steve went to get antiseptic to clean the wound and he didn't take his eyes off Loki who was now nervous as I'd at least been able to verbally abuse him .. it was enough actually. There is no doubt that Ross will have a lovely swelling on his face now, but I guess that's the least of our worries. I had no hesitation in letting Ross loose again with Loki today, males rarely hold a grudge and with Ross being so young he then kept away from Loki. Though bless him he kept peeking over at him and you could see the confusion on his face.
Loki and Mikey
I think when a dog like Loki reacts like this it shocks you more. Loki though aloof with strangers is generally a lovely, easy, sensible and laid back dog. He's use to being part of a pack, the only thing he lost too young of course was the influence of an older male in the pack as he was growing up. He was thrown in at the deep end, being the only male with 5 bitches before his second birthday was a lot to ask and it did affect him at the time. Maybe that has contributed to his inadequacies in correctly deal with the situation? Maybe Mikey wasn't there at the right time to show him how it should be done? Maybe I'm making excuses for him? Maybe I'm trying to find a reason why he would handle a situation so badly? Whichever today I'm very very disappointed in him.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

It Was Wild Out There

 Jezi and Nico

Ziva, Sammi, Loki and Asha

Kaiah and Ross
The gusts of wind was howling through the fields making visibility dire at times.
It was the right decision to stay within the fields, though the dogs loved being out the strength and temperature of the wind simply took my breath away, and I did struggle to keep going when walking into the gusts. Some of my photos where blurred, but keeping the camera still was quite a job. 
What do they say? There's no such thing as the wrong weather ... only the wrong clothes. Well today it was really pushing it to be the wrong kind of weather to be out, but still like yesterday I'm glad I experienced it! 

'Tis Snowing Again

There not that much really, maybe an inch or two lying in the sheltered front garden but with the wind it's drifting in the yard and beyond. Still it's set to stop snowing shortly and maybe it'll be our last snow of the year so we need to make the most of it! Everyone knows I love it, when it doesn't fall on Crufts day, but Steve has his Victor Melldrew hat on and has a face like a slapped arse again today! Haha, he may use Facebook, but getting to Tali's Tails is beyond him!
Oswestry dog show is going ahead under 2 inches of snow. They have shown consideration by moving the outdoor rings off the grass and onto the concrete!!!!! Personally I think they should have canceled. I guess it's down to the individual exhibitors to think for themselves and make sensible decisions, but judges, committee and stewards who feel obliged to be there may take risks.
I'll be taking these out shortly, they love the snow so much but I think in the interest of safety we'll stay close to home. I've done all the mountain walks in the snow over the years and enjoyed it but I guess with age and awareness of health issues (not mine I hasten to add!) you become more cautious. I need to be fit and well as so many rely on me now.
Talking of age, I've had yet another call from HQ this morning .. the fact that I'm 50 next month seems to be of more excitement to my mum than it is to me. The same questions again,What would you like for your birthday? Do you want a cake? Do you want a party?  Do you want a meal out? OMG .. it's just another bloody number. Yes I'd love a cake, no I don't want a party, it would be my worst nightmare, in my opinion party's are for kids, but a meal out would be nice. Then comes the next batch of questions ... Where do you want to go? Who do you want there?  Feck .. I don't know, I don't care .. maybe just me and Steve then, that would piss on the parade wouldn't it. As regards to what do I want, hell I don't know. I don't like perfume or anything scented and I dislike cut flowers in the house. I like to choose my own clothes and make up, I only wear limited jewelry, I drink very little and I'm trying not to eat much chocolate. I've got a new camera ... oh and I went and got the sable puppy last year! So please don't keep asking, I don't fecking know!
Another treasured and much loved pet has died. Too many within my circle of friends this year so far .. so painful for all of us who are facing life without one of our family. I won't dream of undermining the situation with platitudes. I wouldn't dare tell anyone that I understand their pain, because I don't. In my opinion the grief of loss is individual to the person and situation and it can never be compared to another.
We miss Tali so much .. she'd be in her element today with a bit of snow to roll in. I think about her on most walks, memories come flooding back. Sometimes they make me smile but with it all still so raw they usually make me cry....

Saturday, 17 March 2018


 I said I'd need my layers back on today didn't I. Cold, blustery, sunny, light snow showers and lots of unfrozen ditches! What more could they want? To be honest we had a super time. I had thought initially of going to Llyn Cop but changed my mind as may need to go there tomorrow. We stayed on Moel Tryfan today as the Sunday walkers, shooters and bickers will no doubt be around tomorrow
I'm not great with the selfies, I find getting the angle to get me and them in the photos quite difficult. I also don't really like photos of myself .. but when half my face is covered I guess it's not too bad!

Selfie's With Sammi 
 Selfie time Sammi - look at the camera
 "Nope, it's windy in me ears and I won't look!"
Sammi - Look at the camera ..
 "Nope and you've got mud on your face Mrs S!"
So have you - Look at the camera!
Sammi says "NO!"

Boys Will Be Boys

Ross hasn't been lame since Tuesday, though his behaviour continues to keep us on our toes. I'm not changing my mind about the Xrays. Something isn't quite right, whether it's a problem or something and nothing I now need to know.  I'll be in bits on the day, especially as I'll have to leave him there for the morning I guess.
I'm going to ask her not to examine him before the Xray as he's really had an issue with his back legs since the previous examination. She really did hurt him that day and he went to pieces about it and it's now in his mind that anyone touching his back legs is going to hurt him. The first time we went to Ring Craft after the vet exam he was very unsettled and pulled away as he was being "gone over." But within 20 mins he realised what it was about and settled again. I got people to go over him at the shows before he went into the ring and he was fine, but this week he had a really bad reaction again. To be honest I'd forgotten about it and wasn't expecting it, but maybe that wasn't a bad thing as we know it wasn't coming from me. His reaction this time was worse than ever with a loud sharp cry a swing of the head and a panic. As the person going over him was experienced and willing to try things the way I wanted to he soon settled and realised it was not going to hurt. I think in looking for signs of Pano the vet pinched him in the long bones and now as they are being touched at Ring Craft he freaks. Still it was quickly over and I must remember to ask someone to go over him before the class at next week show.. if he's there!
The other issue is, the way he treats Kaiah is getting out of hand. He grabs her by the neck and actually shakes her. Now from his part it's all done in fun, but for poor Kaiah it really is not funny at all. The size difference is now pretty apparent and I'm scared she's going to get hurt. Of course we've been here before, it's exactly the same situation as we had with Loki and Sammi. Sadly we just had to wait for Loki to grow up to stop doing it .. though he still does it occasionally now to Ziva and Sammi, but it's not a constant thing. These girls give these young males far too much of their own way and I think sadly regret it later.
I take a toy on the walk with Ziva and Sammi. It worked wonders in stopping them spatting every few minutes, one of them would carry it or they'd play tug nicely with it. But now with Loki on that walk the plan has all but gone to pot as he takes the toy off them and they let him have it. Taking 2 toys doesn't work as Loki wants whatever toy the girls have and will continually drop his to pinch there's, so the girl are back spatting and he gets his own way. But of course though Asha dotes on Loki if she has the toy he is far too respectful of her to try and take it off her!  Pack behaviour is truly amazing to watch, everyone has a place and a role .. though of course as in Kaiah's case she's not happy to be down in the bottom of the pile and will and is pushing her way up through the rank of females!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Spring Today .. Gone Tomorrow

Sure feeling like Spring out there today. I was bloody hot in my big yellow coat, waterproof trouser, boots and woolly hat, but I gather I may need them tomorrow.
A collection of farmers on the mountain at this time of year can only mean one thing, there going to try and burn the gorse and heather. I just hope it's too bloody wet! 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

A Young Nico

Just some photos of Nico during his first few months at Blanik. 
He really has stamped his mark on my line!

Maturity has changed him somewhat
God he's a handsome dude!

The Three "J" litter Kids

It'd great to see how the boys are doing and hearing about their adventures. Jethro (wearing the bandanna)  has a new friend to share his life in the form of a Springer Spaniel bitch and Kyle and Iris go exploring on a daily basis. 

One thing that's very obvious about this litter is how much they have taken from their mum and grandfather Nico. Facially Jethro is the spit of a young Nico, the three of them also have his slightly wide ear set which Sammi doesn't have. 
It's just lovely to see these photos on Facebook and know how well they are doing .. though poor Kyle has now to face his neutering operation before the end of the month. Scary day as with his retained testicle the operation is a little bit more complex than a normal castration. 
Kaiah with Loki
Kaiah's not quite as dark facially as her brothers, but she still has a lovely mask and the preferred  dark eyes that the breed standard asks for. 
Beautiful Mummy Sammi with her more correct ear set so obvious in this photo