Saturday, 21 July 2018

Extra Evening Walk

A lovely new walk and only 10 mins away
Ross took his new toy from Auntie Carrie to the river
Lovely yeah
Yes we'll crossed the rickety bridge
Coming Guys
Very Pretty
Lovely exploring evening walk, just what we needed tonight.

Tall Boys

 The two boys stood next to each other, you can clear see Loki is a tad taller than Ross, but I would say it's no more than an inch max. Loki does occasionally get penalized under breed specialists for being just that inch over the maximum height. Though at local shows the bitches being campaigned are nearly all over size anyway so he just looks like a dog among bitches  .. and as not to offend anyone I'm including his sister Bella and Sammi in that. Let's put it this way Kaiah, who is one of the smallest bitches in the ring in this area, is just over 60cms at the wither and that is top height for a bitch, they should ideally be 55cms - 60cms .. Sammi is taller than Kaiah! 
I had left them sided by side but Mr Poldark had paddled forward, best get the photo than mess about!

No Swimming Again Today

More mist and drizzle today, the cooler temperatures making it far better walking weather. From my point of view the only negative is the poor visibility, but I guess Ross is missing his swimming! 
 Jezi is now wearing her muzzle on the walks but of course we took it off for the photo
 Only girls allowed - it is a much more enjoyable walk without Loki
So much energy on this walk - I love watching them having a great time.
Ross looks so little next to Loki, but he's not they just sit differently. Ross tends to slouch whilst Loki sits very upright and of course Loki has a longer reach of neck which he also uses - stretches almost. 

Friday, 20 July 2018

Unhealthy Lot

For the third day I woke up with a bad head, it's not a headache just how my head can be some days.  I seem to have much longer normal spells but then without much warning, or none that I take any notice of it hits like a freight train. Three days without proper walks ain't good for man nor beast!
My mother had had a fall yesterday and ended up having X-rays at the local hospital where they discovered she had chipped her shoulder. (No jokes please!!) She'd tripped in the back garden and landed awkwardly. She'd lay there for 10 mins or so before managing to get herself to her feet. I asked "but where was dad?" "Oh he was asleep on the sofa." I was quite puzzled as to why she didn't call out to him .. "Well then the neighbours would have heard!"  Speechless, I'm just speechless!
Steve is also in a bad place, the drive to Cwm Pennant has really taken it's toll, and I now feel horrendously guilty for asking him to take me. So this morning I had to make a 30 minute drive, knowing really that I shouldn't be doing it but feeling there was little choice. I had to go somewhere today and there was no way I could ask Steve, so foolishly or not I went and I took the young guns with me stoping off in Gyrn Goch on the way back .. at least they would get a good walk today.
Yes I'm coming" but "Slippery when wet!
They had an absolutely cracking time with Kaiah deciding to confiscate all of Ross' twigs. Quite funny really, but I don't want two of them carrying twigs! Like I've said before I don't want to spoil their fun but it does worry me. Talking of not spoiling their fun I'm letting Ross do what the hell he wants but I now feel even more concern about his right elbow as over the last few weeks it's started to click. Not great news in a young dog from where I see it! Blade's left hip always clicked but it gave him little or no difficulties in life, other than of course his hip status was too poor from him to be bred from. Ah well wait and see what comes, when I can get the funds together I will get Ross' hips and elbows X-rayed and it will be an absolute shock to me if they are within an acceptable range for me to breed from.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Naughty Nico and Dirty Jezi

Well I couldn't think of a J word.
Both have been up to their old tricks. I'm careful with Nico's bedding in the crate, he's always shredded new bedding and can't have anything other than an old vet bed in there. In the bedroom where he sleeps at night he's a model citizen! So remember these lovely new beds I got for them? Ross shredded one within half an hour .. Loki had one and Asha had one and two were safely stashed away. Well naughty Nico has broken into Loki's crate yesterday and ripped Loki's bed. I have no idea why he does this, bloody sponge everywhere. Yes I know it was him, I heard him I caught him. Luckily my mum has all sorts of bits of material at home and this one is fixable.
Jezi too is letting herself down and back to her dirty habits. She eats everything, any kind of shit, cow shit, cat shit, sheep shit, dog shit .. including her own and usually as soon as it hits the ground. Recently she's been gorging on sheep shit and dry soil then vomiting it up a few hours later. We had this with her a year ago too and the only way we could sort it was to muzzle her on walks and keep her out of the front garden. Bloody shame but we went through all the options last year and there's still nothing else I can think of doing.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Cwm Pennant

Not a great "head morning" so the dogs had to just have a run in the fields. Thank you so much to my lovely Mr. S for taking us out in the van so I could sit on a river bank and watch Ross swim. On the downside I came home as wet as Ross and Loki lost the precious gundog dummy 
Loki and Ross
Is anyone else coming in? 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Critiques And Coats

Ross in coat (end of May)
Having had a pm from another dog show exhibitor and judge in another breed who was also at a loss regarding the underline comment in the critiques, I decided to ask a couple of friends for their interpretations. I could only think he was talking about chest development as really not a lot else changes in the underline.  Anyway, one is a Champ show judge in Belgian Shepherds .. the other in German Shepherds.
To BSD judge the critique was clear as the underline in their breed is very important. A shorter coupled dog than a GSD, a BSD should have a well descended chest with good tuck up. In puppies the underline is almost straight and the shape comes with normal chest development, as it would in any breed but possibly look more defined in a shorter coupled breed.
The GSD judge like me was a little more confused by the turn of phrase, especially as she said both the dogs are really teenagers and she considers both dogs to have normal chest development for their age. Males especially develop more slowly and develop deeper chests.
I have no issues with these critiques and do not dispute his interpretation of the standard or the fact that both have a lot of developing to do, I quite agree. It was simply the turn of phrase that confused me (and others) as I've never read "Chest Development" written in that way in critiques for this breed. A GSD should not be overloaded in front, it's not suppose to be a deep breed .. it should be slightly longer than tall and the length of leg should be longer than the depth of body. Ideally the length of leg should be approximately 55% of the overall height of the dog and as we know particularly males are not mature till they are over 3 years old.
Kaiah is coming back into coat, with luck she'll look great for the next batch of Champ shows, unless she's in season. We only have four left this year .. scary to think how quickly this year is passing us by. We go from one closing date to another, one show to another. In 12 months time I'll be hoping to breed from her .. Either Ross .. or maybe Zalu who's in Suffolk, the other dog I like is in Dublin .. anyone fancy a ferry trip?
Ross still looks awful. He simply has no undercoat and has lost all his feathering and furnishings, he has a tail like a stick. Looking back he looked at his best in late May early June so lets hope he'll soon return to some kind of glory, but I can't imagine he'll be in full coat in a month. Unlike Kaiah I can't see any improvement in his coat. Ah well what will be will be ....

Royal Cheshire Critiques

Really pleased with these critiques for my kids from Judge John Ritchie at The Royal Cheshire County Show 
 1st -Stanley+Bibby Silkenwood Poldark Of Blanik- middle size boy of good overall type and substance , masculine head of correct proportion, dark well shaped eyes, good mouth , ears wide at base and correct size and height , moderate neck, good wither , correct for upperarm and shoulder length and angles, overline good and firm , underline needs to mature , croup good, excellent hind angles , moved soundly out and back and showed enough side gait but sure he could extend a bit more, just at that in-between stage for growth and needs to fill out a bit and mature in body and coat , promising youngster. Res BOB 
1st Stanleys Blanik Jeevana- middel size balanced bitch , correct overall proportions, balanced head , good eyes and ears , moderate neck, upper arm and shoulder ok , legs and feet good, overline firm and good, underline still needing to fill out , moderate hind angles , sound going away tad wide coming on, steady side gait retains her good overline and wither height, in good overall condition.
2nd Stanley Blanik Ivana Sh Cm above middle size feminine bitch of good substance , balanced head, eye colour ok, ears broad and good height , moderate neck, withers ok, front angulation ok, overline ok firm, hind angles ok, tad flat over croup, moved soundly out and back, steady side gait but not quite the fluency of 1 , in good overall condition

Now that is how a judge should write a critique - detailed, honest and straight forward .. I really can't disagree with anything he said other than I don't know how Sammi moved because I was hiding around the corner with Kaiah.  (And to be honest I don't understand what he means on the underline of Ross or Kaiah - I will seek advice!) I tell you one thing had I exhibited him this judge would have no doubt noticed Loki's slightly small ears!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Rainy Walks

A very different walking day, and god I enjoyed it. Still warm so no coat, I got so wet I could ring out my socks. I just hope mother nature feels a little refreshed at least!
 OMG - Puddles! LOL The Nantlle Ridge hiding behind the "niwl"
(Mist? low cloud? fog? .. you tell me I'll stick to niwl!)
 Girls in the rain and yes you can see the rain
Loki, Ross and Kaiah exploring one of the quarry holes/caves
Oh Jamie!!!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Fun With The Young Guns

 Ross teaching Loki to swim .. 
Or maybe his determination to get his toy back is making him feel brave?
 Got it - but Ross is by far the strongest swimmer 
Practice makes perfect!
Kaiah presumed I was going that way to the lake .. she presumed wrong but went anyway. Zooming in in next photo
Cheeky little miss!!!