Friday, 20 September 2019

On Line Petition

Please can you sign it and share it. C please can you put it on twitter for me? Thank you

Rekindling The Friendship

With the boy I once knew

A lovely walk on a stunning day, the most beautiful of places and my young guns. Time to rekindle the friendship I once had and will now treasure again. 
Life is short, don't loose contact with the people you care about, grab the time with both hands. I've been given a second chance for that I am blessed! 

Luther Is 5 Months Old

 What are you saying?

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Let The Countdown Begin

Day one 
and no as expect the vet didn't ring me back. 
I need to collect Asha's meds tomorrow so I rang to order them and reminded the receptionist, Oh he's off today! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Animal exhibit regulations in Wales

I'm seething about how blase some people are being about the proposed licensing of animals being exhibited. This act was originally set up to safeguard the welfare of circus animals and petting farms .. but anyone exhibiting animals be it dogs, cats, rabbits, horses or fecking fleas are now caught in this trap. Again the wrong people are being targeted, but so many exhibitors are being far too complacent about the situation.. they are probably saying/thinking it'll never happen to us. Well I bet you that is what the English thought, but hobby breeding in England is now destroyed by the animal welfare regulations of 2018. You need to be a big commercial breeder or a puppy farmer to breed in England now, I simply would not be able to do it. Come on pull your fingers out guys, lets not be in the same position, we all have a duty to fight this. If you are an exhibitor in Wales or you want to exhibit in Wales then get in touch with MP's, write to the assembly ... now before it's too late.
Can you imagine the implications .. how many of us could afford to pay a licence to show our dogs? Would it be a licence per dog? Per Affix? Per Kennel? And how would that help safeguard their welfare? Surely if you were of that ilk you would keep your licensed show dogs in top condition and leave the others neglected in the home .. no sorry .. in their kennels!
No more Royal Welsh, Angelsey Show, or Merioneth .. well of course apart from for the rich who could afford any extra fees placed upon them. Welsh dog shows would die a death and we probably couldn't afford the licence to take our dogs over the border to exhibit them.
I can't take this in I really can't. They want to improve animal welfare which is commendable, but again they get it wrong and target the people who give everything to their animals ... come on guys ... eyes open see the wood for the trees and spend your money where it really matters improving the life of animals who are really in need!

Another Stunning Day

Ross And Loki

After discussing the boys abilities to scent for their lost toys with my friend yesterday, she sent me this. OK so both know it's there but one hasn't got his "machine" switched on to focus to go and look for it! I think the other has his machine on the whole time! lol 
I just find it so odd as one is totally showline breeding and the other is one third working line .. the showline dog has many more working attributes. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Today's Lesson

As I got home from my last walk a visiting friend had already arrived and was sitting in the sunshine on the bench outside with Steve and the girls. This is a friend I've know all my adult life, she introduced me to the Nantlle Vale Dog Club, Blade and Pepsi even stayed with her when I went to my brothers wedding. A real dog person ..
Anyway I came in with the three youngsters and they went over to Steve for their biscuits, they seem to notice my friend but biscuits were more important. I noticed Ross stick his face in my friends face and she smiled and then said hello to me .. at this point Loki turned and barked aggressively in her face. Now it was only a bark but the tone was completely out of line. I will in his defense suggest that in his excitement for the biscuit that maybe he hadn't noticed her and that all of a sudden he had a shock seeing that there was a stranger in the yard .. but his manner was a worry. Of course being an experienced dog person she said nothing, sat still and allowed us to deal with it, but it must have been pretty nerve wracking as his face was at the height of hers. I apologised and she assured me he had done nothing but bark .. deafened her by being close to her ear, but only a bark. Still not acceptable in my opinion!
As we sat and talked Ross and Kaiah pestered my friend with their old chuckit balls .. blood hell kids new balls please! My friend remarked that Kaiah had the potential to really work, I agree. Physically and mentally she really has it. My friend thought Asha was looking wonderful and doing so well, which was lovely to hear. She then said that watching Loki she felt that inwardly he was a real stress head, she said he seemed constantly on edge and worried, even when  Ross went over to her, he tried to herd him away. I can't disagree he is different in character to the others, and I reminded her that she had helped me with his socialising as a puppy. She remembered and was really impressed how well he had come on and praised my pack for bringing him this far. Again I agree, Mikey was his saviour and I've said before that loosing Mikey at a young age had a detrimental affect on his progress. Still it was nice to hear the praise and also satisfying that someone else can see the flaws that we both do. Most people see the cool calm paw perfect show dog that he can be .. or the faultlessly obedient dog that he is on a walk. Not many ever see that the other side of Loki is still there, not many know it was ever there at all, but we do and mostly we are proud of how he is doing.
I think Loki is quite a complex character and because life goes on with little unrest we do tend to forget his needs are different and sometimes difficult. I'm not use to "stressy" dogs having only really had Storm with those characteristics. She was one we had back at 3 years old. Storm presented as they usually do with different behaviour to Loki, they are usually pretty hyper and OTT and don't relax well. She use to do that on edge "Wowwowwowwow" bark rather than wow wow .. if you know what I mean. Hmm saying that, though Loki isn't hyper he doesn't relax well and does seem tense a lot of the time, especially in the evenings... Anyway it is what it is and I can't see any further training or socialising will help him. All I can do is be more on the ball than I was today. I need to give him the love and support he needs and I need to bare in mind that he is different and in certain circumstances he will react differently to the other Blaniks. Another day another lesson in living with dogs learned.

September Sunshine

My Three Little Pigs

 The three youngest cats, Luther, Perry and Choo all in a race to finish first and steal. They are all so equally matched that I don't have to watch them .. the other three are much slower so then I do have to keep an eye!
Another sunset photo made more beautiful by the company I was keeping.
The sunsets here are something else and I have to go and look. Soon the sun will be setting behind Mynydd Cilgwyn ... and that means Winter is on it's way!