Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Daddy's Girl

Following on from my last post ...
 Sammi is still a daddy's girl!  
But if that mask fades ... well we'll see! 
Ziva now
and at 5 months old ...
Maybe baby isn't as dissimilar to mummy after all.

The Baby Of The House .... Again!!!

Even on the saddest days she still makes us smile 
Sammi being cheeky to mummy Ziva
(and yes more snot on the lens!) 
Still Daddy's girl! 

Monday, 28 April 2014


Alistair's words "Totally heartbroken and devastated. Have to say goodbye to Dylan, the most wonderful, beautiful, clever, loyal dog there ever was. He leaves a huge hole in our family and in our hearts. Moli and Freddie will be lost without their hero and I am going to be lost without my pal  RIP Dylan you were the best"
 RIP Big Man
7/1/05 - 28/4/14
Rangemore Arko x Blanik Deeanna 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Day Went To The Dogs

I spent most of the morning out with the adults, and this afternoon Steve and I went out with Sammi. Dinner is now cooking and I have a bottle of cider chilling in the fridge. My kind of day.Took masses of photos, most on Facebook ... but here's a few of everyone enjoying themselves. 
Asha and Ziva coming this way
Tali and Mikey
Nico and Jezi
Posing Sammi
Funny yeah!
What do you mean I'm walking home???

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Grandmothers Can Be So Much Fun

Blustery Walk Today

Before The Rain ... 
Thanks boss woman for the company, but damn no selfies!!!!!
Beautiful Cwn Dulyn
 Jezi off for a swim ... and Nico?
Na, a man can't get his willy wet!
 Finlay having yet another blonde moment!!!
After The Rain
Just one posing picture
please let no one have told them where the others have been!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Back At The Vets

Beautiful Isla
One week on and Isla is still not eating. For the second time the vet gave her a thorough examination and could find very little wrong. Her colour is good, her weight ok,(3.2kg) temp ok etc; but there is something pretty hard in her bowel and she suggested she could be constipated or agreed with one of our theory's that she could have a fur ball blockage. She has prescribed laxatives to try over the week end, if there is no improvement then she will start her on anti inflammatory on Monday. (Her expression is not right and the third eyelid is still to be seen suggesting she is feeling out of sorts) Worse case scenario and if there is still no improvement then they will then takes bloods. They only thing she's eating is "dreamies" treats, she won't even eat chicken (Her favourite)
Little Riley
I must admit I'm very worried about her. It's only just over a year since we lost Riley, he was only 8 months old so the thought of loosing another youngster wrecks me. After explaining my reasons for possible paranoia to the vets I asked her if there was any chance it could be a tumour? She said she would not commit to saying "no" but felt it was highly unlikely. Though I felt a little stupid at being so pessimistic I was so glad that I asked.
Isla behaviour at the vets is remarkable. She comes out of the carrier purring and climbs straight up my chest to rub her face against mine. She's like velcro as I try and unhook her and put her down on the table. (She's the same at home) As she ties to examine her the vet comments that she can't hear anything due to the purring and suggest I move away from Isla; But Isla turns round and climbs up the vet and sits on her shoulder, luckily Rachel (vet) has a great sense of humour. She tell us that that there is a theory that if you take a cat close to running water they will stop purring, she took her to the tap and put it on ... it didn't work and she had to give up! So as best as she could tell ... everything sounded OK! Back on the table Isla pured and kneaded away happily before climbing back onto my shoulder.
Can You See Me? 
What can I say? She's playing out in the field with Jamie, she's not drinking excessively, she's always pleased to see me and as demanding as ever. She's out in the sunshine, in when it's raining. All normal behaviour .... but she's just not eating; and when a greedy cat's not eating, then large or small problem, one thing is for sure, something has got to be wrong! So one step at a time I think is the way forward. Here's hoping it's sorted over the week -end and forgotten about by next week.

Update - Isla ate half a sachet at tea time and another half at bed time. Her first meals in a week. Sadly this morning she has only picked at her food ... but at least we do have some improvement.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Well Done Bonnie

So proud of you baby Bonnie on completing your 
KC Puppy Foundation Course. Lovely rosette and certificate,
the first of many I'm sure. 

Another First

Today Sammi had her first walk on the mountain
To defend us both from JRT's Daddy came with us!
(They really are becoming a phobia of mine!)
 Lots of space to run, as ever she took it in her stride
and she was over the moon with the freedom
But I'm not breaking the rules and walking her too far.
We went up there in the van!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Puppy Cal

Absolutely over the moon to see Cal today. He looks super, a huge credit to his family. He was happy, confident and calm and was really quite pleased to see us both. We got lots of cuddles, he enjoyed rummaging through the toy box and was quite fascinated with Jamie. I guess he read in a book that cats run from dogs, unfortunately Jamie hasn't read that book. Thanks for bringing him Arthur, look forward to seeing you both again!

Happy 4 months Old Day

Training and Playing In The Rain 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Weights, Measures and Posh car

"On me way to Cibyn Veterinary Clinic for my 4 months old weigh in. Steve's new car is dead posh and I did travel in style on auntys blanket on the back seat.  They said I was 18.40Kg and when I got home "she who thinks she must be obeyed" (but we know different) got the measuring stick out, again!!! Apparently i is 50cm at my wither ... that's without me head!!!! (silly yeah ... cause with me head I be bigger!) I guess they is happy with that, little tensy bit bigger than mummy Ziva was, but spot on with me lovely granny Asha"  ... Sammi

Monday, 21 April 2014

Your Best Side

That's beautiful Sammi 
That's not so beautiful Sammi ...
... but Funny!!!!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The puppy, the owners and the mouse!!!!

The last few days have been beautiful sunny days on the mountain. Steve and I decided we would do a few things around the property which meant the dogs would be loose with access to the bottom field. As we got on with our jobs (or jobsus as Steve says ... I guess you have to speak Welsh to understand!) we kept an eye on what was going on in the field and I commented on how good Sammi was, just sitting in the middle of the field playing in the grass.
A good few minutes later I looked again, the adults were mooching and there she was still in the same place and still playing with something, she was too far for me to see what but I smiled and got on with the matter in hand. But when she was still in the same place on my third time of checking I got a tad suspicious and went down the field to have a look. As I approached she picked "it" up and ran off to a different spot, this time I got close enough to see a tail hanging out of the corner of her mouth and realise that she had a dead mouse. My stomach churned at the memory of young Asha swallowing a whole living mouse that she stole off Billy cat; I had to get this off Sammi.
I called out to Steve for help. So imagine the scene, 2 middle aged people, one on a walking stick trying to catch one puppy with a dead mouse in a 2 acre field! On top of that 4 adult GSD's who found it all greatly exciting and were really not helping, and 2 cats who I'm damned sure were laughing at us! It took us sometime to catch her, any toys we tried to bribe her with were immediately pinched by Mikey and Sammi temporarily forgot the meaning of "Come, Wait, Down" and any of the commands she has learned. Through luck not judgment we eventually cornered her and I had the pleasure of removing the wet, squashed, flat, chewed little creature from her mouth. I threw the poor little bugger over the wall and warned Jamie cat that he was not to go back and get it, seeing as he probably killed it in the first place! As much as I love him he's a mass murderer of wildlife!
As we toddled back up to carry on with our worked I thought of one way it could have all been so much worse, Linda Lawton could have been there with her video camera!

Cal and Stella

Cal out with the lovely Ali
Stella on Llanddwyn beach yesterday

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Family Photos

Ziva and Nico with Daughter Sammi

Fun In The Sun

Click on the photos to see them in full size

Beautiful Bonnie

Though frowned upon by others, I still stand by my decision of mating Ziva last October rather than waiting for her next season. I much prefer to have Winter litters, these pups and their owners now have Spring and Summer to enjoy. In our house anyway, the pup is busy during the day and most evenings the door is open so she can potter in and out. I find it so much easier than when the pups are born in the Summer and "have the devil in them" through Autumn and Winter!
Bonnie, the first born, looks wonderful and has well and truly landed on her feet. I do hope we'll make it to a show in Malvern this year so we can pop over and see her.