Friday, 28 June 2013


Over the moon to get this photo of Danni today.
Doesn't she look fabulous.
Can't wait to see her again ......

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Breaking Rules ... Again!!!

Nico .... "HAHA I've Got Asha's pink ball."
What a cheeky expression

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sad News

I've just heard that Gillian has had to make the heart breaking decision of letting Kirre go to the bridge tonight. Beautiful Blanik Dionne -
RIP Seffe's baby
 You Have been Loved
8.7.00 - 24.6.13

Memories .....

Of a Super Star
Blanik Alliance Of Lledfegin....
Sexy Dexi
10.1.96 - 24.6.07
Arko Vom Huhnegrab x Lledfegin Camri
Hips 2+3 - Breed Survey Class One . Graded "V" Excellent
1 CC 3 RCC. Joint 3rd top sire 1999
Always In Our Heart ....

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Jezi - Baba

Ziva and Jezi
So when did my evil puppy turn into the class clown? God I/we worried about her, to the point that we opted not to sell her as we felt that in the wrong hands she could have been a liability.
At 2 weeks old Jezi (puppy Maggie as she was then) made it out of the whelping box, the youngest I'd ever known a pup want to make it out of the safety of the nest. She wobbled her way across the kitchen floor before I scooped her in my arms and put her back in. Seconds later she was back out and the first guard rail had to be put on the box to keep her in!  Maybe alarm bells should have rang then! As second pick of the litter for conformation we decided that she would stay, but with Danni steeling our hearts it became harder to stick to that decision, our hearts were quickly starting to rule our heads.
Danni with evil eye Jezi
We had never had a puppy like Jezi before, she was aloof, disobedient, distant and difficult. She fought viciously with Danni and Ziva (but never with Enya) had no respect for the adults and even pissed off Finlay. As the weeks went by and the situation escalated at times I felt I was even starting to hate her. Their certainly was nothing  between us, nothing there that felt like love. Danni was still here and became the victim of Jezi's aggression. Steve loved Danni so deeply and it broke his heart to let her go but we felt we had no options. Danni was noisy, but lovable, kind, safe and very very homeable, Jezi simply was not. We felt that to keep both together now was asking for trouble, Danni would have to go. Through heartbreak and tears we said goodbye to Danni in May 2012, we still pray we will see her again but know in our heart that it was the right thing to do. Danni has more than we could give her here, actually Danni has it all!
Still I had sleepless nights and I worried my self sick over Jezi, what was to become of this young unpredictable bitch? How could we keep her safe? She barked and growled at visitors, made no eye contact with us and didn't interact well with the other dogs. I truly believed that with maturity we would have a dangerous dog, at times you could just see evil in her eye. But she was just a baby, our baby and there was no way we would give up on her. We had to help her become an acceptable member of society, we had to help her find happiness in her life. So we carried on with everyday life, and as the weeks went by she became more relaxed and even started developing a relationship with us. With Kai sadly gone I walked her with Louis, Kiri and Finlay, a balanced an obedient trio. Though she was still quite disobedient I found walking her away from her immediate family quite successful and she and Ziva seemed to develop a bond around the home. Nico's arrival was also a milestone in her life, she now had a "special" friend who she adores. Actually she is slightly possessive of him and though she's happy for Tali or Asha to play with him she get very very jealous if Ziva and Nico play together.  Saying all of this , to be honest, from the day Danni left thing gradually started to improve here....
Relaxed Smiling and Happy
So where did the evil puppy go?  How did she grow up into such a clown? Where did the unpredictability come from? Was it the pressure of being one of three sisters still together when in a normal pack situation they really should not have been? Was it hormonal, after all she was in season at an early age? Was it her intelligence level? She is far far cleverer than little Ziva. It's usually the clever ones who do cause the problems.
All I know is that the Jezi we now live with is happy, playful, affectionate and so so funny. She's reasonably obedient, though her intelligence makes her headstrong, and she questions things. She is still aloof with strangers and doesn't make friends easily, but she is comfortable in their company.   Really she is as the standard for the breed portrays. I'm not complacent, I'm still aware of her capabilities, but generally she's a very good fun loving young lady now. Really our Jezi Baba is no longer a "forest witch and friend of the devil," she's now just Jezi and we love her so very much ....


  After a night of strange and confusing dreams I woke up an emotional wreck. Kiri and Krizzie were there with me, and Kai. I had my arms wrapped around his huge neck. How comforting it was to feel that close to him again. Dexi, yeah I even saw Dexi ... But You, you were not there! This morning I can't stop crying. I miss you so much my heart has been broken over and over again. Why weren't you there?  My precious, perfect boy, my dog in a life time, My Mr Amazing.
"Tell me, I think that cupid was in disguise
The day you walked in and changed my life
I think it's amazing,
the way that love can set you free.
So now I walk in the midday sun
I never thought that my saviour would come
I think it's amazing

Friday, 21 June 2013

And The Mist Came Down ....

But it was still warm and muggy on the mountain.
Tali, Asha, Mikey and Ziva
Look closely at Asha and you'll see she's wearing her mud pack!
(Click on the photo to enlarge)
Nico, Finlay and Jezi
Finlay blending into the mist
Guess Who We Found On Our Walk?
Nico -"Jamie are you suppose to be here?"
 Jamie- "go where I like, Do what I want!"
Billy - always closer to home!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

More From Cheshire Show

What a lovely day we had at Cheshire Counties. Great dogs, great friends, great picnic, great weather and a great atmosphere around the GSD ring. Thanks to all who shared my day..just how dog shows should be!
 Asha and Nico in their classes

Nico (Centre and still wagging his tail)
With the BOB in front and Best Puppy behind him.
Mark had had to dart off to the Rough Collie ring before the photos.
(He also took BOB there.)
So I had to ask a "Strange Man" to stand the boy for me.
So Proud - Me with Nico and Asha
And The Judge's Critiques ...
Limit -1. Stanley Conbhairean Danko of Blanik (Conbhairean Uno x Kiara vom Conbhairean) Br: Ms H McDonald & Mr D Greer. 2 years male, entire, teeth ok. Black & tan. Upper medium size & strength, slightly stretched proportions, with a lovely mascul...ine head & expression. Very good wither, firm back & very good, well angled croup. The upper arm is of good length & angulation. The hind angulation is on the limits & he is slightly loose away, although firm towards . He shows a very powerful, ground covering gait. Reserve Best of Breed

Open Bitch - 2. Stanley's Blanik Georgette (Kaiser vom Conbhairean x Blanik Frankie) Br: Exh. 5 years, paling black & tan female. Upper medium size & strength, slightly stretched, good wither, firm back, slightly short steep croup. Short steep upper arm, very good hind angulation. Firm away & back with a good gait.
Judge: Sally Gunner (Crossingate)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cheshire Counties

Rhea who took Best of Breed today and our Nico who was Reserve Best Of Breed and Best Opposite Sex.
Proud of my boy. More pics tomorrow

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Remember This Photo Of Asha?

Well here are her daughters .....
Yes they are working hard on getting the same look!!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Everybody Knows ...

Mikey being a shit
Ziva desperate to get her toy back
...that most things are to be shared, but equally here something's simply belong to some people! (as it were!)
Ziva has her orange gundog dummy, it's precious to her and she has a strop when anyone else takes it. I'm sure Mikey finds this amusing and often pinches it on a walk if she's distracted elsewhere. This causes great unrest with her trying desperately to get it back, if she fails she then starts leaping up my back, squeaking and winging. Do I get it off him for her? ... for a quiet life ... usually yeah!!!!
I think Tali firmly believes everything belongs to her, but being the doting mother she still is, Asha and Mikey can have anything they want ... as long as she's finished with it of course! Asha is her pride and joy and can do no wrong, she always shows preference to Asha over any of the other dogs.
Tali and her precious daughter Asha

Asha and "HER" Ball!
Naught Nico The Thief
But one thing we all know and we all except is that the pink ball is, and always has been Asha's. Sharon bought for her at Crufts years ago and she's loved it from day one. She carried it round with her when she was heavily pregnant and she still went to look for it when she had a break from feeding her babies. She takes it to the field with her and when she can she takes it on walks. (I often don't let her take it as she lost it once and we didn't find it for months!!!) So yeah, everyone excepts ... THE PINK BALL IS ASHA'S .. don't they Nico????
Finlay loves toys too,but he can never make up his mind which one he wants, and being blonde in more ways than one he can get terribly confused if there's a choice! (I think he's well and truly inherited the "Blondie" gene! ) And Jezi? ... na she not really a toy person and the only toy she really really wants is the one that someone else has got!

Finlay and Jezi - Together!

Saturday, 15 June 2013


My beautiful Scottish boy ...

On The 15th of June 2007

I was under the spell of my master at Manchester City Stadium ...
Days that dreams are made of!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

After A Busy Day

Isla thinks there's just nowhere like your own bed!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Just A Couple More Of Bethan's Photos

Ziva in full flight, not a paw on the ground

Jezi in her class

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bethan's Photo

Great photo from the show yesterday.
Thanks Bethan ... Love it
And thanks to Judge Tish Gaffey for thinking so highly of Jezi-Baba

20 years ago .... Bloody Hell!!!!!

Nikki -9.6.93 - 4.7.2005
If you have a "Blanik" German Shepherd or have "Blanik" somewhere in your line then Nikki is in there somewhere. All lines go back to our beautiful foundation bitch "Lledfegin Camri" ... or Nikki to her mates. Nikki is photographer here with her great grandson Jay, (from Dexi's line) and Krizzie her granddaughter. (Seffe's daughter and Tali's mother)  
Dear Nikki - Look at what you started!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

BMD Welfare Show

Ziva winning the working and pastoral class

Finlay waiting for the judge to go over him

Woohoo Jezi - Reserve Best In Show

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

On The Mountain Today

Jezi, Nico and Finlay

Tali, Asha, Mikey and Ziva

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

More Mud

A short documentary into the life of Blanik GSD's !!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 June 2013

My Favourite Photo Of You Today ....