Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Monday, 30 December 2013

Blanik "I" Kids 1 week Old

One Week Old ....

The Boys
Nick And Noel

The Girls
Holly and Ivy- Fluffy girls? - I think so!
Jingle and Belle
We also had the first proper weigh in
Nick - 2lb
Noel - 1lb 12oz
Holly - 1lb 12oz
Ivy - 1lb 8oz
Jingle - 1lb 15oz
Belle - 1lb 13oz
All are doing well but will keep an extra eye on Noel as Nick seems to be steaming ahead of him. 
Ivy is doing just great and is now the same weight as Ziva was at the same stage. 
Dead chuffed with my little Xmas Crackers! 

Saturday, 28 December 2013


Better late than never ... I managed to upload the Xmas day video.


Little Ivy had her first weigh in last night. Chuffed to say she has put on 6 oz or so. She wriggled and jiggled so much it could be an oz either way, but to be honest I'm quite happy. A nice little bit of weight put on in just 4 days. Tempting as it was I haven't weighed the others, I'll stick to my normal routine and wait until they are a week old. To be honest I just did her for peace of mind, glad I did now too.

Brave? Or Just Plain Stupid?

Now Nico, everybody knows that toy is Tali's
 And everybody knows she only shares with her beloved daughter Asha
Run baby boy ..... RUN
 I suggest a little faster! 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Meet The Babies

 Jingle and little Ivy
Belle, Noel, Nick and Holly.
All are doing well, Ivy is still very much the smallest, though she is gaining weight quite nicely. 
I have a hunch about Holly and Ivy, just an early observation. I could well be wrong as it's early days but, ... well... Watch this space. :)

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Shortlist For Registered Names

The KC always require 2 names per pup and Steve and I have chosen half each ....
Blanik Idriz or Isaac
Blanik Isko or Inis

Blanik Isis or Isabella
Blanik Ilana - Ivana
Blanik Inez - Idelle
Blanik Isha -Imogene

Of course these may well change as I won't be registering them for at least a week or two.

Robbie Williams | 'Go Gentle' | Official Music Video

Dedicated to my beautiful Blanik "I" litter. Nico x Ziva - DOB 23.12.13

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Some Life On GM.com Today

Apt Robbie Lyrics

For all your days and nights
I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there yes I will
Go gentle through your life
If you want me I'll be there
When you need me I'll be there for you

 One of the Boys (not named yet!)
Sweet little Girl cuddled with Mummy
Devoted Mum 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas From My World

Nico, Ziva, Asha and Jamie decorating the card. 

A Few Hours Old ...

... And already causing trouble! Lol. Seriously I had to write some very hard e.mails to expectant owners to explain that I do not have a puppy dog for them. I had hoped to keep one myself  and had 4 semi reserved, it was really sad to let people down, but there was obviously nothing I could do. At least Lisa and her family in Manchester who are having a girl will now have a choice and I may well just keep a bitch myself. Though I had set my heart on a boy, he will have to have plenty of show potential to stay too. 
The birth was reasonably easy. The pups almost flopping out with what appeared to be very little effort from Ziva. The first three came quickly between 7.50pm and 8.45pm, but then we had a break of over 2 hours. Ziva rested peacefully with her kids until the next female appeared at 10.55pm. Then another long break took us to 12.15am before the second boy arrived, closely on his heals the last girl arrived before 12.25pm giving us little time to get one sorted before the other needed some assistance. Ziva was fantastic, I may have read "Book Of The Bitch" over and over, but when nature steps in you realise they know more than you! After the 6th puppy I kind of gathered she was finished as she looked quite slim, but there was no way I was taking any risks so I stayed up with her till 7am when Steve took over and I got to go to bed for a couple of hours! 
The pups weight are reasonably equal, the boys being 1lb 4oz and 1lb 5oz and three of the girls were exactly a 1lb, but the little tiny tot on the right in the picture was 12oz, so a little behind, but she seems to have plenty of go in her so I'm not overly worried. At least with only 6 pup there will be every chance for her at the milk bar and not much risk of her being pushed out! 
I suppose I'll have to succumb to pressure for a Xmas theme for giving the pups their puppy identity names. I know lots of people use colours but I still prefer to give them a name for the 8 weeks they spend her, at least then we know who's who! So how about Holly, Ivy, Jingle, Belle, Nicholas (Nick) and Noel then?

Maybe we've finished?

I  don't want to swear on it but I unless she's hiding something very well she may just be finished. My baby girl looks knackered, but she was a star. Sadly there may be some disappointed people as there is only 2 boys. Told you to cook ones with Willy's Ziva!!!!

Monday, 23 December 2013


2 girls and a boy so far

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 62

Santa bought Ziva a pressie a little bit early, 
he was worried she would be too busy to enjoy it on Xmas day!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

George Michael - December Song on The X Factor Final 2009

Well it's almost Christmas!

Daddy's Girl

Asha and Tali
Last night I was chatting to Karen who owns Tali's dad, Rangemore Arko. She was telling me ... "the old boy is now almost 12 years old. Can't believe it. He's still a cocky bugger! Very deaf and very stubborn but very happy! Had scare few months ago cos he just went completely off his legs. I really thought that that was it and was terrified about taking him to vets. However he'd somehow slipped a disc! We were told to rest him and he'd be fine - must admit I was dubious about him getting better cos he was so bad, but he did thank god!"
Well now we know where she's get it from, Tali is stubborn, head strong and very very confident. After Louis being a  sweetness and delight kind of guy, Tali was quite hard to take too as a puppy. For a period I did refer to her as the puppy from hell, she was very aloof, always up to no good and very much her own person. Without doubt she is very very intelligent, the clever ones are always more difficult aren't they. Tali has definitely mellowed with age and can be quite affectionate these days. Though she is still very much in charge of her pack!
Tali adores her Kids, Asha and Mikey are her world and she was/is just the best mother. She still plays with both, but  always  favours Asha. Asha herself is a sweetheart, confident but gentle, kind and pretty obedient. Sadly she had to have a caesarean birth and is not as dedicated to her own daughters; it is often said that bypassing the bond formed by natural birth does affect the maternal instincts. I must agree, I have found this a drawback of caesarean births as Seffe was the same!
Ziva - Oct 2013
I hope that Ziva has a natural birth, I honestly feel there is nothing better for the bitch and the pups. Her troops are definitely getting restless and due to her full abdomen Ziva thought of leaving her breakfast this morning, but then reconsidered. ate it and went off to find the recycling! There is some obvious activity in her abdomen now, especially in the evenings. It's fascinating to watch the abdominal movement as the little ones prepare for their arrival. I can't wait to get it over and done with now, I get so tense. I just want Ziva and everybody else here and safe and well ......

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Day 59 (ish)

Ziva is still full of fun and energy, though obviously the walks are shorter and slower these last few days. She's eating well, 4 meals a day and only occasionally seems to be in slight discomfort in the evenings. Must admit, I'm excited, but nervous. I don't breed often enough not to be.
I wonder what the odds are she'll go till Xmas day??? 
Ziva today
 with mother Asha behind her and Granny Tali in the distance! 
(the reason I say day "59ish" is because she had more than one mating, I'm going from the Monday - the first mating)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Remember Me?

Well just look at me now!!!
Beautiful Pepsi from the "H" litter, looking just stunning. 
Thanks to Eric and Dorothy for this lovely photo. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I Ask You!!!!

"A representative for George Michael has denied rumours that the singer may be retiring after fans became concerned by an update to his official website yesterday. 

Fans visiting the singer's official site are now greeted with a pair of red curtains and a message promising news in 2014. However, as The Sun  reports, some fans took this to mean that Michael may be retiring and that the curtains are illustrative of the end of his career. 
Speaking to NME, a representative for Michael says, "I do not understand where people are getting any of this from. Our team that deal with the website and fan club were just being creative when they blackened out the website and added a curtain. This is only to give space and time to make some really exciting news for 2014.""George Michael is in great shape and next year promises to be a lovely year musically for George, and all of his fans!"

Monday, 16 December 2013

For Sale - To A Good Home?

I've just received an e.mail to beat all e.mails, someone wants to buy "all" of my  forthcoming litter. Well that's it, simple, it's sorted ... they can all go together and live happy every after! Errrr I think not!!!
Asha with her pups in 2011
Seriously, what the hell do they want a whole litter for? Maybe best we don't know, but my God what a worry,and someone will probably sell to them. The future of my own worries me sick and I'm currently trying to organise home-checks from Telford to Edinburgh. Now I'll be worried about pups I don't know, pups I have no control over. Seriously the more I think about it the more uncomfortable I feel.  At best I'm hoping it's just a scam to get me to ring the mobile number provided, at worse ... I'm not sure I want to think about it! The whole thing sickens me and other than turn to social media I can do shit all about it except protect my own!  

Update On GM's Website

Well these are definitely the curtains of Symphonica so I'm presuming we have a CD and/or a DVD to come. Rumor has it they're may be a documentary too, but time will also tell.
 Again it's rumored amongst "so called" sources that a new song called  "The way you love me" will hit the radio in January, and that will be followed by a new album of original material next spring. But don't expect ballads, apparently it's an uptempo album of tracks similar to "Every Other Lover," so the gayest album yet eh George ... bring it on Mr Michael! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013


 "Tell me, I think that cupid was in disguise
The day you walked in and changed my life
I think it's amazing,
the way that love can set you free.
So now I walk in the midday sun
I never thought that my savior would come
I think it's amazing
(George Michael)
I make no apology for repeating myself, these are the words I wrote a year ago, and still today the fears flow.....
 "Like his mother and grandmother before him I was there when he came into the world. My hands were the first to touch him, hold him and caress him. I gave him his first solid meal, took him on his first walk, to his first show, gave him his first cuddle and loved him unconditionally through out his life. Through all the experiences of his life I was there with him. He only knew love, kindness and friendship. He was born on the mountain, lived on the mountain and now has been laid to rest here on the mountain with his family. And similarly to the way he came into the world it was my hands that held him, touched him and caressed him as he left this world behind; I kissed his head, whispered quietly to him and showed him the love I have always felt for him. He has given and received great love through out his life, the same love he deserved in his passing.
 My darling Louis I knew this was coming but it's still came as a shock. On Thursday you ran with your young friends on the mountain ... and now today, your not here with us. You got so weak so quickly, we had no choice! RIP my darling friend, I pray we meet again or I'll never cope with your loss. You were my very very special friend, I truly believe you have been "The Dog" in my life time."

If your feeling brave you could also read this, I just did and now I'm in pieces!!!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Day 54 (ish)

Sorry about the quality of the photo ... snapped it quickly with my phone.
Bless her, but she's doing well, still eating 4 meals a day and went through the recycling this morning!!!
 I was not amused!  

Blanik Excentrik - Louis 21.7.03 - 15.12.12

The Super Show Off Show Dog
What can I say about Louis that hasn't already been said? Well honestly, nothing. The world knows what he meant to me, he was without doubt my most special friend. He was funny, witty in his ways, exuberant and energetic. He loved the world and smiled his way through life, he saw no harm in anything (except Kai) and accepted everyone and everything with the same enthusiasm and charm. To know Louis was to love Louis, and everyone loved Louis. I've been so touched by peoples comments over the years, he really did worm his way into so many hearts. Actually when I said everyone loved Louis, I guess I should rephrase that, a "friend" did find his enthusiasm hard to handle and made it clear that they disapproved when I encouraged him to be his bubbly self.
Kind, Gentle and Loving
With the 2003 litter of 7 dogs and one long coated bitch my hopes for the future of Blanik seemed dashed. I already had Dexi and Jay and needed another male like a hole in the head! But what is the point of breeding a litter and not keeping one? For me the whole purpose is to have "my" puppy, not just to produce pups for the already over crowded market. In my eye three dogs stood out in the litter, Tom the big puppy, Nat, and Jerry the little pup. I had two champ show judges up to see the litter, both agreed that "Tom" the biggest pup had the most potential. But having already been charmed by "Jerry" I asked one why he felt he would not make the grade. He said simply " he doesn't have enough length of foreleg!" Over the next week I battled with heart and head but a few wise words from Steve persuaded me to go with my heart. Tom was sold to a couple who did successfully show him, they gloated that they had the pick of litter, but one thing I would like to make clear, though he was/is a lovely dog, he was never MY pick of litter, that was always Louis!!! Was the judge right. or was I right? Well to a degree we both were, Louis (Jerry was his puppy name) was just over the minimum standard for a male, he stood around 62cms at the wither, so and extra inch of length of leg would have completed the picture. But as an adult his size never went against him, and in all the years of showing his brother only managed to beat him twice. His enthusiasm in the ring always caught the eye, he started off winning his puppy classes and ended up still winning in his veteran classes. Louis truly was a show off who loved the attention of the show the ring, and he loved his days out with me and my/his friends.
No One Told Him He Was Ill
After picking up campylobacter in 2010 Louis' recovery was poor. The vets tried everything, but the weight kept dropping off him and his stools were rarely formed. A surprising discovery made a huge difference and with regular Vit b12 injections Louis seemed to improve. He gained weight and looked good enough to get back into the show ring. Sadly the recovery was short lived and the damage caused to his intestine by the bacteria was just too severe. Still with regular injections and careful feeding we plodded on. Louis looked awful, but the most important factor, the one thing that stood out through 2 years of illness was, Louis didn't care. No one told Louis he was ill, he was just his normal happy bubbly self, oblivious to it all. Though god knows how he was full of energy and continued to love life. It was a painful time for us, he was demanding of his cuddles, but cuddling him was hard. He was so thin it actually went through me to hold him, but he came first and was cuddled and hugged as often as he wanted.
Cuddled with Nico
Though Louis feared Kai, when Nico joined us in Sept 2012 Louis welcomed him with open arms. He ran on the mountain like a puppy with Nico and Jezi, leaving Finlay behind to plod, as he does! Nico had had a hard time before coming here, but he was lucky to have a few months with Louis, I hope he has influenced him for the better.
I cried this morning when I woke up, I found myself reliving the events of that Saturday 12 months ago. The special ones are impossible to forget, how hard it has been to move on without him. He was a dream come true for me, my special friend, my Mr Amazing ... my little Louis.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Miserable morning, drizzly, windy, dark and dreary. 
What else to do except cuddle up in the living room?
Oliver and Ziva

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Second Painful Anniversary Of December

Mother, grandmother, great grandmother
and soon the next generation will join us, 
so proud you've stamped your mark on our bloodlines, 
in your progeny you will live on forever. 
Run free my beautiful angel, always in my thoughts,
Always in my heart. 

7 weeks

Ziva's belly starting to show beneath her skirt!!!
But still the orange toy comes for walks!

Sunday, 8 December 2013


 10/1/96 - 8/12/08
 RIP Big Man - 
It's been a long time,
But we still think about you and talk about you
Run Free and don't fight with your brother!
Storm and Simba in Jan 2008

Saturday, 7 December 2013


For the first time ever I decided to join the current century and advertise the pending litter on internet sites. I knew I would have to be careful, but it seems this is now the first port of call when someone is looking for a pup. Within 24 hrs I had interest ....
The first lady was after a bitch, I sent her my spiel and was very happy with her replies. Definitely a home to consider and she went onto the waiting list.  A dog puppy was then booked to a show home, but a show home like ours where the dogs sleep on the sofa and not in a kennel. I could not face thinking of one of my babies living in a kennel, pets first and what happens in the ring is just a bonus! The next enquiry got my hackles up, he would not be going on my waiting list .. and I have a feeling that he has contacted me before, but with a memory like a goldfish I can't swear on that!
A local gentleman who had contacted me before I knew Ziva was pregnant came to visit her, Nico and the family mid week. He was as taken by the dogs as they were by him. Tali, who can often be quite aloof was particularly taken by him and demanded most of the attention. To see him sat on the floor with the dogs, to see the way he was around them gave me great comfort for the future of his pup. On their invitation Steve and I will visit the home in the New Year.
I have also received another couple of enquirers, one has not replied to my basic list of questions, the other leaves me a little unsure on their suitability. But I will not dismiss them without doing my homework. Along with a possibility of one going to live with another "Blanik" and of course my own choice of pup/puppies things are looking quite promising. Of course nothing is set in stone, I don't want to tempt fate so I don't take deposits until the pups are safely in the world and hopefully thriving. So basically until then we all have a get out clause! Here's now hoping for a stress free birth and happy healthy puppies.

Friday, 6 December 2013


I have three sad anniversary's coming up this month. I make no apologies but they will not go past undocumented, I have to celebrate the wonderful  lives and morn the passing. This is the perfect place to reflect on the huge "Blanik'"
stars of the past. The first two may well go past with smiles and fond memories, but the third I fear, as it draws closer I honestly fear the day ....   It all still feels so raw and whilst the other siblings happily live on I have a huge void in my heart. My precious boy is gone and my heart still aches for him. I think about him daily, sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry, but one things for sure I never stop thinking of my precious Louis.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Someone Needs A Bra

No, I'm not taking the piss ... honest!
Bless her! 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I'll Never Forget The Day ...

..."He" arrived. 4.12.09 - Special moment, special cat. He was part of another unwanted litter who came into work, as the others went backwards in the pen he flew into my arms and I was smitten!
 He's such a character, a huge presence in my life. He's naughty, mischievous and ridiculously greedy, but my god I love him, and he always manages to make me smile. Over the years I've owned a lot of cats, and worked with more than you can imagine, but never has their been one like this in my life. He may not have the glamour of Oliver or Isla but he's the one who stands out in the crowd ... he's the one that causes the most trouble, the one that kills the most wildlife, :(  the one who picks a fight with Tali over a seat and the one that steals everyone's food ... including Jezi's!  But he's the one who cuddles up to me, who love to play with Ziva, the one who comes for dog walk, the character, the clown. My Jamie - He's the one!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

You Won't Piss On My Parade!

 I've deleted your rather hurtful comment off my status. This is a happy and exciting time for me and I will not let it be ruined by other peoples negativity. I'm sure you know I'm passionate about this breed (Obsessive some would say) but with 8 litters in 22 years I've hardly flooded the market have I!
Yes I work in rescue, but In my world at least there's room for being enthusiastic about breeding and showing my German Shepherds and being passionate about welfare and rescue. To be honest, considering myself a dog lover and responsible breeder I find the two things go hand in hand.
In the 11 years that I've been working for a rescue organisation I'd say that we've had 8-10 GSD's in needing re-homing. Too many I know, but in my opinion not one of them has been bred by a responsible breeder. Some have loosely fitted the description of a German Shepherds, others have been closer to the standard; but not one of them has had any form of identification. All responsible breeders microchip or tattoo their pups so that if they end up lost or within rescue they can easily be traced back to the owner or breeder. Responsible breeders do not have an ulterior motive, they do not chip so they can have the animal back for breeding at a later date, they do it because the care. They have brought this precious life into the world, so therefore they believe it's their responsibility to care for it for the rest of it's life, otherwise how could they justify bringing it into the world?
The answer seems simple, bring in tighter laws to eradicate puppy farms and support the responsible breeder.  People who choose to take on an animal from a rescue centre need to be applauded; but I'm well aware that rescue is not for everyone. Some people will always want "that breed " of dog whether it's for a particular reason, or not (I.e showing, working or just as a pet.) In my opinion the people who choose to buy a pedigree dog need help and advice. They need to be put on the right path to find a puppy of their chosen breed from a responsible breeder with screened, health tested parents, therefore taking "trade" away from the evil puppy farms and back-yard breeders.
Regarding Xmas puppies, this litter is due on or around the 23rd of Dec, so therefore how are they going to be classed as Xmas present puppies. I will not be selling them at a few hours old will I? I hope and pray that everything goes well for this litter and if they do they will be on sale Mid to late Feb ... so I can hardly see the correlation with Xmas

Sunday, 1 December 2013

No Brekkie Today

Baby Ziva is looking well, positively blooming. But because I am a person of self doubt I keep going from "she doesn't look pregnant" to "OMG she looks huge!" In my heart I've known since Monday that she was pregnant, but still I'm scared to tell the world ... just incase! (Though Nico couldn't keep his gob shut and posted on his facebook page, for now I've chosen not to make the big announcement on there!!! lol.)
Ziva seems to have read the book so to speak, she is so far having a text book pregnancy. The slight morning sickness between 3 and 4 weeks,
physical changes appeared suddenly on day 35, then today as we approach 6 weeks she's refused to eat till lunch time. May the text book pregnancy continue into birth and beyond. Actually none of my bitches have ever "read the book" before and Nikki even ate her tea minutes before her waters broke!
So this is going to be the "I" litter, not an easy letter really is it. I have a list but any suggestions for names are always appreciated.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I Can Keep Schtum No More!!!

Ok, here goes ..... I'm cautiously optimistic that Ziva and Nico are going to become parents. Ziva was mated just over 5 weeks ago, and on day 35 there was some noticeable changes. As Ziva now carries her granddad Kai's heavy coat, without feeling an abdominal enlargement is not so noticeable but it is there. Of course I'm cautious, without a scan it's a time of uncertainty and apprehension, but I am hopeful. I had originally decided not to say anything until I was 100% sure, it's not that I'm secretive it just makes it easier to deal with the disappointment if the babies don't come; but there you go I could hold it in no more ....
Please cross everything for me that I'm right and that it all goes to plan, and I'll let you work out the dates and then consider what I'll be doing over Xmas!!! Anyway hopefully exciting times ahead :)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Little Bit Of News

After a strange heat earlier in the month, last week Tasha came back into a normal season, and today she came up to see Nico. All went well and as she lives so close she's coming back over tomorrow :) Here's hoping something good comes out of it for her doting owners ....
Anyway, unrelated but "hopefully" I will soon have more exciting news ... Watch this space :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tali's First Born

Looking Wonderful
Thanks John for the updates!!!

Couldn't resist putting this on again.
When there was 4 ... Before Mikey Mikey
But Asha and Kai are there. (Kai making most of the noise!)