Saturday, 8 October 2016

Our Dexi

I've recently replaced my knackered 90ies Brian Adams Cassette with a CD off e.bay. Having not heard it for years I got a little emotional .. I use to sing this to Dexi on a regular basis. Please listen to it! (Though someone has edited this video ... Milan? I don't know!) 
Because of Dexi's accolades at Champ Shows he was never exhibited at local/open shows. We concentrated on breed and championship shows only .. Dexi was our homebred "Blanik Alliance" - 1 CC, 3 RCC, Graded V, Breed Survey Class 1. Hip score 2 + 3 - Joint 3rd Top Sire in 1999. He just missed out on being a show Champion, 
but he was the Champion of our hearts! 
So full of emotion I posted on Facebook and turned round to tell Steve. I just couldn't believe what he was doing, he was cleaning Dexi's precious trophy from the GSD Two Day National in 1997. We were so proud that day,  Dexi was 3rd in Special Yearling Dog - out of 33 exhibits! These days we are lucky to see 33 males exhibited throughout all the classes. But what a coincidence that without conferring we should both be thinking about Dexi today!   


Lin said...

He really was wonderful x

Ian Turner said...

haha brilliant no wonder dexi won so mutch listning to that song he was so confident brilliant love it

carrie said...

Wonderful Dexi.Still have photo of me an him in kitchen.[Also one of me an Blade] Have
many brilliant memories of us at shows with Dexi [Bakewell] an all the awards he won.