Sunday, 29 September 2013

So Proud....

Mikey, Ziva and that toy!
This morning was particularly blustery on the mountain, and as we set off into wind and bright sunshine I must admit I was not really concentrating on my free running dogs. It was more a case of  hiding under my hood thinking
"this is not pleasant walking conditions, I want to go home." Suddenly 3 sheep, 2 white and 1 black popped out from a dip right in front of Mikey. The temptation was too much and he began to chase.  I instinctively called "Tali come" ... Damn wrong dog ... "Mikey come." His recall was instant and I guess he chased for no more than 10-15 feet, just enough time for me to realise which dog it was Maybe you wouldn't consider that a chase but it was enough to get the adrenaline going and for my heart to be in my mouth. It's not something I expect of Mikey, he's normally Mr Perfect, just goes to show no dog is ever 100% trustworthy doesn't it. Even Nikki who was perfect in most circumstances showed interest in black sheep; I guess they are so few and far between up here that the may confuse the dogs initially. Though I was disappointed in Mikey's interest in the sheep, I was still proud of him, not many dogs would do such a perfect recall in those circumstances.
As Mikey joined us my attention turned to the girls. Asha and Tali were to my left, both made it clear they were not going to put a foot wrong. Ziva on the other hand was a short distance away to my right .... just the way the sheep were heading. Again panic set in. I screamed Ziva "Down" ... she instantly hit the deck, I called out "Wait ... Wait.....Wait" as the sheep ran past her and away. I then called "Ziva come"... again a perfect recall, well maybe there was a slight delay, but only to pick up her toy!
Basically though an uncomfortable situation at the time, a pretty good outcome. I'm proud of you "Blaniks!"
By the time I was in the middle of the second walk there was a drastic change in weather conditions. Someone turned the wind off and put the sun full on! My God it was hot. I ended up carrying my fleece and my hoodie back home with me. Luckily there was no drama, Jezi and Nico ran from ditch to ditch, and Finlay? He just plodded along behind! Nothing new there the!!!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Everyone Today


Friday, 27 September 2013

Ziva Wrote On Facebook!

"HELP - I've lost my most prized possession. It did sink in a ditch never to be seend again. I think Nico made a hole in it so it did sink not float .... if anyone does see it please please can i be having it back .... yours gutted in tears and about to take it out on my sister
Ziva David (Pronounced Daveed if you please!!!)"
Ok, so this idiot owner waited an hour for the water to settle and then went back up the mountain alone! On my hands and knees getting soggier by the minute, with Steve's walking stick I poked about in the ditch  till I found the toy. When I did I had to put my arm up to my armpit into dirty brown the water to retrieve Ziva prized possession. Was it worth it? To see her little face ... of course it was!
 She's now asleep with it safely besides her ....

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

That Jamie cat again!

Just had a scare, I was coming back from my walk and saw a fat familiar little man walking towards me. By the time I got down the mountain he was half way to the shooting range, I  told him off for being so far from home and he turned back and started to follow us home. As I walked towards the cattle grid I saw J.R terrier man coming towards me. Panic set in, there's nowhere up there for a cat to go to get away. I garbed Jamie in my arms and went back to another path that runs parallel with the path I was originally on. With the JRT's around for safety sake I had to carry him part way home, bloody heavy he is too ....
What a Cat!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Nordau Kiri Of Blanik - 1/2/99 - 24/9/12
It's been a long year without you. We still miss you, think about you and talk about you. Kiri Mctavish we loved you so much ... and love you still. Till we meet again my Scottish baby .... be free and be happy. I pray you feel the love we still feel for you.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

12 Months since our first date of 2012

George Michael at the Manchester Arena
Another concert would be a dream
But for now....
I can only pray that one day soon I'll see you smile again!

Someone Is Missing ....





Having not seen Tia all day I can only hope she'll come home when she's hungry!
24 hrs later - She's Home .... and as grumpy as ever

Thursday, 19 September 2013

When Oliver Was Dead!!! (Well Almost)

Oliver coming back to life in Oct 2004. Steve found his little skeletal body in a field at work and was about to bury him when he made a weak sound. He phoned me and I went to get him. This video was taken over the 2 hours it took me to revive him on a hot water bottle in front of the fire.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Came across some discs which I'd not seen in years. Now I have a programme on my PC to trim videos into sections and share them. After my dream last night this had to be the first: Blade and I having fun in 1992/3

Rant ....

Silence is golden, but my eyes still see ... Yeah, not been the greatest few days. Feeling hurt and deflated, and feeling let down by people I expected better of. I guess it will teach me to watch my tongue after a drink and to be more careful of how I phrase things. I should also make a note to self that some people can't help but carry a tale and that sometimes the things we say can be taken out of context and miss quoted!
To add insult to injury the people who currently have "our future in their hands" are taking the piss. Mr Jobsworth in his office can't possibly know the strain he's putting us under. I just need to know, I need an answer this stress is getting me down.
I guess the situation is really getting to me, I managed to print 100 schedules for the next Freshfields show with the wrong date on them, well right date, wrong day! On top of that I posted it online .... What a tit!
Blade with baby Nikki in 1993
Anyway last night I dreamt about Blade. Not an emotional OTT kind of dream, but it gave me comfort. It was me and Blade doing what we loved doing together ... we were at a show. I remember him hammering around the ring ... as he did. I always made sure I got to the front with him, he gaited so much faster than others in the ring with him at the time. What a showman, what a character ... What a dog!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Little Shit!

Jamie and "Mate" Ziva
Jamie always picks where he wants to sit and whether there's anyone there or not, if he wants to sit there then he's sitting there! He's picked up on Tali's weakness, she hates her feet being touched, so he nibbles her feet and she moves. Most of the other dogs move for him and he'll pounce on any other cats that happens to be where he wants to be, causing trouble until he gets "his" seat!
Jamie use to cuddle with Louis, and will now cuddle and play with Ziva, but only on his terms.
This afternoon Jezi was sitting in that "favoured" place when Jamie came in and decided he wanted to sit there. He toddled over and started nibbling her feet, he'd never done it to her before and she didn't quite know what to make of it, but she didn't move. Getting frustrated the little shit went on to plan B and sank his teeth into her leg. Poor Jezi squealed and shot off the sofa. He cuddled up to the cushion, had a wash and went to sleep!

This was filmed a couple of months ago ... Ziva with Jamie

It's Official ....

Blanik Georgios ShCM

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Winning BOB at 9 months old
Following a telephone call last month I now feel I need to clarify a few things. To be honest the contents of the call has played on my mind quite a lot over the last few weeks; it's really made me think, especially about what I write here and about expressing myself more clearly.
Ok, Jezi was a difficult puppy, there was no doubt about that, but so was Tali, the intelligent ones are always harder to deal with. But Jezi is now a lovely beautiful and obedient young adult. Steve and I both agree that had Jezi not been part of a group of three sisters we would probably have never have had any difficulties at all. She was always respectful of the adults and not at any time ever, did we worry that Jezi would show aggression towards us, she simply never has done. Actually she never showed what I class as aggression towards any person. She did, and does bark in the home, but if anything for a period of time she was more nervous of strangers than anything. Now she's simply aloof with them!
RBIS in 2013
I actually blame myself for the stage of nervousness that Jezi went through, due to an unfortunate sequence of events I was concentrating on getting Ziva's over the upsets that had knocked her confidence during a very sensitive period of growth. I also had Danni and Enya to take out and about and socialise. Jezi had been the most confident puppy, basically, and sadly, she got left behind at the wrong time during a period when she should have been seeing the world. But lets not forget that by the time she was 9 months old Jezi was in the show ring. Handled by Tracy in the challenge she actually won her first Best Of Breed at that age. I have continued to show her and she is regularly handed over to friends to handle as I have Ziva to show in similar age classes. Jezi has cope wonderfully and as you may remember was recently RBIS with Paula handling her in the challenge. (Ziva had also won her class on the day and I handled her in the challenge) A dog with character issues would not cope in the show ring, especially not being handled by a stranger.
Today - just posing
Jezi is really not a problem dog, we simply went through some difficult stages as she was growing up. Sadly on top of probably being hormonal, (She came in season when she was pretty young)  she was a victim of out lifestyle and difficult circumstances at the time. Unlike her mother she may not be wiling to be a strangers best friend, but I don't care about that. Actually it's more typical of the breeds characteristic and mentioned in the standard that they are aloof with strangers.  As far as the show ring is concerned, in many a judge's eye her colour will always go against her, but if she never wins another 1st prize again, who cares?
Jezi is a star, a comedian and a great character, Steve's special friend and we both adore her.

George Michael "Refused" Table At New Resteraunt?

"Pop legend George Michael must be used to getting the best table at any restaurant he visits, however busy it is. But at one new eaterie in Hampstead he was recently treated like any other prospective customer – and politely shown the door because the place was full.
Having no idea who he was, the manager at La Provence in Heath Street, Hampstead, blithely turned him away, to the amusement of the diners present.
The Highgate-based pop legend had perhaps been keen to taste La Provence’s modern French cuisine after reading a glowing review from famously discerning and hirsute Ham&High food critic Joseph Connolly.
Chef and owner Davy Kibodi, 37, said: “Two weeks ago on Saturday, we were fully booked and one gentleman came to the restaurant and my manager didn’t have a choice.
“After he left, all the tables sitting around starting to ask my manager, do you know who that is? She had no idea it was George Michael.”
He added: “For the moment he has not been back, but I hope he will be. I think next time she will recognise him..."

Right so he was not "Refused" a table, they simply had no space. Happens to us all. It must be refreshing for him to be treated like any other "normal" person, and good on him for not playing the "Do you know who I am?" card. Respect Mr Michael :)
If it happens again George ..I can cook you dinner???

Monday, 9 September 2013

It's Been A Year ....

..... since I went to NWA with 4 dogs and came home with 5. And what a life changing day that was. He's such an adorable boy, without fail Nico warms up my heart, he makes me smile everyday, he's a beautiful cuddly dog with a huge character, a happy disposition and a love of life beyond compare. At the risk of repeating myself, Heather Macdonald and David Greer I can't ever thank you enough for allow me to share my life with this truly wonderful dog.

I remember so clearly the first time I set eyes on him. I'd hardly slept for weeks and had butterfly's in my stomach all morning. I watched the door so carefully just waiting for that first glimpse of him. Was that him I wondered? But no I realised the dog I was looking at was Conbhairean Freddie, closely related, but not him. All of a sudden by the door I saw him, and from photos I'd received I recognised him, a bounding puppy like young male came bouncing into the room, OMG it was him. Emotion took over and I welled up with tears as he went into the ring. I couldn't believe it, that beautiful beautiful dog was actually mine! It was around this time that I realised that my tears were contagious, Sharon and Linda were now crying too. I watched his performance in the ring, and then as he waited his turn Nico and I made eye contact which lasted for quite a few seconds. I mouthed "Hello" to him, he cocked his head slightly, before returning his attention to the matter in hand. I was tense but so happy, seeing him win had me beaming with delight and such pride. What I kept telling myself was ... "this is My dog." He came out of the ring and went back to the lady he presumed was still his owner. I got my wish, a private first moment with my new boy, we had a huge cuddle, he greeted me with great enthusiasm, as if I was his long lost friend, so I cried .... again!
Putting him in the van to bring him home gave me a real realty check, this was really happening,I was this lucky; little did I know then how blessed I would really be. Anyone who can be bothered to takes the time to know Nico loves him, if you haven't then believe me your the one missing out. He may not be a "Blanik" born and bred but he has given so much to our lives and hopefully soon he will add his stamp to our bloodlines, something that will stay with Blanik forever.
Nico your a HUGE star and a pleasure to live with and love. Thank you for everything you give me .... The best decisions are sometimes made in haste, I'm so pleased I made this decision. My beautiful beautiful, funny, goofy boy,I love you more than words can say ....

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Her mother's daughter ...
We still think about you, we hope we were always there for you
we always cared,
8.7.00 - 7.9.09

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Now Let Me Tell You About Them.

Determined, Headstrong, Strong willed, over intelligent and a strong leader. Playful and affectionate when it suits her. A wonderful mother who still adores her kids.

Gentle, biddable, affectionate, playful, self assured and kind. Totally non confrontational.  Not the best mother, lets her kids get away with everything!

A little complex I guess, Aloof with strangers, Over intelligent, vocal with a wicked sense of humor. Affectionate at times and very much the class clown.

Spoilt (My fault) and therefore occasionally jealous and spiteful with her sister. Very very affectionate and loving, very toy orientated, the most obedient bitch I've ever owned.

Goofy, funny, affectionate. Very obedient and kind, but a cracking guard dog. Self assured but owner obsessed. Let's the girls get away with murder.

Goofy, funny, very very affectionate and cuddly bordering on demanding. Playful, kind obedient and very easy to live with.

In my opinion he does not have a typical GSD character. He's distant, aloof with us but very pleased to greet visitors. Not the brightest penny in the pack and is unable to solve a basic problem. Reasonably obedient but regularly suffers from doggy deafness!!!!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Think I Was Wrong

 Reading up on hip scoring, as I have done numerous times over the years I realise that Jezi scored nothing on the femoral head of the left hip, and "The normal FH should have a smooth roundish profile, but the shape may vary considerably!"
But she scored 3 on Norberg angle, 3 on subluxation, 3 on cranial acetabular edge, 2 dorsal acetabular edge and one on cranial effective acetabular rim.
Greek to you? Have a look at this .... it's very interesting.

Secondly, since Blade got BIS from a veteran class in Merioneth in 1999 it has since dawned on me that he therefore did not compete in breed classes. So, it's only 3 BOB in over 20 years ..... makes it sound even worse! Especially when I've had BOB with different dogs at some shows year in year out! I have a second "Unlucky show," Pwllheli C.S show, that's in October. I go every year to support them, but rarely win! Ah well that's the way it goes!

So Much Food So Little Time!!!!!

Sadly Nico's performance in the ring at City Of Birmingham yesterday was no better than at WKC 2 weeks ago. I see him in stance and think OMG ... he looks stunning, then as he starts to move and it all falls apart! He's pulling out like a mad man, simply not the way we show in the UK, and without doubt not the way this judge wanted to see them move! (One young dog was sent out of the ring as he "Couldn't asses him!") I must admit, though my handler was brilliant, had I known I would have handled him myself .. but there you go, none of us knew!
Generally it was a good day, if you like getting up at 4am and not getting home till 7.15pm that is! The journey went quickly as we nattered all the way there. Nico was great travelling with 3 dogs that he didn't know, actually all 4 dogs were great. It's always great to catch up with friends from all over the UK, and yesterday I got to put a face to another "Facebook" friend. Yes, for this and many other reasons I love dog shows and social media.
As we all sat having lunch Nico decided he could share Ivylene's lunch, taking a bite out of her roll as she tried to get it near her mouth! Ivylene giggled at Nico's surprise to his first taste of Piccalilli ... but yeah he came back for more. A while later, due to me being distracted by the Tibetan Mastiffs in the ring behind us, he managed to get a big lick of the swiss roll on the picnic table. With only one other witness we decided to say nothing! Later as I helped Debbie pack her crates Nico was suppose to be sitting in a "Wait" on a bench behind us, I turned round to see he had moved down two or three benches and was coming back with a Whole piece of French Bread Pizza! OMG I could have died! I fought to get it off him, put it back on the bench and Debbie and I, with Nico in tow, made a hasty retreat. I wonder if the owner came back for it? Did they eat it? OMG .... I hope it wasn't yours!!!