Tuesday, 25 July 2017

RIP My Friend

It's hard to accept that it all went wrong so quickly for you my lovely friend. To me and many more you were special, you were loved. I'm sad your life was as it was, you deserved more but the risk to you of trying to give you that was just too great. Coming to see you recently left me emotional, but overwhelmed at your continued love for me. I'll never forget you and the trust you put in me. Run free now, now more kennel life, just freedom my lovely Scamp. 

Terrible Teens?

I hate it when people continuously complain about their dogs and their behaviour, it can be especially hurtful when it's one I've bred. It left here an open book and within no time at all it's a monster. If you have a problem then you can do one of two things, sort it or live with it! To be fair it's usually the owners fault for not addressing an issue correctly or quickly anyway ... But what the hell happened to my perfect puppy?
Kaiah has been a joy, a darling. Obedient, loving, quick to learn, confident and happy, honest she must have been one of the easiest bitch puppies ever. But I repeat, what the hell has happened to my perfect puppy?
Basically Kaiah is now a teenage thug! She torments her mother to a point that one day Sammi came home from the field and now wouldn't go back out with her. She then turned her attention onto Asha, she hides in the long grass and charges Asha. When Asha had had enough and  "Told her" she snapped her teeth in Asha's face. Shit, that is bad manners! It seems the child will not be told. I think Sammi has left it too late to tell her, she adores her, promotes her and has put her on a pedestal. Kaiah's nature is such that she now feels very important and because she's been allowed to get away with everything from everybody she's now taking liberties.
Within the home there really isn't any issues, she's sweet happy and very cuddly. But because of her behaviour within the pack I have now started to remove her puppy privileges, and I'm making her do things for me to achieve her goal.
Of course she is in season and I can't imagine that is helping. She away from her beloved Loki, hormones are raging within her and she's a teenager. Not a great combination really is it? I'm sure we've been here before with other bitches, we'll just have to ride the storm out really won't we.
So who do I walk her with today? It was going so well yesterday when I was walking her with just Tali. Tali does her own thing and is pretty boring company I guess, so Kaiah had no one to torment. But then the shit really hit the fan as she came across a single sheep who was out of my view behind some reeds, it ran and she chased it. I screamed, I called, I panicked, I ran .. but I also had Tali to think of and she struggled in the heat to keep up. In those few minute you think everything, she's killed the sheep, she's been hit by a car, shot by the farmer ... she's out of your sight and your mind is racing with fear. Luckily for me there was a good Samaritan, a man preparing to go for a walk in one of the bottom parking spaces. He saw her chasing the sheep, gave chase and somehow grabbed her. I think I was expecting a lecture from him, but he must have seen how distressed I was and was so nice to me, he insured me she hadn't touched the sheep. It took a brave man to just grab a strange GSD, and who ever he was I will always be grateful to him. But of course this is now fresh in my mind and I fear taking her back out there today, but I have too. Lessons will have to be leaned, but she has to go out, and lets face it, I've had the same experience to date with almost every generation. Sort it or live with it Mrs S, but don't moan about it!

Beautiful Sammi's Song

I love the video for this song - but for a change it's nice to read the lyrics
This was top of the charts in 2013 when my Angel was born.

Monday, 24 July 2017


 Kaiah went out with just Tali, as she now has no friends! After today's antics I'm not sure I want to be her friend either. She must be the easiest puppy I've ever owned, by I hate this teenage rebelion of hers!
 Sammi, Asha, Loki and Ziva
Everyone happy out and about
Nico and Jezi 

Mikey's song

Another one I've managed to get with just the lyrics playing and not the video. I cried so much to this last year. Sometimes life is so unfair ....

Sunday, 23 July 2017


After a long chat with the breeder in Suffolk my head is well and truly pickled again! She is willing to hang on to the pup for just a few weeks to see if the testicle drops, she will check him weekly for me. As it can be felt, there is a chance ...  But, and it's a huge but, she has another litter there, now three weeks old out of the son of the father of the first litter. So Larro is the sire of the 8 week old pup, his son Lux is the sire of the 3 week old pups. Both males have been imported from Italy, but OMG I have just fallen in love with Lux.
Now that is my kind of dog! She says of Lux, "Everyone that meets him loves him too, such a character. He is beautiful, we love him to bits, main fault if you like he is a big boy, but we knew that when we bought him."  Well I can live with big! lol The breeder continues "I'm happy to keep the Larro boy so you can choose between the 2 and we'll def know about the dreaded testicles by then! In the meantime if the testicles are both here you can come for the Larro boy." She is being so kind, she couldn't do anymore for me, I'm really touched.
What am I going to do? Hell I don't know? When she originally made the offer last week I was definite I didn't want to do that, but now circumstances have slightly changed and after seeing Lux ..  I'm not so sure! I guess if she tells me next week that the testicles have come down on the older pup I'll be going down for him, if it's 2 or 3 weeks before anything happens then it would be wise to wait and see both.
I must admit his name made me smile too. I guess some of you remember our little Lux?
God I like this dog!

Nan's Song Became Nikki's Song

I found a copy of this song without a video - just the lyrics. It's very touching and I cried so much to it after we lost Nikki. Please listen, without this girl none of us would have a "Blanik,"  all roads lead back to Nikki .. and this is Nikki's song!

On The Ball

I told you I was getting obsessed with testicles didn't I? But it is interesting to learn and find these things out.
Each testicle forms high up near the kidneys in early embryonic life and then descends into the scrotum during late foetal life or early neonatal life (soon after birth). If embryos have a "y" chromosome they do not develop into testis they become ovary's and the pup is female. The testies travel down the inguinal canal passing through a narrow area referred to as the "ring." which is high up in the inguinal canal. Many of the experts state that if a male animal's teste/s have not descended by 2 months of age, then they are very unlikely to do so. Other are a little more generous, allowing the animal up to 16 weeks before deeming the animal's testicles unlikely to descend. Vets suggest that they can take as long as 6 months to fully descend, but with normal puppy growth the ring closes or decrease in size making it impossible for the testicle to pass through, this will then cause the testicle to stay retained. Simply as the animal grows the testicle grows and the ring closes.  Another reason for the testicle not to be able to fully descend is if the cord is too short for it to stretch to the scrotal sack.
Late testicular descent certainly can occur though this is extremely rare. I have heard of a case whereby a cryptorchid show dog was given a prosthetic testicle to hide the fact that one of its testicles was not descended, only for the true testicle to descend later on, resulting in the show dog having three testicles for a brief period of time before the prosthesis was removed. A friend with a cryptorchid was also told to consider a trip to Ireland where things could be "sorted" for her, she didn't!
Due to increased heat and blood supply to the retained testicle cryptorchids often have character problems caused by increased testosterone. Some are nervous, some nervous aggressive and some are aggressive. Some hyperactive and difficult to control. Removal of the retained testicle will usually, over a few week alleviate such character problems. But of course the greatest risk is of cancer on the retained testicle spreading within the body in middle age. There is little risk in early life but cryptorchids should have the retained testice/s removed once they are fully grown and the growth plates have closed.
So there you go .. a little copy and paste to help me on the way, but good to know and refer back too in future .....

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Blade's song

Kirsty MacColl - Days
Please listen to the lyrics, the video is a tad distracting

Kaiah's Song

It wasn't just Louis that had a song.  Lots of my dogs have "Theme Tunes." Whilst listening to Robbie this morning this song made me smile and think of Kaiah. It may not be appropriate into adulthood but it currently is. Don't listen if you're easily offended.
Anyway, it's made me think of the dogs that have had their own songs, some in life, some in death, and I've decided to post them on the blog .. I'll start at the beginning of Blanik with Blade!

A Kind Of Commitment

"Sully" a friends red sable playing with Sammi 
Yesterday I received a message from the breeder in Suffolk, she said ".. just got back from the Vets, they've had their jab, the Vet gave them a good 'feel' said the paler boy has both and the other boy has one and the other high up in the ring, it will come down, that was her opinion, I felt when I got home and could feel one each?"
I decided at that moment not to go down there this weekend, but to wait and see what this week brings with it. I then chatted to some friends with sables who agreed with me that taking the paler dog was not in my best interest. One friend said, "with some judges quick to put sables down as it is you must at least get a decent coloured sable." As I've mentioned before I know too well the influence colour has on the breed with poor Asha often passed by simply for colour. Right or wrong? I'll let you decide.
This morning I received another message from Suffolk. "Do you want to plump for the redder boy? The other person wants to come on Tuesday for their pup!"  Ah commitment time, but I had already decided last night that I did not want to take on a pale sable dog and I totally understand the other people want their pup. So yeah, the redder dog it is or nothing, and now all we can do is wait and hope. At least he's not 8 weeks old yet is he, and she will give him a couple of weeks to see what happens.
I was honest with her this morning, I told her I had got very deflated and shed a tear or two last night. So much for not being emotionally involved eh! She is still optimistic that it will come, but does understand my reasons for needing to wait. I just can't believe this is happening again .. Excuse the profanity, but I must have been an evil twat in a previous life or something!

Friday, 21 July 2017

George Michael - Amazing HD (Live)

This always was and always will be "My Louis" song.
Just listen to the lyrics .."I guess that cupid was in disguise " ... "And your mom...was always acting crazy. " .. Who was his mum? Krizzie - say no more! "The day you walked in and changed my life" "So now I walk in the midday sun I never thought that my saviour would come I think it's amazing I think you're amazing" All of it, it just was the song from me to Louis, we even use to dance to it together in the kitchen, yes Louis danced, he'd do anything for a bit of fun!

Blanik Excentrik

 These "memories" are sometimes just too much to bear. But now I usually think of him with a smile instead of a tear. Without him in my life for 9 years my life would have been a much emptier/sadder place. As a puppy I was advised by the people in the know not to keep him as he would be too short in foreleg for a show career, I was told his brother was better. But I didn't listen, I went with my gut, this little dog had my heart. I guess they where right to a degree, he was smaller than some - though still easy within the standard, and he had a fantastic show career. He was an Amazing boy inside and out. He was my world, my best friend, my mister "Amazing," my dog in a life time, he was my Louis. Happy Birthday where every you are today my precious boy and thank you for the wonderful memories.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Maybe It's A good Thing?

As I lay there awake when the world was sleeping last night I thought about the sable puppies that have recently crossed my path. Little Teddy, sable no 2 and now the Suffolk brothers. I sure had got more attached to Teddy and Sable 2 than I have to the brothers. In photos and videos I watched them grow week by week and couldn't help but get emotionally involved, especially with Sable No 2 who really did look like my dream pup. I also had reports of their characters, their antics and saw their siblings. Yes I was already invested, but when it didn't go to plan I was devastated.
Sable No 2
So maybe the lack of photographic updates from Suffolk is a good thing? You know I honestly think it is, it has kept me guarded and less involved. I'm now in exactly the same situation as I was in with Sable 2  but I feel less emotional about it all. Of course I'm frustrated, and find it hard to talk about, but having seen less of them I don't really know what I could miss out on. The breeder will pin them down tomorrow and have another proper check .. but I'm not holding my breath as it seems to be such a huge problem in the breed, in dogs in general; but one that I was simply not aware of till my last litter. I couldn't be that unlucky again ... could I?

Happy Choo Day Everybody

It's now a year since I broke our 6 cat rule and number 7 moved in. Let's celebrate, party and dance .. err maybe not Jimmy Choo has had a hard night and is asleep on the back of the chair.
This was the kitten that no one wanted, the one that was always rejected, the one left behind because he was "plain!"  Well little he may still be, but he's not plain, and never was. He's cute, affectionate and cuddly, with me anyway!
All the others had gone ... so maybe not helping to sell himself really.
This photo had me in tears and pleading to Steve.
"We may not need another one, but another one needs us!" 
Happy And Settled At Blanik 
In The Garden A Couple Of Days Ago 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Critiques From Stafford

Stafford Birmingham Agricultural Society 1st June 2017 
GSD P D/B 1 Stanley’s Blanik Jeevana 7.5 mth B&G female, good topline, sound coming and going, good dentition and excellent temperament, showed in very good condition, awarded BPIB. 
O D/B  1 BOB Stanley’s Lokean of Blanik Sh.CM. I have admired this lad from outside the ring many times and it was a pleasure to get ‘hands on’ with him today. Excellent medium sized male, very alert expression without outside encouragement, good ear carriage always held erect, dark eye with good neck and lay of shoulder, body is well proportioned with deep chest. Good topline held well when on the move leading to slightly sloping croup, sound strong hocks, could have made use of a larger ring but showing very good gait and reach. As usual, exhibited in excellent condition, pleased to award him BOB

Names Again

I just thought I'd refresh myself on the meaning of the guys names!  So we start at the top of the pack!

Tali – the name is a variant of Talicia. The feminine Sindhi name of Tali means "Rising Star!"
Asha - In Arabian, the name Asha means- "hope" or "wish."
Ziva – The origin of the name is Hebrew.The meaning of Ziva is radiance, "splendour, brilliance, brightness or light of God."
Sammi - The meaning of the American unisex name “Sammi” is: “His/her name is God or God has heard”
Kaiah - The origin of Kaiah is Native American meaning "rare beauty" or "little but wise; pure"
Nico - "Nico" in Welsh is "Goldfinch" Pronounced Nic/o and not Neeco

I've intentionally left Jezi and Loki till last as there's a lot more to say. We've read it all before but the reminder makes me smile.
Jezi – she’s not Jessie, Jess, Jessy or Jessica her name is Jezi Baba - but Jezi will do! "Ježibaba is a mythological figure, appearing in operas such as Dvořák's Rusalka and in movies such as Miyazaki's Spirited Away. She is a forest witch and friend of the devil. (How apdt!!!) A famous Witch from Eastern Europe , she has the appearance of a peasant women and travels through the air on a pestle and mortar with a fiery broom. She has teeth of stone or knives and lives in a house that moves on chicken legs. Her house is surrounded by a bone like fence with skulls on top which shine light through their sockets. The house is situated between this world and the Otherworld. Jezi Baba can be very cruel and those who visit her may die. Sometimes she manifests her mouth as a cave and devours travellers who wander in. She maintains good order and punishes those who misbehave. She is good to women and others who seek her help giving them useful items for their quests. She creates such items with her pestle and mortar and cauldron of body parts. To those who fear her her house and objects appear gruesome but to others who understand her true function, such things are quite pleasant. The fire-breathing Dragon, Chudo-Yudo lives with her as her pet and guards the Water of Life and Death. In earlier stories she is the divinity of life and death and is surrounded by herds and horses where she holds the reins of the four seasons and controls harvests and rain flow." Now don't blame me, blame Steve, he named her!!!!
LOKI - is the Norse God of trickery, mischief, and change; a major character in Norse Mythology. Blood-brother of Odin and traveling companion and friend of Thor; his wife’s name is Sigyn, his children’s names are Hel, Fenris, Jormungandr, Vali, Narfi and Sleipnir. Loki is pleasing and handsome in appearance according to the Eddas. He is renown for his cleverness and for helping the Gods out after he has gotten them into trouble as well as his great ability to make them laugh and cheer them up. He has domain over fire, and is a master magician, conjurer as well as shape-shifter (In some cases changing gender). Loki is bisexual, having sexual relations with both male and female in mythology. Bearing in mind Loki’s dark side as well as his good one, he is most valuable as a witty, entertaining friend, and a God to call upon. Loki is not an evil malevolent being or the Norse version of Satan or some fallen angel. The later influence of Christianity on Norse culture resulted in changing the mythology portraying Loki as evil incarnate. This is not uncommon, Christianity often demonizes other religions gods. Loki represents both our divine intelligence and also free will whereby we can choose for good or ill, and if we make a mistake to correct it. He typifies the human mind: on one hand clever, foolish, immature; on the other hand, he personifies the elevating, aspiring traits in human intelligence. Loki is still worshiped today and one who worships or is dedicated to Loki as their primary God is called a Lokean. Compare to Odinis

Visiting Puppies

 Tali (Who's a boy by the way!) 
Greta meeting Jamie
No show without punch is there!!!!
These two adorable BSD's came to visit and socialise yesterday. They loved it in the field, but were really unsure of what to do with a pushy fat tabby who needed to share the limelight! 
It's odd hearing of another Tali. He has been christened by his new owners and it's short for Taliesin who was a "6th Century Welsh Poet." Of course our Tali was not named after the poet, I originally heard the name in Casualty as Harry Harper's wayward daughter. I then researched it and liked it's meaning. The Sindhi meaning of this feminine name is "Rising Star! 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Happy With That

Someone got a far better picture of Loki at NWPB 
Pleased with that .. hope they got one of Sammi too. 

Still In Limbo

So here they are, the guys in Suffolk are 7 weeks old today... The breeder feels they both have potential and says ...  "I like them both for different reasons. the redder more masculine cobbier puppy has been my favourite all along but I keep looking at the other one too, he is more upright and scopey and has a bit more style about him atm." I have to confess, though he looked the smallest in previous pics the red and now larger pup is the one that has always caught my eye. 
Of course now we are waiting for testicles, and though she hasn't found them yet she says "No one has had a problem with Larro pups and it's not a problem we've had through the Idol line but you never can know for sure when things crop up. it may sound crazy but because we don't have a problem I don't usually even check but I know you need to know"... 
So this is where we stand .. if they (Particularly the dark one) has testicles at the week end then I will go and see him/them with my head screwed on and not wearing my heart on my sleeve. If the testicles are not down then we leave it till the following weekend and reassess. I will not be travelling 5 hours to see pups with no balls. So here we go again .. wait and see!!! 

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Out With The Guys

 Pretty Colours
 Hiding from the cows
Mr and Mrs


Our least successful day at a show for quite a long time .. ah well that's the way it goes, and we had been pre-warned by numerous people that we had wasted our money! The guys did me proud with the girls giving their all .. especially Sammi who really did work at it, but she was obviously not to the judges taste. Loki as usual did everything at his own pace. Even when another male GSD growled at him his response was to raise himself slightly and silently stare at him. You have to love the guy don't you! Anyway it was great to catch up with all my lovely friends, to quote my co driver Ian Turner .. It was a day out wasn't it!!!
 Beautiful Sammi waiting for her turn in the ring
 Kaiah looking amazing in my opinion 
Mr Loki, out of coat so not at his best - but what a star 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Poorly Jezi

Poor Jezi has a bit of an embarrassing problem, she has a very sore bottom. Hopefully she has nothing more than an anal gland infection in the left side. The Vet said it would have been very uncomfortable and she must have been licking at it a lot ... but honestly she hasn't touched it, one of us would have notice if she had been. It was only the colour around her bottom that drew our attention to it a couple of weeks ago. I washed her down a few times and kept an eye on it and everything seemed to clear. But as it has returned I felt something more was wrong than I could deal with. They emptied her anal glands and found blood and gunk in the one side, so they decided to clip the hair from around her bum so it would sweat less and be easier to keep clean. Unfortunately in doing so they caught the skin around her bottom and that made it bleed, which was a concern as it really shouldn't have done. My poor girl was so well behaved, she really was a model patient. Like I said, hopefully an infection, the worst case scenario doesn't bare thinking about.
That was case scenario is called anal furunculosis. The vet didn't mention AF, but I had to ask the question. She's a young vet and has only been practicing a year or so and did seemed unsure. Though I have seen photos I've only seen AF once in a rescue dog and this doesn't seem like it to me, but that was well established so I may not recognize it early on. Anyway for once I'm in a positive frame of mind and hoping the antibiotics, rimadyl and fuciderm cream will clear this up. Obviously we need to keep it clean and I'm hoping for a drastic improvement so we don't have to go back in 5 days.
See this is me being positive .. good yeah!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kaiah's Nine Month Weigh-In

This will probably be her last as her weight has now been static for the last 3 months. So yeah 26kg and now close on 60cms at the wither. I'm happy with that!
Whilst at the vets I also weighed Sammi and Loki. Sammi was 30.3Kg and Loki 39kg Sammi looks spot on, but to be honest Loki could do with a Kg or two on him, I guess I'll have to wait for him to get his coat back and for Kaiah's season to be over to see any improvement.
Between drontal for everyone and pills for Tali it was quite an expensive day. Lots of people are now turning to more natural methods or worming and de-fleaing their dogs. I agree, but will have to wait for more evidence that they work. If you have cats that are killing then they are permanently re-infesting themselves .. and once they have worms, then so do the dogs. One thing I will not do though is give my animals Advocate/Stronghold or any of the other products as monthly preventative. Why put chemicals into their bodies for no reason. Two maybe three times a year is plenty, especially when you consider that these products are not effective against tapeworm .. hence the need to also use drontal or panacure. Though vets deny it there's is also evidence that too much use of these products damages the immune system, they also cause a lot of dogs to be itchy. But some Vets are also denying that there is a problem with their Lepto 4 vaccine, there the death of so many dogs following the vaccine speak for themselves! I have already checked, the puppies in Suffolk will be getting Lepto 2, and just incase I'm lucky enough to have one of these pups I've checked with the local vets and have found Lepto 2 in the area. And what all this crap about giving old dogs a booster .. OMG a dog hasn't had a booster here in 20 years, another money making scheme that damages our animals health. Not just my opinion .. if you don't believe me .. google! 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Happy Days

Just a few pics of the guys out having fun
Loki and Kaiah 
Oh Tali! 
But If You Thought Tali Was Bad, Well Wait Till Ziva Gets Up!
No Comment!
Sammi and Ziva Had A Super Time Together,
To Think They Too Use To Squabble So Much
Jezi Having A Moment! 

All Change

 Asha now with Kaiah and Loki
Sammi with Tali and Ziva
But Of Course Jezi and Nico Together!
Great walks with everyone, no tension, no squabbling, no bickering.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Of Course The Others Got Out Too

Much drier walks on home ground 
It was chucking it down in Gyrn Goch and Ffor 
mild and just a light drizzle here
 Jezi and Nico
Tali, Asha and Ziva