Sunday, 31 December 2017

Muddy But So Much Fun In Golan

There always another level to the excitement when walking somewhere new. Kaiah and Ross had never been here, and the  last time Loki was here was with Mikey in November 2015. I remember the day well, it was the first time I'd been allowed to drive alone after my brain hemorrhage, so quite a day! Today the dogs came home plastered in mud, but my god we had a great time, and though the three were mad as hatters they were really well behaved. As much as I love it up here it is so nice to occasionally walk elsewhere and with company! 

On Home Ground

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Ross is 7 Months ..

 .. and to be fair he's looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself. For some reason we just were not able to get a decent photo of him today. He was a little sluggish and the more we tried the worst it got, so with fading lights we had to give up. Conformation wise he's very unexaggerated  and well put together. Being critical, as I am, his coat is still poor, but looking back I guess he has more than Blade and is about equal to Mikey at the same age. Like I've said his coat is not too bad I suppose, it's the furnishings that are conspicuous in their absence. 
Anyway Mr Poldark stands at 63cms at the wither, and is 32.8kg. Equal in height to Mikey and half a cm smaller than Loki was which is hardly worth thinking about is it. I was surprised to discover that he weighs more than Loki did, only a KG, but still unexpected. So it's a case of see what happens now I guess, I'd be chuffed if he just grew an extra 2 cms and didn't do a Loki and decide on some extra height! Next weigh in will be the end of January and that seems a long time away right now! 

When Boys Were 7 Months Old

Hopefully we'll have one of Ross before the end of the day! 

Friday, 29 December 2017

Kaiah's First Time On The beach

Yes it's true, Kaiah had never been to the beach, well we just don't go that often. Ross has been to a couple of beaches but somehow Kaiah never got to go. It was so weird seeing her get to the bottom of the pebbles and then stopping with uncertainty.  The sand was wet and shining in the sunshine, I guess she was unsure of the surface and whether she would walk or sink! Ross came charging down behind her and they were soon off racing across the sand and down to the sea. I guess it was just the place to take a dog who loves to run.
It was blustery and cold down there, and I thought it was windy on the mountain today! Maybe I will try and go down there occasionally, no reason not too, other than other people and even today there was some of them about!

Babies On A Blustery Beach


This morning Ross has been sick, the vomit contained plastic and grass and something that looks like a rubber stopper. It was seriously large to think he had swallowed it and brought it up again. (A bit like the cork from a bottle of wine in size and shape, though hollow) Hopefully the grass gave the sharp bits of plastic a smoother transaction back up! (Yeuk) Seriously this young lads eating habits are a worry though. Not since Dexi and Kiri have we had dogs that eat everything.  Dexi even managed a whole kong once, there was just the tip left when I found him eating it. But it was Kiri that got herself in trouble and needed emergency surgery to remove a blockage of plastic from her intestine! Of course we also know how poorly our friend Noya became after eating a bit of rope toy.
I'm use to dogs who shred toys, it happens regularly here but Ross sits down and eats them .. just like Dexi use too. It's getting really hard to find toys that they all like that he won't eat, the chuck it balls do well, and the one Loki had as a pup is still played with and in one piece. All the lovely Xmas stuff that their Auntie Linda got them was shredded, to be honest non of the soft toys made it past 11am on Xmas day! It is disappointing as you do think some of them just like to squeak them, others are far more set on destruction!  I guess another trip back to TK Maxx is on the cards in the New Year!

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Back Out With My Dogs

After being stuck home yesterday I was delighted to get out this morning. It was a sunny crisp morning, my kind of day! 
Steve had enjoyed taking the youngsters to the fields yesterday and said that "Kaiah ran the legs off Ross!" He just could believe how fast she ran and said she almost lapped Ross on the chase around the caravan. I see it everyday, but I guess seeing how fast Kaiah is and how much stamina she has ..well it has to be seen to be believed!

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

No Walks Today

The last few weeks have finally caught up with me and my damaged brain is exhausted. It's so hard to do as I'm suppose to and rest every few hours, especially with so much going on, but of course as predicted by those in the know it does catch up with me! What I also find fascinating is as I was told in Walton my lack of interest in alcohol is also decreasing rapidly. I remember dismissing it when they told me, and I've not really thought about it till recently, but I do prefer a glass of Diet Coke to a cider, or a cup of tea to a glass of wine these days!
Steve will be taking the dogs to the fields today, they'll just have to cope with that for today. I went back to bed till after 11am this morning but with Steve around at least the youngsters got to play in yard. They are now settled for a couple of hours but without any exercise at all the evening will be hell!
 Picture of Tali refusing to settle till she'shad lunch, bless her in this she is showing her years!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day On The Mountain

 Loki heard his mother and sister screaming in the distance. 
At the time we didn't know who we'd heard but chuckled as we knew they were GSD's. 
Then on the way down we saw Ian's van parked in a passing place, Good thing the quarry was closed or could have been a squished vivaro!
 Ziva, Sammi, Asha and Tali.
I shouted good girls and threw the toy but Tali didn't hear me and stayed there long enough for her close-up! Bless her she was very slow today and seems to be very thin again. I have to accept that every day now is a blessing.

Jezi and Nico
Love this one! Sadly after about a month trial without her muzzle she's have to have it back on tomorrow. The crap she ate today was just ridiculous so I can't take the risk of her making herself ill again. 

Perfect Asha?

I have to say Asha is and has been one of the easiest bitches I've ever had the pleasure of living with. She's sweet natured, obedient, trustworthy and a fair pack member. When we walk I don't generally watch her, to be honest I totally rely on her to keep up or not go too far. I'm watching Tali and keeping an extra eye out on what Ziva and Sammi are up too, though to be fair they are pretty good too, so just watching Tali it is then! But of course, no dog is perfect and Asha has her vice .. her greedy!
Asha has been known to steal from people bags and pockets at shows, she'll even take treats down off their grooming tables. But the most embarrassing incident ever was when she got someones sandwiches out of their bag at Manchester Champ show. She was in the ring waiting for her turn, I was watching the judging and I thought she standing quietly .. she wasn't! Poor Sally lost her lunch that day, and Asha really enjoyed the show! Funnily enough she was 4th in quite a large class, the judge telling the handler that she missed out on top honors as she was carrying a little extra weight! I wonder why???
Anyway at 9pm daily Tali gets her supper. Last night I wasn't waiting in the middle when they came in, I'd realised it was raining and had gone to get towels, but Steve was there! All I heard was "Asha .. Asha .. Oh Asha you cow .. that was your mothers fish!" Yep you've guess it Asha took advantage of the fact I wasn't there and stole Tali's supper from her crate, leaving Tali having to have a quickly made and cooled scrambled egg instead. Happy Xmas Asha!

Monday, 25 December 2017

Blustery Xmas Day Walks

 Nico and Jezi
The girls - I took three, Tali looked away in all three!
 Someone young ran off ... anyway got him in the van!

Last Christmas

The day the music died .. Xmas will never ever be the same again.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Just One Photo

Of the three youngsters in the field before we went walking today. Slightly short walks for everyone really, but considering the weather and the fact I was cooking lunch I think we did OK. This was taken with my phone, but being currently a little precious about it I decided not to take any more photos and to put it safely in my pocket out of the drizzly rain. 
Sadly Ross is still lame so I guess it's back to the vets after the Xmas break ...

R Junior

Over the recent weeks I think I've posted a photo of all the cats .. apart from R Junior. So here's Mr handsome , the big chicken lover himself! Not the best photo but he was quite a distance away.

Saturday, 23 December 2017


Rosie has just sent me this .. Me screaming trying to get Tali's attention to come for the photo, Tali of course taking jack shit notice! The other girls standing there so well behaved and waiting for her. You have to laugh at her don't you, I can just hear her in Father Jack mode  "Feck off!"
Don't I look wonderful in my wet weather walking attire? No rain, but lots of puddles and ditches so I do get home dryer and cleaner!

Another Stunning Morning In Fron

Apparently it's thick mist and drizzly down below, lol. 
I'm telling you only good people get to live up here. 
 See, beautiful Sunshine
 Ok, I confess by lunch time the mist was creeping over here too.

Happy Birthday My Sammi B.

On the 23rd of Dec 2013 a true Angel was born (well actually, and truthfully it was the 24th! -  When puppies are born over night I register them on the date when the majority were born, Barney and Sammi were born just after midnight!) So Happy Official Birthday Sammi Belle Stanley, we can celebrate for 2 days. And a Huge Happy Birthday to all your lovely siblings, indeed a special litter ... Luna, Stella, Bonnie, Caleb and Barney.
I love all my dogs and would give them the world, but some of them get to you more, some of them get right under your skin. Sammi is one of those. I fell in love with her when she was just three weeks old, I prayed she would be the one with the most potential to fly the Blanik flag, and she was, had she not been I doubt I could ever have let her go! She was not the easiest of puppies and so christened "The Naughty Angel" now she is simply "The Angel," and mostly she is deserving of the title!
Happy Birthday my very special and beautiful friend!

Yodeling Cross

I had a text from Yodel whilst at my parent's house yesterday afternoon to say our Zooplus parcel had been delivered. Thinking it was one of the regular drivers I thought it would have been left somewhere safe .. but no parcel. I contacted my neighbours, no parcel. After being on hold with Yodel for 45mins I was told that my parcel had indeed been delivered and signed for by someone with the surname of "Stanley." I said "NO" we were not home. She said she would look into it and contact me within 4 hours - I've heard nothing.
Last night the parcel arrived, it had been left outside a house on the outskirts of the village and he kindly bought it up for us. The gentleman had come home and found it on his doorstep, so no he hadn't signed for it! I'm bloody seething with them, I'd have preferred for it to not have been delivered than just left on someone's doorstep. The parcel was £70+ of Tali's special diet, thank god for his honestly or Tali would not have been eating over Xmas!

Friday, 22 December 2017

I Took These With The Phone

Just experimenting but I'm so impressed with these photos of the mist receding over the mountain ... Stunning stunning day and amazing views
please click to enlarge...