Monday, 10 August 2020

A Line of Photos

Yes I can get writing on the top.
And yes now I can start a new line without a gap ... woohooo
But why couldn't I before?
And today I can post text between the photos, why couldn't I yesterday?
Come on google get it sorted. 

Jezi and Nico
Asha, Sammi, Ziva 
Kaiah, Loki, Ross
 Ross, Loki, Kaiah 
Orin in front

Blogger Frustration

So here we go again, I'm going to attempt to write and design a post that isn't just a straight line of photos with writing at the bottom. If it takes as long I may as well throw in the fecking towel. Am I just being thick or have they made this dashboard difficult for laptop users?  I couldn't write it on my phone, that for me is simply not practical.
Ok, I can't even start a new paragraph without it skipping a line. I've already given up and reverted to the old dashboard, but I have to get use to this new shit as the old one is not available after the end of the month. If I don't get it together it may be the end of Tali's Tails! (Yes I'm finding it that frustrating!)
Asha is now sleeping all night again, it seems like it was a urine infection then doesn't it. Here's hoping things settle and that she feels well now for months to come. I'm not blinkered, I know time is limited but as long as it's happy times then that's all we can ask. 
Kaiah is starting to loose her coat .. though her season is a couple of months away at least now there is something to look forward to. After my heartbreak last time of course I'm nervous, but it has to be this time or she'll be getting too old for a first litter. Seffe was the oldest here having her first titter, she was 4 in the January and had them in July .. pushing my luck really. First litters should really be born before or around 2.5 to 3 years of age ... that is when a GSD bitch physically  is ready to be a first time mum. As we experienced with Seffe later first pregnancies can cause issues for the bitch ... yeah, hopefully it is this time for Miss K.
Kaiah has looked fantastic throughout the Spring and early Summer, if only we could have done some shows ... I just hope we get some back soon. I don't think this virus is going to go away, we will now just have to learn to live with it and most of us would like to live not exist. I'm sure we can adjust to a new normal .... 
A few people have recently commented about Orin's size, I think maybe he looks deceptively large in the photos. I've no idea what he weighs to be honest, he was 19kg at 4 months, but he'll be 5 months in 9 days and I'll weigh him again then. I measure him last night and he was approx 53.5cms, Ross was 56.5cms at 5 months. (and 23.4 kg) I don't think Orin is going to be that tall in 10 days, but he may be a similar weight .... breathes a huge sigh of relief as Ross is about 2 cms over the maximum height for males in the breed. (And yes it does make a difference in the show ring) 
Anyway I took this photo of Ross and Orin, it may put things a little into prospective for people who only ever see photos of them sitting or lying down together. 

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Naughty - But Funny

Steve shouted "Quick come outside and bring your camera!" 
 Well what can I say ?

Too Hot To Walk

A morning run around the field had to do

The top two photos are taken pretty close up.
The two bottom on Zoom - Orin on 12x or close
Yes pleased with that.
The blogger setting are still doing my head in. If it ain't broke ...

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Orin's Day

 Orin playing with his mummy's half sister Kasey. Such a lovely girl, she was just excellent with him.
Waiting patiently for the new toy, but now hours later Asha is still not letting it out of her sight. 
Following his first ever bath and a blast Orin sulked for HOURS!!!

Friday, 7 August 2020

Baby Ross

Ross at Carrie's on the 6th of August 2017 - and back there today with Orin


I hope people are enjoying the heat today, I'm pleased to say it's warm but not hot here. 
The ladies watching walkers and a Spitz dog 
The Young Guns in front of Mynydd Mawr
 Orin joining the Young Guns for the last part of the walk 
Honestly I'm at my wits end with the new dashboard for designing the blog. They said they were changing it to make it easier for mobile phone users .. but it's making life difficult for me and no doubt many other laptop users ....  to the point that today I feel like throwing in the towel!  It's so frustrating, it takes me twice as long to design it .. a straight line of photos with writing underneath now seems to be the only straight forward design ... ahhhhh
This afternoon Orin, Ross and I got to share a lovely couple of hours with Linda and Carrie in Carrie's lovely garden. Ross I think entertained us all whilst Orin emptied the Summer house.

Orin At Ring Craft

Gutted to discover that Blackpool Ch Show has now been cancelled - In my opinion just too soon!
"Preston could be the country’s next area to have new coronavirus restrictions imposed amid a surge of Covid-19 cases there, council bosses have said. Residents in the Lancashire city have been strongly advised to avoid hosting visitors at homes as fears grow that government intervention will be needed if the growing spike cannot be brought under control. The city is next door to Blackburn – currently suffering the highest infection rates in the country – and just north west of Greater Manchester, which was placed into a partial lockdown last Friday with guests at home rendered temporarily unlawful. Whilst no one can accurately predict what will happen in the next few weeks the Committee have decided due to the above if we cancel now before anyone has actually entered on-line exhibitors will not lose out financially, however, if you have already entered by post your entry including your cheque will be destroyed."


The last 2 nights Asha has slept all night, here's hoping now for a third night. Asha has also seemed brighter in the morning and ate her breakfast without hesitation. Yesterday's urine sample was clear but concentrated ... onward we go ....

Forgot To Post These Yesterday

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Sammi's Kids

Orin and Kaiah both looking wonderful and getting on famously
I'd love to get a photo of both in stance again this week.  
Here's hoping we get the opportunity to get something decent. 
God knows I adore Sammi, but credit where it's due she really has produced better than herself and that is all we can ask isn't it!

After The Rain

Another Restless Night

I still have no idea what is going on with Asha. She got us up twice before 1.30 am again. Still needs a pee and a drink. In the morning she doesn't want breakfast and looks very sorry for herself at first. Within no time she has come round, had breakfast and is ready to take on the day. Only a few more days of antibiotics to go and the vets want another urine sample before the weekend. Really at a loss with her, surely the antibiotics would have fought off any infection by now? Could there be something else going on in the bladder? The blood test did show she was fighting off an infection, I wonder if they will want to do more blood tests? 
The top photo shows her happy with her ball this morning .. and the bottom one shows her less happy as Orin has stolen it!

Monday, 3 August 2020

All Out

Luther's Gift

I don't like what they do, but I love them. It's easy to distinguish the two things when you realise that it is nature, the nature of the beast isn't it. They usually kill for themselves, they usually eat most of what they kill leaving just bits lying around for Asha to eat! (Also meaning they need worming regularly.) More often than not if I approach them with their prize they growl grab it and run. Only if I think there is a chance the life can be saved do I intervene, otherwise there is no point.
Yesterday I was standing out when I heard Luther nattering away in the fields. For a second I thought something was wrong so I called him. The nattering got louder and he came racing over the wall and through the garden over the New Zealand Holly tree. Then I noticed he had something in his mouth. He ran straight over to me, dropped the poor dying creature at my feet, rubbed against my legs and went into the house. Well I've heard people say before that their cats bring them gifts and I've always replied, mine don't they eat them ... After all these years I can now safely say that I've been presented with a gift from one of my cats. 
Thanks Luther ... I Think! 

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Blanik Kanani

Bruce looking super 
Hopefully he'll be entering the show ring too
It'll be great to see a Blanik hitting the LSH classes.

The Four Walks

Sunday Sermon

With the ridiculous prices of puppies now continuing to escalate so have dog thefts. No breed is safe these days as adults and puppies are now stolen to order. Sadly North Wales seems to be a hot spot for thefts. To think years ago when we both worked that I left the dogs out in the kennels .. OMG I would never do that now.  You would think that certain breeds would be a no go, but sadly they have ways and means. Where ever you are, what breed or age of dog, or cat that you have for god sake do what you can to keep them safe.
It's now almost 3 months since we saw Isla. We have both come to terms with the fact that we will never see her again, but still the not knowing is what kills us. I think about her every single day, but I have now stopped looking and calling. Someday maybe we can open the doors to another rescue kitten ... but not right now.                                                    
Puppy prices are nuts, with designer crossbreeds costing more than pedigrees... your average Cockerpoo is £2,000, as I've said to me a crossbreed is a crossbreed .. end of! GSD puppies now average about £1,500, with unscrupulous breeders charging much more for puppies from parents which are not health tested or registered. With Defra's crazy regulations on breeding in England there are very few hobby breeders breeding now, put it this way I could not breed if I lived in England. You need kennels, a separate kitchens and washing machines and a licence ... and some also have needed to change the use of their homes to business. I'd prefer to buy a puppy raised in a home than in a kennel any day.
I was told numerous times that I sold the last litter too cheap, but I stuck to the price I had originally quoted to the buyers .. and at the end of the day I'm happy with the homes and that is far more important than anything else. Next year if we are blessed with puppies then maybe they will be a little dearer ... but in my opinion cost should never be more important than the right home.