Sunday, 2 October 2016

Curiosity Killed The Cat ..

Jimmy Choo
.. Or more a case of curiosity painted the kitten. Don't ask!!!!
Life certainly has changed at Blanik since this little guy arrived. He's such a little monkey, and yes he's sitting here on top of the log burner! Nowhere is too high, nothing is too adventurous. The ornament on the living room window sill has been moved and my lovely kitchen hedgehog has had to be glued back together and rehomed in a safe place. If he's not in a tree he's on top of the mantle piece or the fish tank. Thank god we gave up using scented candles earlier this year after Isla got singed because this bugger would burn down the bloody house!
The last 2 nights he's been shut in the utility room over night, I guess he's not best pleased, but safety first and he'll soon be old enough to do his own thing. I'd love to keep him in at night till after he's neutered, but maybe that is being too optimistic as I don't intend neutering him for 2 to 3 months yet. Without doubt I'm glad he's here, he really brightens up our days with his mischief and "naughtinesses," and deep down though he objects to the rules I'm sure he's glad he's here too!

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Lin said...

He's certainly going to keep you on your toes LOL he's into everything x