Friday, 30 March 2012

Our Poor House

Ah Well... they are having fun so who cares!!!!
Ziva's paying king of the castle with Danni .. Jezi joining in a little.
Mikey cuddling up with me, Asha on the sofa and Tali on the dog bed.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Just Found This

                                                                                    Whilst scrawling through some old photos on someone else's facebook page I came across this photo. I remember it well, Flint and Deeside open show 2010. Mikey was 1st in PG and Kai 2nd in Open. We had a lot of fun that day, took lots of photos and messed about with cream cakes. We got some lovely photos of them all in stance and some wonderful headshots, but this is the photo that "got to me" today. The warmth between us is obvious, he leans on my leg and I stroke his head, his tail wagging. At the time it meant nothing special, it was just everyday life, now it means the world....

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just A Couple ...

Of nice shots of Jezi yesterday
Just to make life interesting Jezi has come in season today ...
I guess the fun really begins now!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Llyn Ffynhonnau

It was the first trip to the lake for the girls today. At only seven and a half months it was too far to walk so we took the Blanik Bus three quarters of the way and walked the rest. On such a lovely day it was an opportunity too good to miss. Kiri came too, knowing how much she loves it how could I not take her? Young an old alike just loved it!
Tali - with "That Toy"
Jezi - Loving it
Louis, Kiri and Finlay

Ziva and Danni following Mikey about

Beautiful Asha
I know not everyone see it, but she does remind me of her Dad. I pray he was with me there today.

Well Done Yesterday Asha

 Asha won BOB again for me yesterday
Thanks To Mark for handling her in the class
As per usual for the breed not a second look in the run off for BIS.
Also well done to Mikey Mikey on his first
and to Ziva on a second in a class of six GSD puppies.
It was lovely to see Enya, really pleased she was 4th.
Jezi and Danni misbehaving at the back
Asha and Tali being good
and Mikey and Ziva at the front

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Just Thinking Aloud

Kiri and Kai - Nov 2010
I was sitting in the field with the kids today, happy in their company but sad, so sad inside. I hope you will understand what I'm trying to say here, I mean, I hope I can explain myself clearly. I have a house full of life, believe me with 9 dogs and 5 cats there's never a dull moment. But still I have this huge emptiness inside me, the biggest presence in my life and our home is now missing. The silence is deafening, without doubt Kai was the noisiest dog I've ever owned, with Jay and Storm fighting for second place! (Kai sounded almost like a hound, or even a pack of hounds at times!)
I just can't get my head around loosing him, it was only 3 weeks since we first took him to the vet, and I only went then because I was going with Louis and was a little unhappy with his behaviour. In just 3 weeks he was taken from me. I had no time to prepare, if one can prepare for such things anyway. Over the years I've loved and lost many a best friend, but this has left me shattered.
1999 The Boys At The Back
Blade, Dexi and Jake
with Nikki, Seffe and Kiri in the front
As I sit there thinking Kiri pushes in for a cuddle and I start to think about her life. Then I realised that over her 13 years of life she has lived with ever GSD that I have ever owned myself ... and Pepsi, she lived with Pepsi too. Kiri was born in 1999 and my first GSD, Blade died in 2001. What a life she's had, if only others had been so lucky. She's seen so many come and go, hard to believe she's out lived Krizzie, Jay, Storm and now Kai .... somehow it's just not right! Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge her a thing, I just wish the other had seen the years she's had.
Tomorrow I have a show, I hope to go but i also feel an uncertainty about going alone. I have to pull myself together, for all the other I have to go..... And for Kai, I owe him so much and I have the responsibility of keeping his name alive and the honor of showing off his magnificent progeny.... yeah I'll go, I'll do it for you Kai!

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Kai's family, granddaughters Ziva and Jezi, daughter Asha,
 granddaughter Danni and Son Mikey
 with Wife Tali in the front.
(Danni fans please note, she's the only one tied to a fence post!)

Pensioners Party
Kiri, Finlay and Louis

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

It's Mine!

I'd like to thank everyone for all the lovely poems, cards, messages and calls we've recieved since loosing Kai. 
Those of you who knew him will appreciate how apt this is ....        

 If I like it, it's mine.
If it's in my mouth, it's mine.
If I can take it from you, it's mine.
If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
If I'm chewing something, all the pieces are mine.
If it looks just like mine, it is mine.
If I saw it first, it's mine.
If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine
If it use to be yours. Get over it, it's mine.
If it's broken and doesn't squeek ....
 it's yours

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Beautiful Big Dog

Kai The Hooligan - March 08
It's the silence that gets me today, it's not been this quiet here for 4 years. How many times did I threaten to kill him if he didn't "shut the F**k up?" But I'd pay anything to hear his individual howling bark once more! Four years, that's all the time we had, but the pleasure and privilege of his company was without comparison. Actually it's 4 years to the month since he joined us at Blanik. In that time he wormed his way into the forefront of my heart, and now he has left me and broken my heart.
I guess it all started in 2007. Most of you know that my beautiful family was ripped apart in that year. Maybe with hindsight I could accept Seffe and Dexi dying three weeks apart, they were a good age but to loose Jay and Krizzie as well took me over the edge. So when I was told by Mark at a show early in 2008 that Kaiser Vom Conbhairean was for sale my brain went into overdrive. I'd seen the dog at numerous shows going back to when he was a puppy, and I had really admired the dog. After some persuasive pleading with Steve, Sharon and I went off to Zakasia to meet Kaiser, and obviously came back with him! (as if we wouldn't!) Maybe at the time my reasons for buying him were not the "right" ones for my kennel; and maybe during those first few noisy loutish months I had a tad of regret at bringing this hooligan into my home. But as we got to really know each other I guess we both fell in love! He was dedicated and loyal to me, he gave me his all and wouldn't even go in the field with Steve if I stayed in the house, he decided he was without doubt "my" dog.
The Show Dog Stood By Breeder Heather.
Typical of his breed Kai was aloof with strangers unless they came bearing toys, but there was one other person that Kai loved without question. His Aunty Shaz ... as he called her! (And he was the only one who got away with that!) Even during his last few minutes seeing Sharon lifted his mood. I'm glad they had the opportunity to say good, friends always should.
So many funny tales come to mind, he was without doubt a big clown, the joker in the pack. As a mature adult he would never start trouble, but was quite happy to finish it if it was needed. He was dismissive of the other males here, though they often tested him there was no doubt they feared him and he ruled simply by his outstanding presence.  His love of food was only slightly over shadowed by his obsession for toys and the contents of any bag. No bag was safe in his company and he's steal anything from under your nose, if it was there he always presumed it was for him. Only a few weeks ago you may recall the disappearance of 6 eggs and 3 frozen onion rings!
In His Favourite Place -Cwn Dulyn
Kai was only mated to 4 bitches, sadly there's was only one litter born. The first bitch missed, Tali as you know had a lovely litter, the third bitch reabsorbed her litter and dear Tara this year lost her full term pups due to a catalogue of events that in my opinion could have been avoided! What I would do to have one of those babies now!

Today I feel sick to the pit of my stomach, I can't imagine not ever holding him again. That huge neck and coat, those soft endearing eyes, always trusting and kind. His naughty playful nature, that spark of puppy mischievousness that never left him. How do I move on without him? How do I cook a meal in that kitchen without his interference and distraction? I don't know, but for the sake of his children and his grandchildren I do have to find the strength.
18/3/12 - Out In The Sun with his New Toy
Kai my darling I may have more to say tomorrow but for now I have to leave this, the tears hurt my eyes and I can type no more. My big beautiful dog thank you for everything you gave my, I'm heartbroken and I love you so much. Please stay with me forever and show me the way through life. Rest in peace my darling, until I'm privileged to meet you again I will always cherish my wonderful memory's of you. You were a credit to your breed and your breeder and more importantly my closest friend.
Nos Da My Awesome Dog.
You Have Been Loved

Monday, 19 March 2012

Thank you ..

....For all the condolenc messages we've received. We are totally overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion shown to us today. Thanks to Hilary for this beautiful picture

I can't get my head around this, I'm so heartbroken I just can't function. I was privileged to share a life with him I know, but 4 years just wasn't long enough. He was so special to me, I loved him so much. I feel so bitter and twisted right now. My big beautiful dog, he was awesome, huge in every way. How could anyone have not loved him? He gave me so much in such a short time.
Yesterday morning he didn't eat and was very quite, he was coughing a lot and drooling. but by the afternoon he was much brighter and we sat in the sun in the field with his toys. In the evening he actually chewed on a bone for a bit before cuddling up on the sofa to sleep.
This morning he was really low again, he had spots on his tongue, blood in his mouth and he was totally white. There was also spit with blood on it on the kitchen floor. The vets thinks that he had an infection internally and that the cancer had just gone "wild" and with no spleen to help fight it he became very ill very quickly. Sadly we had no choice
I'm walking around in a daze and all I can think is my big beautiful dog!

Bye Bye Big Man!

Kaiser Vom Conbhairean
 31/7/05 - 19/3/12

My beautiful big dog,
today I can not find the words.
 I feel cheated of the time I should have had left with you,
 now we all have to learn to live without you ...
RIP My beautiful big boy,
 my awesome dog!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Facing The Day

I'd been looking forward to the pups first show for months, but with everything that's going on I found it hard to face the day. Everyone was prompted not to talk/ask about Kai and I thank you all for respecting my wishes, I simply would not have coped! Mostly I enjoyed my day, but the black cloud still hung over me and I thank my friends for their continues support.
Because of Ziva's bad behaviour at Ring Craft I was really nervous in her class, which I know did not help the situation. I know It could have been worse, and I saw much worse on the day. Still please try to understand that it's heartbreaking for me to see her behave like this, this is not the puppy I live with!
Asha in her class. She was Reserve Best Bitch On The Day
I was very proud that she recieved a Breed Survey Class 1 yesterday.
That's my girl!

Mikey, didn't put a foot wrong but yesterday wasn't his day!

 Danni being assessed by the judge, she was 1st in Maiden Bitch
Little Ziva didn't too bad, but we still have a lot of work to do!

Linda Moving Lexi round for the judge.
Proud of both of you!
I have a photo of Blanik Georgia in the ring with Sharon too,
but Feel I need permission to post it here?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Shattering News

Kai's got lymphoma, they've given him 2 -3 months,
My big beautiful boy, I'm devestated!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Feed me - I'm Not Very Well!!!

Kai seems to be pulling a fast one. I think he pretends he's too ill to move and has his meals "delivered"  to his bed side .... Then someone opens the fridge door, surprising how fast the little (well big) bugger can move then!
Crap picture, sorry, but you get my point???

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Latest News

One of my Favourite Photos of Kai.
Showing him as the clown he really is!
Our big man is doing quite well really, he's eating "tasties" and going to the loo Ok. He's a lot less arched in the back and moving more freely today; though obviously after such a big ordeal he's quite stiff.  I couldn't help but giggle at him last night as he insisted on cocking his leg and gradually slipped over sideways, good job I was there to catch him! Kai says It's only "girlies" who squat to weewee! Seriously the amount of weight he's lost is unbelievable, at the moment you could knock him down with a feather!
The bill is a little scary, especially with no insurance. Good thing the vets are happy for us to pay it off a bit at a time or I'd be back on street corners, and it's very quite outside Spar at this time of year...haha!!! Don't get me wrong I don't begrudge it, you can never put a price on the life of a friend.
One thing that concerns us today is that his testicles are quite swollen, I felt I had to broach the subject with the vet when she phoned to see how he was doing. She reassured me telling me not to panic and to sit on it for a few days, hope I'm not the only who saw the funny side of that!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Look who's home!

 He's very very groggy and wobbly, but our Kai's home. This morning  the vet said he couldn't come home as he hadn't eaten.Vet Mikhail wanted to wait and see if he wasn't eating because he was ill, or to quote him, "just pissed off with us!"  Steve was in town this afternoon and decided to pop in and see Kai, though he still hadn't eaten they decided he could come home as he may feel a tad better in the comfort of his own home! We could offer him anything he wanted to eat. Luckily I had some cooked liver in the fridge for training classes, and yeah he's had a couple of pieces and a small piece of cheese, but as yet nothing else takes his fancy.
Thinking his crate may be less comfortable I made him a bed with a doggy duvet and vet bed, but as you can see he had other ideas! I guess there's nothing like your own bed when your off colour!  We now have a nail biting wait for the results as we have been told the most aggressive cancer may return in months, the other hopefully will never return. If you have religion please pray for him now!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Waiting ...

Scans this morning showed that Kai has a huge mass on his spleen, all the other organs look Ok and thankfully there has not been a bleed. Because of  the abnormality in his breathing, before making any further decisions they have x.rayed his chest, it's clear. Providing the cancer is not aggressive the prognosis after removing the spleen is hopeful. They are going ahead with that now ...
I have to be honest, it's not been a shock. With his rapid weight loss and deteriorating condition I could see this coming. Still I've cried almost all morning and had hardly any sleep last night. You know there are a lot of great dogs, but very few GREAT dogs in this world, and I've had the pleasure of spending these last few years with a GREAT dog. Huge in both size and personaity, a credit to his breed and his breeder.
This waiting is killing me ......

They vets have just phoned, Kai is now waking up. His Chest and nasal passages are Ok. His spleen was extremely large and hard, it will now be sent away for analysis. I'm going to pop in later and take him a vet bed, but they said depending on how he is I may not be able to see him ...

Sunday, 11 March 2012


...The pups will be 7 months old. I'm sharing this photo with you today as tomorrow I will have a lot on my mind and may otherwise forget to mark out this landmark in their lives. Getting this photo was indeed hard work with Danni getting bored and walking off several times before I got change to take the photo. I would get her back and sit her to see Ziva running off to play with her Mum or Jezi just disappearing down the field. But Patience and biscuits and we finally got it!

Danni, Jezi and Ziva

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I fear tomorrow! Kai is going in for his Xray's and I'm worried sick about it. I need to know what's going on but would find it easier to bury my head in the sand and not know. Though my boy has eaten, sadly there's is no doubt he's feeling pretty poorly today. He desperately wanted to come on the walk with us but literally 5 mins into the walk he stopped and sat down, he just couldn't do it. I was devastated, bawled my eyes out on Linda's shoulder as I took my 6 year old dog back and set off again with the 13 year old!
It was lovely to see him perk up when his bestest mate Sharon came to see him. A glimmer of the real Kai appeared as he set into wrecking the toy she bought him! So glad you came to see him Sharon, made his day.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Blanik Helina - Lexi

It's been really great to see Lexi and her family this week,
seems like ages since we last saw you all!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Dog Club Last Night

Danni with Ziva in the background!
Well recently I've got use to coming home in tears, but last night I came home with a glimmer of hope that we are actually getting somewhere with Ziva. Last night I moved onto stage 2 of the training plan and it went well with Ziva standing for the "judge" to approach, touch her head and run her hand down her back. And guess what? She didn't back off, not once! The training is all being done with patience, the support of friends and lots of liver! I'm not saying that we are out of the woods just yet, I think the slightest hick-up could set her back but I feel we have taken a huge step forward this week.
I'm now feeling more positive about Danni too, she's had "ears" for 3 days now. Here's hoping this is it!
I also took Danni to dog club last night and she barked for most of the night, nothing new there then. To be honest I've been working so hard on Ziva that really as regards training etc the other two have missed out. I have asked Mr. S for his support with Danni. I feel that she's just a tad spoilt and gets away with a lot. I know she's easy to live with and that he absolutely adores her, but if she is to have a full fore filled life then she has to learn to behave away from "Fron" and she has to learn the meaning of shut up!
And I've not even started on Jezi yet!!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Just Chilling!

Even today when my heart is heavy and I'm sick with worry about Kai,
yeah, even today they made me smile!
Jezi having a chew!
Ziva was sitting with me
Danni with Stevie, of course!!!


Kai is still very poorly but the vet says the clinical signs are no worse than when she saw him on Monday. She wants us to carry on with antibiotics for few more days to give them more of a chance to kick in. His weight is down from 40 to 36.5kg. Not a huge drop, but for those of us still dealing in "old money" it is close to half a stone. On examination she can still feel something abnormal which she presumes is the over large prostate.
The plan of action as I mentioned is to give him a few more days on the antibiotics, then if there is no major improvement he'll have X.rays or a scan on Monday and if need also an X.ray on his face/nose as he is still snotty and breathing strangely.
I'll keep you updated....

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Kiri and Oliver are seeping!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Kai Update

Kai _
I'm staying in my bed!
Well I guess I really panicked this morning, for the first time ever, Kai didn't eat. I made a vets appointment and decided to walked him down the track first. He was lethargic and disinterested.  But at the vets it's was better news than I expected, Kai couldn't contain himself and had to try and pinch a toy, or two! Anyway he has a mild temperature but they are hopeful that the respiratory infection he has is not related to the enlarged prostate. Apparently prostate cancer is rare in dogs, though there is obviously still concern due to the weight loss etc. He has been given two lots of antibiotics (Trimacare and Dolagis) and we need to take him back if there is no improvement by the end of the week.
I thought this was interesting and well worth knowing, "Prostate cancer can occur in neutered or intact male dogs of any age. It typically occurs in older dogs, on average at about 10 years of age, depending upon breed. Large and giant breed dogs normally have a shorter life expectancy than do smaller dogs. As a result, they tend to develop prostate cancer earlier than other dogs. There is no recognized breed predisposition to development of prostate cancer. However, middle-sized, large and giant breeds seem to be more commonly affected."
It's hard to believe the big lad has been here for almost 4 years now. My bond with him is so strong. It's never a voluntary thing but I usually find I have a much stronger bond with the dogs I breed and keep than the ones that join us later in life. Kai is without doubt the exception! He's an awesome dog with a character to match his size ... and his gob! He's affectionate, loyal, playful, funny and his obedience is almost faultless. There is no doubt that there's an aura about him, people always look when our Kai walks into a room!
Here's hoping he's soon back smashing eggs and eating frozen onion rings....

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Just keeping you in the loop, Kai has deteriorated over the last 24hrs. He is eating well but very lethargic and still walking with a very strange gait. I can only compare his breathing with a cat who has cat flu, and this evening he has had a discharge from his nose and a runny eye.
After the tardak injection on Monday it took him 48 hrs to improve, and he was almost himself for a couple of days, but now I'm worried. Hope I'm wrong but this really doesn't feel good to me!

Generations of Snow Photos

If you have a "Blanik" baby then you may like to take a quick look at your family tree. Generations of beautiful bitches that have made your baby who he/she is.
 These are my beautiful girls ...
Those we love don't go away
The walk besides every day
Remembrance is the golden chain
that links us till we meet again
Nikki - (Lledfegin Camri 1993-2005)
Seffe -(Blanik Astra 1996-2007)
Krizzie - (Blanik Deeanna 2000-2007)
 Tali - (Blanik Frankie)
 Asha - (Blanik Georgette)
Danni - (Blanik Harriette)
Jezi - (Blanik Hettie)
Ziva - (Blanik Hippy)