Sunday, 23 October 2016

Puppy Update

Kaiah on top of Kyle - Kito asleep
The little guys are changing daily now. They must have some sight as they now seem to be showing awareness of each other. Kaiah and Kyle were mouthing at each other for a few minutes earlier, Kito, for a change was asleep! They are almost up on their feet, they manage to stand, take a couple of wobbly steps and topple over. They have also noticed the entrance in and out of the box and put their heads up towards it when Sammi is outside the box. At 10 days old there is still very little for us to do, other than stand an stare .. and we do.
I'm still sticking to the decision that I made last Tuesday when they were 5 days old, there are no long coats in this litter. For me obviously that's preferable, I get my S/C bitch and it gives Jackie a choice on the male for showing.  (Sorry Steve)
From about 3 weeks old I will be happy for people that Sammi is comfortable with to visit the pups, on a strictly look but no touch basis of course! Only Steve and I handle the pups till they are about 5 weeks. After then it becomes important that they meet lots of new people of all sizes and shapes, and yes I guess I have to allow a few children into my home! As important as the socialising is, it's equally important that people think of hygiene and the risk of carrying anything to the pups must be considered. When I visit pups I always go in clean clothes and go straight to my destination, never stopping for shopping or anything on my way there. I also think of where I last wore my shoes, never using shoes that I use for shows or walking through town. It's OK Linda you can come in your slippers! Maybe I'm being over cautious ... but this is how I was taught and I expect visitors here to equally respect my wishes, my puppies, my rules ... simples!!!


Lin said...

Totally agree that you keep Sammi and her precious pups safe and keep everyone away till the pups are ready to be socialised. Yes I'm chomping at the bit to see them and know I'll be able to have a peep when we come back in a week as for a cuddle I'm going to have a very long wait but I'll make up for that when we return next year when Kaiah will hopefully let me have lots of cuddles x

Daphne said...

Totally agree with you. You can't be too careful with new puppies. Even now Susie's pup has had his injections and can go out , I am always careful to really wash my hands and arms before and after playing with him and I always take off my shoes too.

Ian Turner said...

tottaly agree with you pupis helth come first cant wait to meet them but only on your terms