Saturday, 8 October 2016

Good To Go

Everything is set, the bedding and towels are washed, the box is up and the heat lamp is in good working order. Convincing the others that the kitchen is now out of bounce may take a few days longer!!!
I had a strange conversation with Steve last night. He suggested that should they make it safely into the world that both puppies should stay. I told him that that was not my plan, but he then said "if there is only the two YOU'LL never be able to sell one of them!" As I told him if they are sisters or brothers then it's a ridiculous idea anyway, it could only work if they where brother and sister. He continued, "but if we spend all that time with only two puppies it's going to be impossible to let them go." Well talk about a role reversal, and of course he implies that it would be me that could not let them go. I wonder!!! Of course you never say never and what lies ahead now is anyone's guess, but I will try and do the right thing by both of us, the pack and the future of Blanik.


Carrie said...

cor, what a wonderful idea.U just so lucky, an Steve right, have a feeling these two are going to be ultra special. We'll see!!!!! Can't help feeling so excited for u Cx

Lin said...

Well that's a shock !!!!! but a nice one looking forward to what happens x

Ian Turner said...

whatever you decide if one goes the new owner is very priveledged lucky people because it will be hard for you to let one go.