Saturday, 30 March 2013

Still No Go

Sneaked online on a friends computer. We still have no internet or landline at home and though I've moaned and tried the sympathy card it'll be the 4th of April before Open Reach make their way up the mountain....

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Those Tender Moments

As Isla finally becomes more comfortable around the other cats her bond with Nico also increases. The last couple of nights she's played with Oliver and last night there was even some fun and frolics with Jamie. But still her best "play mate" is Nico. I did video them playing earlier today, but sadly I feel the video is too dark to share and I've no idea how to alter the brightness on a video.
Nico and Isla were cuddling till I went for the camera!
The other dog/cat relationship that's going well is between Ziva and Jamie. They too play as well as cuddle. Last night I was looking through some old photos and was really shocked to discover how similar Ziva is to a young Krizzie. I had once seen a similarity in a stance photo, but the facial expressions in these photo were spooky.( I guess I'll have to scan them! ) I guess the biggest difference is that Krizzie had much better eye colour, little Ziva does have slightly Billi-Lee eyes. Bless Krizzie, shewas a star, as was her mother Seffe and beautiful son Louis!


Following discussions on The GSD Debate page on Facebook these photos have come to light again.
The show was Ruthin C.S in 1995,  judge was the now well known Frank Kane. The top photo show me with Blade, placed second in the Open class;  the second photo was taken before the dogs were place. I remember so well that Nikki was first and Antia was second with her youngster who's at the back. Nikki of course being attracted by Don, as we did in those day!
Great memories of great days, with sadly so many people who have been and gone, in front of and behind the camera. The photos were taken by the elderly Mrs Jones, known to me then as simply, Stan's mum! A great character around the ring, a lady who always had time for everyone.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Group 2 ...

...Are thankfully back together. Not a great photo as I hadn't taken my camera, but I am pleased to be back down to just 2 walks. It was
another great day to walk on the mountain, though I missed the crisp snow that was underfoot earlier in the week.
Soon be Spring ... honest!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

You Have Been Loved

Kai - 31.7.05 - 19.3.12
 (Kaiser Vom Conbhairean)
A year on and now your memory brings a smile instead of a tear.
Till we meet again,
Always in my heart
R.I.P in peace my beautiful big awesome dog ....

Monday, 18 March 2013

Black Smoke Cat

Despite the innocent expression in this photo, Isla has been naughty! She's been quite busy overnight and now only has one stitch left in her scar. Luckily all looks well and good and the wound is healing nicely. I wonder if the last stitch will make it to Friday???
And I still think she looks like an Owl!!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Those Girls And Boys

In Just a dusting of snow today
Tali, Ziva and Asha

Saturday, 16 March 2013

This Yellow Van


Blanik Bus has really gone and done it this time! 2 days before Crufts it decided it wasn't playing! It was loosing power and smoking something thick and black. On the Saturday Everton managed to let in 3 goals in 6 minutes (or something like that) which lead to Mr S having a strop, he switched the TV off, slammed the door and went out to the van. Being mechanically minded (Not) he got into the van an revved the shit out of it ... Literally. After about 5 mins of his pent up football frustration the smoke turned colour. There was a black patch about the size of a tyre in the yard and you couldn't see the mountains for smoke. Anyway he then took the van for a whizz around the village and it ran well. Because I drive it daily I then took it out and agreed that it was Ok.
Despite some reservations I did end up taking it part way to Crufts, meeting up with friends and then travelling the rest of the way with them. But for me, this had been the final straw, it had let me down just once too often! The engine management light has been on and off for almost a year, it's broken down on the A55, (where there was no hard shoulder) and we've spent just too much on it. Don't get me wrong over the 4 years I've travelled high and low in it and I've loved it ... But sadly it's time to say goodbye.
Steve and I decided to call at a local garage, the owner informed us he was going to a sale that week. He promised he would call us the day before as the vehicles were listed. I told him I had hopes for something like a Vaxhaull Vivaro as that's what I drive at work and I love it. It's a little bigger and would give me room for 5 dogs and all my stuff comfortably. He called to say there were two ex Police vans at the sale, a ford transit and a Peugeot expert. Sadly the transit was too rusty but the Peugeot was a good van with full service history. An ex Police Dog Van, but he said, there is a but .... It's yellow! Well who cares? At least I'll stand out in a crowd! (And damn them for taking the cages out ...I see they sell a lot fully kitted!) I knew the van was no bigger than my Citroen, which was a slight disappointment, but with limited finances you have to take what you can get within your budget don't you! So yesterday We took it out for a test run, it goes really well but there are a few minor bits to tweak before we buy it and put it on the road next month.
If I could afford to spray it I probably would, good knows I'm sensitive at times and I can hear the childish comments now. But heho I can't so I'll have to deal with it! To be honest any spare cash will go to make it more comfortable for my dogs ... And I'd love to get a Louis head shot sign written on the sides ... I really do hope to do that.
So if you see a little yellow van in the distance and hear a lot of barking, it won't be the Police ..It'll be me!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Back Together Again

I'm so pleased to have put one of my groups back together at last. With Jezi on day 20 interest in her had dwindled. It was great to have these three out for a decent walk and watching the sheer joy from partners in crime Jezi and Nico as they got to run together again. They are just so close! But as one cools off excitement around the other increases. Ziva is now "shit hot" and Mikey is back to throwing his dinner about! Anyway another week and hopefully we'll be back to normal. Let's hope she's over and done with by next week as we have a show to go too!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It's Over

Glad today is done and duster and my girls are home ...
safe, sound and spayed.
Thanks Sharon for looking after them for me.
Hope the hair doesn't take too long to grow back

Monday, 11 March 2013

Look At This

This has just been posted on my facebook page
Thank you so much Suzie and Tony!

Our Crufts 2013

Well what a day! After setting off at stupid O'clock (4.45am to be precise) I finally managed to get through the door of the NEC at 9am just as the first class was going in the ring. Anyway it gave me enough time to have a drink, give Nico a brush and compose myself before the class.
Sarah did a fantastic job of handling the boy and he truly did me proud. To be pulled out in third place and then moved up to first place on movement was thrilling. He looked a star, gave a great performance and never stopped wagging his tail. I'm lucky to have a friend and handler like Sarah who takes time to bond with the dog, most handlers just don't bother. Nico was thrilled to share Sarah's lunch with her later in the day.
It was wonderful to have such a good bunch of friends around me to support me as I paced anxiously outside the ring. Their support for Nico was truly touching. Whilst it was great to finally put faces to some of the names in his fan club,( Rachel, Tania etc)  it was fantastic to see friends that I haven't seen for years. Now come on Helen, did you really come all the way from Portugal just to see Nico?? ;)
The class win was such a thrill, a feeling of pride and satisfaction beyond compare. Someone else rejected this dog as "not good enough," .... Well look at him now! Crufts may not be the be all and end all in the German Shepherd Calender and it is probably the most stressful day for exhibitors; but it is the most prestigious dog show in the country, and is for most people "the place" to be seen. Did I expect to win? Did i hell! But on seeing the class in the ring I did think he had a great chance of being in the first four. I would have been pleased with a 3rd, delighted with the second...but First? Wow I'm over the moon.
To top it all, he never really put a foot wrong all day. He loved the attention he was receiving and was predictably happy to be greeted by all whatever creed, colour or age. Truly he loved his day, and as I said that tail just never stopped a wagging!
It was 9.45pm by the time I got home, I was knackered but still buzzing.
Again thanks to all who supported me and put themselves out to make my day possible, I owe you one. But the biggest thanks of all goes to Nico ... thank you for just being you!

Nico Winning Yearling Dog At Crufts

Huge thanks to Rachel for recording the class with her phone. I'm kicking myself now that I didn't record it with my camera, but I was so nervous and excited that it never crossed my mind! So here's Nico, handled by Sarah doing his individual, pulled out third, moved up to second and then first. What a star, never stops wagging his tail and gets a kiss on his head from his handler at the end of the class. Anyway I've got lots to say about the day ... and will post again later.
PS stop the video after you've seen the class otherwise it will go on to George concets. The only way I could share it to blogger was to save it as a favourite first ....

Friday, 8 March 2013


"A representative for George Michael has reached out to fans to assure them the singer is fine and well after false reports suggested he had died in a jet ski crash."
The former Wham! star became the subject of frenzied online speculation on Friday (08Mar13) amid allegations he had passed away during a vacation on the Turks and Caicos Islands. The singer's camp acted swiftly to snuff out the story, issuing a statement which read, "There is no truth in the rumour circulating on Twitter about George Michael. George Michael is perfectly fine." Michael is the latest star to become the subject of an online death hoax - Justin Bieber, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman and David Beckham have all been hit with similar false rumours in recent months.
Fadi wrote on Twitter ....
“@fadifawaz: My habibi is better than ever... Bullshit news..” I've learnt I love a certain someone waaaaayyyyy too much, lol...blood pressure slowly returning to normal even though I already "knew" there was no truth to it. Gosh, there are some sick weirdos in the world!"
 (Habibi (حَبيبي)  I like that word that word, it is an Arabic word whose literal meaning is my beloved - when addressing a male object of affection)

What's wrong with people? Though I hate the thought of any other familys/fans going through it, other stars don't concern me here; I'll let their own fans defend them in relevant places. I'm here to just speak up for my man! I was lucky, by the time the rumor filtered to me George's "team" had jumped on it to quash it. But haven't his family, friends and fans been through enough? We almost lost him once, we don't deserve to have a tiny bit of doubt in our my minds again do we? What if someone had told his father, his sister or one of his closest friends? Did they deserve a moment of sheer terror? Yes I agree with you Fadi ... Sick Weirdos!

Hell I Am In Hell .....

in this house of hormonal females!!!

Jezi is on day 14 and driving the boys wild, Ziva is about 7 days behind her and now Isla is at it as well!
This is Jezi's third season, but only Ziva's second. I think Ziva will be like Asha and have plenty of gabs between season, but Jezi is set to try us I think! There is tension between the sisters at the moment, all we can do is keep an extra eye out for negative body signals I guess! Never ever keep sisters I preached to everyone for years, it'll only end up in heartache ...well look at me now .. bloody idiot!!!
I think Isla heard me mention spaying and has beaten me to it by coming in season. She's quite the little tart and has even been enticing Billy to "play the game!" Billy said NO, he prefers to play boxing with Jamie! Anyway after talking to the vet she will still be neutered on Tuesday. It's very different with cats than bitches, and it's been a long time since I had Jasmin as an entire female so I really had forgotten all about it. He assures me it's better to go ahead as she's likely to be in season for months otherwise.
I feel sorry for my boys, well Mikey and Nico .. they are so stressed at the moment. Mikey has taken to throwing his bowl of food in protest and Nico thought about not eating this morning. But then thought better of it and ate it anyway! Well a man has to keep his strength up doesn't he!!
Easy to say it'll soon be over as Jezi will no doubt be going off in the next couple of days ... but then we'll have Ziva to contend with!!! Happy days. :)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Written For Whoever!!!

Can't you just tell when I've been irritated to hell by someones homophobia? Well all I can do is  plaster my blog with George and his boyfriend to create my own individual protest. Seriously not a lot gets my back up more really. I can't believe that in this day an age there are still such bigoted people around. It's not just homophobia that gets to me, though that's what set me off this time. I hate any kind of separatism; we are all different in this world and we should be allowed to explore and be proud of our individuality. No matter what the colour of our skin or the sexual preference that we were born with; (and I firmly believe we are "born" with them and don't choose them) we all have feeling and emotions, we all deserve respect and compassion. Maybe if we learn to give it then we can expect to receive it in our life's?
Take a look at yourself, when did you last laugh at the fat person, make a snide remark about the "coloured kid" or ridicule the "poof?" What if that was you or yours? How would you feel then? Gutted I'm sure.
I was bought up in an area where "different" stood out too. But I was able to see outside the box. Having not always "Fitted in"  I was able to put myself in another persons shoes and understand the pain they felt from the riducule. Pain I would not wish on my worst enemy, pain that grinds you down, emotions that devestate you and words that haunt you when your alone.
So please, all I ask is that you think about it? If you can't get past your own prejudices then excuse me for not finding you funny! I'm my company please keep your hypocritical prejudices to yourself because in my world there simply is no room for this injustice.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

George and Fadi

Tell me, do you really think you go to hell for having loved?

Making my own way home, ain't gonna be alone
I've got a life to lead
I got a soul to feed
I got a dream to heed
And that's all I need
Making my own way home, ain't gonna be alone ....

Monday, 4 March 2013

Dreading The Day ...

...the weather changes!
Ziva, Asha, Mikey, Tali
 Nico and Jezi
Baby Ziva

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Black Smoke Cat

It's been three weeks now since the beautiful Isla joined our home. She's settled in a treat and yesterday went outside for the first time. Though I was supervising she still gave me a heart attack by bolting and going under the shed. It took me about an hour to coax her out, not helped I hasten to add by the nosey duo of Oliver and Jamie.
Isla is a very sweet cat, quite the cuddle bum really. I worry about her over confidence with dogs and do hope she will see fear in dogs outside her home. I've already lost one cat in those circumstances. Gail was Abi's sister, she was the sweetest and kindest of the two sisters. She saw no fear in dogs and cuddled up with mine on the sofa. Sadly it was her down fall, she was killed by a Staffie cross not far from home.
Isla is very disinterested in the other cats and has made no effort to interact with any of them. She grumbles and hisses at them quite a lot, but I do think she prefers them to ignore her than anything. I think she prefers the company of humans and dogs to that of her own kind. She certainly is affectionate and sweet with us, and with the dogs.
She must be 6 months old by now, so neutering will be the next step .... sooner rather than later... the date is set!

Yesterday and Today



Sadly the broad band is still hit and miss, it's been off most of the day.
 So pleased to have it on this evening though, 
What would i do without my Yog fix?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Back On line

After several calls to Sky and coping with dodgy Internet for a couple of weeks it finally went off yesterday. So another call had me gutted to hear it could take 5 working days to fix the fault... what would I do??? Anyway less than 24 hrs later we are back on track ... let's hope this time it really is sorted.
I'm having some emotional days at present. The realisation that I can't have what I had hoped for adding to the pain of watching a loved one going through a hard time again...
... And so I call for your help again Mr Panayotiou ... Thank you for being there for me. I always know how to get through, I always know I have you. xxx
Hey George ... come meet me in my dreams tonight? That could make me doubly happy!!!
Yes it's that song again, this recording from September 11, before we almost lost him.

Going To A Town   - George Michael - Berlin