Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I keep reading status updates on Facebook and not many people seem to have had a good year. I have to admit, mine has mostly been pretty good. No doubt there has been some pretty low points. Loosing little old Abi cat in May, Steve having a stroke in February, (Shit did I really say that out loud ... he'll kill me ... good thing he doesn't know his way to this blog!) all the heartache at Freshfields and the total shock at the death of a dear friend. I had known Ann for over 20 years and her death has affected me differently to the death of any other human being before her. I guess it was partly because we didn't know she was ill, it was her choice to keep her illness between her and her immediate family and friends, as it was her right to do so. But for us to hear she had died came as a bolt out of the blue, the shock within a circle of people was immense. Rightly or wrongly, Ann's death has left me feeling more alive than ever. I have always loved this place, now I admire our little corner of North West Wales more than ever, now I really see it's beauty. I try my best to enjoy everyday with my lovely husband and my wonderful family and friends. Mostly my life is good, but I mustn't ever forget to live for the moment and count my blessings, as I have learned this year your life can soon be ripped apart.
Sammi has damned well made my year. From about 3 weeks old she stood out as the puppy for me. I'm so proud of her. Proud of her show wins, well yes of course, but more than anything I'm proud of who she is. What a fantastic character, and stunning good looks to match. I'm looking forward to her future in the show ring ... I'm looking forward to sharing a life with her.
When we lost Abi in May I said "No more cats!" But with about 40 in the the kitten room at work I changed my mind very early on. I agreed with Steve, we really didn't need another cat, but there was another cat that needed us. I couldn't help 39 of them, but to one I could offer a safe future. I feel we have a lot to give, a safe environment to wonder, plenty of food and an endless supply of love ... Junior was just one in need of help. He was scrawny, scraggy, under weight and had runny eyes .. but just look at him now!
If you'd have told me this time last year that I would now have a Nico son too, I would have said ... "er no!" But he's here, currently sitting next to me on the sofa. My sweet little "Mischief Maker" was not planned, but I guess it was meant to be. I'll never forget the kindness that bought him here, sometimes people never cease to amaze me! (I mean that in a positive way)I look forward to getting Loki into the ring and showing the world what our Nico can produce!
Happy New Year to you all ... I hope the next one is a good one and I hope I'm sitting here in 12 months time writing a similar blog with all my "family" around me!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Action Shots

Yeah Loki again ... but the others were too busy digging or eating shit! 

Loki Doesn't Have Dual Ear Control!

After days and days of left up right down 
We actually had this for a few days ...
But now
Doesn't he look a proper chunky boy! 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Big Adventure ..

Knackered puppy

But sadly no photos ... After walking Nico, Finlay and Jezi on my own I asked Steve if he fancied a walk? I was delighted when he said he'd come with me. Such a glorious day for a walk. As it's difficult terrain here we loaded all six dogs into the van and drove up to the cattle grid where we parked and unloaded. Loki had never been up there and in the company of his "family" he had a wonderful time. Though the walk was shorted than our usual walks, the pace was also slower so we were out for what seemed like an age. 
Sadly as close as the snow got to us
As we were getting back towards the van I commented to Steve that Mikey was off to the "Bestest puddle." Now this is were I really should have thought, this really is not a puddle it has been so christened by Linda, but I stress this is no puddle, this is a deep round ditch .... but sadly I didn't think! Loki followed the family over to the edge and stopped as they all jumped in one at a time, out of the blue the last "Blanik" came running and with a huge splash Loki was knocked in head first! He was out as quickly as he went in, well I guess we shouldn't have laughed, but we did! From tip to toe he was soaked to his skin. He looked like a cartoon puppy with his ears dripping wet and sticking out sideways like Eeyore on a bad day. But in fairness to the little guy he was none the worst for it and lay down and dragged himself along in the grass to dry his belly and face. (Like his daddy Nico does!)
Loki was towel dried first when we got home and he's since been fast asleep on the chair in the living room. Sadly I forgot to take the camera, but thankfully a good time was had by all! 

Dead Chuffed

Look at him... 
Isn't he looking Super Duper!!! 
Loki - almost 4 months 

Our Ziva's Great Escape

After days of trying I finally Gotch Ya Ziva!!!!!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Fun On Facebook

Well Not only has Facebook made a calendar of last years events it's also made me a newspaper .. lol 
But Google must take first place with their video of the year!!!! (Can't seem to figure out how to take it off the site though!) Anyway, my newspaper .... lol 

Friday, 26 December 2014

Father And Son

 Someone is growing up so fast .... 
he'll be four months in a week, or so! (LOL) 
 The only problem I foresee between them is they both want EVERYTHING!
Loki playing with his other mate. 
Who would have though Jezi would dote on him so much! 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Poor Finlay

Nico Steals Finlay's Bestest Xmas Pressie!!! 

Sammi Belle

Do you remember last Xmas??? 
I guess not! 
But hopefully you'll remember this One! 
A chair full of happiness
Thanks to all who contributed 
Beautiful Sammi 
"I wish this little guy would stop squeaking in my ear!!!!"

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

More Photos

 Ziva and Sammi

A Year Ago

One of the first photos of a knackered Ziva finally relaxing with all her pups. 
 According to my PC this photo was taken at on the 24/12/13 at 1.54am - but the time keeping on my camera is never accurate - so maybe a little earlier as Sammi was the last pup born at 12.25am.
This is the song I dedicated to the litter soon after their birth, 
it was realeased around that time and written for his daughter. 
For me this song will always be associated with Sammi and the "I" litter. 
Whether you like Robbie or not, do me the honor of listening to this and listen to the lyrics. Then I'm sure you'll understand the significance. 

That Puppy

 Looking like a mad man! 
Stuck in a hole!
I swear his head get's bigger everyday, and where the hell did this huge bone come from?
Well there's no disputing his sex is there! 
Sadly the right ear is still down - Wind assistance only here! 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Birthday Girl

This time last year I was "waiting!" I knew the pups were getting restless and that the birth was imminent. Today I'm going over the events again in my head. It was all so wonderful, the whole pregnancy, the birth and watching the pups grow up. It was emotional but just fantastic, until they started to leave. Now that broke my bloody heart! 
Everyone knows what Sammi means to me, she's really has brightened up our lives. Yeah, she's a handful, strong willed and determined ... but god she's a star, a pleasure to love and a pleasure to live with. 
It's always been said that Sammi takes after Nico, no doubts she does. A few people even commented that the whole litter had completely taken after their dad. Well they are wrong there, all you have to do is see Caleb to see a masculine version of Ziva, Luna looks like a young Tali and the long coats look pretty much like previous "Blanik" long coats. But I have to agree,  in looks Sammi mainly is her daddy's daughter, but as you can see she has taken some of her habits/behaviour from her mother! 
Today we popped into Wilko's in Porthmadog to get Sammi some birthday pressie's. But someone little and very cheeky has taken possession of most of them!

Birthday Babies

Well I had a few a go's ....

Not as good as Nico's, 
all a bit chaotic, but how could I miss anyone out?
Even a Jamie in this one! 
Not posted any on Facebook yet but maybe I'll go for the top one??

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Loki introducing himself to Mikki and Ro
Tali greeting Mark
Jezi's not sure why Nico's making such a fuss over a noisy pig! 
I first met Stan and Mikki back in 1997 when they came up to buy a puppy bitch from the "B" litter. On one of their frequent visits over the years their daughter Ro came up with them. Though Heidi (Blanik Belinda) passed away years ago we had still kept in touch and with the power of Facebook Ro and I were keep tracs on each others lives.  I was over the moon when in 2011 Ro and husband Mark bought TJ from the "H" litter from us. Sadly Stan, a passionate GSD enthusiast passed away a couple of years ago, but we are so pleased that Mikki still comes to visit with Ro and Mark.
Yesterday Ro brought a birthday cake for Sammi and a squeaky pig each for Loki and Nico. Though Jezi has always been Ro's favourite she knew there was no point bringing her toys as she's not a "Toy Person!" The dogs were over the moon with "their" visitors, it's not often that we can bring everyone in and feel comfortable with the situation.
Loki was a star and picked up the others enthusiasm for the visitors ... long gone is that slightly nervous puppy ... thank god!
Some Time In The Field 
 Loki with a mouth full of mud and grass
Ziva and Sammi
Mikey Mikey
 Me and my shadow - Sammi and Loki