Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I Should Have Been At The Echo ...

Yep today is the day I should have been seeing George at The Echo Theatre in Liverpool. Instead I woke-up with a heavy heart and my spirits were lowered further by the articles I should know better than to read! They made it sound as if George's condition has deteriorated saying that his family and friends had been "called to his bedside."I prayed for an official statement from his management, just something to put my/our minds at rest. And would you believe it, finally today it came; but this time not from his management this time the statement came straight from the top, straight from the hospital .......
George Michael

Professors Gottfried Locker and Christoph Zielinski would like to make a statement regarding George Michael.
Further to our previous statement Mr. Michael is being treated here for pneumonia and nothing else.
The latest development in Mr. Michael's case - which has evolved from a severe pneumococcal infection - necessitated intensive care due to its severity and extension. We are happy to announce that Mr Michael is improving steadily with an impressive regression of pneumonic symptoms and follows a steady rate of improvement as hoped.
There are no other health issues with regards to the patient other than the underlying pneumonic disorder, and no further measures had to be taken.
Mr. Michael is receiving precisely the same treatment as any ordinary patient in Austria would receive at the hospital for this disease.
As we said previously, complete rest and peace and quiet are mandatory.
We wish to make it clear that we are putting this statement out and there will be no further comment.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

LLedfegin Nona

As promised
Meet Tara

Witchy-Poo Jezi Baba

Enya, Jezi, Ziva and Danni
If you read my last blog last night or this morning you may have noticed it came to an abrupt ending, actually in the middle of a sentence. Strange how the last couple of paragraphs disappeared ... so I re-wrote it, posted it and bugger me it disappeared again. Now getting myself in a tiss I wrote it again, saved it in a different programme and then posted it ... Woo hoo it's all there, or was the last time I looked!  Maybe Witchcraft has been at work. "Jezi you got your spells book out again?"

Just a bit of "Officialish" news re George. David posted on twitter ... "david__austin David Austin
Absolutely no one that I know has or ever would talk to the press. There has been only one statement. Most of what you read has been made up." Taking it of course that this is David as yet his account is not verified!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Not A Rant ... Honest!!

Lord Of The Lovelies
This week ...
Well where do I start? With my darling George I guess.  There's all kinds of speculation written about him in the press and I guess my head is a little cabbaged at the moment. Yet again the news is totally inconsistent, he has everything from being in a coma to having a heart condition. Of course the gutter press have also tactfully mentioned Aids in their report, again. Notice I said tactfully, wouldn't be the first time Yog has sued them! Still over the years I have learnt to never believe what I read in a rag or on their Internet sites. I, at least will wait for "official" news.
Ok, I'm gutted, I'm honestly gutted for two reasons. Firstly I'm gutted my idol is ill and I'm worried about him. His health as always, is paramount. Like it or not, George is such an important part of my life, and has been for so long that I feel like a member of my immediate family is in his predicament. My heart goes out to you Georgios.
Secondly a selfish part of me is gutted for me, gutted that this year I'm missing out on my GM fix. I so needed to see him, so needed a break from what is sometimes a mundane existence. I really needed to get away and loose myself in Yog World, If only for a day or two I needed it. I guess I'm tired, hell I've not had a holiday since 1995 ... Oh No, don't feel sorry for me, I have a lovely husband and It's my choice to have so many animal.  I wouldn't have it any other way, but sometimes we all need something else to focus on, we all need our escapism.
George my lovely, Get Well soon ... We will be waiting.
Jezi Baba, Enya May and Ziva David
We had a couple of calls about the pups this week. One lady really impressed me, and I actually thought, yeah, I'll sell you one of my precious girls. I spent sometime talking to her and leading her through the website and Tali's Tails. I was impressed and happy and thought Enya would be the ideal pup for her situation. I even got as far as organised a friend in her area to do a home visit. To come home from work the next day and find an e.mail from her saying she realised we are too far was very upsetting. Anyway her loss .... Enya is a star and I'd travel to the end of this earth for her!
Talking of Enya May I had to take her to the vets this week, she had a lump the size of an egg on her head. It was enormous, though didn't seem to bother her. The vet diagnosed that she had hit the crown on her head, probably during rough and tumble with her sisters. It may take weeks to go down completely, but no harm done! He also diagnosed that that the spots on her belly is teenage acne which will eventually go away.
I also took Danni for a check up. As I'm sure most of you know Danni's legs were badly bent when she was born, this was due to being so small and being squashed in the uterus by her larger siblings. I suppose naturally she would not have survived as she could not get herself about to feed. But we made sure she got her share and she's here to tell the tale today. As she strengthened her legs straightened and seemed normal by the time she was up and about. (about 2 weeks old) Anyway she now has huge bone and has recently developed a very untidy gait. The vet suggested that her only problem is looseness of joints and ligaments ... Though obviously no guarantees it looks like there is nothing to worry about. (But I still will!)
Jezi is living up to her name ... Truly a witchy poo puppy....Guess I best say no more incase she puts a spell on me!
Ziva is the apple of my eye, though I'm upset that a catalogue of events at ring craft seem to have affected her temperament. This is a very vulnerable age and sadly Ziva seems to have blow everything out of proportion. I know Cesar Milan says to "live for the now," but sadly bad experiences at this age can affect the character of a puppy. I've never had to deal with a nervous puppy before and I'm really finding it quite disheartening. Hell I know what to do, I've told hundreds over 20 odd years of instructing but I guess it's different when it's you and yours. Over 20 years of owning this breed and this is a new ball game for me. Still whatever happens, baby Ziva is here with me to stay.
I had a phone call from a lady early in the year wanting to use one of the boys at stud. Sadly the bitch wasn't hip score and I declined. Anyway the lady rang me back months later and said the bitch, Tara, had had her hips done and had a total score of 9. She was well bred, actually going back to our Dexi through her bitch line, we agreed she would use Mikey on the bitch. When Kiri and Louis leave us then Dexi will no longer be in a pedigree in this house as my line has continued on from his sister Seffe so I was very interested in this mating going ahead. Of course at that time little did i think I would have 4 little girls of my own here now.
Anyway Tara came to visit Mikey several times last week and they got on really well, but sadly, I guess due to his inexperience Mikey was not able to mate her. Luckily Mikey is not the only health tested male in the house so it was Kai to the rescue! The older boy had no problems with taking over the job and showing the youngster just how it's done!!!! So hopefully there will be a baby "Nico" joining our family next year ... Even if he has got a different father to the one in my plans!!!!
Hopefully I'll have a photo of Tara to share with you shortly and watch this space for news.....

Friday, 25 November 2011

George Michael Symphonica UK Tour Dates Postponed

Thinking About You My Lovely
Statment on GM.Com
It’s with great sadness that must announce the postponement of the remaining dates on the Symphonica tour due to George’s on-going battle with pneumonia.
While George is receiving excellent medical care and is responding to treatment and slowly improving, to ensure his complete well-being, George’s doctors have advised that he cannot perform the rest of his Symphonica tour and that he instead takes a full and complete rest.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Zielinski, Chairman, Department of Medicine General Hospital - Medical University Vienna, Austria and Prof. Dr. Thomas Staudinger, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine have stated the following:
"George Michael has severe community acquired pneumonia and is being treated as an inpatient. His condition has stabilized and he is responding to treatment. From the current point of view, the time until recovery cannot be estimated, but he will not be able to perform the rest of the tour. Besides medical treatment, complete rest and peace and quiet are mandatory."
As a result, all of the UK dates of the Symphonica European tour will be postponed. George was very much looking forward to bringing his tour back home and performing for his loyal and dedicated UK fan base.
Discussions and preparations are currently under way in order to arrange the rescheduled dates and further announcements will be made at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, tickets holders are asked to retain their tickets

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Get Well Soon My lovely

Get well soon Mr Handsome .... Put "You" first, we can wait!

George Michael has been forced to cancel a string of concert dates after being diagnosed with pneumonia.
The singer, 48, was hospitalised in Vienna, Austria, where he was due to perform on Monday.
As a result of his continuing medical treatment, his scheduled gig in Strasbourg, France, tonight and concerts in Cardiff this week have all been postponed.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mummy's Boy

Just a quick photo of Mikey and his Mum at Rhyl show today.
 Dead chuffed Mikey got BOB...
... shame there was only Tali there for competition!

Look At Her!!!

Pepsi - So Bloody beautiful

Friday, 18 November 2011

Guess Who ...

 ... didn't take part in the wall excavation programme then?
Looks to me like Ziva was in charge!

Jezi and Enya were assisting
And Danni?
Nope .... she swears she didn't see noffing!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Just for A Change

A couple of photos of the adults enjoying the Autumn sunshine earlier in the week.
Tali, Louis, Finlay, Mikey and Asha

Kiri and Kai

Monday, 14 November 2011

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Settled With Uncle Mikey

Mikey with Enya and Jezi
Quick shot taken with the phone this morning ... before all hell broke out and Danni and Jezi had a "proper" spat!
Makes me realise that my thoughts on litter sisters have always been right... keeping two is going to be hard work, keeping 4 is impossible and I now have the war wounds to prove it!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

3 Months Old Today

Ziva (Minx)
Danni (Tinie T)

Enya (May)
Jezi (Maggie)

TJ (Jane)
Wating and hoping for photos of the other today too? Please pretty please?.....
Just got this already ....Thanks Sue
Diesel (Harvey)
When Lexi Met Harley
Love this Thank you
Lexi (Alex) and Harley!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Out And About

Danni and Jezi ... Hey Jezi your ears look silly like that!
Jezi and Mikey .... Uncle Mikey, Danni laughed at my ears
Asha with Jezi, Ziva and Enya

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Today ... Oh Yeah And Yesterday!

Sometimes it all gets to be too much. Sometimes the tears flow and the mood is low but no one thing can really take blame. Sometimes when all the chocolate has been devoured and still the mood has not improved, sometimes there's no way out except you......
Sometimes I feels pathetically sorry for myself and my life, sometimes this is simply not enough and I wish for more, sometimes I hates everything about myself and my inadequacies, sometimes there's no way out except you.....
Sometimes it feels like every one's out to get me. Sometimes the dogs just drive me insane. Sometimes I cry because laughing is just too hard and sometimes their humor just sadness me. Sometimes there's no way out except you ...... sometimes, yeah sometimes, sometimes was today!

Steve Celebrating that Danni's not leaving home ... yet!
Yesterday we had a nice lady on the phone asking about Danni. She had followed her with interest on forums and finally couldn't resist her charm. She was very excited when I said Danni was still available for sale and said she would love to have her. All well and good, but to be honest my heart sank, at 12 weeks they have become part of our "Family!" Sensibly Danni and Enya need homes, someone else can give them more and that's what I want for them, they deserve "it all!"
This lady has a 9 month old male GSD, a Tirgram Tim son. I told her that therefore she would need to make sure they never mated as Tim and Robbi (Danni's dad) are half brothers. Initially she said no problem, but later rang to tell me that having discussed it with her husband they decided they could not out rule breeding .... so by mutual agreement we decided Danni would not be going!
So are Danni and Enya still for sale? Yes of course they are, keeping 4 would just be ludicrous, but until the home/time is right then the little one's, like Ziva and Jezi will get all we can give them....even if it kills us in the!

Monday, 7 November 2011

We Can Be Good!

But only cause they've been on the go all morning  and are sleepy now!!!
Enya, Danni, Ziva and Jezi

Little Jezi has given us a scare this last week. The pups are now 12 weeks and Jezi was screaming in pain with her front left leg last Thursday. I was at work, Steve panic and took her to the vet, they found nothing wrong with her and she soon came round. Yesterday when I was out walking Steve phoned me, again saying that Jezi was screaming in pain with her leg. I got home to see her on the sofa feeling very sorry for herself. We put her on the floor and realised she's limping on the front right. We've examined her toes and joints, no reaction, but when I squeezed the back of the long bone she screamed.So now I'm think could it be Panostitis, though she is a little young for it.
I've only had one experince of the condition in the past. Lia had it in 1997 .... I remember feeling so sad for her they are in so much pain with it.  and now poor Jezi is crying on the sofa!
"Panosteitis, or Pano as it is commonly called, is a disease which affects the long bones in growing young dogs, mostly of the larger breeds, but occasionally is seen in some smaller breeds as well. German Shepherds are one of the breeds who are often presented with lameness and limb pain between 5 and 18 months of age, and many veterinarians diagnose Pano as it's cause.
The first signs of Pano are often a slight lameness in one leg, progressing to a severe limp and possibly non-use of the affected leg. It may last for days to weeks, and may seem to resolve then recur in the same leg, or another one. Some dogs can exhibit lameness in more than one, or even all legs at the same time. Often Pano shows up in a foreleg first. Bouts of lameness can come and go, seemingly for months. Some dogs suffer from Pano off and on until they are nearing 2 years of age or even beyond.. Most cases start near the end of rapid growth, about 5 to 6 months of age, and are cleared up by 12 to 18 months of age. Males seem to be more affected than females, but both sexes can exhibit signs.
Radiographic signs, those seen on an x-ray, can be elusive when diagnosing Pano. The bones most affected are the radius and ulna (the foreleg), the humerus (upper arm), the femur (thigh) and the tibia (lower rear leg). Pano is an inflammation of the bone itself, the cortex (outer shell) becomes less distinct and foggy, and the interior of the bone seems to increase in density. Pano lesions are not always seen on an X-ray even though the dog may be showing clinical signs of lameness and pain."

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Getting Away From Them

Tali, Mikey, Finlay, Louis, Asha and Jake
I love the Winter Sunshine.
Linda and I took the kids out today for a nice walk to get away from the "juniors."
 I guess they really need a break from them sometimes

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Blanik Boys

Thanks Sue and Alex for sending me these wonderful photos of Diesel from the "H" litter....
 He looks lovely and I'm so glad I get to see him so often! :)

The big fellow we all know as Kai, Asha and Mikey's brother from the "G" litter.
Son to our Kai and Tali and therefore an Uncle to little Diesel.
Thanks Again John for the photos

Friday, 4 November 2011

Still Here....

....At 12 weeks old.
The longer they stay the harder it will be when/if the time comes to say goodbye.
Jezi at the back, Enya, Ziva and Danni