Friday, 7 October 2016

Beautiful Angel

Last night at dog club a friend asked how Sammi was doing? I told her other than being ravenously hungry all the time she was doing really well. I remembered I had the day 54 photo on my phone and showed it to her. Now I expected her to see the current state of pregnancy, but instead she went ... "OMG, how beautiful is she? Look at that head and expression, she's stunning." Oh hell I'm so proud of her anyway, but instead of saying "thank you" I found myself saying .. "Yes I know, she's just gorgeous!" Oh hell that's not me, but I's so proud of her .. and yeah, she is really beautiful. I often tell her, your so pretty it's sickening! LOL
 Last night for the first time Sammi went into Ziva's crate and did some digging/nesting. It didn't last very long, but I guess there is now at times a little discomfort to contend with. She's still full of energy and obviously needs her walks, but I have to watch she doesn't over do it and keep an eye on the exuberant Loki around her.
Tomorrow, day 56 we will set up the box, from day 57 live full term puppies can be born.


carrie said...

Here we go ~ so exciting, if slightly anxious time for u. But if anyone has experience in birthing puppies.......... an yes, Sammi is just gorgeous. [but then so are all Blaniks including catkins#] cx

Ian Turner said...

the lady you were speaking to was just saying what we all think sammi is beautiful

Lin said...

We all agree Sammi is a beauty and hope her pups arrive safe and sound x