Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Girls At Play Today

How wonderful to still be out and in daylight after 5.30pm.
I love the Springs long days and all it's wild flowers.
Looking forward to the bluebells!
Ziva and Jezi killing one of the last Xmas toys
Jezi stalking her sisters
But they don't give a damn!!!
Danni off with granny Tali's ball

Monday, 27 February 2012

Poor Kai

Kai's not very well. I had noticed over the last couple of days that he was lethargic, particularly on the walk, and walking almost like a dog with early CDRM. I was very alarmed today seeing 13 year old Kiri with more energy than him. So as soon as I got home from the walk a trip to the vets was organised for this afternoon. The doggy doctor gave him a good going over and discovered that his prostate is the size of an orange! My poor boy, no wonder he was feeling so ill.
With Mikey confined to the other room and Louis wound up like a coilled spring I guess hormonal Asha has a lot to answer for at the moment. But at least she's finally in season, (and only 3 months late) so we can at least now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Hopefully this will be the end of it for Kai, unless he needs another injection to sort it over the next few weeks. If it reoccurs with every bitch that comes in season then we will need to explore other avenues. Apparently neutering helps some dogs with prostate problems, but sadly not all.
Kai's behaviour at the vets today was impeccable, even with the liberties taken with him today he didn't put a foot wrong! (being blunt -a rectal examination) The big boy never lets me down, he's a star.

Family Tradition

Kai and Tali's First Born
 Thanks again to John for updated photos of his boy Kai,
glad he's keeping up the family tradition of loving a football.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Too Much Like Hard Work

For Ziva and Danni to stay in the photos today.
Danni went out with Louis and Finlay
You can tell where she is as they are both watching her!

And Ziva should have been in this one with Asha, Mikey and Tali.
Still Tali is proud to have her photo taken with her "kids"

Jezi, eyes closed but at least she stayed there,
 with Grandad Kai and Aunty Kiri

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm Not Blinkered Am I?

I'm sure I'm not wearing rose tinted glasses either.
Despite it all I'm smitten with this puppy,
Bloody hell Our Ziva is beautiful!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Brits Winner!

I'm a big fan of Prisoners Wives and was watching that last night when the text messages started to fly in. Thanks to  friends I did manage to see George on the Brits on ITV+1 afterwards. I reckon I'm quite good at reading George expressions and emotions, to me he was obviously quite emotional at the standing ovation he received from the crowd; maybe he was a little nervous and jet-lagged and hopefully just pleasantly tipsy!
In my eyes, looking good Mr Michael
And for those who've jumped on the fact he fluffed one word, Get a life! ( .. red perry jumper now comes to mind)
Even after the lift of seeing George I was unable to hold on to my enthusiasm for life. The issues that are haunting me at present even invaded my dreams last night, and made me non too pleasant a person to be around early this morning. Funny that, how a dream can make or break a day! (and today is broken)
I know I have to get a grip, I know I have to move on and deal with the situation, but right now I just can't. I'm just a bit of an emotional wreck on yet another rollercoster ride! I don't consider myself a selfish person, and I would not intentionally hurt anyone's feelings but at the moment I have to put me and mine first, sadly I'm not emotionally equipped to give any more of me right now.
Recently little issues have been blown completely out of proportion in my head. I never thought that I suffered from the Winter blues as I love cold crispy days with winter sunshine. But this year with all the mild weather, rain, wind and mist here I've found myself feeling tearful and low so often that I can't help but think it's all playing a part in my demeanour. Sunday morning was quite the exception, getting up to sun and just a covering of snow really did help me confront the day in a much more positive manner. It must be a pretty dark winter if not even George can help lead me out into the sunshine ..... there's only been one other occasion that I can think of that I've previously not felt he was there for me, and then he was in prison!
Anyway sorry for the self indulgence, but as Kim just said, it's my blog so if helps me, I write it!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Love this photo

One of my better photos of Asha from Sunday.
Actually could have been picture perfect if it wasn't for the bloody caravan.
Think we'll have to scrap it,
 yeah that's what we'll do, scrap it before the end of the month!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just A Little Snow

Jezi -Look at my nosey!
Danni - look at my tongue
Ziva - haha look at you two!!!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Week That Was....Maybe Best Forgotten?

Sausages with your eggs?
Well I guess it's been a strange old week really, certainly a very emotional one. The dogs are causing chaos, and no, not just the pups! Half a dozen eggs smashed on the kitchen floor, 3 frozen onion rings vanished into thin air, and I only popped out of the kitchen to get my mobile phone .... There was only one dog left in the room. Kai's pleading his innocence and screaming .."It's a set up, I was framed!" Me thinks not!
Mikey, Finlay and Louis
Louis' in love with Asha, though she is close to being in season, she's not so this is causing tension between Louis and Mikey. Mikey himself has taken to standing staring into the run when his dad is in the kennels. This drives Kai mental and the noise is unbearable. Finlay is as ever oblivious to it all!
Tali really lost her temper with Ziva, she has a small puncture wound on her head, one in her ear and one on her cheek. Ziva's crime, she was tormenting Mikey, and no one torments Tali's precious son and gets away with it!
This morning Ziva and Danni managed to escape from the top field and were out on the track. I was at work and Steve was in the living room. Luckily Mikey came into the house and his worried expression raised the alarm. No harm done, just maybe now a little less trust.
Asha, Tali, Ziva and Jezi
As has become a regular occurrence recently I came home from Ring Craft on Thursday and burst into tears. Ziva's refusing point blank to let anyone go over her. A catalogue of events has really freaked her  and though she loves the moving around she is very on edge and unhappy in the hall.  She's backing away from anyone and everyone who tries to go over her, behaving as if she is scared of her own shadow. This is most certainly not the dog I know, love and live with. I'm at a loss as to how to deal with it, I've never been in a position of having a dog that appears nervous or shy in this environment before so this is a whole new ball game for me. I guess the fact that I'm worried about it will now be going down the lead to her too, so making this all one big vicious circle. I had hoped it was a phase and that she would forget and just out grow it, sadly it seems I was wrong!
Then there's Danni ears, well they went back up, you all saw the photos. But sadly they went up for a day and a half and then nothing! I was always led to believe that ears that went up before teething would always go back up, and Danni's ears were up for at least 2 weeks, maybe even 3 weeks in Nov/Dec... so again I was wrong. There are real lessons being learnt with this litter. Though I do believe that the reasons we are having difficulties on both accounts are environmental and not hereditary. All the other puppies have their ears up, and not a one has character issues, which leads me nicely to Jezi....
Well I have to be honest Jezi is better, though she still has her "moments" we have had less fights the last month or so. Though her ability to go from 0 to 10 in seconds scares me. The other two luckily are now more apt to avoid or try and get away, but obviously neither will back down if she goes in hell for leather. Jezi is still totally respectful of us and the adults within her pack.
I know that maybe my problems are very insignificant in comparison to what is going on in other peoples lives, but to me they are heartbreaking. Coupled of course with the continuous difficulties of everyday life these issues have escalated to crisis point for me. Help has come from a couple of unexpected places. I was very surprised and quite touched with the offers and I will be taking the course of actions you suggested on both counts. If you read this thank you, it means a lot...
... Moving on, nothing really changes. God, I love all my dogs!
Anyway, My friend Geri had seen elsewhere that I was tearful and feeling low this week. Though I know things are not good for her at the moment, she still thought about me and took time to post a picture on my facebook timeline. Knowing me as well as she does and being on the same wavelength she knew I would REALLY appreciate the photo. Cheers Geri, and yes it did make me smile, but it didn't help me sleep!!! :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mikey Painting

So, What do you think?
Painting of Blanik Georgios (Mikey)
 by Steven Nesbitt.
He will be a Crufts, in hall 5, stand number 144
The painting is based on this photo!

How lucky was I when I was approached at a dog show by Steve, he said he was an artist and could he take some photos of Mikey? I said yes, he took the photos and to be honest I though no more of it. Anyway this week Steve sent me an e.mail with a copy of the painting, he will be selling it at Crufts and probably on his website. I will also get print no1 free of charge. Happy Bunny!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Today's Walks

Asha, Ziva, Finlay, Mikey, Tali and Louis
Well Done Ziva for Waiting!
Kiri, Kai, Jezi and Danni
I guess the other two have to start somewhere
 so a fence post will do!!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Maybe Someone Should Have Told Steve .....

... that his little Danni was gonna be a big girl!!!
And at 6months his baby has a bit more growing to do!
I guess his lap just won't be big enough!!!

Virgin Media Music Awards -Best Male

"Today's boy wonders like Bruno Mars, Olly Murs and Tinie Tempah were all up for this award. But you lot weren't having any of it, and went old school instead: take a bow, George Michael! He may have had a rough few years, but George clearly has a special place in the nation's hearts – to make the inevitable pun, our Faith in him certainly hasn't faded…"

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Boys ....

Well one of them for now!!!
Harley who was always Harley!

Here's Diesel aka Harvey

The girls - 6 Months Old Today

...And look at us now!!!
Still waiting for Pictures of the boys.
But we have photos of all the girls to share...
The Standard Coated Girls
Jezi Baba aka Maggie
Sexy Ziva aka Minni Minx
Darling Danni aka Tinnie T
Enya aka May
The Long Coat Girls
Pepsi aka Sukie
TJ aka Jane
Lexi aka Alex

6 months measure

The "ladies" (term used very loosely!!) are 6 months old today, I'll get some photos and post them on my blog later. Sadly I can't weigh them because the vets are closed .... it's a Sunday!!! But just out of interest I have measure them to compare with Tali and Asha's heights at the same age... here goes ...
Jezi - 58.5cms
Ziva - 57cms
Danni - 58.5cms
At 6months Asha was 58cms and hard to believe Tali was only 54cms. I measure Tali at 59.5cms and Asha at 61cms now. Asha is slightly over the maximum height for a bitch, though she will be "sitting" her breed survey next month and will be professionally measured for that. Ideally I would like the girls to go no taller than 60cms, but the way Jezi and Danni are going I doubt I've got much chance!!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Look Who ...

... I just saw outside Tesco. None other than my little Star, Enya May. She's looking just great, a credit to Gail and Michael!
I have to admit I had quite a lump in my throat and was overwhelmed by the welcome. But of course though she was really pleased to see us, it gave us both great comfort to see that the little kleptomaniac is very much Gail's baby now. Without doubt as heartbreaking as it was for us at the time we did the right thing by Enya by letting her go. This little lady will want for nothing, all the best with your life Enya, and be good .... cause I'll be watching!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Thank You...

... So much to Carrie for sending me these scans of photos of Blade taken in or around 1997. I guess I took the photos as I have similar ones, but I don't have these photos or remember them so it was a very pleasant, if not emotional suprise.
Again, Thank You!
Blade - Laecor Mikhail

Blade with Seffe and Dexi in the background, and a young Lia dealing with an itch!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


That was the day Blade, my first GSD was born. I first saw him when he was about 5 or 6 week old and collected him on the 14th of April 1991, 2 days after my 23rd birthday... and so my "life" really began!  I owe him so much, my first and very special boy.
 "Hogun I Fam!"
Seffe, Blade Dexi and Nikki in Fron in1997

Monday, 6 February 2012

Kiri's MOT

Kiri in last weeks snow
I'm dead chuffed with how Kiri's MOT went tonight. Her Vet Jill Hubbard says she's "physically remarkable" for a 13 year old dog of any breed or type. Her mobility is good, her reflexes excellent and her heart is beating strongly. Sadly it's just her eye sight that's deteriorating. The vets suggests that it compares to looking through frosted glass, she will benefit from strong light and will see movement but otherwise her sight is poor. Still all in all very good news.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

One for The Ladies ....

Ok two.... if you like that sort of thing!!!!

Nice to see George looking so well and happy.
Glad he's found love and fun again with Fadi, but I have to say,
 I do hope darling Kenny is doing Ok too.
I know there were issues, but we speak as we find, and he was lovely when we met him.
Good luck with your life too Mr Goss!

Puppy Race On A Misty Mild Sunday

Go-Go Girls
In first place is Ziva David (Daveed ... remember!)
But Jezi Baba is now putting in a lot of effort
OMG Daniella puddle duck(Don't ask!)
who was in last place has almost caught up!

Not great photos today I know but I only took the little camera out with me today. I'm gutted the rain has come and washed away my Winter Wonderland. All the dogs came home wet and dirty, some predictably worse than others of course!
I think I'm fairly settled in my walking routine at the moment, taking Ziva with Tali, Louis, Mikey, Asha and Finlay is working well. She's pretty obedient (so far) and doesn't wonder too far from the pack. Kai is very patient with Danni and Jezi and they mostly seem to leave Kiri alone, which is better for everyone. (Ziva tried to play kisses with her - not her most intelligent move) Anyway we'll see how it goes but for now it's working! There are more photos of my walk today on my facebook album .."Everybody's doing it." Hope you like them :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Twittering Yog

I'm so thankful that George has been kind enough to share his holiday photos with his fans through the medium of twitter. He's looking great and he and Fadi seem happy and relaxed!
Thought I'd share with you some quotes that made me smile from George's twitter page today ....
"Spoke to doctors before I came away and they told me my recovery is way quicker than can usually be expected so I'm happy as Larry."
"Even my tracheotomy scar is healing nicely in the sun, was looking a bit Bride of Chucky for a while."
"People, I'm excited....just finishing a ballad that I think is going to make you think my eighties self has been re-born !"