Monday, 10 October 2016

A Couple More Pics From Yesterday

Oh Ok, now there's Four, but it was only my initial intention to put on two.
Tali gutted her ditch wasn't deep enough for a swim and a really cheeky photo of Loki in a filthy ditch... he looks like he's laughing at me!

Loki stealing Ziva's ball. Bad Cofi.
The view down towards the Irish sea, and as you can see to walk up here you have to be prepared for sheep. Nico is spot on and has yet never put a foot wrong in sheep country. Of course he would never be out there alone, I think that's where trouble often starts. 


Lin said...

Love the pics the ditch ones are brill LOL and yes Loki like all your others is so good around sheep x

Tali said...

It's Nico!