Monday, 18 November 2019

He May Be Fat

But You're Ugly And Jamie Knows It! 
Sometimes the joke just get's so stale that it turns sour! 

I think you'll need a bigger tongue to get all that yogurt off R. Junior
So when does the mouse go into the scouse? 
My little chap has not been 100% the last few days. Nothing horrendously wrong or obviously we would be at the vets .. but I'll keep an eye on him.  

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Kids Out

Looking forward to a dry and cold week .. 

Zalu, Sisco and Sammi

Today I had a message from Zalu's owner. She was so concerned that Kaiah and one other bitch had missed to him that they decided to get his sperm checked. All is fine with the boy, to be honest I never imagined it wouldn't be! His sperm are numerous and healthy, but his owner felt she needed to check. How honest can you be? .. I'm so grateful. They have also suggested that next time we take Kaiah for 2 matings 48 hrs apart, theoretically of course it is the better option .. but it would be exhausting and I would need help! She said that nearer the time we could have a chat to make sure we could get everything possible covered to try and get Kaiah in whelp .. I will also find out about the herpes injection .. I used it on Krizzie after she missed to Rangmore Arko and it is quite an important Vaccination to consider when breeding. Maybe I should discuss it with the vet for Sammi B too?
I've found some more photos of Sisco from Crufts, they are not the best but it gives people who have not seen him an idea.  On saying that finding his health tests and survey listed is bloody impossible .. unless you speak Italian. I know they are in order as would be his DNA profile, you can not compete at the Sieger without them, but I'm damned if I can find them. I'll just have to ask nearer the time.
My recent situations with both these males and their owners have proved to me that there are decent, honest people in this breed. People who will give you a little leg up when you are falling down and people who don't just want the money and sod the consequences. Sisco's stud fee is dearer than Zalu's and both are a fair bit more than Nico's, but at his age it's past the time to put the price up.
I don't know when Sammi B will come in season, Kaiah is regular as clockwork, Sammi is a law onto her self. Sometimes she goes 5.5 months .. sometimes 7 months. She was last in season on 15th of June and before that in late December, (about the 20th) so theoretically she should be in season in about a month. I would say from the quality of her coat that I'm about right for timing .. as you can see from this photo mid October she has been moulting for about 6 weeks, her new coat is now considering coming through. She usually gets a good portion of the coat back before she comes in season. Ah well watch this space .. or not as the case may be nearer the time!

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Good Kids

There have been a lot of tears this week, like I said I never knew before that I could grieve for something that was never there .. but I can only think I felt the same when Tali, Krizzie and Nikki missed. The only difference being that this time we were bang on time .. in their days it was guess work!
I walked with my friend today and I realised that maybe I shouldn't be moaning and complaining about my life. My heart goes out to my lovely friend who only just manages to get by, I really wish I could do more for her .
I have to admit I was so impressed with Kaiah and Ross today. Little Gracie displaying a lot of nervous aggression and both read her correctly. I was particularly impressed with Kaiah .. hair and teeth flying at her .. another bitch too and Kaiah did not retaliate. Ross was initially taken aback as nothing has ever bitten him before but he too handled it magnificently. Yes great kids, great characters  .. both of them.

A Special Walk With Friends


Friday, 15 November 2019

Beautifully Autumnal

So Who Is Sisco?

I've written so much about Zalu and really his sable daughter to Kaiah is still the dream dog, but Sisco is no second fiddle! I mean this dog is not a .. "Oh he'll do then!"  If anything he is a dog with more of a breed record and more successful progeny, but he is older.  He's a dog I looked at for Sammi last time, and also considered for Kaiah. Sisco took my breath away when he won his class at Crufts last year, I said then and maintain now that he really should have won the CC that day. He was V1  British Adult Sieger in 2016 and he made breed history in the UK this year by siring both male and female British Adult Siegers - Xibor Chase and Natalie di Casa Gregori. Sisco was the Arden Grange/Our Dogs Top Producing UK Sire of 2018. (Based on progeny success not the amount of progeny)
As I'm sure you've guessed Sisco was imported from Italy and now lives near Nantwich, he has successful progeny In Italy as well as in this country. His son Jumbo Mater Domini was also imported from Italy and is a top winner and producer in this country.
His owner gave me the option to use Chase or Sisco as Sammi's reputation as the mother of that "Top bitch" had preceded her .. thanks to JT who to be fair has always been at me to use Sisco "on the mother" .. and that without seeing Sammi!  He said in his opinion that Kaiah was the best bitch here since "Camri" (Nikki to you and me) and probably even better than her .. indeed a compliment from the man who handled Nikki and chose her as pick of the litter all those years ago. JT has seen Sammi since and was less gushing about her but did say that mother and daughter are very much alike!
So here we go again now .. waiting for a season and hoping it doesn't clash with Christmas .. can we not cancel it .. just for this year?

Thursday, 14 November 2019

The Conclusion Is Sisco

Fransisco Di Casa Gregori
Thanks to kindness, friendship and a raving review of "the mother of that top bitch," we are going ahead with breeding from Sammi at her next season. I'm not sure whether I'll write about it .. it may all be too raw, but it may not  .. but at least there is now something to focus on. 

Planning Ahead

Ok, the brain never stops does it.
The options ..
I was going to mate Sammi in August, why don't I do it now instead?.. Yes now as in her next season which is due within a few weeks.
Well the first big hurdle is the financial implications.  A Stud fee is between £400 and £700 and with Kaiah's costs I simply haven't got it. Of course I could use Kaiah free mating and take Sammi to Zalu, but it was never my intention to use Zalu on Sammi ... and I have to admit I don't fancy a trip to Suffolk in December.
Kaiah is the better bitch, but Sammi produced Kaiah and mated to the right dog she could produce that quality again. But who is the right dog? There is nothing on the doorstep is there. Merlot and Sammi produced so wonderfully in Kaiah, but the boys had testicle issues so I would be unwise to repeat that mating. I adore Jackie's Marco but sadly he is not health tested so is not an option. Sammi also needs an experience dog that is not easily put off .. she's not keen on this sex idea!
I wonder if there are any owners of stud dogs out there who would be willing to allow me to use their boys and pay if the bitch conceives? Or even pay half upfront .. I would do it for a friend or someone involved in the good of the breed, but of course that involves trust and that is something lacking these days isn't it.
If Nico had the stud that was lined up for him then we would be laughing, but I've heard nothing further from that lady either so that can not be relied upon. I know my parents would lend me a portion of the money ... but really getting on for 52 I like to stand on my own feet the best that I can.
The Conclusion - well there isn't one. Just lots of ideas and thoughts and at least a few weeks to get it sorted!

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Dreams Of The "K" Litter

I can't deny it I'm absolutely heartbroken, and I can't move on until I've got it out of my system. I need to cry, to scream, to mourn the loss of what I had hoped would be. So many dreams and plans. Months and months of thinking of not much else and working the future around my dream. With my hopes raised so much on Sunday night we even decided on a name .. a totally new name and one that would only be suitable for a sable bitch .. but that was my dream.
Why would a fit health bitch mated at the optimum time not conceive? No worries I don't expect an answer as we'll never know. What we do know was she ovulated and that she had a text book mating to a fit health dog who is producing well. The rest will be a mystery.
I can't stand to look at Facebook, so many people with puppies .. Yes I guess I'm jealous, but I'm also pissed off. Some people have litter after litter and here's little me trying to do it right, trying to be respectful of my bitches and the breed I love and we get knock after knock. After all our last litter was over 3 years ago and that was not plain sailing was it! Mind you I'd sooner be back in that situation than where I am now. Which of course brings us to the fluid bag ... what is it?  Is it an embryo that is being reabsorbed? If not then what? I can't possibly believe it's a live pup as Kaiah hasn't shown signs of early pregnancy like Sammi did. But what the hell happened here on Sunday night then? I wasn't that flaky to be seeing things, something was drastically different. If there are any changes than we will take her back for another scan .. but honestly due to what I've seen here I can't imagine that will be happening.
I wish I'd entered Kaiah at LKA now, but with cost of over £800 already spent on "The litter" I just couldn't afford to take a chance and spend any more. Oh and I wish I'd entered her in Stafford so she could give young Kasey a run for her money, but there you go! I had hopes and dreams and for the time being they have all gone out of the window. Hopefully in 6 months I'll have the stomach to face doing this again because right now I sure couldn't go through it again.

Kaiah's Diary

Saturday 9/10/19 - Day 32
All day and nothing has changed, Kaiah is fully of fun but still excessively eating grass and soil on the walk as she has done since Wednesday - she does it anyway, but this is excessive.
Saturday evening and I'm thinking, maybe just maybe Kaiah looks a little deeper than normal, my hopes are building again and I measure her at 27"
Sunday 10/10/19 - Day 33 - Kaiah is back to her normal size and shape - 26" - I'm a little deflated but have seen this before in a bitch who was pregnant, Seffe did it for days looking pregnant in the evening but not in the morning. Her nipples to look quite erect and quite pink - but I compare them to Sammi - not drastically different. I consider telling someone my thoughts, I decided not too, I decided to just write it here for future reference and post it at a later date.
1pm - Walks are done. Miss K was full of herself as usual. The excessive eating of grass, roots and mud continues, but I was prepared and I took plenty of treats with me to swap with her for her choice of the less palatable vegetation! I feel she now looks a little deeper than this morning too. I also thought she looked different when lying for this photo, Oh don't get me wrong it's only a tiny difference that only her nearest and dearest may see, unless it's wishful thinking of course. Steve refuses to look .. I wish Linda was here ...
7.30PM I think there is more of an abdominal enlargement tonight, she looks like she's stolen a dinner or two. Steve laughs as I measure her belly .. OMG almost 28. I decide to book the scan for Wednesday but I don't tell anyone. Crazily I'm scared to say it in case I'm wrong, not unless someone asks me, then I won't lie but otherwise I'll wait to till Wednesday for conformation either way.
It would make sense for changes to occur yesterday and today, even though Kaiah was mated on the Tuesday she did ovulate somewhere between bedtime on Saturday and Sunday morning. (She was 5.9 at 10am on Friday and 28.5 at 10am on Monday - ovulation is 16)
Monday 11/11/19 - Day 34
9.30 am The abdominal changes that were obvious last night have again disappeared - so like Seffe, but her nipples are bright pink this morning so I'm still hopeful that this is a genuine pregnancy and not all in her mind .. and mine. It will be interesting to see if there are changes after the walk again as there were yesterday .
7.30pm - Kaiah is not showing anything at all tonight - talk of a rollercoster ride - I'm so deflated again!
Tuesday 12/11/19 -Day 35
9.30am - At least I managed to sleep last night, I guess exhaustion finally caught up with me, that and some "Kalms."  I'm hoping that what I saw on Sunday night wasn't just a figment of my imagination, I'm hoping things are just moving about in there .. at least that makes sense. I so wish Steve hadn't have have dug his heels in, I wish he'd looked with me at her on Sunday as it has left me so full of self doubt. On a positive note her nipples are now a deeper pink colour which is usually a good sign ..  but it is currently the only sign.
10pm - Kaiah looks a little deep again tonight - my brain is spinning
Wednesday 13/11/19 - Day 36
8.30am - There are no obvious signs of pregnancy, thank god I'm getting the answer today .. I can't stay on this rollercoster any longer. An answer will help me move forward, even if it's bad news at least I can start to accept it and deal with it ...
12.30pm - The scan shows no puppies, just one "mysterious" bag of fluid.
Though I thought I was prepared I'm devastated, all my plans and dreams are shattered - now I know you can mourn the loss of something that was never there at all.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Day 35

"35 - 42 days - Abdominal enlargement should be noticeable in the bitch if an average size litter is present. Mammary glands developed and point!"  

But as far as Kaiah is concerned - nope I still don't have a clue and I'm feeling less optimistic than I did at the Weekend. I doubt I'll get a photo today as the weather is pretty wild! This photo is a year old ... 

Monday, 11 November 2019

Not Perfect Weather

But who cares the guys still need to go out
Girls in the gate
Don't tell them what you've seen
Yes Ross managed to wait

Day 34


Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sunny Sunday Again

With amazing blue skies, warm sunshine and no wind I imagined I would be sharing the mountain with every Sais, Cofi and his dog today. The now small parking area at the bottom of the hill was full and as I drove up I saw the first dog walkers ... Damn them .. Haha
I unloaded Nico and Jezi and we did our Sunday circuit .. we didn't see a soul. I went back to the van to pick up the girls to find Asha had had a major strop and pulled the towel from behind the headrest into her crate. No mean feat I would imagine, but why? She's not saying! We had a another peaceful walk and only saw the lad on the quad bike .. I wondered again if he saw my liquorice allsort impersonation the other day? I kind of hoped not!
As I drove back to pick up the last three I saw 4 people walking with one dog .. no hassle there then. Kaiah was still pigging out on grass and roots, I took more treats than normal to swap her a treat for a clump of grass. It's not new behaviour just currently exacerbated. On our way back towards the van Ross picked up a scent and considered going to investigate .. without seeing what it was I called him back, instant recall ... good boy. It was 2 people walking in the distance, far enough away not to create further interest or disruption to the walk. On the way back  in the van I saw 2 more people .. WOW where were they all? Where were all the annoying Sunny Sunday walkers that frequent Fron? Even the Cofi stayed away!

Last Night

Last night was another night of tea and jaffa cakes at 1am. Damn it I hate these nights of no sleep. I have found it does help to get up for and hour or so though, I never get anywhere just lying in bed. The two youngsters were up and about but settled. Jamie was in bed, but all the other cat beds were empty! 
Having been up and about so late it was no wonder I didn't hear Asha as 4am, luckily Steve did and she really needed to go out. I think maybe this is something we will have to live with with her now. Bless her it's not really a problem is it! 

Saturday, 9 November 2019

A Little Snow

 Jezi and Nico with "Niwl" and snow on Moel Eilio behind them 
 Sammi, Ziva, Asha
Fascinating that only half the Nantlle Ridge has snow on it. Never seen that before  
Ross forgot his sunglasses! Mind you the forecast was for high winds, torrential rain or sleet so maybe like me he didn't think he'd need them. 
I fell again today, second day in a row, soft landing with plenty of padding but I do wonder if it's the pink boots to blame. They are lovely and warm, and comfy but somehow there is no strength/stability around the ankle, I seem to twist my right ankle and I'm down. Maybe I should consider the terrain of my planed walk before deciding on my footwear. I was very luck to get the boots, they are £140+ boots and they were going free but I may have to rethink where I'm wearing them. Actually I was lucky with the Barbour coat too, I got it for £30 in the height of Summer, it's so bloody warm but I guess may need some care. I'm not really that good with caring for things, I just wear them till they drop. 
Don't I look wonderful - don't answer that! 

Day 32

Ok, so I'm feeling a little less pessimistic this morning. Nothing has changed at all .. Kaiah still has no signs of pregnancy .. but there is nothing I can do about it, what will be will be!

Friday, 8 November 2019

Asha Still Full Of It!

 Coming up from the empty lake 
 Catch her if you can
So proud of her .. and her progeny 

Perfect Walking Weather, Almost ...

Just quite a nip to that breeze!
 Nico and Jezi
The first season's snow on Snowdon 
 Ziva, Asha, Sammi near the empty lake
So many berries 
Ross, Loki, Kaiah
Mynydd mawr and Llyn ffynhonnau