Saturday, 31 August 2019

Admiring The View

Luther and I are feeling so blessed watching the sunset tonight. 
I managed a similar photo one night last week with Jamie and Luther in it
See if you can find Luther ...

Young Guns In Cwm Dulyn

I just couldn't pick one photo, we had so much fun, so many nice photos and all on Facebook. Cwm Dulyn was very colourful, but with so much gorse it was very yellow, were as we have much more heather on our side of the valley. 
 Top photo taken of Mynydd Cilgwyn, Moel Tryfan and Mynydd Mawr from Cwm Dulyn. 
The photo below is zoomed from the same spot with the village of Fron on the side of Moel Tryfan. Our house clear to see for those of us who know where to find it!

Two Walks

Some days I'm luck to get a lovely photo of everyone. Today I'm spoiled for choice. I walked the first 2 groups at home then took the Young Guns to Cwm Dulyn as I had stuff to deliver to Freshfields.
 Nico has started his diet. Middle aged spread has crept up on us both and I need to do something about it! Only one thing to do ... more exercise and less food. Logical really isn't it.
One of my pet hates is fat dogs!
My lovely ladies in very Autumnal colours. I've no idea why the heather on this part of the mountain did not go green and flower this year. We can't blame the beast from the east or the boiling hot Summer of 2018 .. can we?  To be honest it looks dead .. lets hope it's taking a break and is back in full bloom next year. 

Friday, 30 August 2019

Sammi Stud Book Number

Well I'm over the moon - finally Sammi has her stud book number published online.
I haven't yet received her certificate but at least now I know things are afoot. 
She is only the 5th Blanik to receive this accolade - and to win it in the manner that she did,
 yeah, I'm so so proud!  

Some Names On My List

Female names and some meanings
Nella  - Shining Light
Mali - Welsh name meaning Jasmine flower
Mila - is a female Slavic name originating from Eastern Europe. It is a diminutive of Slavic names beginning or ending with Mila which derived from the element Mil (Мил) meaning "gracious" or "dear."
Mina - of German origin meaning love
Melly -Greek and old French name - black, dark; bee; honey; brave strength
Rikki - has its roots in Old Norse, Old German and American, and the name Rikki means "complete ruler; peaceful ruler"
Arla - simply means "Early"
Frea - origin germanic / old norse  This name derives from the name of the Old Norse goddess Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology. In Norse mythology, Freyja (Old Norse the "Lady") is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death.
Oti - This name probably derives from the Germanic (Langobardic) name “Auda”, from the Ancient Germanic “*audaz”, meaning “prosperity, fortune, riches, wealth, heiress” “One's ancestral land, homeland, home, territory”.
Ottie - Wealth
Onnie - Jamaican origin The name Onnie invokes willingness, open-mindedness and compassion
Aarti - Towards the highest love for god
Darla - English origin meaning darling
Bindy - the name is of Italian derivation, and the name Bindy means "beautiful".
Envie - of English origin and means "Desire".
Envee - An American girls name, the name Envee invokes contribution, perfectionism and hope
Essie - Essie can be found in several languages, including Romance, Germanic, and Persian ones. In each case, the name means "star."

Boys, Girls And Kaiah

My Awesome Kaiser 
Over the years I've been blessed to live with 13 male GSD's and 12 females. My first GSD was a male - Blade, and though Captain another male came along with my x husband I generally consider Nikki to be "my" second GSD and my first female. I've said before that from my experience generally I consider males to be far easier than females. The females are far more devious, far more headstrong and usually a tad cleverer. Of course there are exceptions, Kai and Ross for example, Kai was a hard dog and Ross is a determined head strong boy. Both were hard work, neither would suite a first time owner but I reaped the rewards of my work with both and the bonds were/are amazing. A couple of the boys have also been less intelligent than I expect, Jay wasn't dim he was the class clown, Finlay had the excuse of being blonde but I've no idea what Loki's excuse is! Seriously I think maybe Loki is quite sensitive and complex but he does lack initiative.
I can't think of any of the bitches who have had what I consider to be below natural breed intelligence, but without doubt some have had far too much going on for their own good. I think Seffe was an eye opener .. then Krizzie, OMG, what did I let myself in for with her?  Then there was her daughter Tali, whilst Krizzie was a sweetheart Tali was different, harder, more distant, more determined. Tali did everything to suite herself and sod the consequences. To be honest though she really shone when she got pregnant, having the litter did make her complete and a nicer "person!"
 I think then I was use to clever bitches, I realised it was a different ball game to boys ... but then Sammi came along. The young Sammi was adorable, but naughty, hence the title she gained of Naughty Angle. And when you think you've seen it all, experienced it all you get a Kaiah and you have to reevaluate everything again. She is demanding of my attention, I've never had that before in a bitch, really she's like Louis and Mikey in that way .. "It's all about me!"  She runs rings around the boys, though I must admit that maybe she has almost met her match with Ross. Kaiah is very jealous and will always push to the front, she makes sure she never misses out on anything. Kaiah bullies her mother to the point that Sammi will not walk with her, it's wrong, very wrong for a daughter to have the upper hand but I'm glad Sammi doesn't retaliate or we'd no doubt have a huge fight on our hands. There is often tension between Ziva and Kaiah and I have to watch for body signals and be on the ball with them, but Asha has no interest in her and seems to have no relationship with her at all. Kaiah continually pushes everybody, she was not happy to be at the bottom of the pack, there is no doubt she is a born leader and already dominates Sammi and the boys. I think Ziva will be her next challenge but with the calm Asha still firmly in charge she will have to wait her turn to get to the top of the ladder.
If you live with a family of dogs you do see the differences in relationships and personalities. Whilst Kaiah has the upper hand she also adores Ross, they play endlessly and she was his world ... but now as is often the case with young males I am his everything. Oops sorry Miss K!
Now I'm not complaining about Kaiah's character, on the contrary it's probably close to ideal. She has a very strong character, to be fair she is generally obedient, though being so intelligent she considers often what is in it for her? Well food, I train her successfully with food. She is affectionate, trustworthy and likes most people (There was the one when she was a pup - though I do think he was to blame!) She is confident in her own skin and though she likes the boys she doesn't need them, I feel maybe she doesn't really "need" any of the other dogs! Is she a good pack member? Hmmm ... time will tell ... but without doubt she has her sights set on the very top. I think one day there will only be me in her way, but I do not envisage a challenge from her, she adores me as I said she is often very demanding of my attention, something I'm not use to in a bitch.
This weekend it'll be 6 months since Kaiah's last season, she usually goes 6.5 months between seasons. As you can see from the bottom photo she is still out of coat, but now it will grow quickly. I'm excited and nervous, what will the next generation bring? I've tried to match her with a dog who is physically and mentally suitable for her. For those of you blessed to know him I can only compare Zalu's character and outlook on life to Louis. I feel that kind happy go lucky character coupled with her strength of character may give us the ideal pet/show character. I'm watching my boys around her now, we usually get 2 weeks or so from them starting to show an interest in her to her coming in season ... so yeah watch this space as this will be the only place that I will be adding updates!

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Loki At Merioneth

A lovely day celebrating life with cake and friends at Merioneth show. Special friends who could not be there were still in our thoughts and hearts.
 Loki standing square, whether you agree or not just watch your GSD's .. do they ever stand like this? Rarely I would say! 
First to four in the group 
Chuffed with Group 3

28th Of August - 4th Of September

Well it's the beginning of the anniversary of that week that changed my life. On the 28th I set out to a dog show with my lovely friend Gail .. we were full of fun and happiness. I got taken ill at the show and ended up in hospital, and on the 4th of Sept I had brain surgery. It's been 4 years .. another year another MRI and hopefully I will be discharged.
As the years have gone on it has got better, the brain is slow to heal but it is healing. I do see that I'm better than a year ago. Considering I had to relearn so much, a lot now comes automatically again. Weird isn't it, I couldn't get past 12 on my 3 x table but I could still drive my van. Mostly my spelling has returned to it's normal useless standard, unless I'm having a bad day I don't double up the wrong letters or put them in the wrong order in the words now. I can usually, but not always, get the words I need for the sentence in the right language too. The restless legs has mostly gone and I'm sleeping better these days. I think I'm more emotionally balanced than I was a year ago, though sadly being over sensitive has always been part of my nature!
My memory I doubt will improve much more. I get frustrated that I forget things or forget to do things, important things .. but such is life. For example I can remember the breeding and dates of birth of all the early Blaniks .. but even now when looking for a stud dog for a bitch I have to look up her pedigree every time I need to check out the compatibility of a dog, I simply cannot retain information, even when it is important to me.
There is no doubts I'm less tired, I can make it through someday's without sleeping though I still have to listen to my body .. or regret it later. Maybe in another year I'll be able to drive to a dog show and home again .. that is my ambition as I do feel I have lost some independence as I depend on others to help me make it through the day. I do know that after a long dog show day I will suffer within a few days, but I know it, I'm prepared for it and I'm not putting my life on hold because of it. I'll enjoy my day and suffer for it later.
Thanks to all that are there for me, the ones that see me at my best .. and have seen me at my worst.  I was told my condition was life changing .. yeah it has been and therefore thanks to those who realise that though I look "well" I may never be quite the same again ... though honestly I do try to be the person I was. Anyway onward and forward!!!!! (Yes I know 😀)

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Monday, 26 August 2019

At Home Today

Luther's Still Awake!!!

At 9 pm last night I got Luther in and shut the window. I don't want him out too late . Also I was getting bothered that he hadn't stopped all day. Cats need to sleep, Kittens particularly need to sleep for normal development. Luther hasn't got to that page in the book yet, or maybe he's like me, he just doesn't bother reading the instructions! After his supper he fought back the sleep but succumbed and must have had ... Oh 10 minutes before Perry came in and he jumped to action again.
 You can see how knackered he looks here - bless him
He sleeps - A rare photo indeed
Luther is locked in the kitchen over night and last night I popped back in after originally switching off and heading for bed. I just had to film him. Now Junior still suckles and he's five, he has made a bald patch on my orangutan, but he suckles it and kneeds .. Luther just has this in his mouth, bless him it's so sweet. I wonder if he does it every night? He must do.  Had I not gone back in I would not have seen it. 

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Out Early

Nico and Jezi - if you have ever been confronted by that expression on his face as I have many a time you know you are going to get it .. no time to decide, nowhere to go ... left, right ... up a tree on a wall .. she will go round you he will go through you .. brace yourself ... shit ... he is coming!!!!
No lake today so all the girls in a ditch

and of course anything the girls can do the young guns do too!!!

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Choo's Words

I'm loads better now ta for asking. My leg it only didn't work for one day so I didn't have to go to the doggy doctors, but Mrs S found a 2 inch long baldy patch on the inside of it. She wants to know where I put it and did I get it stuck? ... I'm not telling!
I hope you like my picture, Mrs S tells me all the time that I'm special and she loves me a big much ... she never understand why no one wanted me when I was a kitty, haha don't tell her it's cause I hiss and spit at everyone till she came for me ... shhh it be a Choo secret.
Bye now!

Some Recent Individual Shots


Before It Got Too Hot

A Swim .. or a paddle as the case may be for everyone in the lovely little lake
 Llyn Cop

This small lake is a place of so much fun and frolic for the Blanik's.
It's sad really that so many generations missed out on it because one man told me I couldn't go that way, and I was gullible enough to believe him!  

Friday, 23 August 2019

We Set Off For Gyrn Goch

But ended up in Cwm Dulyn 
The first time anyone has ever parked in my place in Gyrn Goch, actually in the years I've been going there I've only ever seen one person there .. at least it proves others do walk there.
Anyway the colours in Cwm Dulyn were fantastic and I only saw one other person and a GSD .. Oh hang on they came there with us!

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Lon Gatws

 With the builders in I thought it best to take take Nico and Jezi with me when I went shopping to Porthmadog. I racked my brains for a place to walk on the way back and decided to stop at the top of Penmorfa and go up Lon Las (Blue Road .. honest!) I pulled up, parked and looked up the track to see knee high wet grass and opted against it as I wasn't quite dressed for it, but I did have an alternate route. Just over the road is "Lon Gatws" now don't ask me to translate Gatws .. I haven't a clue but Lon is Road .. If Google doesn't know my father will!!!  
I have such fond memories of this walk, I use to walk it with my Nain (Grandmother) and the lovely Rough Collie, Sandy. I loved my Nain so much, we were so similar ... yeah she was my hero. It was sad to see the path so overgrown in places but lovely to be there again ... I can only think that the last time I did this walk was as a child with my Nain .. reminiscing and emotional now.
.... Google says that Gatws is Gate Lodge - well that would make sense as the now refurbished lodge stands roadside at the entrance to the walk. Actually the lodge use to be referred to as "Ty Potel Ink" as the old cottage did resemble an ink bottle being square with a chimney in the middle.