Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Dear George,

I was sad and angry when I read that offensive article in the Daily Mail last week. The article is just a nasty, vicious attack on you, Anselmo, Kenny and anything that's precious to you. They have lied and twisted every fact of your life.Do they really know anything about you? I can only think that this is just pure spite and jealousy.
Your the sweetest kindest man....Yeah I know, I don't know you personally. But darling George you have helped me out of many a dark place in my life, especially through the most painful year ever for me. Without you to turn to in 2007 I don't know what I would have done. I don't need to turn to the bottle, I've got you to help me through.
I think what gets to"them" is that whatever they throw at you, it just makes you stronger. You have a large loyal fan-base who adore you, a lovely family around you, a gorgeous partner (Scratch his eyes out..lol) and a wonderful career. Long term, why should it get to you?
Freedom of the press...my backside! The fact that they haven't publishing comments which support you is getting to me almost as much as the bloody article! They just refuse to acknowledge the strength of support that you really do have. Dozens of people from GMF alone have added comments...but to no avail. Not one of them has been published!
I'd just love to think that you haven't read the article. Or if you have that your strong enough to just have shrugged it off with a few choice swear words. (and your usually good at them)But my God I'm afraid that if it was written about me or any one close to me I'd be devastated. (As I am for you.) Not just for me personaly, but for the other people that I care for that it's tried to ridicule. The gutter press at it's best....Shame on them!
Dear George you have our support...and you are, as always "The Bigger Man"
Not living my life with other people on my mind
No, not going to hide from anyone
Yes, I'm walking on new air
Just living my life
Better believe I'm gonna get what's mine
Cause I don't have the time
For the haters.
Don't let them tell you who you are is not enough
Don't let them tell you that it's wrong
Or that you won't find love
Don't let them use my life to put your future down
Don't let them tell you that happiness can't be found....