Thursday, 6 October 2016

Day 54 - (edited to add picture)

Sammi and Ziva
Ziva obviously showing a much bigger belly as she was caring 6 puppies. 
I have started washing the white vet beds - though they were safely wrapped and put away I feel the need to freshen them. We will set up the box at the week end and makes sure everything is prepared from the middle of week. There is a strong possibility of them arriving any day after Wednesday really, as it is normally 63 days from ovulation + 24 hours.. Sammi was on 11.4 on the Tuesday test, so if things were going as they should be over 22 by Thursday and ovulation occurs on 16. So there is a strong chance of her whelping on Thursday or Friday of next week. I still get knots in my stomach when I think of it, with only the two I really am so scared, I just want them here and safe now!
Ziva Day 54 
I'll try and get one of Sammi on the walk and add it to this post later.
Sammi Today - Day 54

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Lin said...

Not long to wait now x