Sunday, 31 August 2014

Exciting News

Tasha has had 10 babies today.
 The first arrived at 11.20am - the last at around 7.30pm. 
Hoping now for regular updates! 

GSD Type - A Breed Apart?

Just incase you don't know what I'm talking about. 
 I'm being careful and using this photo as it was taken by a friend a few years ago. It's classic "English bred" German Shepherd, what we would refer to as an "Alsatian!" In fairness this one has fair length of leg,most don't, but look at the overall length of the animal, the over done front assembly, exaggeration in hindquaters and the ski slope overline.
This is Nico taken earlier this month, he has what I would call a "harder" overline and hindquaters that can get him about, they don't bend underneath him when he's walking. I know he's far from perfect but which of these two dogs could do a days work? 
So which is correct?- that is how you interpreter the written word I guess, but what I'm getting at is that you can't consider both to be correct - can you? 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

City Of Birmingham

Sammi in the ring
After a 4.45am start it was around 7pm when I got home from C.O.B. Well what a day, great fun with great friends and super food all set up and contributed by GSD folk. And the judging? Well what can I say, not meaning to take anything from any of the winners, but after 23 years of showing it was the most inconsistent mish mash I've ever seen. No, it's not sour grapes, Sammi won her class, but how can dogs so constructionally different possibly stand side by side on the winners podium? I watched ever class and I just didn't get it.
Father and daughter
We all know that there are "types" of GSD's in the show ring, dogs that look so different they could almost be a different breed. We all interpret things slightly differently, but where type is concerned you have to agree that one or the other fits the standard, in my opinion it is simply impossible to believe they could both fit the standard .... so how the hell did we see it today? It was the total inconsistency of the judging that had everyone's jaws dropping, honestly it was beyond belief, almost laughable. Let's hope that next year this show society get's us a breed judge, after all this years Boxer/ French Bulldog specialist was really not up to the job of judging our breed!!!!
I was luck to get this lovely photo of Sammi with Nico. This photo shows the huge differences in characteristic between a young female and an adult male.  The breed standard states that "clear definition of masculinity and femininity are essential!"  Can't you just tell! So beautiful - So Proud!

Friday, 29 August 2014

My Precious Ziva,

Ziva is a happy bubbly girl, she's full of fun, very obedient and almost sickeningly loyal to me. At the moment she is in full coat, and that's one huge coat she's got,  it can only have been inherited from her granddad Kai. To be honest she's looking bloody fantastic, and she moves like a dream ... but I haven't entered her at any show.  I'm in quite a quandary about it really, it's been almost a year since I've shown her, but she really didn't like it; would she now? Would the break have done her any good I wonder? I just don't know what to do really. Maybe I'll enter her somewhere and see, I'll just give it one more go. It's such a shame, she's a beautiful bitch who really should be in the ring ... but if she hates it then I won't bother again. I want happy bubbly smiley Ziva.
One thing I want to make sure of is that she isn't missing out. Everyone has had a trip out recently, so we had to make sure Ziva had one too! Photos from our run out and walk at Llanystumdwy on Tuesday.

Struggling To Choose

I have really been struggling to choose between this photo and the one I used in the post "Critique" yesterday. Both are lovely, but both have had to be modified. The first picture has had to have a completely new background as we had cars, people walking and a fun fair behind her. We were only messing about and didn't expect to get anything that good. Anyway that was above and beyond my capabilities and Bethan was kind enough to do it for me. 
This photo was taken in strong sunlight and Sammi's croup blended into Angela's jeans, basically all I've done is lighten the photo and remove the rope that made up the ring that was behind her head. 
So, yeah, two lovely photos but I think at the end of the day because of the angle of her neck (Being more forward than pulled back)  I prefer this photo. As naked as she is I think this is lovely as shows who she is. 
I've also come to the conclusion that she looks far better with a handler, looking for me she is pushing herself forward and gives herself a "harder" topline. I love showing her and will continue to do so for the next few open show, but maybe by the end of the year someone else can take over ... if he wants to of course! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Junior 1
1st Stanley BLANIK IVANA 8 mnths, bitch, black and tan. Med Size and medium strong. Excellent pigment. Good head planes with feminine expression. Good ear carriage, dark eye, correct dentition. Nice lay of shoulder with upper arm slightly steep. Good height to length proportions. Normal wither into good clean overline. Nice underline. Sound away and back with steady side gait. Shown out of coat but good condition. BPIB and Puppy Group 4


It's should have been a fun day at a dog show, but with news that Nico's lump had returned it was a stressful and tearful day. I phoned the vet from the show and made an appointment  to see Jill today, other vets were offered for that day, but I decided to wait. Unable to concentrate or enjoy the show I opted to come home early. I was shocked to find the lump was already the size of an apple and phoned the vets back to remake an appointment for that afternoon.
Thankfully we got to see Rachel and she is adamant it's nothing sinister as by then I was really panicking, she thinks possibly a grass seed or something small and similar is inbedded under the skin. She hopes it may dissolve or work it's way out as apparently they often do; but if it doesn't go down with this course of meds, or returns again the will open it up and flush it out. My poor boy! I have to confess I do panic these days, after we lost Kai so young and so quickly I always see the negatives.
Nico is not at all affected by this this time, he's his usually happy bubbly self, totally oblivious to the heartache he's causing me. Bless him, I do love him so much, such a special boy.
Once more I find myself referring to friends ... you really do show your true colours at times like this. All I can say is from the bottom of my heart I thank you!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pics From Merioneth

What needs saying will have to wait because I'm mentally and physically knackered 
Tell you tomorrow ....

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Still Waiting ....

 This stunning young sable girl is still available for sale. 
These pups are having the very best of upbringings 
Should you hear of anyone looking for a puppy then please consider her...

Nico and Kia's kids

I was dead chuffed to see the kids again today, 
they are now 6 and a half weeks old and there's one young lady left to sell. 
(I'll do her a separate post!)
My personal pick of litter 
A stunning black and tan female
 It's a bloody shame she's going to a pet home!
 Two stunning long coated sable males
Showing the different colours
Sable bitch and black and tan dog. 

Sammi Belle's Winnings

£10.20 spent but I got £29.80 to go
But I be not buying bedding with it, 
it all be for toys and sweeties!!!!!!!
What can I be getting in de show tomorrow then????

Monday, 25 August 2014

First Of The Weeks Shows

We are just home from a lovely day at Flint and Deeside's Open show.Today we had breed specialist Ang Walden judging. Sadly Sammi stood alone in her class, but put on a great performance and was awarded the win, she was also Pastoral puppy group 4 under the group judge. Mikey had his "Knobhead" on ...If you know him, need I say anymore? He still managed to win Open, but Sammi's behavior and performance put him to shame! Don't you just love the naughty boy? Well we do, and wouldn't change him for the world! Talking of naughty, the "GSD" crowd as ever were very rowdy today, your a great bunch ... Thanks for all the fun. Huge thanks to Tracy for handling Sammi in the challenge, to Julie for taking pics, and to Linda for being my carer. What would we do without friends eh? I am certainly blessed to have a great crowd of special people in my life. I firmly believe that the more good friends you have the richer you are, I'm certainly very rich and must be doing something right then! It's always sad when you loose`friends, and I find it hard to give up on people; but sometimes you have to let go and realise that in life people come and people go, it's only the genuine ones that are willing to share you that stay around for the highs and lows!
 Ang with Bolt BOB and Sammi BPIB
Me and my mate Mikey! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

"H" Litter Long Coat Sisters

Robbie X Georgette (Asha) daughters
I hadn't seen TJ since she was about 5 months, so I was over the moon to see her today. What a stunning girls she is, even if I say so myself! She and Lexi are very similar in type and colour, with Tj being slightly heavier set. We took the opportunity to get some headshots of TJ too - isn't she stunning!  

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Blanik Ivana

My beautiful Sammi is 8 months old today.
My God, how quickly time goes by eh! 
What can I say about my naughty angle that I haven't said before?
Nothing ... she's simply the star that shines brightly at Blanik! 
As the show season starts to wind down, typically her lovely new coat is now starting to come through!!!
On a par with Asha there is no doubt she will be a big girl, her weight yesterday was 29.5kg and by my measurement they both measure exactly the same as 61.5cm at the wither - but of course for her survey Asha measured a safe 59.5cm.  Here's hoping they are right, any taller and there won't be a chance of a Breed Survey class 1! 
But you know at the end of the day I don't despair, this is one amazing puppy and I'm so privileged to be sharing a life with her.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Tasha has got less than a week to go now. It's not a great photo, but it's enough to see that everything is going well and that her "Bedroom" is prepared.
Though obviously this litter is not mine, after the heartbreak with Milli I can't help but worry. Life is so precious, and Tasha's owners have been waiting a long time for this impending litter.
Tasha has an interesting pedigree, her breeding is mostly on working lines with numerous working police dogs in the generations, and one grandparent is a show line import. So mated to a show line male it makes, hopefully, for a very promising outcome!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I wish it to be said that I didn't do it, but you were not here to see so I can't be proving it! I be thinking this should really be made a hofficial complaint ...No matter how himportant, I don't think it fair you go out in the morning and shutting me up in dis cage, but anyway I still didn't do it! It just exploded as I be sleeping in it. You know you is very very lucky ... I could av been smufficated in it! Just be thinking you should know - Sammi Belle Stanley!

Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik

Look at my Nico...
Well what can I say? So beautiful, so impressive, I'm so proud! 
 After everything he went through in his early life in Belgium, just look at him now. He's looking at his best, he's confident, kind, devoted, funny and so so loving. I'm proud and touched to be the center of this boys world, we may have given him the life he deserves but he has give us more than we could ever wish for. What a star he is ... what a dog!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Babies Of The House

Junior and Sammi 

Another Day, Another Dog Show

Just had a super day at the Harlech 1st Responders Dog Show. Sammi winning her third BPIS. (Best puppy In show) She won herself lots of goodies and £40!!!! (She's off to Pets At Home on the bus in the morning!) Lovely day, thanks to my lovely long suffering friends for the great company and huge thanks to the Judge for giving me my confidence back.
Funny isn't it, yesterday's show cost approx £25 per dog to enter, the winning dogs came home with a printed card.(You have to buy your rosettes)  Today's show cost a £1 per class to enter ... we had rosette for class places from 1st to 5th, a beautiful 3 tier rosette for Best Puppy and forty bloody quid! Something is wrong somewhere ... no wonder Champ shows are loosing entries!
Finlay also did well, he was second in the "Handsomest" dog category and managed a 4th in the Veteran class. Bless him, he does enjoy his days out!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mixed Results At WkC

I had three of the "Blanik" kids going to The Welsh Kennel Club Championship show today. Entries where poor under the fast moving foreign judge, and of course Nico had one of the strongest quality classes of the day. With seven entries, and three of them CC winners I felt just a place in the cards would be good. Nico was awful in his individual, he was like an idiot on speed, but the judge gave him chance after chance to get it right. My stomach was churning over as I though, "he's blown it" ... but the judge then gave all the dogs another chance to move individually, he placed him third and left him there. I was over the moon. He's such a super dog and moving round settled he looked amazing. There are no photos of Nico today ... we had three dog by the ring together and at the time it was simply impossible. I do hope someone else has one :)
Next in the ring was Tali, there were only 2 bitches entered in the Veteran class, the other bitch was  lovely, quite a favourite of mine and at only 3 days over 7 years  I kind of gathered Tali would be out of her league, (Tali is now over 9 and a half ) ... but you know what? She only went and won it. I had said that this would be her last Champ show and what a way to retire. She started her Champ show career by winning Best Puppy In Breed at City Of Birmingham in 2005 handled by Sarah, she retires winning Veteran in 2014 at WKC handled by Sarah. So Proud and Thank you Sarah!
Again Sammi's class was numerically small. With three entries only the other 2 bitches where familiar to me. Rose tinted glasses left at home, Sammi should have been second but she was placed last. I really don't get it, he had judged so consistent till then really so why? She wasn't that much taller than the winner, she gave a steady genuine performance and after a good go with the blaster her coat looked Ok I suppose. So maybe I'm doubting my "eye" a little tonight, kind of knocked my confidence a little I guess. Anyway I'll soon be over it ... another day ... another dog show!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Sammi Head-shots

 Hard to pick the best isn't it! 

Blanik Hettie

My beautiful Jezi just coming back into coat! 

Jezi's Back Out With Her Boys

The worst thing about entire animals is seasons, it really does change everything for a week or two. Anyway it's all over for this pack now for another 5 -6 months. They just love being together! 
Jezi - "How do I get down there?"

Posting This Photo

Simply because I can!
My beautiful baby Belle, loosing her coat, getting taller by the day
but equally getting more beautiful, more loving and simply more adorable.
She may not come out and win everything at the next few shows but I have faith that she will come back together, maybe as a junior, and then she'll show them what she's made of.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chalk and Cheese

Darling Danni
This week the "H" litter were three years old. Poor Asha got into trouble with the first birth, but a quick dash to the vets and the fantastic work of this vet and his team brought the babies safely into the world. Home and safe Asha was a good mother, but I firmly believe that having missed the birth her bond with her little ones was not as strong as it could have been.
Two boys and three long coated bitches sold pretty quickly, but the only interest in the standard coat bitches came from unsuitable homes. I'm sure I don't need to go over old ground, but with three litter sisters we had hell on earth. (Enya just never involved herself in any of the trouble) The fights were evil, and their characters I'm sure affected by the tension around them. An experience I hope we never have to repeat!  Enya was lucky to leave at 5 months old ... but the three witches were to stay together a lot longer. As you may remember most of the tension and trouble was between Danni and Jezi. Danni and Ziva were close and played beautifully together. Though Danni loved the sound of her own voice  she had the sweetest of natures, but with hindsight maybe we should have seen that her attitude often caused the trouble. She would sit on Steve's lap looking down at her sisters, something small I know, but without doubt she was made to feel very important! When the girls were 8 months old a home was offered to one of them. I could never have parted with Ziva, she was my baby; at the time we felt there was a risk that Jezi was going to grow into a problem dog and we wanted to keep her safe, so the obvious choice for leaving was Danni. It broke our hearts, wrecked us, but without doubt it was the best decision all round. Danni has the best life, a wonderful home with wonderful people. I pray we will one day get to see her again, but if not I know we did the right thing by Danni.
Jezi with her beloved Nico
From that day things changed dramatically at "Blanik," Jezi became a different person and within weeks I was showing her. At 9 months old she won her first BOB, and she hasn't looked back since. Though she is still aloof with strangers and doesn't care for the attention of strange dogs she has grown so much in personality, and is quite the class clown these days. Her bond with Nico is touching, without doubt he has helped her "shine." She also has a new friend in Junior, it's quite funny to see them playing together ... though I do wonder if really he's just tormenting her. Jezi has also grown into a beautiful looking bitch, she tall and athletic looking. (Though not oversize)  As ever I'm critical of my own and her colour is really not to my taste. She could also benefit from more angles front and rear, but she is balanced and has a beautiful head and expression, a lovely clean overline and super movement. Yeah I'm well impressed with the adult bitch!
Ziva, well what can I say? My spoiled brat, though she can be spiteful she's the most obedient bitch I've ever owned. She's devoted to me, a lot like the boys in that way I guess, maybe to a point of obsession like Louis was and Mikey is. Ziva is bubbly and funny and the only place she doesn't show her true self is in the show ring. But if I never show her again, well who cares, I've got a devoted happy bubbly bitch who has given me a super litter and whom I love sharing my life with.
Ziva and her stunning daughter Sammi
These sisters are different in all ways, looks and personality,  Ziva is a super colour with good angles and a huge coat. (Thanks Kai!) She has the most beautiful ground covering movement, the kind that takes your breath away, but on the negative side her ear set is wide and her overline doesn't flow like her sisters. She's shorter in length of leg and is much stockier, a little like Kiri was, but with a lot more coat.  She's happy to greet strangers and was wonderful with everyone who visited her babies.
So where do I go now? Do I breed from Ziva again or do I spay her? Do I breed from Jezi? I'm now certain that any early behavioral problems with simply environmental so that is not a factor to consider. There is good colour in her bloodlines so she should produce good colour, especially if mated to a dog of rich pigment. So she would need a health tested dog with a superior pedigree, a medium size boy (She's a top height bitch) with strong pigment, a super front and good turn of stifle. Hmmm ... anyone come to mind??????
Jezi is in season now, well she has just finished actually so I have 5 months to think about it. I do it then or not at all, otherwise she'll be 4 years old and I find that a bit late for a first litter really. So no decisions made, but lots to think about!

Blanik Isko

How super to get pics of both boys on the same day.
Dead chuffed with these boys 
Though Barney at the moment is more typical of his dad, and Cal of his mum.
Bolt with Barney - Sammi will be jealous!