Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Treat For Sammi and Loki

The first time back at Llyn Cop for Sammi in weeks
Yeah she had a great time, and the rules of the games haven't changed! 

Here We Bloody Go

For the last couple of days the puppies poo's have been soft, but today they have diarrhea. It's so disheartening as it seems to happen with every litter, and as you talk to people you discover it's not just your litters that it happens too. It always seems to occur at about the 6 -7 week period and the puppies are rarely ill.
So what the hell causes it? Well I can only think it's to do with all the crap they start eating at this age. Leaves, cat shit, mud, grass, stones, hair and anything else they can find. No matter how careful you are, it happens. Because they had found their way through to the planted garden we had already banned them from the front garden.
Kito stinking of cat shit had been enough to put us off the idea of them playing out there and yesterday we went over to the caravan garden .. sadly a bit of a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.
The vet are going to provide us with some probiotics and we are to stick to fish and rice for some days now. (They stressed no chicken just white fish!) As long as they are eating, drinking and playing then there is no reason to panic ... apparently!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Everyone Out On A Glorious Day

 Jezi and Nico
Sammi and Loki
 Ziva, Asha and Tali
 We took the little ones into the caravan's garden - they had a great time

Monday, 28 November 2016

Babies Tonight


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Late For The Weigh In

Due to circumstances at home I could not get the puppies weighed last Thursday. To be honest it is now more of an estimate than a science, but we try. All the pups were over 6kg today - so yeah, very chuffed they are still doing well. 
Kaiah didn't want to get out of the bag after being weighed .. 
and can you see who's looking in through the window?
A three way tug over a toy in the yard. 
They have been so lucky so many people have come up with toys for them
And it'll soon be Xmas!

Kaiah Meeting The Grannies

Under Sammi's supervision Kaiah meets the "Grannies" ... so here they are the 5 generations. Hopefully we'll get much better photos in due time! LOL
Hi Granny Ziva.
Yes Asha was like a clucking hen again! 

The Boys also got to meet the brush .. and yeah it was quite an event. 
Kyle and Kaiah wanted to kill it, Kito was less sure of himself and avoided it!

Friday, 25 November 2016

It Didn't All Go To Plan

Love These Kind Of Photos Too

Pups In Stance

Kaiah - A little overstretched 
As was correctly pointed out to me by the owner of the sire I've pulled the inside back leg in too far! Ah well we tried and did quite well to get these I guess! 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

6 Weeks Old

Kyle, Kito & Kaiah

Out In The Sunshine

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Second Time Out Today

Great Fun For All....

First Time Out Today

After being confined in the house for 2 days the guys are just glad of some time out today. That was the worst weather we've had here in a while!
Kaiah flying and Kito mooching
You know .. I'm not bloody sure, but it's a boy! 😐
I guess if I had to commit I'd say Kito
Kaiah and Kyle
Kaiah just too fast, Kito and Kyle at the back.
And after playtime outside the boys where asleep in no time 
but I think Kaiah is on duracell today!
Off out to the garden now .. yes I'm taking the camera!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Weather Watch

There is no way the boys are going out again today,
don't they look cosy! 
Oliver, Junior, Jamie, but no room for Jimmy on the end!
Now Kyle, I'm sure Auntie Ro got that toy for Kaiah!
Oh well Ok she's otherwise engaged!
Kito and Kaiah enjoying the bite bar
Excuse all the hair but it was 11pm last night, so over 12 hours since we hoovered!

Monday, 21 November 2016

A Visit From A Future Owner

Ro came to visit the boys, had a photo with both as we are not sure yet who will be her "Jethro."

The Three Of Them Took Part In It

but no, not the triplets, it was three older kids! Well Nico made the first hole and I confiscated it, but bright spark Sammi got it back and started pulling the stuffing out only for Loki to well and truly finish the job! 
So apologies to Auntie Carrie who gave it to little Riley years ago. I guess it did survive well here really. 

George Michael - This Kind of Love

An old song from the early nineties that George didn't feel was good enough to be released, from the unfinished Trojan Souls album. Lots of us have it on "unofficial" discs as it was leaked years ago. But maybe it really should get released....reading the comments on YouTube, loads of people think its a "new" song. 561,156 views in 3 months is pretty impressive. The video has been tastefully made by a fan, it was not on the soundtrack to Fifty Shades.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Triplets In The Sunshine

 Boys Will Be Boys
 Sweet Kaiah
 Kyle and Kito
Kaiah & Kito