Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I Can Keep Schtum No More!!!

Ok, here goes ..... I'm cautiously optimistic that Ziva and Nico are going to become parents. Ziva was mated just over 5 weeks ago, and on day 35 there was some noticeable changes. As Ziva now carries her granddad Kai's heavy coat, without feeling an abdominal enlargement is not so noticeable but it is there. Of course I'm cautious, without a scan it's a time of uncertainty and apprehension, but I am hopeful. I had originally decided not to say anything until I was 100% sure, it's not that I'm secretive it just makes it easier to deal with the disappointment if the babies don't come; but there you go I could hold it in no more ....
Please cross everything for me that I'm right and that it all goes to plan, and I'll let you work out the dates and then consider what I'll be doing over Xmas!!! Anyway hopefully exciting times ahead :)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Little Bit Of News

After a strange heat earlier in the month, last week Tasha came back into a normal season, and today she came up to see Nico. All went well and as she lives so close she's coming back over tomorrow :) Here's hoping something good comes out of it for her doting owners ....
Anyway, unrelated but "hopefully" I will soon have more exciting news ... Watch this space :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tali's First Born

Looking Wonderful
Thanks John for the updates!!!

Couldn't resist putting this on again.
When there was 4 ... Before Mikey Mikey
But Asha and Kai are there. (Kai making most of the noise!)

No Bob For Mikey

Though it was a decent entry on paper the turn out of GSD at Wrexham yesterday was so disappointing for the judge, the society and those of us who turned up!
Mikey played his joker card and jumped about like an idiot in the tiny ring. The judge questioned if he was 5 months and not years? I simply replied "He's a happy bunny!" Maybe now since he's got his  ShCM he thinks he can just play the fool! Who cares? Because one things is for sure I'm not going to spoil his day out by shouting at him.
 Mikey - Smiling!!!
Mikey about to be beaten by Bolt for BOB!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I Wonder What's Going On?

"Without giving away too many details and spoiling the surprise, we would like to tell you that the 2013 Æccess Subscriber gift has been confirmed and moved into production for delivery next month!"
Yep, fair enough looking forward to it ... but
"We're writing to inform you that the Store and Æccess Only sections of will be undergoing extended maintenance starting on Monday, November 11. We expect these areas of the site to be back in action before the end of the year.
Upon return, all active Æccess subscribers will have their subscriptions credited with an additional three months of time in order to account for any inconvenience caused by this interruption. We thank all in advance for your understanding.
The Team"

Here's hoping there is finally some good news......

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just A Little Of The White Stuff!!!!

Sun breaking through the clouds on the first walk

The snow disappearing before our eyes.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Well We Turned Up...

... but the German judge didn't!!!!
Naked Nico in the ring
Asha - 2nd in her class with "Starr 1st and Ice 3rd
 As soon as I heard who the replacement judge was going to be I knew the result would be pretty different to what we had originally expected. Considering all, including the mist, I guess it went well. Nico looked pretty rough and with hindsight maybe he should have stayed in the van. Ah well we live and learn!
Asha looked and moved fantastically, but she was not to the judge's taste and was second in her class. I'm the first to be critical of my dogs, but as I say on the day she looked and performed amazingly, and despite the rather predictable result I was so proud of her!

Saturday, 16 November 2013


With tomorrows show looming and Nico looking awful I was really grabbing at straws when I decided to bath him. It's not something I do often as I worry about it damaging the coats natural protection, but there was no way I could take him looking the way he was. Anything was worth a go and I did do the same with a young Louis when he'd chucked all his coat before a champ show. In the 14 months since Nico has been here he's never looked this rough, I wonder if it's a very late junior moult? Whatever, well it's done, and he's had a blow dry, we'll see what he looks like in the morning.
Actually I guess it's sods law, I have been looking forward to tomorrow as we have a German judge, and rightly or wrongly sometimes their opinions mean more!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Too Blustery

Today was not the kind of day to spend admiring the view, I simply pulled my hood up and marched up the mountain looking at the floor. I occasionally glanced up, did a quick head count and continued on my labour of love. I was glad I went early, the rain and hail came later, well it did in Porthmadog anyway. So here's few more photos from yesterday to remind me just how beautiful it really is up here.
Never quite sure which of these mountains is which..
would love to know!
Tali admiring the view on the way home
 Finlay - I wonder if that is Elephant Mountain?
Jezi on her way back
 So much space, so much freedom

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Walking in Fron

I've lived up here for 18 years and still some days it manages to take my breath away. I must admit some days I just walk, I don't really look around me and appreciate what I've got; but today was different. Today I pushed myself further up hill and gazed in amazement at the beauty of this special place. It was sunny but breezy, the dogs were full of fun and I took the greatest of pleasure in watching them enjoying their freedom. They are so lucky, I'm so lucky to be here. Though the Winters can be harsh, it's well worth the extra struggle... and anyway, I love the snow! (it's just that bloody wind that scares me!!!) This may not be the ideal place to live out my life; I can't imagine that if I'm lucky enough to get to my 80ies that will be a suitable place to live, but for now day to day I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be or anyone I'd sooner be with!
Asha and Mikey - look at that View

Ziva and Tali with "our" lake behind them

Finlay Posing with the Nantlle Ridge behind him

Jezi coming back full pelt, Nico thinking about it!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rhyl C.S

Great day, lots of fun with a bunch of great friends.
Just what the doctor ordered!!
 Jezi looking so bored,
must admit I'm thinking we may give up on her show career
Asha won Open but was beaten to BOB by beautiful Bolt.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

No Bonking At Blanik!!!

Well not this week anyway! I have to confess I'm a little disappointed but there you go, that's life. Tasha came up to see Nico on Thursday and again today, she was extremely playful, loved the attention but would not stand for him at all. Her owner had commented that he felt she was having a very different season to normal, there was not much blood and he said she wasn't really very swollen. On further investigation I had to agree, I don't think that she would be physically able to take the dog. So sad for her owners, lovely people who clearly adore their bitch and want it so badly. I was pleased to hear that they have set their hearts on a Nico baby and will be back next time!!!
The other bitch was not receptive in any way. Though she was obviously physically ready, mentally she was not and lunged aggressively at Mikey every time he went near her. With the owner not wanting to muzzle the bitch I had to say no, I will not allow my boys to be bitten like Dexi was. It was her choice and I respect it totally, but Mikey is my priority and for me I'm sorry but it's just not worth it!
Anyway maybe it's fate, maybe there will be good news soon and maybe both these "ladies" can come back at a time that's more suitable for everyone!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Freshfields Calendars

The Manager of the sanctuary in Liverpool regularly asks me for photos of the animals for calendars and Xmas cards. I'm proud to have my photos of "our" animals in Freshfields Wales included in any publications. I also often send photos of Finlay and my own cats and they have previously been included in notelets and Xmas cards. Among the photos I sent this years was a photo of Jamie in the buttercups, Billy and a headshot of Isla. I was very proud to see Jamie was the main shot for one month and that small  photos of the other two are also included.
But what I didn't expect, and what I must admit took me aback is the photo of Riley on the front cover. I must have sent it late last year, too late for another publication and it had been stored on their files. They were not too know. Yeah, mixed emotions, he was so beautiful and I loved him so much. It's just not easy to get over him, It was so hard to loose him so young.


My beautiful Girls
Ziva and
Aren't they just beautiful

Thursday, 7 November 2013

What no rain?

What a beautiful day to go walking ...
 Jezi, Finlay and Nico
 Tali, Asha, Mikey and Ziva
Had to share this...
Tali having a moment!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Thanks For Asking ...

...Isla seems better.
"What?" I hear you mutter, "I didn't know she was ill!"
 No, sorry, there was really a lot to say last week but I just couldn't be arsed to write! I'm still hurting inside and finding it hard to move on, but hell that's another story and not really one suitable for this blog!
At the beginning of the week Isla left a meal, the first since she's been here; that was the beginning of it, she then took to her bed and stayed there for days and days. She was lethargic, almost limp, but her colour was OK and her eyes seemed bright. But considering what we went through with Riley I was honestly really quite worried. Isla did get up for her meals and then went straight back to bed; she didn't go out, she didn't come into the kitchen to play or into living room and she didn't come near me. (Normally Isla can be a bit of a pain with me, she clings around my neck, she's honestly like Velcro and I just can't get her off.)
With no improvement I decided to take her to Cibyn to see Jill. After a thorough examination, Jill reported that she couldn't find anything wrong with her other than a slightly rise in temperature, but she obviously took on board our comments and said such a distinct change in behaviour is always cause for concern. She offered to either do bloods that day, or leave her till Monday and hope for improvement before re assessing whether to do blood tests, or not. Because she'd had such a thorough examination we both agreed to wait till Monday .. well actually that was yesterday!
Thank God, she's getting there. We have no idea what was going on with her but as I said she must have done nothing but sleep for 5 days. She's now up and about and pestering me, but she's still not playing like she was. We discussed it with the vet and decided to cancelled the blood tests for the time being and hope for continued improvement.
Anyway, I did text a handful of people and told them our concerns re Isla's health, I also posted on Facebook. Thanks again to the people who showed the continued support, if not for me then for the animals, in this case Isla. If you didn't know, oops ... sorry, my fault but I just wasn't in the frame of mind to write! Note to self .. must try harder!!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Wife For The Boys???

About a year ago I had a call from a local gentleman who wanted to use one of our males at stud. He'd never bred a litter before and on enquiring further I discovered the bitch was far too young and not health tested. I explained this to the owner and told him that no responsible stud dog owner would allow him to use their dog on such a young female that wasn't even health tested. I was hoping he'd taken it on board and told him should he choose to health test and breed from his bitch to contact me in a year or so.
Well what a pleasant surprise it was when he called back a couple of weeks ago, the bitch now of an acceptable age was health tested too! It does restore your faith when for the good of the animals and the breed in general that people are willing to listen. Last week the owners popped up to meet Nico with "Tasha" and all her paperwork. Tasha is a big girl and has an interesting pedigree of mainly working lines, with only her paternal grandfather being of familiar show lines. Her character was super and she lives with cats and children...a great start I think. Due to Nico having a little more "experience" than Mikey I felt he was the obvious choice for Tasha.
This morning I received and e.mail from a lady with a 14 month old GSD. She wants to breed from her in Jan/Feb, but she is neither health tested nor registered. She asked if I would allow her to use Nico? I'm sorry that goes against the grain for me and I have replied explaining that  "Nico is only available at stud to health tested bitches with K.C registration." And that "I'm sure you know your bitch is still too young to carry a litter and as recommended by the K.C needs to be at least 2 years of age." I don't think I'm being out of line, but it goes against my principals. The bitch may be lovely, but no registration, no health tests and at that age, my she's just a baby herself! Here's hoping this lady will be as sensible and not use the unregistered, "un-health" checked dog down the road just so she can make a quick buck selling puppies!
Anyway, I'd been home from work a short time when I had another call. A lady has a bitch in season, the breeder had told her to look at my website and then contact me. I explained that Nico already has a bitch booked in the same days, and though her pedigree was more to my taste I could not go back on my word to the first people ... Anyway I was wrong to presume,  she explained that it was Mikey she was interested in! I have been honest, I've told her that Mikey is unproven but that did not worry her and she's coming to meet him next week!
If both bitches were to conceive then obviously I would love to see the puppies ... and yeah, my God I'd be tempted to have a Mikey Mikey baby!