Monday, 16 July 2007

Seffe 10/1/96 - 15/7/07

Born to my first litter, I have to be honest; Seffe was not the puppy I’d set my heart on. Aria her litter sister had always filled my eyes with expectations, I’d even called Aria by the name Seffe for a few days. But that was not to be, now that pain is buried well in the past where it should be, and I shared eleven and a half years of love and pleasure with MY darling Seffe.
Today I feel cheated of those last precious moments in her life. I feel that I never got to say that last goodbye. But how was I to know that when I popped into the village she would be gone when I came home? Thirty minutes, that’s all it took, and in that time she was stolen from me. Seffe was 11 and half years old, and hadn’t even been ill, she seemed so healthy. I was prepared for Dexi’s death, he'd been ill on and off for the last 3 months, but Seffe was so well, so happy......... Even yesterday, when I called her in to the bedroom before we went out she was barking at the neighbours.
Now I can only think of last Saturday (7.7.07) and how on top form she was at a dog show. Going round scrounging for a tit-bit and flirting with a 2 yr old German Shepherd male, and then winning the non-sporting class with boundless energy. Now my darling Seffe has gone and my heart is breaking. You see Dexi was the "star" here, the big winner, but she was my mate, my best friend, the one I could always trust to be by my side.
She was always funny; and along with her selective deafness she’d got funnier as she’d got older. I guess she must have felt that things “didn’t always apply” to her. She didn’t feel she had to go out with everyone else. She’d just stare at me so defiantly, and of course nine times out of ten, I’d just say, “If you don’t want to go that’s fine.” Making the excuse to myself of, “well she’s old now isn’t she,” for about the last 2 yrs I suppose.
Sometimes she treated Steve with contempt, other times with tolerance only. But I can only believe that they understood each other as he always said, “She’s not a bit of trouble when you’re not around.” But she was here first and my god did she remind him of that on a regular basis. If he cuddled her, she’d move away, if he tried to get her out of the bedroom in the morning she’d climb onto our bed and cuddle into me or simply stare at him defiantly. She also refused to go for walks with him, turning back half way across the field to come back to me. Strange little dog would give up her walk if I couldn’t go, now there’s love for you.
Seffe wasn’t really the best mum in the world; though she loved her litter of 5 pups for a few weeks she quickly got bored and allowed her own mum Nikki to take over rearing the hooligans. Good thing really as without Nikki I think the over intelligent Krizzie, Seffe’s daughter, would have got completely out of hand. After her litter Seffe was spayed, problem was nobody told her. Seffe continued to be a right flirt and I remember so well her falling in love (or lust) with a Hungarian Viszla at Ruthin show. She stood by the ring as the dog was being shown almost whimpering and bouncing around with excitement. It took me a while to figure out what she was getting so wound up about. The guy bought the dog over to meet her and she was ecstatic, I never saw her react to another dog that way before or after that day.
The last couple of years Seffe had a great time in her veteran classes. Though she got bored standing still she loved to move around the ring and as some will no doubt know what she loved even more was the applause. It was ALWAYS for her, it just made her jump with joy. So proud I’d felt only last week as the judge commented on her fitness and condition. Lets face it, it really is rare to see an eleven year old GSD in the ring, let alone one who still moved with enthusiasm and drive. Seffe was not a big show winner or a well known brood bitch. Seffe was my special friend, my comfort blanket, my charming, funny little friend, my shadow. It will take a long time for these wounds to heal, but one thing is for sure the world has been a better place and my life has been richer for having known Seffe. I only wish I’d had the pleasure of living with her a little bit longer. Good night Seffe. You have been loved.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

25 LIVE....Stadium tour

As the silver escort touched 85mph on the M56 I took my foot off the accelerator and I remember thinking, “Oh my God all I needed now is a speeding ticket .” The “go-faster” tracks of “Upper” really hadn’t help but still I was getting closer to Swinton, which in turn got me close to Manchester, and then to my destination……the wonderful world of George land.
The drizzly rain had eased for a while but as I stood Outside Maccies waiting for Kim the breeze was strong and I just knew my wayward hair would curl even more. Still nothing could dampen my enthusiasm, I was going to see George. For the 3 times in 7 month I was seeing George. My head was in the clouds, nothing, no nothing could bring me down from this high. Finally all that Waiting was nearly at an end; soon I would be completely under the spell of “the other man” in my life,……again!
Kim and I both shrieked like a couple of school kids when we saw each other; after all, though there had been many phone calls and hundreds of texts it had been 7 months since we last saw each other. Gemma, Kim’s lovely daughter smiled enthusiastically though I wondered how she felt in the company of two middle aged obsessive Georgie fans?
There was a good hour of nattering before a far too short meet-up with Rhona or Georgia, as she’s known to those of us in the “George world.” Cars and Trains eh Rhona….or was it more a case of no bloody trams!!!
Ange and Geri waited quietly under the “spiky thing” for us to join them. A couple of shy ladies they where a little nervous of going in alone……Ok, Ok truth is there a couple of big gobs and I had their tickets!!! (Don’t hurt me girls…only joking!) It was bloody great to see them again though and the five of us where high as kites. We where bubbly, giggly, and to be honest we behaved like a bunch of teenagers who been let out after being grounded for 6 months.
The venue, Manchester City Stadium wasn’t as huge as I’d expected. Now don’t laugh, I’d never been to a football stadium before and my view of the stage was far better than I’d expected. Sophie Ellis Bexter was first on stage, her green dress resembling a Viscount biscuit. She did her best to get us going, but let’s be honest here, I wasn’t there to see her and neither where the other 65,000 people. We where there to see George Michael and we all kept our enthusiasm and energy for when OUR MAN walked out on stage.
The uproar of so many people is quite some sound and the emotion I felt as The Greek God came out on stage was overpowering. I screamed his name as loud as I could and then just cheered and screamed like a banshee. I turned and smiled at Kim, words where not necessary. I knew that I was in good company, she, like most of the people around me knew exactly what was going through my mind, for they surely felt it too. In this place there was no need to try and explain myself, in this place I was with like-minded people who understood and would never belittle me for the love I now felt.
“Fastlove” exploded, we danced and screamed as Yog hit every note and danced his socks off. The rain that drenched him just made him sexier and did nothing to dampen my spirits. He smiled, giggled and chatted and I hung on to his every word.
By the time we got to “Father Figure” I could feel myself starting to blubber. Uncontrollably but silently the tears started to flow down my checks. Momentarily I worried about the black eyeliner that was probably half was down my face by now, but there was nothing I could do to stop the tears. Through out this song I stared at the large screen, never once looking away from my “Idol.” My god what does this man have over me? Why does he make me feel like this?
“Everything she wants” got me dancing again and I took my eyes off the screen and watched the perfect figure of the man dancing around the stage. I remember George saying in early 06 that this would be a different tour to those earlier in his life…he wouldn’t be shaking his bum these days….Yog you lied, and my god you still shake it so well!!!!
“Praying For Time” had the tears flowing again, why did he do this? Why did he take me right up and then play with my emotions by singing an emotional Ballard? Now he was touching me again somewhere deep in my soul, these are songs that have been of great comfort to me in my lower moments, songs that really do mean something.
One of my favourites “Star People” had my screaming his name and that led to the hilarious but controversial “Shoot The Dog.” Now we can laugh at it but how worrying it is to know that this “Pop Star” actually saw things clearer than the politicians and indeed the Prime Minister!!!
The 20mins break actually brought sadness, we where half way through. Would I ever feel this way again? Would I ever get to feel these emotions again? I have to believe that one day I will, for my future sanity I have to believe……..
Suddenly he’s back on stage, OMG what is he wearing? George dressed as an American police Office for “Outside”…..OMG…...yeah that really does it for me.(mind you George dresses as Coco the clown would probably “do it” for me. )
“Spinning the Wheel” and he has us all waving our arms in the air, the thought crosses my mind that this reminded me ever so slightly of playing “Simon says” at school. Yes George, Of course George, ANYTHING you say George. “Flawless” another favourite “Causes your beautiful, like no other.”
“Amazing,” for darling Kenny, the man he loves. Lucky git, luckiest man alive I think. (Helen please take him home!) And yeah, I sang it too…. nanana nanana .Magic ,pure magic.
“The Edge of Heaven” was a treat as I’d never heard him perform it live before, “Careless Whisper”- perfection. He left us briefly coming back onto the stage for one last time for “Freedom 90” …..WOW. As fantastic and affective as the day it was written. “You’ve got to give for what you take.”
George darling you’ve done it again, left my emotions in tatters. Left me needing more, left me more obsessed than I’ve ever been, but left me knowing and understanding why to me you are so special. Not an hour of any waking moment goes past without a thought of you and what you’ve given me. Thank you George for being there when I need a friend, a shoulder to cry on or a little piece of sanity. You’re my inspiration at happy times and my comfort at lower moment. I never need to drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine, not when I’ve got you to turn too. Till the next time we spend an evening together George, Thank you….and I’ll be “Waiting”

I must also mention my lovely friends on GMFORUMS. I feel such a bond with you, an understanding that needs no explaining….truly my dearest friends….from the bottom of my heart, I also thank you.

Dexi 10/1/96- 24/6/07

Written on the 25/6/o7

We have just lost our lovely Blanik Alliance, or Dexi as he was known to all who loved him.
From the first litter I had bred,He was a very special boy, his show ring achievements alone where a credit to him. He gained 1 CC, 3 RCC and was graded V at all his adult breed/ championship shows. Dexi was joint 3rd top sire in 1999 and 10th top winning GSD male in 2000. He was also Breed survey class 1 and sire of top winning puppy Nordau Krystal.
All that said and done it really is only the icing on the cake isn't it. First and foremost Dexi was our pet, he was a large, funny, clumsy, affectionate dog. He slept in the bedroom and over the last few years was more likely to be found snoring on the sofa than exercising in the fields.(though to be honest he always was a couch potato) But even as recent as last Thursday Dexi had a run around the bottom field when my friend had called up with her dog Lia. (Some of you will remember B. Billi-Lee)That day he was bubbly, cocky and full of himself. Really it was 9pm last night before the alarm bells started ringing again. He had been sick and was breathing strangely. Long story short.... By 11pm we where at the vets and having to make that dread-full decision. Great for him but Steve and I are gutted.
The small puppy didn't really stand out in the litter. I guess, being the greedy one, till he was 6wks he was just a little fat blob. But I remember when I then saw something in him and that "something" then stayed forever. We had several enquires for Dexi, when he was around 2 yrs we where offered £4,000 for him. No I'm not boasting, We would NEVER have sold OUR dog but we where gutted to be told by a top breeder that if he'd been owned by a top kennel like his own, he would have been a champion before he was 3 yrs old. Sadly this is possibly true!
The heavens opened this morning, the rain has never stopped. But dear Steve still had to dig a hole in the front garden, and Dexi now lies with his mother and his uncle Blade.
Nos Da "Blanik Alliance." and Thank you for every thing you gave us. You Have been Loved