Saturday, 29 October 2016

Lovely Time Out

When I set off in the mist and drizzle I never expected to enjoy my walks so much. It was such a wonderful morning to be out, not a breath of wind, and quite mild. The Autumn colours where breath taking and the unsettled mist gave it such a magical feeling.
So down to my favourite place - Llyn Ffynhonnau 
There's only one thing better than a walk with a GSD ... a walk with a pack of GSD's. I have to giggle as I look at this photo ... so how many said Loki's head would not be masculine?
My lovebirds - always happy together
Poor Sammi had to cope with a whiz around the field, but at least she get's a break. 
The pups are now settled with a David Bowie CD on to add a bit of early culture to their young lives. Their first meal is in soak for later today .. be it only a grain or two each, well we have to try and start somewhere don't we. 

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Lin said...

Stunning pics am I jealous in a word yes !!!!!