Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mikey Mikey - Best In Bloody Show!!!

Excuse the profanities ... just excited!!!
Vale Of Clwyd C.S
More news Tomorrow!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Stevie Says NO ... Again!!!!

Very few of you will have heard of a little black kitten called "Stevie Says No!" He came into work last Summer, he was a tiny plain little black kitten that I knew would struggle to get a home. Though he had a larger than life personality, he was black, small and didn't stand out in the crowd. I was desperate to bring him home but "Stevie says No!" Sadly a year on and the little fellow, who I've now christened Junior, (Actually Jamie Junior) is still there and still not standing out from the crowd! Now I know that he's too old to interact into my family but I pray his forever home will come very soon.
So Cute
Well I'd like to introduce "Steve Says No" mark 2. He's tiny, scared and neglected. His little body hardly covered with flesh, with each bone sticking out he's really not nice to cuddle, but cuddle him I will! The little fella is easily the smallest of 12 kitten bought in by a local farmer who had 4 unneutered female cats. Sometimes I despair!!!
Will this little man come to Fron? I'm working on him but at the moment It's a firm "Stevie Says NO!"

Please ... Read and Listen

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

White Light - First Promo Pictures

"I am back.....I am back.....prouder than ever baby......louder than ever maybe.."
George Michael, "White Light"

Monday, 25 June 2012

Thinking About Thinking

Jezi has now been to 5 shows, and give or take a few jitters from both of us at the first one, she hasn't put a foot wrong either in or out of the ring. Yet when I take her to the hall for Ring Craft training she behaves so badly. She growls and barks at other dogs and generally behaves in a scatty manner. So what do I do for the best?  I could carry on taking her there to get use to the hall, but I fear the risk of her going backwards is too great for me; I feel I should just forget formal ring craft training and carry on with the training by attending as many companion shows as possible. I think the latter appeals to me more and I think at the moment it's a more sensible plan of action.
Then there's Ziva, she seems to like the hall but still has issues with being gone over. Saturday proved the point that anyone can do anything to her when she's not in a show stance. When she's stood up unpleasant memories seem to come flooding back! On saying that, last weeks shows were a great success as far as her behaviour in the ring is concerned, and her attitude on Saturday was just great! She actually seemed to have a good time in and out of the ring.
I think I will take Ziva back to dog club, at least the once to see how she gets on. If she's not a happy bunny then we'll forget it all and just do the teaching at the shows.
Funny, this time last year Asha had just been mated and the nail biting wait for the "H" litter was on, Now my brain is planing the future and the "Blanik I" litter who will surely arrive someday in the next year or two. Hip scores first this Summer and then decisions decisions !

Happy Birthday Darlin

Sunday, 24 June 2012

I Remember You ...

Blanik Alliance
"Sexy Dexi"
10.1.96 - 24.6.07
When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of them all
Then I will tell them I remember you

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mixed Feelings

I was having a lovely day at the BMD welfare companion show. Ziva had won Junior and seemed to really be enjoy her day. Jezi, though unplaced in Puppy hadn't put a foot wrong and Finlay had won Best Rescue. Finlay and I were waiting for his turn in the veteran class and chatting away to another exhibitor when she piped up, "you've been the butt of the joke between me and my mate for showing that male ... because you hate whites and long coats don't you!"
Apparently (and she told me this) "her" and her mate have had a damn good laugh because I supported and got BIS at The White and Long coat Rally with Finlay, and I'm a hypocrite because I have always said I HATE WHITES!
I have NEVER said I hate whites or Long coats, I love long coats but I'm just too lazy to look after the coat. Yeah it's no secret, I'm not a huge fan of whites/non standard colours but I love MY dog and were rescue is concerned colour simply doesn't come into it. Finlay is part of my family and I WILL take him to companion shows and rally's, he deserves his days out too!!
Yes I am pissed off with her, but having know her for almost 25 years I expect nothing better from her or her friend!
Anyway getting a 1st in the veteran class with Finlay and her being unplaced gave me satisfaction beyond compare!!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Mr Amazing

Today Louis went for his health check and Vit B12 injection. Following black diarrhea on Wednesday I felt it was important he saw Gill Hubbard. As most of you know I have more faith in her than any of the other vets.
His weight was still a disappointing 28kg, but at least he's maintaining it I guess.
There's nothing really to report, everything is much the same other than he has been given some Zitac as the black dirrahea was caused by a bleed in the intestine, these pills should hopefully help the digestive track cope with the food. He's back onto the Oxycare to give his system a break from the metronidazole and we are continuing with the preds. (Steroids) He's lively, bubbly and funny but painfully thin...but yeah as long as he's feeling Ok I can live with that!
One thing I did do was tell Gill about Mikhael's comment re-knowing when it was time to let go. Gill assured me that she feel Louis is no were near that yet and she like us is happy to plod on.
Anyway LOVE this piccie of Mr Amazing taken yesterday at Cwn Dulyn, his thick coat hiding a multitude of sins, but his eyes are bright and so full of love for his life. Hope you like the piccie too.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Oldies Walk

Strange Baby
Don't you think i'm looking older?
But something good has happened to me
Change is a stranger
Who never seems to show

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Jezi - showing off her rosettes
Today I'm officially pooped! All I can say is thank god Jezi didn't get Group 1, it would have killed me to go back today, but she was only 2 dogs away from that honor.
Ziva did very well yesterday, but I think the breed judges approach and confidence helped her tremendously. I'm still not sure whether to give up on the idea of showing her, she's so lovely but at the moment she just doesn't seem to be enjoying it. The dog I see in the show ring is not the dog i know!
Which leads me nicely onto Mikey Mikey. I was truly embarrassed by his behaviour in and out of the ring yesterday. Excuse my language but he behaved uncharacteristically like an arse!! After showing the girls I went back to the van to get him. He had been left in the side cage as it's bigger. Not only had the thrown his water bowl but he'd dragged 2 full 4pt bottles of water and a big roll of kitchen paper into his section and had shredded the lot. The pen was not only flooded but also looked like there had been a snow storm. I can only think that he'd had a temper tantrum at being left alone whilst the girls were in the ring, anyway without doubt he will be travelling in the back cage next time!
Jezi in the Puppy Pastoral group
His behaviour in the ring did not improve either. He was on his toes the whole time, screaming, pulling and leaping around like an idiot! Twice he almost pulled me out of the ring under the rope. And his problem was? He wanted to be with the girls! So the plan of action for the next show on the 30th is they go well out of the way before he goes in the ring!
What a dog...don't you just love him? Yeah!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cheshire Counties

It wasn't a successful day for Ziva or the badly behaved Mikey today ..
But Ziva did seem a little more settled in the ring.
Jezi, on the other hand had another great days showing.
Best Puppy In Breed and Pastoral Puppy Group 3
Photos with the Group Judge Mr G. Hill
Jezi - "Is this Ok then?"


Hi everyone. On the 29th of June this year it will be 30 years to the day that "Wham Rap", my first single, written with Andrew Ridgeley (on an afternoon that the two of us should have been at school!), entered the British charts. To celebrate and commemorate those 30 wonderful years I am releasing my most recent song, "White Light", to radio on the exact anniversary of that chart date.
Although I know the music industry tradition on such occasions is to list the hundreds of millions of albums sold, the number of records broken and awards received over all those years, I would simply like to say thank you.
Most of my fans realise that I dreamed of a career as a singer/songwriter from an early age, but never in my wildest imaginings could I have known that I would still be here thirty years later, healthy, happy, and feeling that I still have so much more music to give. It is miraculous in so many ways. Fate has been so kind to me, as have the millions of people that that have bought records and come to see me play year after year since 1982.
I am truly blessed, and "White Light" is my thank you to everybody who has been a part of my success. And I mean everybody, including the press!! Long may it continue.
All my love,
George Michael xxx

George will hit the road again on September 4 as Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour resumes in Austria. He is currently writing and producing a brand new studio album, scheduled for release in autumn! It will be George's first new album since his 10 million plus selling No.1 record Patience eight years ago.
Written, arranged and produced by George Michael, "White Light" will be available on Aegean Records through Island/Universal on August 12, 2012.
White Light Track Listing:

Monday, 18 June 2012

Girls in Stance .... Again!!!

 Ziva - I think I prefer this photo to the one we got last week.
Jezi - Bit undecided here -
her front looks better in this photo, but sadly her head is turned slightly away.
But there is also this one of Jezi Baba

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Wet Days

 Ziva - What Do You Mean I Need A Towel?
 Jezi - I'll Just Dry Off On Here
Ziva and Jezi
Ziva - I Love The Dog you Are.
Jezi - I Love The Dog You've become

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pensioners Party

Louis, Finlay and Kiri
Don't you just love the oldies!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

10 months Old


Sorry about the grass in the stance photos
 .... the photographer didn't notice it!!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Messing About On The Mountain

This must be what it's all about!
Loving the wet mountain
The girls
Ziva, Mikey, Asha, Tali and Jezi

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Making The Right Decision

Beautiful Puppy Danni
It's been a hard few months. Our love for Danni was unconditional and we have both been heartbroken to loose her. As a Tinie T she was always a bit of a favourite with both of us. I can honestly say I'd never seen such a pretty puppy in a Blanik whelping box, but her nature sold her to us even more! Danni was such a sweet baby, a real cuddle bum who loved everyone. When the right home didn't come for her we both hoped she could stay... but sadly and sensibly it was not to be!
As babies Ziva and Danni filled my eyes with expectations, Jezi on the other hand never caught my eye, well not for the right reasons anyway! (She was the one who managed to get out of the whelping box at 2 weeks and a day old ... I should have sensed trouble then!!!) I don't mean to be harsh, but Jezi was a very plain puppy who just kind of blended in. But then one day at around 6-7 weeks of age I "Saw" her, and saw her mother in her. With my decision made to keep Ziva, Jezi became my second pick and Danni was my third. A spanner was thrown in the works when at 8 weeks the owner of the sire of litter paid a visit and preferred Danni to Jezi. But after some thought I decided to stick to my guns and keep Ziva and Jezi as in my opinion they had the most show potential.
But it was not an easy ride and Jezi made it very hard for us to love her. She had total respect for the adults within the family but her aggression towards her sisters was a nightmare. She was aloof with us and went through a very strange fear period at around 5-8 months old were she was nervous of visitors and barked nervously at everyone she met. As the situation came to a head surprisingly a home was offered for Danni.  Finally nice people, someone we felt we could trust with our precious baby. Danni was off to Derby.


Was it the right decision? As hard as it was at the time it was without doubt the best decision for all concerned. Danni is spoilt rotten, again she's the apple of someones eye and rightly so! And Jezi? Well she's like a different dog. We've had no trouble with her at all since the day Danni left, she's almost had a personality transplant. She's now full of fun, affectionate and at times even cuddly! Without doubt, like grandparents Tali and Kai, Jezi is a very very intelligent individual. I see a lot of both in her expressions and behaviour. She doesn't simply obey, she questions it and considers what would benefit her in the situation? Ziva on the other hand is a lot more like Louis, goofy, affectionate and desperate to please. Both are such individuals in looks and character, but they always say don't they that it's the clever ones who give you the most trouble. Without doubt, Ziva has been easy to love but Jezi has made me work for it!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Who Built Us A New Lake Then?

Nothing To say .... Enjoy!

He's The Man!

Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

Organisers have secured some of the best British acts for the August 12 event including The Who and Take That

Also on the bill: George Michael will make his comeback performance on August 12
The 48-year-old star's appearance will be his first since he fell ill with pneumonia last year.

'George is a global icon and this will be a major comeback,' organisers said. 'The gig will be a fitting Olympics send-off
Now all I have to do is hope the press are telling the truth this time!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Few Photo From Our "Lake Walks" Yesterday

I took Tali, Mikey, Asha, Ziva and Jezi to Llyn Ffynhonnau
And Finlay, Louis and Kiri to Cwm Dulyn
It was the first time I'd been to Cwm Dulyn since loosing Kai ...
I pray he was there with me!
 Ziva, Asha and Mikey
 Jezi Baba
Kiri and Louis

Little Danni

Lovely to see Danni looking happy and relaxed and enjoying her new life in Derby.
Linda says "Danni has settled in nicely now we all get lovely hello's and welcomes and attention."
Can't deny it, I shed a few tears...

Monday, 4 June 2012


Last night during our phone call Gary suggested I should learn to feed Louis with my head and not my heart. He advised me to feed him on the GSD food and boiled water only. Louis loves his biscuits at bed time but apparently the wheat kernels are not removed from biscuits they are simply crushed into them. Gary advices keeping him off anything that contain wheat kernels. Gary also feels that the campylobacter has done damage to the lining of the gut and he now has a digestive track similar to a new born puppy, therefore no tinned meat either. In fairness he has only confirmed everything that Gill Hubbard has already told me. But here comes my problem...
Louis is a fussy little shit and always has been. Last night I did as Gary suggested and put some kibble in his crate for him instead of a biscuit at bed time. I think the photo is self explanatory ... Louis was not a happy bunny!
This morning as advised I warmed the food slightly in the microwave ... Louis showed no interest in it. "No meat, no eat." So here is the predicament; Louis needs his pils, but they are to be taken with food and he refuses to eat the kibble alone. The meat is probably not helping his digestive track to heal but without it he will not eat... so what do I do? Give in...that's what I did. I added a spoonful or two to his food and he gulped it down, medication and all! Here's hoping it was the right thing to do!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Thanks to Gary for taking the time to write and phone me tonight. He seems to be confirming my theory that Louis' gut has been damaged by the campylobacter.
"There are many possibilities, it could be an intolerance, allergy. It could also be that since his campylobacter it made the lining of his stomach sensitive resulting in poor absorption and digestion, effectively the bacterial growth in his colon seems to be doing very well, not so good for him. Effectively the nutrients aren't being assimilated by the small intestine resulting in them passing to the colon where the bad bacteria will proliferate, especially doing well from these nutrients. What's needed is for the intestinal flora (lining) to build up again, easier said than done as it is so fragile that the slightest thing will upset it. We sometime recommend either an exclusion diet like RC sensitivity control than it most cases settle things down, in the worst cases we find that RC hypoallergenic works, these are prescription diets and are expensive but certainly worth it. The fact that he did well on GSD 24 points me in that direction."