Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Better Day Ahead I Hope

Little Jimmy is up and about, he's had breakfast and been out - though he's currently on my lap being annoying. I'm convinced the lump is smaller and maybe softer but if it's still there tomorrow then we'll get him over to one of the vets and see what's going on! I can't help but think that there is a smell to his breath, no idea what that could be though he is teething. Maybe the lump is a bite or sting, but Steve, who's pretty good at these things thinks it's a swollen gland.
Sammi seems to be more comfortable. I'm convinced she looks a little less sore, so hoping by Tuesday morning that it will be obviously improved and we don't need to take her back to the vets. The best plan would be not to look at it for maybe another 24 hrs, but to clean it 4 times a day I have to look!
Sadly today there is no bright sunshine and a definite feel that Winter is on the way .. still no rain yet so hopefully we can all get out in the dry in an hour or so.

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Lin said...

Glad Sammi and Jimmy are a bit better and told you no rain for a week !!!!!!