Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Today's Going's On!!!

This morning our Tia accidentally got locked in the kitchen. She got up on top of the wall unit, got a packet of crisps down, opened it and ate half of it! Salt 'n' shake, so without the salt! It was my fault really, I went to work and shut her in there, though there is no doubt miss devious would have been well hidden! We don't really allow animals in the kitchen, unless we are in there with them, we've "lost" too much stuff in the past to trust again.  Ah well Steve's crisps so no harm done ..hehe
Out of the goodness of my heart (ho hmm) I decided to send photos of Sammi and Loki to the birthday girl. So tonight I got a call, as ever she had no interest in Sammi, well she's always said she doesn't like bitches, and I'm really passed the stage where it hurts and I care! As ever she "LOVED" Loki, she always loves the boys .. but there is always a criticism, sadly not a constructive one! (what did i expect?) He's not perfect, god knows I'm his worse critic, (as I am with all of them - and have the right to be) but she feels his head is not masculine? WHAT? OMG - In my humble opinion, for his age he has a beautiful masculine head with a soft kind expression. Oh don't worry, I'll take no notice, I've known her too long for it to matter. Of course some opinions do matter, but at the end of the day my opinion is paramount here!

Monday, 30 March 2015

If You Go Down To The Woods Today ..

.. Make sure you've got your wellies and your camera!!!! 
I had neither, so dirty boots and phone photos but 2 happy puppies! 

I love this place, it's special to me. A stone's throw from where I was brought up, I just wish I could visit more often. It's not a long walk but great for somewhere different to go, no doubt I'll be back to see the bluebells! 

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Asha has promoted herself to recycling manager

Why do cat bowls and cutlery always fall on the floor when Ziva's in the room?

Why does Nico's bedding explode into tiny little pieces?

Doors close in Finlay's face! 

Mikey's toy just fell in the mud and sank! 

There must be someone there, otherwise Jezi wouldn't be barking! 

Sammi's toy was poor quality, it just broke! 

Tali must be going deaf, otherwise she'd listen to me, yeah? 

Loki got pushed over the fence into Steve's garden! 

No one ate poo, it's just our imagination!! 

Friday, 27 March 2015

No Real Conclusion

Today we were hoping for answers, but again we find ourselves waiting. It's 28 + days since Milli was mated to Nico, and after last time's sad events I went with her owner to have her scanned early. It felt a little deja vous really; only 2 puppies could be seen on the scan. Though to be fair she has been offered another free scan in 7 days which may come up with a different conclusion. So yeah, worse case scenario, with the risk of re-absorption at this age she get's nothing, and looking on the bright side, she's hiding another couple in the rib cage. Of course we would all settle for 2 health, happy puppies, but the risks during birth are always greater for bitch and pups with such a small litter.
So why does she seem to be producing small litters? God knows! For some reason this young bitch seems to have only a few eggs to fertilise...and I'm pretty damn sure we got the timing right this time. She was ready and willing and we had a text book mating, I know that's not a sign of guaranteed success ... but we were so hopeful. Still all is not lost, wait and see and hope that the two little ones who we know are there today continue to thrive and grow .. and here's hoping for at least another two to help them on the way ....

And Whilst I'm In One ...

Look what the Chinese are doing to our beautiful breed! Look through the whole website
Nothing I can say except, why?

Just My Opinion

This is nothing to do with GSD's or really George, though George has been the butt of this guy's homophobic jokes in the past - but gave it back "With bells on," on twitter, as he would! There can't be many more pleased as I am to see the back of Jeremy Clarkson. What is there to like about a racist, homophobic, bigoted man who kills animals for pleasure? I'm sorry I see nothing! I consider myself to be pretty open minded, I like people, and I have no issue with people expressing their individuality. There are only a handful of celebrities that I can honestly say I don't like, Jimmy Carr, Thingy Lemon (can't remember his name - but the blonde haired idiot) and for the reasons mentioned above, Jeremy Clarkson.
For me it was all too simple, if I punched someone at work it would be instant dismissal. Why was it not the same for him? Why was it ever considered? Oh yeah money! But the man has proved numerous times that he is a bully and there should be no room for bully's in today's society ... end of!
There will be no photos of Clarkson on this blog, I've seen his face far too many times on social media this week and I'd sooner not see it again! (But I guess another TV channel will be offering him a contract as we speak! - Sad smiley face)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

International Puppy Day - Let's Celebrate!

 Tali, Mikey and Asha 

Nico, Jezi and Ziva

Sammi and Loki 

"They Look So Alike ...."

That statement is usually one of my pet hates, as most of the time it's Joe Bloggs making comments about any 2 of my dogs. "OMG how do you tell them apart?" Ahhh!!!  But I was so surprised at the amount of people who made the comment about Sammi and Loki over the week end, and no, not your average idiot, I mean breed people. I must admit I don't see it, but they all said the same thing, Nico has really stamped his mark on both! Well that is a compliment I guess, as that is what you want in a stud dog! Facially I don't see the similarity, to me he's not a masculine version of Sammi, his expression is soft and gentle, her's is keen, inquisitive and intense (as is there personalities!) But if they are seen to be of a similar "Type" then yeah, that pleases me. Whether it's wishful thinking or not, but I have always said that I see just a tiny bit of Louis in Loki. I think he is a similar looking dog, with similar colouring, similar character and a softness to the expression, notice I say similar, because that's as far as it goes, and Loki will be a much bigger dog so maybe as an adult that similarity will diminish.

The other comment at the week end was that Asha is starting to turn into her mother, well don't we all!!! Yeah I see it, but more than that, I see Tali turning into her mother!  Though Tali's expression is harder than Krizzie's was there's no denying they are mother and daughter.
The other similarity that I can't deny here is Nico and Mikey. The black face confuses people. Constructional they are worlds apart but their colour and heads leads me to at least understand the confusion. I would also say that their characters are similar too. They are booth obsessed with me and they are both pretty goofy, obedient and loving. But I dare you not to come in through that gate when either are out unsupervised. It would be a foolish man that did! They both feel a strong need to defend their family and home, but equally when supervised to do so they are welcoming to visitors. Loki already has a very strong bark, and like his dad he is one of the first to pick up on vehicles or walkers on the track. The girls do bark a lot, Jezi is very territorial, but I think the others tend to join in but are really happy, in this situation at least for the boys to take the lead!
Mikey and Nico

Monday, 23 March 2015

Loki in Stance over the last 2 days ...

Loki, Will and Yogi

Beautiful boys - Will (center) looking most like daddy here?

Proud Owners And Their Boys!
Brothers getting re- acquainted
and then games! 
Loki and Yogi
Who's for football?

The Shows

Asha - BOB at Llandudno
I don't usually do two shows in a week-end, but opted to give it a go as I wanted to get Loki out. Bootle on Saturday set off on the wrong foot for me really, I hate being late and through no fault of my own we were late. It kind of threw me for the whole day, in all aspects of my life I really don't do late! Still it went from bad to worse. The show had a huge entry (483 dogs) but the organisation was very poor. We were scheduled to be second in the ring, but finally got in at 12.45pm .. and yeah as I said I don't do late!!
In his first show Loki stood alone in GSD junior and didn't really like the slippery floor, but coped well really. (better than me I think!) I was honored that at 6.5 months the judge thought him worthy of further consideration and said it was "touch and go" for BOB. Fearing that he would be at a disadvantage in the adult group she gave it to the adult male, but Loki was automatically BPIB. Such a shame if she felt he was the best there, maybe she should have the courage for her conviction! But there you go, he is but a rangy puppy with lots of growing to do.
Loki concentrating on the job in hand!
Sammi won her class, GSD limit, a step too far for her at her age really, but I thought it was easier than putting her in with Loki. (The class where at her age, she should have been!) But I can't complain as she did win. Sammi is a more athletic bitch but I doubt she was to the judges's taste, as in the next class the heavier shorter legged male beat Asha and was eventually BOB. Unknowing I guess to the breed judge this dog was not able to compete in the group as he was bred by the group judge, so after all the breed went unrepresented in the group!
On Sunday "Billy No Mates" and her naughty Blanik's went off to Llandudno show. I was very  disappointed to find it was only me, myself and I in the breed classes, ah well in it to win it! Asha "the noisy one" as the judge refereed to her was BOB, but didn't get a second look from the variety judge in the BIS ring.
Beautiful Sammi - even out of coat! 
Typically under the variety judge Sammi was second to the eventual RBIS winner in Special Yearling, so she was more to his taste!  Loki as an unbeaten puppy went in to challenge for Best Puppy In show  and was short listed to the last four - but it was not to be! Still he showed beautifully and confidently and he was over the moon to see his brother's, Wil and Yogi and be in the company of Noya and Charley all day!
These three photo's are from yesterday's show where the judge thanked me for the entry and said the were "All beautiful!"
A huge thanks must go to Paul, Sarah's husband for taking these photo's and the lovely photos of Loki and his brothers. So yeah, Billy no mates had a lovely day, with great friends, and I can only repeat what I've written elsewhere and thank everyone who helped me over the two days.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Today At LLandudno!

Asha (the noisy one - judge's words) was BOB
And Mark is smiling! 
Lots to say
But too knackered to say it now! 

Yesterday at Bootle


Thursday, 19 March 2015

I Shall Not Be Moved!

Some things never change ...My Naught Angel, the beautiful Sammi Belle in the top of the field and refusing to come back in! (yes I know I wear rose tinted glasses where she's concerned!!) 
"Show or no show - I shall not be bathed and blasted!!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Well thankfully the anti-inflammatory are kicking in and Tali has already regained some of her "spark!" Put it this way, for reasons only obvious to herself, Sammi had a damn good telling off from her this afternoon. (Thank God Ziva was not in earshot so no really trouble caused - Ziva feels she is the only who one can "shout" at her wayward daughter!)
It's amazing how they can find one tiny pill in a meal isn't it. I had tried to mix it in with the live yogurt, but found the crumbly pill rejected in the bottom of her dinner bowl! Cream cheese to the rescue!
I can't find the Yumove tablets any cheaper on the internet so I will pop into the vets to pick her some up tomorrow. I have read many positive comments on them on breed/pet sites Facebook so yeah, let's give it a go! Watch this space ....
The photos are of Tali and Jamie asleep last night, I must say they are in pretty much the same position tonight! Sweet.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tali Growled At Roger The Vet!!!

Well what did I expect? In the line of duty, he hurt her!
Roger gave Tali's legs, hips a damned good examination, manipulating them into all sorts of positions and she showed no sign of pain. He said her hip joint were in excellent condition with super muscle around them and no sign of arthritis. But as he place her feet down on the knuckle she was slow to correct them, which led him to believe she had a spinal problem.
On examination Tali flinched in two places on her spine, one higher up the back and one lower. She then started to growl quietly under her breath and continued to do show as he examined her further. But true to form, and just like her mother she became ridged and guarded and showed no further reaction to pain. It was amazing you could see her whole body tense up, so he left her for two minutes to relax. Her heart is excellent, and her colour is good ... yes she does need to loose a Kg or 2, I agree and I have cut her rather expensive food down to two thirds already, I guess I need to cut it back further now! Once she relaxed he examined her spine again and she showed reaction to pain again in the same two places.
The conclusion is that she is starting with spondylosis
Roger feels that is is quite a slow progressing condition and that really it shouldn't cause her too much difficulty. But we will need to giver her "moderate exercise" and she does needs to go on Glucosamine now, and later will probably need PLT's. (A steroid based anti inflammatory) He has given her a short course of anti inflammatory's now, just incase she has over exerted herself, or twisted herself and caused a short term problem. Hopefully this will give her some relief and things will settle down again!